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College Bound

by Bondoboy29

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© Copyright 2002 - Bondoboy29 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; cbt; caught; M/m; D/s; cons; X

This is a work of fantasy.

My parents did well in real estate and since money was not that big concern they bought a house for me by the college I was going to. The house was built in the early 1900s and apparently it was modified during Prohibition. I discovered a hidden door in the master bedroom closet and found the remains of an old still. The room was 8’X11’ the layout of the rest of the rooms hides the fact it is there. The room had two posts in the middle about six feet apart. 

All this is important because when I was 17 I found my dad’s Penthouse magazines and there were a few stories with bondage and they fascinated me, I started searching the Internet and discovered the idea of self-bondage. I looked at the room as a perfect place to practice self-bondage, until then I had played at bondage, only a half hour or less, because I was worried about discovery and was to afraid to share my kinky fantasies with anyone. When I started college I used most of the spending money my parents sent me to buy bondage gear and videos for my “dungeon”.

I developed an electronic release mechanism using electromagnets. First I ran wiring for lighting and an outlet and then after building the electromagnets and a control box to regulate the power I used a plug-in timer like what they use for turning lights on and off. The beauty of this setup was that if the power went out I would be released. The restraints I would use were two thick metal disks with eyebolts in them, that were impossible to pull away from the electromagnets when they were turned on. I had mounts setup to hold the electromagnets at different places on the posts, floor, wall, and even the ceiling. When mounted it was impossible to reach the wires to pull them out.

When I started college I figured that the extra rooms in the house should not go to waste so I found some other students who needed a cheap place to live and gave them a great deal. I had never become very good friends with any of them, but we got along ok. 

I thought everyone had left on their spring break trips, so I prepared do some self-bondage. I went into my dungeon and stripped naked, then lubricated a butt plug and shoved it up my ass pretending that it was my “master” punishing me. Next, I put ring weights on my balls, if you don’t know what they are, they are two half circle pieces that go on above the balls around the scrotum. I used two sets of 8oz weights which stretches my sack a little bit, not just because of the weight but, also because the width of the weights. Then I put my ankles in a 3’ leg spreader and used a smaller version to hold my knees apart. Next came a 2” ball gag and then I attached the metal discs to wrist cuffs and buckled them on, and then put on a heavy leather blindfold. I had already set the timer to release me in 2 hours, all that was left to do was lift up my hands to the electromagnets and then I would be stuck.

Just as I got the discs up and secured, I heard Jason, one of my housemates knock on my bedroom door. I was not real worried, but then I heard him enter and come to the closet! I heard him talking to himself. He said ”He’s let me borrow his roller blades before, he probably won’t mind if borrow them no… heh, what’s this.” Then I heard him messing around the hidden door! I must have gotten a shirt or something in the door when I closed it! 

“What the hell!!” He must have noticed the setup.

“I had no idea you were into this. I suppose you would just like me to release you or leave, but I have a better idea, I think I’ll replan my trip and have some fun with this since you never seem to have time to talk to poor guy like me, what with all you’re parents money. First, lets remove the stops from the timer, so the only thing that will release you is me or a power outage.”

I heard him fumbling with the timer and I tried to pull the cuffs away from the post but, it was no use. In the meantime my cock went rock hard. Jason noticed my hard on and said, ”So, you like being helpless, I can see that from how your dick got hard so quick.” I tried to shake my head no, but he grabbed the weights hanging down below and said,” Don’t try and deny it” and pulled them down a little. “We’ll talk when I get back, oh, is it ok if I borrow your roller blades?” I shook my head yes. “That’s what I thought you would say.” He laughed as he left and shut the hidden door.

Part Two

I don’t know how long I stood there waiting. I kept wondering what he was going to do to me, when he got back and to be honest, those thoughts kept me almost rock hard until he returned. This was the most stringent bondage I had yet tried and now I was regretting it, I could barely move my legs and they had started to ache not long after he left.

I heard the door be opened and Jason said, ”I see your still here, time we had a little chat, but first I will make you a little more comfortable.” He removed the two spreader bars and I started to sag down so he moved a stool I kept in my dungeon for to sit on. He grabbed the weights on my balls and gave them a tug and said, “I see you been fantasizing while I was gone, you been oozing pre-cum for while. I could do all kinds of things to you like this, but I have a better idea, I am going to give you a choice.” 

I heard him move away and sit on the easy chair I used when I watched my bondage movies. “I could make you do almost anything right now but, instead I will give you this choice, if when I remove your gag you say ‘no’ I will reset your timer to release you in twenty minutes and I’ll never mention this incident. If, however you say ‘yes, master’, I will assume you want to be made into a slave. Now this is a one-time offer, if you say yes you will no longer have a choice I WILL MAKE you obey, whatever I say you will do. I may decide to use you privately or share you with the others, but you will treated as an object, not a person. I will allow one question before you answer.” 

I had always fantasized about a situation like this and now I had an opportunity to experience some of my fantasies, maybe. I was a little afraid but, I knew Jason was an over all decent guy, I mean after all he was giving me a choice, not just making me do his bidding. He removed my gag and I asked my one question, “Will there be any limits?” 

His respond was, “I suppose there can be a few.” 

So, I said, “Yes, master.” 

“Good, here is a drink of water” he said as he held a glass to my lips. After my drink he replaced the gag and said, “I think I will take a look at your toy collection and see what I want to use on you.” I heard him rummaging around the room opening boxes I kept my ‘toys’ in. Finally he said, “This should work well.” He removed the stool and lifted one of my legs and slipped something latex on and then lifted the other leg and then started pulling it up. I heard him unsnapping something and then maneuvered my dick thru the opening in the latex, at this point I began to have an idea of what he chose-an armless surf suit. 

He started to zip the back up and then stopped and said, “I am going to tie a rope to the weight on your balls and to the posts, so you better behave or you’ll lose your balls.” 

He pulled the plug on the magnets and my arms dropped, weak from being held up for so long, he had me cross my arm on my chest and then finished zipping the back up. He said, “Now, lets set you down while I think about what I want to do.” He helped me over to near the easy chair and made me sit down and then he put a collar around my neck and I heard him attaching a chain to it and one of the posts. “First, I think I will look over this BDSM questionnaire you had hidden in here. I hope you were honest when you filled it out.” He said. I nodded yes.

I had downloaded the questionnaire from a bondage club website. I was trying to remember how I had answered the questions, but I couldn’t really remember what I had put. I figured this might take a while, so I started to lay down on the floor. Jason said, “ Did I say you could lay down?” I shook my head no and tried to sit up again. Jason said, “You will stay in whatever position I leave you in. I am going to remove your gag so you can apologize for your mistake.” 

When he removed the gag I said, “I am sorry master I will not do it again.” in my best groveling voice. 

He replaced the gag. “I think your are learning quickly slave.” 

Every time I said master or he called me slave I would get hard again, I think it is the thought that I have no control now, that he can do whatever he wants to do to me. I am not sure how will turn out but I know it will be interesting.

To be continued….



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