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by Da'Rookie

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(This material is intended for adults only. If you are a minor less than 18 years of age, or if adult/sexually oriented material is illegal where you live, do not read any further.)

*BUZZ* *BUZZ* *BUZZ*  I reached over and slammed the snooze button on my alarm clock.  I popped my head up from my pillow and looked at the glowing red numbers: 6:45a.m. Another early start to another day of midterms.  But then I smiled, and it was a reassuring smile at that.  Today was the LAST day of midterms!  I had a midterm at eight o' clock for my Literature class, and then I was FREE!  I immediately popped up in bed, nearly smashing my head into the ceiling, and proceeded to climb down my ladder. 

I put on a pot of coffee and hopped into the shower for a wake-up rinse.  I tried to be as quiet as I could as not to wake my still slumbering roommate and long-time friend, Kirsten.  She had had her last day of midterms yesterday and had pulled an all-nighter to prepare for them.  She came back to the room and collapsed into bed and had been sleeping ever since.  I actually felt bad for her, but she said she thought she did well on them, so I guess the lack of sleep was worth it.  I continued to get ready for class.  I brushed my teeth and dressed myself.  I took a more relaxed and conservative approach to my wardrobe today. 

Considering half of the campus was already home and enjoying their Spring Break already, there was really no reason to try and turn heads, so I just put on a pair of faded blue jeans and a blue sweatshirt.  I sat down at my computer to enjoy my morning coffee and a cigarette before my final.  I peeked up from under my bed to make sure that Kirsten was still sleeping. 

Her bed was against the far wall of the room, and was lofted as well.  Try to imagine the overhead view of a square room.  My bed was along the right hand wall while her bed was against the bottom wall.  A couch would be against the left hand wall, and our TV/entertainment center was against the top wall.  A small hallway with closets and the door to the hallway would lead off of the bottom left hand corner of this overhead view, and the door to our bathroom would be in the bottom right hand corner.  There were windows behind the television and one behind the couch.  I know it might be kind of difficult to describe this, but it is sort of the best I can do.  If any of you have been to college, you should have a pretty good idea of what this kind of dorm setup is like. 

Anyways, since Kirsten was asleep, I decided it was safe to check up on my latest "purchases".  I am a big fan of self-bondage.  I grew up with two police officers for parents, so I had the experience, as many of you had, of experimenting with handcuffs at a young age.  I loved the delicious sensations of being held captive.  When I would handcuff my hands together, my mind began to take me to places I would never be able to.  I dreamed I was a prisoner of war, bound and helpless, waiting for captor to come and interrogate me in sexual and perverse ways.  I pretend that I am waiting to surprise my lover, and that I have stripped down to my underwear and handcuffed myself as a present for him.  The ideas were countless, and these thoughts were never as powerful as when I was in bondage.  Pretty soon I began to get more elaborate with handcuffs. 

When I was fifteen, I began to freeze the key in ice so that I would have to wait for release.  Sometimes I would freeze it in a small tupperware container, sometimes I would freeze it in a half-filled milk jug.  I even froze it in 5 gallon bucket once when my parents were out of town.  I had placed the bucket in the cooler after they had left on Friday and had started my fun on Saturday.  Needless to say, I just barely got out before they got back on Sunday evening.  I decided not to go that long again.  Pretty soon handcuffs lost their appeal.  Yes they were fun, but I craved more elaborate schemes.  I wanted total helplessness for a long time, but I also wanted my wrists to be comfortable.  Handcuffs sometimes have a tendency to hurt the skin, especially since the pair I owned were cheapos and the "double-lock" had a tendency not to work. 

Unable to carry out most of my fantasies, I decided to put my English major skills to work and I would write about them in my "bondage diary".  It was a leather bound book (what else? *grin*) that I always made sure I kept securely stowed away from prying eyes.  Inside I kept all of my bondage fantasies, my experiences thus far, as well as plans for scenarios that I had wanted to try but have been unable to fufill.  My collection of toys, I had to admit, was pretty lame.  I had my cheapo handcuffs, a few thin lengths of fabric that I used for a gag and blindfold, and a 15 foot coil of rope that I snuck out of my garage from back home.   Oh well, I guess it didn't really matter because I didn't really get a chance to use them anymore either.  Kirsten, as much as I love her dearly, NEVER went home for the weekend!  It was honestly driving me nuts.  I had only had a chance to enjoy some self-bondage fun about 3 times this whole year, and all of them were simple and boring.  I was getting desperate for an opportunity, and finally, after almost two months of waiting, I had my chance...

I turned on my computer and went to check my campus E-mail. "There it is!" I thought to myself as I notice a message from the campus post office.  I clicked the link and read the message

 Jackie - We are writing this message to inform you that you have a package waiting for you in our mail room.  Normally you may pick this up at your leisure, but since today is the last day before Spring Break, we would advice you to pick it up before 3:00p.m. due to the shorter hours of the Campus Center.  We will resume our normal hours starting the Monday after vacation.  Thank you, and good luck on your midterms! 
               The ------- College Mail Room

"Hooray!  Its here!"  I was so excited I could barely contain myself.  Since turning 18, I took advantage of the many credit card offers sent to college students.  I had selected one with a relatively low APR and had ordered it without my parent's knowledge (they would NEVER let me have one).  With a credit card, I now had the power to shop online, which I wasted no time doing.  I immediately starting surfing through all of the virtual sex shops.  It took me awhile to find the one I was looking for.  I liked their selection, their prices were reasonable, I researched them to make sure that they were a respectable business, and I even researched their credit card security program.  Most importantly, they promised discrete and private delivery.  No logos were used on their boxes to give away the contents, there were no mailing lists I would be put on as a result of my order, and most importantly, they offered express delivery options! 

This last one was important because I was unaware of Kirsten's exam schedule until the Friday before exam week.  Once I had discovered that she had no exams today and would be going home, I had to act fast or lose the opportunity!  The discrete packaging and billing was nice as well because I certainly couldn't have a package like that go home to my two very over-protective parents (Actually, even though it was discrete I decided against it.  Parents are always nosey in regards to their kid's mail), and I couldn't risk having a box that said "Bondage Gear Enclosed" show up in the campus mail-room where the students I went to school with might discover my little habit.  So with nothing but green-lights, I made my online purchases and placed my order for 2 day delivery.  Technically it should have been here Wednesday, and I was starting to get nervous when it didn't show up on Thursday, but I knew it had to be here by Friday, and sure enough, it was.  I finished my coffee and put out my cigarette.  I quickly flipped open my bondage diary and looked over my scheme.  It was all falling into place nicely.  I heard Kirsten start rolling around so I quickly shoved the diary into my desk, grabbed my stuff, and headed off to take my exam. 

The exam went smoothly.  There were one or two short answer questions that I had a little bit of trouble with, but the whole section only consisted of 10% of the exam anyways, so I turned in my test with confidence.  "Now things will start getting fun", I thought to myself.  I quickly hurried across campus to the Campus Center to get my package, a spring in my step and a smile plastered to my face the whole way. 

I was a little nervous on my way to get the package.  Just my luck the company would have run out of the plain cardboard boxes and used a clear tupperware container instead.  But my nerves ebbed away as the large, portly guy who worked at the pickup counter came back with a plain box.  I thanked him quickly and then left the building.  Back across campus I went.  My dorm was one of the newer dorms on campus, and me and Kirsten were one of the handful of Freshman to be allowed to live there.  They ran out of room in the Freshman dorms, and since a few upperclassmen hadn't come back to school this semester, we were able to capitalize on the overcrowded conditions.  Our room was large as dorms go, and we had our own bathroom which was a definite plus.  The thought of sharing 4 shower stalls between 35 girls on one floor in the Freshman dorms was repulsive, not to mention difficult to accomplish due to overlapping schedules.  My Dad was nice enough to spring for wall to wall carpeting as well.  Since all the furniture was movable, he and Kirsten's two brothers spent most of the day rearranging everything and getting it laid down for us.  So we had a pretty kickass room on the third floor overlooking the lake in the quad.  It was a nice hookup, and since it was assumed that most of the people in the hall were Seniors, very few people said anything about the two of us drinking during hall parties.  It was a good life.  :-)

 I climbed up the stairs to my room and entered.  There was a note taped to my desk from Kirsten.  so I picked it up and read it. 

"Hey there sexy, just thought I would leave you a note to say I hope you did well on your last exam.  Sorry I wasn't able to stick around to say goodbye to you, but I'm sure I will see you this week.  Oh, by the way, my parents invited you over for dinner on Tuesday, so you had better be there!  *grin*  I know their meat loaf sucks, but they miss you and haven't seen you around in awhile.  You'll survive.  I'll see you later!" 

"Well, that was nice of her" I thought, although I am still a bit uncertain as to how I feel about her calling me "sexy".  Kirsten had admitted to her back in the first semester that she was bisexual.  Well, technically she didn't tell me, she  kissed me when we were sloppy drunk one night!  We were sitting on the couch drinking tequila on a Friday, when the topic of sex came up.  She asked me "have you ever thought about being with another woman?"  I was so drunk, I must not have heard the question clearly because the next thing I knew her tongue was in my mouth and her hand was grabbing my breast.  I let this continue for a minute or two, my mind swirling with confusion the whole time.  By the time my common sense butted in, she had my shirt and bra off, and she was on top of me with my hands pinned down on the couch.  I had enjoyed it, from what I remember of it.  But for the sake of having to live together, I had to let practicality kick in.  We talked about it briefly the next morning and then never mentioned it again.  I must confess though, I did enjoy it.  Kirsten was a stunning girl.  Long blonde hair, green eyes, long toned legs, a gorgeous set of C's up top.  Its no wonder she was the head-cheerleader in high school and had her choice of guys.  I mean, hell, if I was a guy, I would do her!  But that is the farthest I have ever gone in that area.  I am a straight girl.  I like men.  Enough said. 

Now it was time to get down to business.  I cleaned up the room, vacuumed, dusted, and made sure that everything was put away.  For some reason, I am really big on everything being neat and tidy when I do self-bondage.  I am usually somewhat of a neat freak in my everyday life, but for some reason, I become even MORE picky about it when I am bound.  Call it strange, but I had waited forever for this day, and I wanted it perfect.  I sat down on the floor and opened up the box.  My hands trembled as I fumbled with the tape. 

Once opened, I began to remove the contents one by one.  I immediately reached for the cuffs I had purchased.  I had wanted these for the longest time, and now I had them.  Rather than standard handcuffs which had gotten old with me, I had purchased a set of locking leather wrist cuffs with fleece lining.  I wanted comfort, as well as the feeling of helplessness provided by the leather buckles.  Even though the buckles alone would make it difficult to get out, I chipped in for small brass padlocks to add on to them to make sure that they would not come off at all.  Just to hear that *click* was enough to get me all wet down below.  And of course, since I had purchased the wrist cuffs, I just had to purchase the matching black ankle cuffs as well.  These too were fleece-lined and buckled, and could also lock with an optional brass padlock.  I, of course, make sure to get enough padlocks for all four cuffs, as well as a couple of  extra ones, each lock being individually keyed. 

Next came a padded blindfold with an elastic strap to it.  I actually didn't mind the white strip of fabric I had been using, but it always seemed to shift in my struggles.  The darkness is erotic, but once it shifts to the point where you can see from underneath it, the excitement goes away and it becomes a nothing but a pain.  The padding prevented any light from coming in, and the elastic band that went around your head was tight, but not uncomfortable.  No amount of struggling or shifting would make this come off without some SERIOUS effort. 

Next came a coil of black, soft, "Bondage Rope".  It was inexpensive, and promised more comfort than normal rope so I decided to give it a try.  I mean, I'm shelling out all this cash, why the hell worry about an extra 10 bucks?  The next items to come out were also things that I had wanted for the longest time, but was nervous about going to a "sex-store" to buy.  The closest store which sold such merchandise was right down the street from campus, and I worried that I would run into somebody that I knew there, or even worse, a professor!  I took out the two vibrators and examined them closely.  I had thought about only buying one of them, but I read online during my research that they don't last for very long.  A couple months of fairly regular use at the most for a reasonably priced one.  Since I didn't want to be ordering stuff all the time from the internet, I decided to "stockpile" if you will, and make sure that I always had a working one.  They were slightly bigger than their internet picture portrayed.  They were identical, stick-styled vibrators with that "jelly-feel" to them.  They were both this bright, hot-pink color and had a lot of texture to the jelly surface, one of their main appeals :-)  They were  about 7" long and pretty close to 1 3/4" wide.  I was hoping that I would be able to "accommodate" one given my somewhat smaller frame, but I figured if they gave me any trouble I would just have to make them fit! 

Next came the gag.  I had contemplated long and hard about the type of gag I wanted.  They made so many different kinds, I didn't really know where to start.  There were inflatable gags, dildo gags, ball gags, and then they had the usually scarf-like ones that went between the lips and tied off in back.  Eventually, I had settled on what was called a "Ring Gag".  It was a large, rubber coated ring that once inserted, keeps you mouth open in a very inviting position.  I almost went with the ball gag because of the supposed ability it had to muffle most sound, but the thought of some hot guy finding me and having full access to my mouth with his member was enough to make me horny as hell, so I decided to go with it.  Finally came my collar.  much like the cuffs, it too was leather and lined with a soft material on the inside of it to prevent any chaffing or irritation.  It locked on, and it had two, heavy gauge rings molded into it.  One if the front, and another in the back. 

As much as I wanted to dive into everything right away, it was still only 12:30 in the afternoon.  That gave me plenty of time grab another shower, relax with some wine, plot out my scenario carefully, perhaps make another last-minute entry in my bondage-diary, and then set everything up.  It was looking to be a very fun evening.  Since the keys would take the longest to get ready, I started with them first. 

Each padlock came with two keys individually made for that lock and that lock only.  I made sure that each of the padlocks were unlocked and proceeded to take one of the two keys for each lock and put them on a small, plain keyring.  The extra keys to each of the locks I wouldn't need so I just put them back in the box and put them in my closet.  I took a 2 litre soda bottle and filled it completely up with the coldest water my bathroom tap would allow.  I attached a length of string to the ring with the keys on it, and fed the loose end of the string through a small hole I had punched in the plastic cap.  With the cap on the bottle, I could now pull the string up and down and make sure that the keys were right smack dab in the middle of the bottle.  I secured the string so that the keys were suspended in the middle of the water filled bottle.  I then decided to lower them a couple more inches to add an extra hour or so onto my time.  After all, I did have nowhere I had to be.  I tied off the string and put the bottle in our freezer.  Since our small freezer had nothing in it, I cranked the temperature level way down to speed up the freezing process. 

With main release method preparing itself, I decided to hop in the shower again real quick.  Unlike my earlier shower, I took a lot of extra time to soak and relax this time.  I had pulled out all of my scented body washes that I usually didn't use except for special occasions.  Nothing was going to be done half way tonight.  When I had finished shaving my legs, I stared for awhile at my neatly trimmed patch of hair between my legs.  I had never shaved completely before because I had always worried that the regrowth period would be irritating and uncomfortable.  But now as I stood there, running my fingers through my soft and short pubic hair, and I decided to give it a shot.  I reached for some more shaving cream and a fresh razor and began to quickly and precisely remove every last hair from below my waist.

After my shower, I towelled off and went back into my room.  I started foraging through the closet looking for my latest acquisition from Victoria's Secret.  It was a small, black satin thong with a matching black top that had a front hasp.  I usually wear a size 2 in the lingerie department for comfort, but I wanted things to feel a little extra tight so I bought a size 1 and knocked a couple of numbers off of my bra size. 

I picked up the panties and slid them up my legs, and then proceeded to put on the bra.  I stood in front of the full length mirror and admired my new outfit.  Its amazing how nice lingerie can make a girl feel.  It makes you feel so sexy.  In a way, I think it is even sexier than being naked, although I have enjoyed performing my self-bondage adventures in the buff on many occasions.  Its just that with being naked, there is something missing that goes along with the fantasy.  Everything is so out there and exposed, which indeed does invoke a very stimulating reaction, but it is more raw and lusty.  Lingerie, however, tends to leave something to the imagination.  It is so small that it covers only the bare necessities, which gives you that feeling of being nude.  But even more so, it almost emphasizes your helplessness and outlines your most intimate body parts.  The color of the lingerie even plays a part in the scenario.  Bondage is often considered to be a dark, kinky practice.  Slaves are usually portrayed to be donned in black to mark their servitude and make them appear slutty.  Especially when you are blindfolded and your mind  compensates for your eyesight, the vision of yourself looking sexy, bound helpless, giving into that "dark", slutty side of yourself, and having the possibility that you could be discovered in this position is enough to send your mind into a sexual overload.  The sensations are absolutely incredible. 

I examined myself in the mirror wearing my new outfit.  I worked hard to keep myself in good shape, and although I tried to dress myself conservatively, I loved to break away every once in awhile and go for a more risqué look.  I made a strong attempt this year to frequent the weight room at least a couple days a week.  Being only 5'4" and a whopping 105lbs, I hated being thought of as a "petite" or "fragile" girl.  I could stand on my own two feet, and if need be, I could defend myself in a fight.  I think perhaps that is another one of my appeals to bondage.  I consider myself to be a strong person, both mentally and physically, and bondage is a way that I can lower my defences and indulge in my submissive side without anybody thinking any less of me. 

Going over to my desk, I pulled out my journal from my stationary drawer where I had stashed it earlier and began to review my plan, as well as make an entry about the delivery and my current level of excitement.  Once done, I went over to the freezer and checked the status of the keys.  The ice was starting to encase them, but there was still a lot of water inside that had yet to freeze.  I needed to keep myself busy for about another hour or so.

I went over to the bathroom and started to prepare myself for this evening.  I applied lip gloss and dark eye makeup, although it wouldn't really make too big of a difference because I would be blindfolded.  It just made me feel sexier so I figured, "Why the hell not?"  I also tied my long brown hair back in a ponytail so that it wouldn't get in the way during the evening's festivities.  I picked up a bottle of my favorite perfume called "Happy", and proceeded to give myself a few spritzes.  One on my neck, one on my stomach, and one between my breasts.  "There.  That should do nicely" I thought.  I examined myself one more time in the mirror.  My face seemed to be glowing with excitement.  Even my green eyes seemed to have a more glossy look to them.  I went back into my room and lit the numerous candles I had purchased earlier in the week.  I went over to where my gear was sitting neatly in a pile on my chair.  Sitting down on the carpeted floor, I pick up the numerous wrist and ankle cuffs and proceed to buckle them onto my wrists and ankles.  I made sure that each cuff was secure enough to not wiggle or come off at all, but not tight enough to the point of discomfort.  After all, this scenario would last for a good long while. 

I started to apply the padlocks to each of the cuffs.  With each *click* I could feel myself getting more and more aroused.  By the time I clicked on the final lock, my nipples were standing straight out and I could feel myself starting to get wet.  My nipples were actually in the original plans for this evening.  I don't have the biggest breasts in the world.  Unlike Kirsten's high C's, mine were average-sized B's.  My body made them look pretty good though.  They didn't sag, my nipples were the right size for my size chest, they were naturally perky, (yet rounded, not pointy).  I was happy with them.  They are actually one of my major erogenous zones, and I had contemplated perhaps ordering some nipple clamps for them.  I could excite myself to full arousal just my rubbing them and tweaking them, but in the end, I wanted to wear my bra a little bit more than the clamps.  Besides, I hear that they have the potential to hurt like a bitch, and I didn't want them to be super uncomfortable during my lengthy self-bondage session.

Finally came the collar.  I adjusted it to make sure that it was snug, but certainly not tight.  Once secured around my neck, I pick up another small padlock, found the hasp on the back of the collar, and snapped the lock into place.  I stood up from the floor and went over to the mirror once more.  What I saw was perhaps the most awesome sight I have ever seen.  There I stood in all my 5'4" glory.  Decked out in the skimpiest of black lingerie, complimented by black cuffs on all four of my limbs, and topped off with a thick black collar around my neck.  Even I had trouble adjusting to the transformation.  I looked like a slave, sure enough, and I was quite pleased with my online shopping adventure thus far.  I especially loved how the ring on the front of my collar hung down in front and jingled back and forth with every movement of my head.  In my opinion, that little ring looked sexier than any necklace I had in my jewelry box.  I wanted to take advantage of my outfit so I decided to take a picture of this to add to my profile.   I went into my closet and pulled out my Polaroid camera that I kept on the top shelf.  I set the camera on the chair and set the timer for 5 seconds.  After I started the countdown, I hopped in front of the camera and slid down into a kneeling position and put on my best looking "submissive smile".  *CLICK*.  The photo actually turned out pretty good.  I decided that I would scan it on Kirsten's computer and post it before I left for home tomorrow.  I put the camera and the photo on the desk, poured myself another glass of wine, and sat on the couch to relax for a little bit. 

Getting anxious, I checked the freezer one more time.  The keys were now frozen solid in the ice, so I decided it was time to put the finishing touches on my little adventure.  I really wasn't too picky about the whole key setup.  I wanted no way to escape, which freezing all of the keys did.  The other ones were inside the box on the top shelf of my closet, so they were completely out of the picture as well.  It was a nice and simple escape plan that had very minimal risks to it.  Perfect for a trial run with all of my new toys.  hee hee

I cut the string and took off the cap to the bottle and set it down on the floor across the room.  I put fresh batteries inside one of the vibrators and set the other one on top of my desk for now.  Grabbing the coil of "Bondage Rope" (25 feet) that I had sent away for, I proceeded to cut off two 5 foot lengths, a 3 foot length, and a ten foot length, and there was a small two foot length left over that I just put on the desk with the rest of my stuff.  I also unwrapped two new combination locks that I had bough at the store earlier in the week for my little adventure.  I figured  that keeping the combination stickers on the back wouldn't hurt at all because they wouldn't be getting unlocked until after I had access to the padlock keys anyways, not to mention that the blindfold would make it difficult to see the combinations regardless. 

I turned off the lights to the room and made sure the door was locked.  I sat down in the middle of the floor and proceeded to open both combination locks.  I put my ankles together and placed the combination lock through both rings on the inside of my ankle-cuffs.  *CLICK!*  "That's one", I thought. 

With my ankles now locked together, I moved myself into a kneeling position.  Picking up one of the 5-foot lengths of rope, I began to wrap it around my  lower torso a couple of times snugly and knotted it off strongly in the front of me.  Next came the vibrator.  I picked it up off the floor and examined it for awhile.  I turned it on and off a few times, caressed my body with it, and for awhile, considered giving it a trial run before my little adventure.  "Patience" I told myself.  I would get good use of it soon enough.  Reaching between my legs and pushing my panties aside with one hand, I began to slide the vibe in using my other.  It was a little slow going at first considering the girth of the toy, but my excitement level was so high at this point that after a moment or two, I was surprised to see it slide in easily and disappear all the way up inside of me with the exception of the black speed-control knob at its base.  Holding it in as tightly as I could, I put my panties back over it proceeded to hurry up with the next step of my bondage. 

I turned the vibrator to its lowest setting before I took the next step.  I contemplated turning it up higher than that, but I wanted the "prolonged teasing" effect.  If my sole purpose was to have as many orgasms as possible, I would do away with all of the ropes and just stick to the vibrator now, wouldn't I? Taking the other 5-foot length of rope, I tied off one end in front of me to the coils going around my lower torso.  Once knotted, I fed it down between my legs, up to my back, around the coils going around me, back down through my cheeks, between my legs and back up and around the coils in front of me again.  I repeated this process one more time, made sure it was all a little on the tight side, and then knotted it off in front again with all the other knots.  The main purpose of this was to keep the vibrator buried inside of me as deeply as possible to and to keep it from escaping or doing anything I didn't want it to. 

Sitting down on the carpet, I grabbed the 10-foot length and proceeded to wrap my legs.  Starting just above my cuffed ankles, I wrapped the rope around and around and finally knotted it just below my kneecaps.  I had practiced bondage before using normal rope with less than encouraging results.  Usually the rope ends up cutting off circulation after but a short while.  In order to tie it so that it doesn't do this usually means that the rope is loose and the situation escapable.  This rope, however, was much better.  It was make of a cotton/rayon/nylon material that was strong, yet as soft as a scarf or a pair of pantyhose.  I flexed my legs a little and tried to escape for a minute or two.  Needless to say, my legs wouldn't separate or slide an inch.  It was a good setup so far.  :-)

I picked up the final, 3-foot length of rope and tied it off on the metal ring of the combination lock holding my ankles together.  Rolling onto my stomach, I reached behind me and pulled the rope until my heels were almost touching my butt cheeks.  Threading the rope under and around the coil going around my torso, I returned the slack to the combination lock and knotted it once more tightly.  In this position, I was more compacted and restricted.  This made it so that I couldn't stand up and move around, or to find some way to get out of my predicament.  The vibrator continued its low buzzing and I could feel my juices start to escape from my between my legs.  I realized that I had to start hurrying things up.

I put on my ring gag and buckled it behind my head.  I tested it to see if it would shift at all and was pleased to find that it stayed put quite well.  No matter how hard I tried, I could not expel it or make any coherent words.  Next came the blindfold.  I made sure that the final lock was at my side and that the room was all set.  The ice had started to melt already and a very thin layer of water was starting to accumulate.  I put the blindfold on and reached for the open combination lock.  Reaching behind me to the small of the back, I threaded the combination lock's hasp under one of my torso ropes.  I fitted one of the metal rings from each cuff onto the hasp as well and then closed it.  I was now a prisoner of my own imagination!

I decided to have some fun with my new scenario so I thrashed and fought against my bonds.  Being tied as I was, I couldn't even get any leverage with my legs due to their compacted position.  I rolled left and right, and pretty much all over now that I think of it.  Nothing I did made my bonds even a little bit less constricting, all I did was manage to get myself really, really horny!  I sat there in blindness for awhile enjoying the feelings that the vibrator was giving me.  I even let myself go a bit farther and began to let out some moans through my gag.  This self-bondage session was perhaps the most delicious experience of my life.  All I had to do was accept my fate, enjoy my bonds, and wait for the ice to melt.  The night was still very young, after all.  However, I had no idea at this point just how long the night was going to get...

My body tensed as I heard the lock in the door.  "Who the hell could that be?" I thought to myself.  I started to once again thrash around, determined... no, DESPERATE to escape my bonds and somehow find a way to cover up this scenario.  "Yeah right, dumbass" I told myself.  I was as good as busted. 

"Well, well, well, what have we here?" I heard Kirsten say.  I tried to tell her that this whole thing was just a big misunderstanding, but I briefly forgot about the gag and it only came out as a bunch of garbles and grunts.  Kirsten laughed at my attempt to talk.  "What?  What's that you say?  I can't understand you, Jackie",  she giggled.  I was absolutely embarrassed.  All this planning, all this hard work, and all the fine details all for a brief 25 minutes of fantasy and years of humility. 

I could hear Kirsten walking around me.  She said nothing at first, but I could feel her eyes gaze down on my scantily-clad, bound body.  "Oh my!  Considering changing your major to Photography, are you?"  I heard her sit down at my desk.  "Wow, I think I'll keep this one in my purse and get rid of your school picture."  I could feel my cheeks start to heat up, and I knew that my face must be as red as can be at this point.  I tried once more to speak, but with the same garbled results as before.  "Awww, looking for a chance to explain yourself, are we?  I suppose that can be arranged." 

With that said, Kirsten knelt down by me and unbuckled the ring gag from the back of my head.  I spent the first couple moments opening and closing my jaw, trying to work the stiffness out of it.  "Please let me go", I managed to squeak out.  Kirsten responded to my plea with a laugh.  

"Well now, sexy.  Normally I would, but I have this feeling that you really don't want me to.  I know you did this to yourself, you little slut.  I figured for awhile you were into this kind of stuff, and my theory was confirmed this morning when I went through your desk to get a piece of paper to write my note to you on.  That is when I found THIS".  I heard a distinct *THUMP* as Kirsten dropped what must have been my bondage diary on the floor beside my head.  "I normally respect your privacy, but when I saw this, my curiosity got the best of me.  I must say Jackie, you certainly have some "interesting tastes" to say the least.  Don't feel too embarrassed though, I have similar tastes myself, except I enjoy being the dominant one.  I've never really had a chance to see what kind of "Mistress" I would make, so when I flipped to the most recent page in your little journal here and saw what you had in store for tonight, I couldn't pass up this opportunity.  I mean, it says here that you are submissive and enjoy being bound and helpless.  I, however, think that I could do a great job at dominating you.  Face it Jackie, its a perfect combination for fun." 

I started thrashing around in my bonds, furious that Kirsten had read my personal things, and even moreso, had decided to capitalize on them!  "Kirsten!  Enough is enough, you've had your fun and caught me in the act, now get the keys and let me go!" 

"Wow", she said, "You certainly are an energetic one, aren't you?  And besides, who are you to give me such an order?  You are hardly in a position to be telling anybody what to do."

"Kirsten, I'm not kidding, go get the keys and.. Mmdmleo Mm mmph."  Kirsten had taken the ring gag and once again inserted it into my mouth.  I continued to yell and curse out a bunch of obscenities at her, but they sounded like nothing more than a bunch of mumbo jumbo.

"Just relax sweetie, I have a fun evening in store for you." 

With that, she yanked off my blindfold and allowed me to see.  I thought for a brief moment that my eyes were playing tricks on me due to the dimness of the room, but I soon realized that it was indeed no trick.

Kirsten was wearing a short, black vinyl mini-skirt with a matching vinyl tube-top that just barely managed to contain her breasts.  She was wearing black heels which accentuated her gorgeous legs, and much like myself, she had applied darker eye makeup and had her hair back in a ponytail.  She certainly made well on her aspirations of being a dominatrix, because she certainly looked the part!  I was trying to figure out how and the hell she managed to walk through the dorm dressed like this, but then I realized that there were only a handful of students left in the dorm, and I also saw her long, dress coat draped over the back of the chair. 

I tried once again to escape my bonds but I had done too well of a job.  My legs were still bent towards my ass and my hands had very limited ability while cuffed to the small of my back.  Every time I yanked at my wrists, I pulled the ropes running through my crotch deeper and deeper, which of course in turn was driving the vibrator deeper as well.  Despite my situation, I was giving myself a lot of pleasure by struggling, and the vibrator's low buzzing was quickly inching me towards my first orgasm.  Kirsten must have noticed this and realized about the vibrator.  She quickly undid the rope holding my legs together and loosened my crotch rope.  She quickly yanked the vibrator out of me and dangled it in a taunting manner in front of my face.  

"You want this, don't you slut."  She gave me an absolutely wicked smile and continued to watch as I stared at the pink pleasure toy I had purchased.  "I'm sorry to tell you this sweetie, but you won't be getting off for quite awhile, so you had better just accept it." 

My heart sank.  Now I was to be bound helpless without any means of sexual release.  If only Kirsten had waited another 15 seconds I could have at least gotten one orgasm out of my system.  But just as I was about to reach my peak, she had to bring me crashing down.  This was almost more than I could bear.  Here I was, almost naked, bound tightly, caught in the act and at the mercy of my unusually ruthless roommate, and to top it off, I could not speak, and now I was was not allowed to get off.  I wanted to cry I was so frustrated.  I decided to try and collect my wits and look around the room for any means to escape.  However, this was no good.  In my cleaning process I had put everything out of the way, I had put my spare keys on the top shelf of my closet inside of the box, and the other keys I could see were still quite a long way from thawing.  One thing that did catch my eye, however, was a curious black bookbag sitting on my desk.  It wasn't there before, so I could only assume that Kirsten had brought it with her.  She must have noticed my inquisitive look at the bag because she stood up and walked over to the bag, picked it up, and dropped is beside me.  She also looked over at the melting ice in the bottle.  "Hmmmm, I guess I should take care of that, shouldn't I?" 

She picked up the bottle and disappeared into the bathroom.  I heard the sound of water running for a long time until finally, Kirsten emerged with the keys in one hand and the empty bottle in the other. She held them up and jingled them.  "I guess I am calling the shots now, sweetie."  From the look on her face, I could tell that she was REALLY enjoying this.  I had to be honest, I was actually enjoying this as well.  My scenario was now completely out of my control.  My fate rested in the hands of a woman with dominatrix aspirations, as well as a creative and cunning imagination.  Despite my arousal, I was also very nervous.  Every time I had fantasized about being bound and helpless it involved another man.  A man who was strong, lustful, inventive, and would use me as his tool for servicing his throbbing member.  In this scenario, however, my, "Master" was a woman.  A woman who obviously found me attractive due to a prior attempt at trying to seduce me.  However this time, I was hardly in a position to stop her from doing whatever she wanted to me.  It was such of mix of fantasy and fear that I found myself extremely confused, and yet, extremely aroused.

"You have mixed feelings about me because I'm Bi, don't you?", she asked inquisitively.  "It is ok if you do, I had those same feelings as well until I discovered that I myself had these "tendencies".  But it is actually an interesting experience to be with another woman.  You don't have to worry about becoming pregnant or anything, and you already know what feels good, therefore, there is no awkwardness of learning to  become familiar with how to perform on the male body.  It works the other way as well.  There is nobody better than another woman to know just how to give you the right kind of pleasure... or pain."

My head shot up to look at her when I heard her say the word "pain".  She gave me a sly grin and a wink, and began to open up her bookbag and take out the contents. She pulled out a large, white shopping bag from the bookbag.  I recognized the name of the store on the bag that read "Special Spices".  It was the name of the sex-shop down the road from the school that I had been afraid to go into!  She tossed the bookbag onto the desk and started pulling the contents out of the white bag.  

"Oh, by the way,  thank you for writing your shopping list down in your little 'diary'.  I would hate to have wasted money on something you already had.", she giggled.  

My eyes were fixed on the bag, "What on Earth did she buy?", I thought.  

She dipped her hand into the bag and started rustling around inside of it.  My eyes shot open as saw her draw out a long, black riding crop.  She watched my expression  as she brought it out of the bag only a few inches at a time, savouring my surprise.  It was close to about two feet in length, and had a handle, a long, thin shaft, and a looped over piece of leather at the end.  I actually remembered seeing something like it on one of the stores I visited online.  It was indeed called a "Loop-end Riding Crop" if memory served me.  The next item was a large, black ball gag.  

"Don't worry Jackie, we'll make good use of your ring gag.  But this will make sure that any "involuntary" noises that you let out won't get out of hand". 

"Involuntary noises?  What is she talking about?", I pondered.  The next items to come out were nipple clamps.  Not just one, but TWO pairs.  One set had two, small rubber-coated clamps connected with a twelve inch chain.  The other pair also had two clamps that were rubber coated  and had a 12" chain, but these clamps were larger and also had a larger clamping surface.  I guess my nipples were going to get some attention tonight after all!  Next came another coil of  black "bondage rope".  It wasn't the same kind I had bought though, this was your normal, run-of-the-mill cotton rope that was black in color to add a more erotic look to it.  "You can never have too much rope", she replied, obviously detecting my curiosity.  The last thing she pulled out were two long , white candles.  "They were on sale", she said, but something about the look on her face told me something else...

I was surprised at how well my original bondage was doing.  It was about 9:00p.m., so it had been close to an hour since I had originally done this to myself, and in that time, I was having no circulation troubles, no aches (except for a little in my jaw), and nothing had even come close to loosening.  Excluding  the current circumstances, I would have to say that this was the most well executed bondage experience I had ever done.  Kirsten, however, decided that it was time for a little something else. 

She knelt down and proceeded to untie my torso rope.  My ankles and my wrists were no longer confined so I took this opportunity to stretch my legs out and move my wrists a bit to prevent any cramping.  Grabbing me lightly by my hair, Kirsten gently "helped" me up onto my knees so that I was now in a kneeling position.  She unwound her new coil of rope, and I could see her look up towards the ceiling.  The ceilings in our room were relatively high since our beds were lofted to conserve space.  There was, however, a small, 6-inch heating pipe in our room that hung about 3 inches down from the ceiling and went straight across our room and into the next.  The pipe actually went the entire length of the hallway and was present in every room, but it never got in the way so nobody really cared about it.  It was even painted white to blend in with the rest of the walls and ceiling.  This pipe, I could tell, would play a part in Kirsten's scheme.  

With rope in hand, she climbed up the ladder at the end of my bed and draped one end of the rope over this sturdy pipe and fed it down near the ground.  Back on the floor, she slid the rope further down the length of pipe so that both ends were dangling down more in the middle of the room.  Moving behind me, she started fumbling with my wrist-cuffs.  "Awwww, how nice!  You left the combinations on for me.  I think I had better take this away from you though.  After all, I don't want you to get away from me."  She peeled off the combo sticker, as well as the one from the lock holding my ankles together, and stuck them to a piece of paper she pulled out of my desk drawer.  What happened next was the oddest thing yet.

I heard her fumble around with the dial and then the lock opened.  Now was my chance!  If I was going to get out of this situation, now was the time for me to do it!  I could fight her off of me, make a grab for the keys, try and free myself, and then try to get out of the room!  All I had to do was wait for her to take the lock off of the rings on my cuffs and then I would have full usage of my hands!  Here was my opportunity, I had to wait just a moment or two more!  Then that moment came... the moment where the lock no longer held my wrists together and I could capitalize on my plan! 

... And then that moment passed. 

I didn't even budge, flinch, or make a resisting movement.  I just knelt there, my back as straight as an arrow, my arms in complete compliance as she moved them around in front of me and reattached the lock to the rings on the cuffs.  She even had no problems getting me out of my bra.  I didn't say a word, and I made no attempt to even buy me some time.  I think Kirsten's strategy was starting to kick in.  I may be "small", but I could definitely fight off Kirsten despite her obvious leverage advantage (I think).  I think that she knew this too, and I think that my compliance was a major factor for the plans that she had for the evening.  She left me in a state of orgasm denial, which of course made me sexually frustrated and in need for fulfilment.  She had me bound and helpless and she knew that I LIKED being bound and helpless due to her reading of my diary.  This of course also made me very sexually aroused.  And even moreso, she knew that I loved to be dominated and have never been dominated thus far in my sexual adventures (information that I had put in my last journal entry that she had read), and she was taking the risk that, whether it be a man or a woman, I would use this opportunity to finally achieve this fantasy.  I suppose her gamble was starting to pay off.  I was indeed very aroused, and yet, nervous at the same time.  I still had many hesitations about her being a bisexual woman and all, but that made the possibilities even more vast, which in turn, excited me even more!  After all, being made to do things that you don't want to do is all part of being a slave, isn't it?  I was just feeling so damn vulnerable right now and I loved every second of it!

She left me kneeling on the floor and went over to my closet.  She then took every last piece of clothing that I have hanging on hangers and threw them down on the floor of my closet.  Taking one of the closet rods, she closed the door and came back over to where I was kneeling in the center of the room and tossed it on the floor.  Grabbing one of the ropes that was now hanging from the ceiling, she proceeded to weave it in and out of the rings on the my wrist cuffs, finally making one great big mess of knots around the loop on the combination lock.  She then unlocked my ankle cuffs and undid the rope binding my legs together.  Kirsten grabbed the other end of the rope hanging over the pipe and started to pull my arms slowly up over my head.  She left enough slack in my arms and then tied it off on the leg of the couch.  

Grabbing the the 10-foot length of rope that once bound my legs together, she picked up the closet bar and fed the rope through the hollow shaft.  The bar was a good four feet in length, and she measured the rope so that about three feet of rope protruded from each side.  She set down the bar for a moment and began to trace her fingertips along my stomach.  "You like this, don't you slut?", she taunted.  I made no attempt to verify her claim.  "Oh yeah, that's right.  I forgot you can't speak.  That is ok I guess.  There are, after all, OTHER ways to find out the truth...".  Her fingertips slowly trailed down to the waist of my panties.  My legs jumped together in response to this.  One finger disappeared, followed by two, and then another.  "Spread em'!", she ordered.  My legs remained together.  "Fine, we can do things your way.  I'll enjoy punishing you for your disobedience later..."

With that said, she grabbed one of my nipples and yanked hard.  I yelped in pain and then did as I was told.  I separated my legs to let her continue her inspection.  Her whole hand disappeared inside of my panties and my body shuddered as her hand gently brushed up against my sex.  I felt her index finger rub up against my swollen clit a few times.  I moaned gently through my gag as she continued her stimulation.  Then the finger stopped and I felt it part my pussy lips and slide back and forth between them.  I was seriously dripping from excitement at this point and I started to slowly grind my pelvis in unison with her finger's movements. 

"You see, sweetie, you can tell me a million times that you don't like this, but your own body betrays you."  She smiled her wicked smile and then stopped her friction.  "You seem to be getting pretty damn wet down there, aren't you slut?  Let's let that pussy of yours air out for a little while, shall we?"  With that, she firmly gripped my new black panties with both hands and tugged them down to my ankles, and then off. 

Grabbing her homemade spreader bar, she laid it on the ground at my feet.  She ordered me to spread my legs widely apart so that the bar's 4-foot width would fit between my ankles.  Fearing another yank on my nipple, I did as I was told, and Kirsten quickly went about tying the rope to each ankle cuff, knotting off each one tightly.  She then went over and released the rope that held my arms up above my head from the couch leg. 

She once again began to pull on the rope.  I looked up and watched as my arms were raised higher and higher.  Fortunately for me Kirsten stopped when she did.  I was unsure that I would be able to support myself on my tiptoes should she have decided to go any higher. Kirsten tied off the rope once more and my body was now stretched taught.  By arms were bound together above my head and my legs were forced wide apart and rendered immobile by the spreader bar.  The gentle, warm breeze coming from one of my slightly cracked windows reminded me of just how exposed I was as its contact with my dampened sex sent goosebumps up and down my body and made my nipples stand straight out..  I tested my bonds to find that I could only move a matter of inches in my arms and legs. 

"Dammit I am good", she giggled.  "Not bad considering I only had the afternoon to plan for this.  I should seriously think of pursuing a career in this area."  

I was breathing heavily with anticipation and excitement by this time.  I knew that I was extremely open and vulnerable in this position.  I was also feeling very embarrassed as this position also left very little to the imagination.  I was starting to regret shaving my pubic area too.  Although it was neatly trimmed before I had done it, my nakedness seemed more emphasized without it.  I was also kind of embarrassed because Kirsten did not know that this was a "one time only" kind of thing.  She probably thought that I kept it that way all the time. 

"I think I like you like this.  You look so sexy and helpless that I can feel MYSELF getting wet just by looking at you.  Which reminds me, I think I should document this occasion so that I can start a scrapbook of my work or something." 

Kirsten went over to my desk and picked up my Polaroid camera.  "Smile my sexy little slave!"  I fought and fought to try and free a hand so that I could cover myself, but to no avail.  Kirsten took picture after picture, walking around me so that she could get different angles.  She even laid down between my legs and aimed the camera upwards to get a picture of my shaven pussy. 

As she was sitting up, she paused for a moment and began to kiss a trail up the inside of my thighs.  My body tensed at her touch as she continued to move upwards.  She grabbed my ass in one hand and gently squeezed while she ran her other hand up and down my legs while she kissed me.  I was panting  through my gag and let a few moans escape as well.  I was embarrassed by moaning, but for some reason, I couldn't contain them.  They actually sounded more like squeaks with my mouth being so dry, but for every "squeak" I let out, I knew that Kirsten was realizing that she was getting to me.  She continued squeezing my ass and stroking my legs.  With each kiss she inched agonizingly closer to my awaiting slit.  

She was taking long, slow movements; every once in awhile sticking her tongue out and licking a trail on my skin.  She was getting high enough where she was actually bumping my sex with her nose, and I closed my eyes in anticipation as I knew within the next few kisses she would be all the way home.  I lightly gasped as I felt her lips give me a gentle kiss on my little bud... and then felt a sharp *SMACK* as her hand swatted my ass, bringing my back into reality and breaking the trance.  Standing up to her full height, Kirsten looked down into my face and then gave me a light kiss on the cheek.  "No, no, no, my little slave", she said mockingly.  "I would hate for you to have to enjoy the contact of another woman.  After all, you aren't into that "sort of thing", are you?"  She smirked and then reached down for her new toys.  Picking up the black ball-gag, she walked behind me and began to unbuckle the ring gag.  She threw it onto my desk underneath my bed and picked up my glass of red wine that I had been drinking earlier. 

"Care to wetten your whistle?", she asked.  I nodded my head in acceptance and she held the glass up to my head and let me drain the glass.  She set it back down on the desk and picked the ball gag back up.  She was about to put it up to my mouth when a light bulb must have gone on in her head.  She gave me a sly look and then reached back down and picked up my damp panties.  "Open wide", she ordered.  She moved them closer to my lips, but I refused to allow them in.  *SMACK*  Kirsten took a full swing with her hand and found her mark on my left butt cheek.  I opened my mouth in pain and she shoved the musk-filled panties into my mouth and quickly secured the ball gag onto my head.  I had never tasted my own juices before, and I was embarrassed how she made me now.  "Get used to the taste", she told me. 

"There will be a lot more where that came from later on..."

.... To be continued.

*(Hello everyone!  I hope you are enjoying my story thus far.  I have part two almost completed, so if you liked this, keep checking back here to Gromet's place.  It should hopefully be up in the not too-distant future.  Since this is my first EVER story submission under any category or genre, I am most eager to hear what you all think of it.  If you have a comment, wether it be positive (I hope), or if you have any suggestions or parts about it that you didn't like, you can E-mail me at  [email protected]
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