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College Submission 2

by Da'Rookie

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*Here is part 2 as promised.  Thank you for everyone who responded to part 1 so enthusiastically.  It is always nice to get good reviews and good votes, so I encourage all of you to do both!  As is with my stories, please don't use them without permission.  I've never told anybody who asked me that they couldn't use them, but I consider asking permission to be a professional courtesy.  I hope you all enjoy my stories!  Happy reading!  *grin*

Part Two

"MMmMmmphhhph" was the only audible sound I could make while gagged the way I was.  I could smell my own excitement ebbing up to my nostrils from the panties which Kirsten had shoved into my mouth before buckling up her newly purchased ball-gag tightly around my head.  I could also taste myself as well, something that I had to say was a definite first for me.  It was nothing like that horrible "Tuna" analogy that so many men had attached to the experience of going down on a woman.  It was bitter, and yet sweet at the same time.  Not unbearable by any means, but I accepted my fate given my current situation and told myself that the taste of revenge would be much better should the opportunity ever arise someday.

Kirsten was circling my naked, bound form.  My body was stretched taught in my current position.  My hands were locked together and pulled high above my head, while down below, my legs were forced a good 4-feet apart by a homemade spreader bar made out of the bar I hung my hangers on in my closet.  I had been stripped of my new, skimpy lingerie, and I was now helpless and waiting for my "Mistress" to make her next move.  Kirsten was more imaginative than I originally gave her credit for.  I was starting to wonder just how long exactly she had had these aspirations of being a dominatrix seeing as how nothing she had done so far was in my diary that she had read, and she seemed to be pulling most of these positions and ideas randomly off the top of her head.  Needless to say I was quite impressed.

Kirsten said nothing as she examined me.  She was becoming more relaxed having taken off her heels, and she was making the most out of the wine that was still in the bottle that I had been drinking earlier.  She had also taken it upon herself to smoke a few of my cigarettes, which of course, I wasn't too thrilled about seeing as how she wasn't offering me one.  Occasionally she would make me shudder by running her fingernails gently across my abdomen or up and down my back.  She would toy with my hair every once in awhile, and even allowed her hand to drift down near my heavily excited sex.  Much to my disappointment, however, she never allowed contact.  I was remembering back to my days when I helped my parents out at the fair and I saw the 4-H cattle auctions.  I now sympathize with those cows, because I was now beginning to feel like them.  Standing in the middle of the auction floor  being examined, and touched, and inspected like a piece of meat.  It was an interesting experience to say the least. 

Kirsten put out her cigarette and emptied her glass.  "Well now my little slave, I say we move to the next stage of your lesson."  Kirsten moved in front of me and bent down to retrieve the nipple clamps.  She turned around and held them in front of my face, the candlelight flickering off of their shiny chrome surface in a beautiful manner that temporarily took my eyes off of the menacing "business" ends of them.  Kirsten then leaned in close to my chest and took my left nipple in her mouth.  While she was gently sucking, she circled the nub with her tongue in a clockwise motion.  "Mmmmm" I moaned.  Kirsten looked up at me and then went back about her work.  She knew that my nipples were very sensitive.  There was a question in one of her magazines once that asked what the most erogenous zone in your body was.  We discussed this question in depth, my nipples being mine, and the crook of her neck being hers.  I never thought that my answer would one day come back to haunt me like this. 

I was in heaven with the special treatment she was giving to my breasts.  I could feel myself start to get heavily aroused once again, and as good as the nipples felt, I was beginning to crave something more!  After she serviced each breast equally, she gently blew on them to make them harden and stand out.  I had almost forgotten about the menacing clamps.  She grabbed my left breast and brought one of the clamps up to attach it.  "MMMMPPHHHH!!!" I screamed into my gag as she tightened down the unyielding jaws upon my poor, defenseless nipple.  She then gave it a few short tugs which made me immediately thrust forward to give some slack.  I had seen pictures of these used before, but I never expected them to hurt like this!  It was like a slow burn of pain which started out unbearable, but then subsided to a "barely tolerable" type of pain.  

Rather than immediately connect the other end to my other breast, she threaded the chain through the ring on the front of my collar, and then brought it down and repeated the attaching process to my right one.  This made it so I had to keep my head lowered to take the tension off of my aching nubs.  Whenever I raised my head, the chain pulled the clamps, which in turn, pulled my nipples upwards.  This hurt like hell, so I did my best to just stand there with my head in its lowered, "submissive" position. 

"I've always wondered how those things worked", Kirsten said with a high level of amusement in her voice. "And don't think that you've found a way to outsmart me by keeping your head bowed down, though.  As much as I like seeing it that way, my little game wouldn't be any fun if you just stood there like that." 

With that said, I saw her bend down and pick up the black, looped-end riding crop.  She must have also grabbed the blindfold as well because the candlelight disappeared, only to be replaced by darkness as she pulled it down over my eyes.  Everything was quiet.  I couldn't hear Kirsten moving and I was trying to figure out where she was.  All I could hear was the gentle whistle of the warm breeze blowing through the cracked window.  All of a sudden, *SMACK* went the riding crop hard against my ass.  The blow was forceful enough to make me jump from the ground.  Even worse, I now understood what Kirsten was talking about.  The pain was bad enough to where I jerked my head back, thus yanking hard on my nipples and causing even more pain to my tits.  

"Now THAT'S the kind of reaction I like to see!", she laughed.   Blow after blow landed on my backside.  I fought like hell against my bonds to try and free myself, but they remained steadfast in their purpose.  I tried to focus on just keeping my head lowered to cut the pain in half, but every time I managed to control it, Kirsten made sure the next blow was strong enough to make me move and yank my nipples.  Occasionally she would take a break and let me catch my breath.  During this time she usually enjoyed trailing the crop across my body and watching me tense and try to move away from it.  She wasn't hitting me hard enough to cause welts or bruises, and certainly not break the skin, but I could tell by the warmth coming off of them that my butt had to be a nice, rosey pink at this point.

She traced the crop around to the front of me, patting it gently on my stomach and breasts.  Every once in awhile, she would give a mild swat at one of my nipples, which of course brought forth yet more muffled yells and obscenities into my gag.  I think she may have been able to make out the word "Bitch" that I had called her, because she brought the tip of the crop down between my legs and patted it in a warning matter against my shaven mound.  "Careful slut", she warned.  "Even though you are gagged, that mouth will still land you in a heap of trouble."  Deciding that I was in no position to argue, I nodded my head (*ouch*) and did my best to remain silent. 

"Did you enjoy your punishment, slave?"  I shook my head carefully in disagreement, despite the fact that I savoured every minute of it.  I decided that I would egg her on.  I could tell that she was really starting to get into this, and the more she did, the more I would get out of it.  "I said, did you enjoy your punishment!"  This time she finished the sentence with a hard, solid strike to my ass with the crop.  This time I nodded my head (*ouch*).  "Good, that is what I like to hear.  I hope you are eager for more because we are just getting started." 

I heard her set down the crop and once again, I could feel her fingers on my tender skin.  At first she gently cupped my breasts and toyed with them for awhile.  She then slid them behind me and teased her nails across my glowing backside.  She made me tense as one of her fingers made the journey between my ass cheeks and traced the bottom of my valley.  She stopped her one hand there, and I felt her other hand come to rest on my mons.  She circled her finger around the entrance to my love tunnel, but she wouldn't touch it.  She began to make hard, precise strokes which caused my clit to stir.  I suddenly got what I wanted when she slid one finger up inside of me and gave my G-spot a few good presses.  This made me gasp both with excitement, as well as from shock from the sudden intrusion.  I couldn't believe that I was getting felt up by my roommate and friend of 4 years!  

Pulling her wet finger back out, she used its lubrication to gently stroke my love button.  I moaned heavily into my gag as she moved her finger expertly around it and over it.  She got her other hand in on the action too as she played with my pussy lips from behind.  She would spread them, and push them apart, which of course added to the stimulation I was getting from her other hand.  I started to feel weak in the legs and I struggled to keep my balance as she continued her relentless petting.  I could feel the climax starting to rise within me, and I began to try and hump her hand by thrusting my hips in and out.  She must have noticed this  because she started to speed up her friction as well.  Then it happened...  just as I was about to go over the edge, that bitch stopped!!!!!

"NOOOOOOOO!" I screamed into my gag.  I kept thrusting to try and make the one or two strokes more that I needed, but alas, I found myself humping the air.  Her hand was nowhere to be found!  This was unbearable.  I was so horny and so fucking wet that I wanted to cry from frustration.  I actually think I might have squeezed out a tear or two, but with the blindfold on I couldn't be sure. 

"Awwwww, it looks like you are high and dry yet again, my little slut.  It was a nice attempt though.  I bet you are all nice and frustrated now too, aren't you?"  I nodded my head furiously.  "I bet you want nothing more than for me to do something to ease you desire to cum, don't you?"  

Once again, I nodded my head in eager agreement, which of course, yanked my nipples.  She leaned in close to me, pressing her body against mine.  I could smell her perfume and feel the heat of her body as she leaned close to my ear and whispered into it.  "I think that can be arranged..."  With that, I felt another sharp *SMACK* across my backside with the riding crop.  Yet again I made the mistake of jerking my head up. Kirsten made a fast and fierce attack on my backside, landing blow after blow in very short intervals.  My body was as stiff as a board as I tensed in my bonds.  I didn't even have time to lower my head between blows, and throughout the ordeal, my head was jerking my nipples all over the place.  "MMMMMMMMPHPHPH!!!!!" I screamed, but it only came out as a soft, muffled moan.  After about twenty fast strokes I collapsed into my bonds, absolutely exhausted.  Kirsten leaned back into my ear and whispered "Not thinking about that orgasm anymore, are you?"  She giggled playfully and I heard her walk away for a minute, leaving me sagging and breathing heavily in my bonds.

She took off my blindfold and allowed me to have another drink of wine.  Once finished, she decided to switch back over to the ring gag and reattached it securely to my head, burying the ring deep into my mouth.  Then she untied the end of the rope to allow me to lower my arms.  She didn't retie me right away.  She let me move my arms and shake all of the stiffness out of them before continuing.  She had even let me take a couple of drags off of her cigarette before putting the gag back into my mouth.  For a minute, I actually thought she was going to go a little easier on me now.  Much to my disappointment (and enjoyment :-), I quickly found out that she still had more in store for me. 

Unlocking my hands once again (and again, no resistance!), she pulled them behind me and put the lock back on.  She took the same end of the rope that was draped over the pipe that held my hands before and reattached it in the same way, but this time my hands were behind my back.  She removed the nipple clamps, and I winced in my bonds at the rush of circulation back into my now tenderized nipples.  She aided this process by rubbing and pinching the feeling back into them as well.  Once satisfied, Kirsten once again grabbed the other end of the rope and proceeded to pull my arms up.  She went slowly, inching my arms up a little bit at a time, which in turn, forced my body to bend over.  I glanced sideways and saw a huge grin on her face as she was obviously pleased with the position my body was being forced into.  Kirsten stopped and then tied off the rope.  

"Well, this is interesting", I thought.  My legs were still spread about 4-feet apart, and now I was bent over so that my head was down by my knees and my ass was sticking straight and invitingly up in the air.  I found that any attempt to stand up brought a slight pain to my shoulders, and any attempt to kneel or sink down caused even more pain.  "I guess I am supposed to stay in this position", I thought. 

Even though I was not as spread out in this position as in the previous one, I felt like I was even more exposed.  My ass was sticking up and out on display, and I knew that my newly shaven pussy was wide open for Kirsten's inspection.  I shuddered in anticipation as to what Kirsten had in mind in order to require me to be in such a vulnerable and "accessible" state. 

"Boy, I bet you were wishing I was a man at this point".  As she said this, she pressed her pelvic area seductively up against my backside and made thrusting motions with her body as if she was a man taking me from behind.  "Don't worry slave.  I'll make things nice and interesting for you."  I couldn't see her face, but I could tell that she was thinking of something mischievous. 

She rubbed her hands across my backside and traced the contours of my ass with her finger.  Her other hand dipped even lower and started playing with my pussy.  My God! her fingers felt so good!  She teased me and toyed with me as I stood there in my bent-over position.  I rocked in my bonds to the best of my ability in response to her touches.  She must have known that I was really getting into this because every once in awhile, she would insert a finger  and would compliment on how wet it was when she took it out.  Kneeling down and meeting my gaze from between my legs, she gave me that same wicked smile she had given me before.  "Are you ready for some REAL fun, slut?"

She began to start rummaging through our combined inventory of goodies.  She was off to the side of me and my hanging hair prevented me from seeing what she was up to.  After what seemed like ages, I saw her start to set objects down on the floor one by one.  First came the camera, shortly followed by one of my vibrators.  Then came the pair of nipple clamps with the bigger ends and the wider jaws.  (You can imagine the look on my face when I saw those!).  Kirsten then walked across the room to my closet once again and starting sorting through the mess she had made.  "Ah-Ha!  I thought I remembered seeing these in there somewhere!"  She returned with the two, white strips of fabric that I had used for most of my prior, "beginner bondage" scenarios.  One I used as my blindfold.  It was maybe 7 inches wide and close to three feet in length.  The other one was smaller.  Maybe three inches wide and also close to about the same length as the first.  I usually used this one as my gag, but have been known to use it for tying from time to time.  Both of these strips used to be part of an old, flannel nightgown that I had decided to "salvage"  before throwing away.  Taking the wider, first strip, Kirsten wrapped it around my torso as I had done with the rope earlier.  She pulled it tight and knotted it off around the small of my back.  Setting the other one aside, she continued to her previous work at hand.  Picking up the camera, she moved behind me and focused it on my exposed behind.  

"Don't you think its cute the way girl's pussies look when they are bent over like this?  It just looks so damn inviting, no wonder men are obsessed about doing it  "doggystyle", hee hee.  You've probably never seen one like that, you being 100% "straight" and all, so I think I'll take a picture so you know what I am talking about."  With that said, Kirsten took a whole bunch of pictures of me and my exposed backside. 

Kirsten set down the camera and went into the bathroom.  I heard her open my little cabinet above the sink where I kept all of my makeup and such.  Returning to the room, she knelt down behind me again and held two bottles for me to see.  "Does Strawberry scented sound all right with you?  It was either this or your Cucumber-Melon lotion.  She held up the bottle containing my favorite moisturizer that I had gotten at my bath and beauty shoppe.  Interested to see what she would do with it, I nodded to tell her that it was acceptable.  "Excellent!  I decided to give you a choice so you didn't think I was COMPLETELY merciless."  I saw between my legs and she picked up my brand-new, hot pink vibrator.  It actually had a pretty cool effect with the two blacklights in our room turned on.  The fluorescent, jelly coating on it seemed to make it glow all by itself. 

She brought the toy up between my legs and ran it along my lips.  I closed my eyes and let my mind begin to wander.  She turned it on LOW and held it firmly against my clit, letting the vibrations surge through my lonely little nub.  I could feel my mouth, as well as other areas, begin to salivate at the perversity and eroticism of this whole situation.  I found that with the ring-gag in my mouth I could not stop myself from drooling on the carpet.  Kirsten took the head of the phallus-shaped toy and pressed against the opening to my longing and inviting hole.  I tried to back up to get it inside of me, but for every inch I managed to get, she pulled it an inch further away from me.  "You want this inside of you, don't you." she coaxed.  

"Uh-huh", I managed to say through my gag.  

"You want this DEEP inside of you, don't you?" she continued.  

Desperately eager to get release, I once again answered.  "Uh-huh!" 

"You want me to fuck you with this pink dick don't you, slut?"

I was breathing with so much anticipation, I couldn't even speak words anymore.  I shook my head in affirmation.  "You want me to keep it inside of you for a long time, don't you bitch?"  Once again, I nodded.  "You have done good so far, so I will give you exactly what you want, slave."

Grabbing the moisturizer, she squeezed out a liberal amount onto her fingers.  She gently massaged the cool, slick substance all over my pussy, making sure to rub it into every crevice and surrounding skin.  She used slow, smooth strokes; making sure to even give my clit a good deal of attention.  I moaned approval into my gag as she continued to try and get me off.  She stopped short of orgasm once more. 

"If you want this inside of you so badly, then that is exactly what you shall have."  

Picking up the moisturizer, she applied even more on her hand this time as she did before.  I flinched as she grabbed my ass cheeks with her other hand and spread them apart.  Kirsten then took her other hand that had the moisturizer and rubbed it into my nether-region.  Her slickened hand had absolutely no trouble navigating its way around my ass given my current position.  The way my legs were spread made my cheeks separate automatically, so even my best attempt to clench them shut still left easy access to my back door.  I gasped as she intruded one of her greased fingers into my ass, burying it in as far as it would go until her knuckle was bumping against my anus.  Her strokes started slowly as she began to slide her finger in and out.  I was very confused at what I was feeling right now.  I had once thought about what it would be like to have anal sex with a guy, but I never for a minute had ever expected to go through with it.  I found my feelings about it now to be those of embarrassment.  For Kirsten to invade such a "private" area of my body while I couldn't do anything to stop her really highlighted her domination over me.  This, of course, made me excited.  But I have never done anything like this before, so I was panicking in my bonds as well. 

Kirsten paused, and then I could feel her add another finger to the equation.  She moved even slower this time, giving my muscles adequate time to relax and adjust to this unknown practice.  She buried the first two fingers of her right hand in and held them there.  With her left hand, she reached underneath and inserted two fingers inside of my other exposed tunnel.  She wiggled her fingers around, which in turn caused me to wiggle as well.  "Are you having fun down there?"  I gave her a moan for an answer which I think she interpreted as a indicator to stop.  Then I was proven wrong as she once again picked up the hot-pink toy.  She expelled a trail of lube down the length of its 7" inch shaft.  She gave the toy a mocking hand job and brought it up to the entrance to my puckered sphincter.  "Oh my God!  She wouldn't dare!!!!!" 

She did....

Kirsten drove the length of the shaft roughly into my helpless ass, nearly burying it up to the knob.  I lunged forward and shifted all of the weight onto my arms.  I cried out in pain both from the intrusion, as well as from the jerk of my shoulder blades as Kirsten continued to apply pressure to keep it deep in my rectum.  My ass seemed like it was on fire it hurt so bad.  My muscles instinctively contracted around the rubber cock in an attempt to prevent any further advances.  The lubrication made this task quite impossible though.  The vibrator's 1 3/4" diameter stretched my asshole farther then ever before.  While holding this new menace in place, she reached down and picked up the other small, white strip of fabric. 

"Hold that cock in place and enjoy every second of it you little slut.  If that thing hits the floor I will thoroughly beat you ass red, and then I will put it back in even rougher than before."

I continue to clench on to the vibe despite my desire to expel it.  Reaching up underneath me, she tied off one end of the white strip to the front of my torso rope.  She pulled it tight and then fed it back between my legs.  With her other hand, she spread my pussy lips apart and made sure that the strip made its way deeply between them.  She continued to pull upwards and fed it between my back and the torso rope.  With a strong tug, she cinched it up tightly and tied it off, burying the phallus deep inside of me and holding it there tightly. Picking up the other, large nipple clamps, I saw Kirsten kneel down between my spread legs.  Grabbing one of my labia, she clamped the merciless jaws onto my left lip, shortly followed by the right one.  They didn't hurt right away, but Kirsten began to tighten them down which caused me to moan my disapproval through my gag and twitch my body in slight pain. 

"There, that should take your mind off of your ass for a little while.  But, I don't want you to forget about it  completely, now."  Kirsten reached up and managed to turn the knob through the fabric to HIGH.  I felt the vibe jump to life as it began to do its work deep inside of me.  My legs felt like jelly as my tan, taught thighs began to quiver and shake in response to this new feeling. 

"There, you should be all set for a little while.  I'm going to go grab a shower and relax for a bit.  I was in such a rush when I got out of here to go do all of my shopping that I didn't have time to get one earlier.  Enjoy yourself while I'm gone!" 

I heard the door to the bathroom shut and then all was quiet.  My mind was in such a flurry at this point. Kirsten had done so well in her teasing me that even now in her absence, I still felt like I was on the peak of an orgasm.  The vibrator, I thought, was a very interesting touch.  I could feel the vibrations in my pussy which kept me in this state of arousal, but the vibrations were not direct enough to give me the climax I so desperately needed.  Perhaps the greatest stimulation I got was more of a mental thing than a physical.  I felt like a total slut.  Kirsten was using and abusing me, humiliating me, making me do things against my will as I was bound and exposed to her every whim.  I couldn't escape despite my best efforts and I couldn't say "No" to anything and have it be taken in consideration.  The mere thought of all of this was making the white material buried between my lips become soaked.  This was truly an incredible experience.

After about a half-hour, the bathroom door opened and out emerged a refreshed and energetic Kirsten. "And how is my little slave doing?  I hope you managed to keep yourself entertained in my absence?"  She walked back towards me to examine my situation.  She had dressed herself in her same "dominatrix" outfit consisting of a short, viny mini-skirt and matching vinyl tube-top.  She had reapplied her dark eye makeup, but had left the shoes out of the equation this time.  Her long, blonde hair was worn back in a ponytail, and her long, strong legs seemed to go on forever before disappearing under the mini-skirt.  I looked up and matched her gaze.  Her bright green eyes glistened with mischief and confidence, and I thought I even detected a bit of lust to her expression. 

She poured herself another glass of wine and tossed the empty bottle into the trash.  Checking my bonds to make sure that I was still helpless, she gave a quick tug here and there to demonstrate her authority over me.  She even grabbed at the dildo in my ass and gave it a few sideways jerks to get me to jump around a bit.  What she did next surprised me the most.  Kirsten laid herself down on the ground between my legs so that her pelvic area was beneath my face and she was looking straight up at my clamped mound.   She had pulled one of my pillows down from my bed and had her head propped up in a rather relaxing position.  She continued to sip her wine and observe my situation.  Occasionally, she would reach up and pull down on the clamps which held my pussy prisoner in their grasp.  This hurt... ALOT!  I think she enjoyed watching me try to squirm, so she continued to do it over and over, laughing at each gasp of pain that escaped my gagged mouth. 

After keeping herself amused in this way which seemed to go on forever, Kirsten, with one final tug on the clamps sat up and began her next phase. 
First, she released the rope that kept my hands held high above my back and allowed me to stand up; an act which had to be done extra slowly as to allow the stiffness in my shoulders to work it's way out.  She also removed the clamps from my pussy lips and undid the ring gag which kept my mouth forced open in its lewd position for so long. 

"Now listen up, slut.  I'm going to give you some mobile freedom here for about 10 minutes or so before we begin the final phase of your lesson.  Of course, your hands will still be locked together, but I'll be nice and put them in front of you.  I mean, I can't run the risk of you trying to rebel against me here when I'm so close to being done, can I?  You are also not allowed to speak whatsoever.  The only reason I'm not gagging you is because I'm sure that you would enjoy a cigarette before we move on.  Your break will begin when I give the word." 

Kirsten re-locked my hands in front of me as promised, and she also removed the large, pink vibrator from my ass and undid the white strips of fabric.  Kirsten looked up at the clock on our wall.  "Okay, your break starts...... NOW." 

The first thing I did was to go use the restroom.  Without the hassle of clothes, this took all but a minute total.  I also got a small drink of water from the sink to whetten my whistle a bit.  Returning to candlelit room, Kirsten had tidied it up completely with the exception of a small pile of her equipment which I assumed was for the final phase of her little lesson plan.  Having 8 minutes remaining of my break, I sat down to smoke a couple of cigarettes to ease my nerves and relax me a bit.  Every once in awhile I would look over at her.  She sat in our leather chair that we kept in the corner and looked extremely smug and relaxed.  She knew I was looking at her, as I intended for it to be obvious.  She just matched my gaze, and then would look up at the clock as if pretending to be impatient.  I watched the clock as well; the seconds dragging by tick by tick.  This was both good as well as bad.  I was nervous about what Kirsten had in store for me, so I was very hesitant.  However, I was anxious to see what she had in store for me, so I was also getting impatient.  I just decided to make it look like I wanted for my break to last so as not to give Kirsten the satisfaction of knowing that I was enjoying her little game immensely. 

"Time's up!" 

The timing was perfect, as I had just taken the last drag off of my second cigarette and put it out. 

"It is time to begin"

Kirsten walked over to me literally yanked me up out of my chair by my bound hands.  She quickly took the lock off that kept them together and roughly pulled each arm behind my back where she quickly put the lock back on.  Picking up a length of rope, she quickly bound my elbows together to the point where they were almost touching.  This made my tits stick straight out, and as sore and sensitive as they were from her earlier attacks, I silently prayed that she had no intentions towards them. Taking even more of the soft, black rope, she bound my ankles together thoroughly and cinched the whole thing up ultra-snug.  I couldn't figure out why she didn't just lock the cuffs together like she did my wrists, but I guess it wasn't important.  It did the job just as well I suppose.

"Kneel bitch."  Grabbing my shoulders, Kirsten forced me onto my knees, almost making me fall over tied the way I was.  Taking a final length of rope, she tied wrists to my ankles; making sure that I had to choice but to stay on my knees. 

"Beautiful!", she exclaimed.  "You are now ready for your final lesson."

Standing in front of me, Kirsten gripped her tube top with both hands and lifted it, with some effort, over her head and let her breasts fall free from their constraint.  Reaching down and behind with her right hand, she lowered the zipper on the back of her skirt.  With a few short shakes of her hips, the skirt was down around her ankles and she stepped out of it and casually kicked it away. The first thing that caught my eye was that Kirsten was completely shaved just as I was, although, I think she had done a much better job than I.  There was no trace that any hair had ever grown below her waist whatsoever.  I would have to ask her later how she accomplished this....

My attention quickly left Kirsten's shave job as I noticed something even more surprising.  There was a gold ring with a silver ball gripped in it hanging seductively from the hood of her clit.  It shimmered in the candlelight; almost as if it were emitting a glow all it's own.  It was the perfect compliment to Kirsten's semi-brazen, flawless form. 

She kneeled down in front of me, and with one hand, reached behind my head and gently grabbed my ponytail.  Holding my head firm as so I could not look away, her deep, light green eyes gazed straight through me, almost as if she was reading my mind or probing into my deepest feelings.  My body began to tremble and shake.  It was subtle at first, but as she inched herself closer and closer, and continued to gaze, unblinkingly, right into my eyes, the tremors became more and more intense.  All of my pent up frustration, my humiliation, my embarrassment, my exhaustion; all of it was now starting to work it's way to the surface.  I was beginning to lose control over my body as I became more and more swept up in this euphoria of emotions and sexuality.  With one final movement forward, our bodies were pressed together.  I could feel her hard nipples as her chest pressed against mine.  She reached behind me with her other hand and pulled me even closer to her.  I could smell her perfume, as the sweet fragrance ebbed into my nostrils and flooded my senses.  I could not believe the feelings going on within me.  My lust and sexual frustration were so great, I felt I would die right there bound as I was if she did not take me soon.  A tear welled up in my left eye, and with a blink, it began to roll down my cheek.  Kirsten leaned in and licked it away with her tongue.  With a small shift of her mouth sideways, our lips embraced passionately. 

It started out tenderly enough, but within moments, Kirsten was probing the back of my mouth with her tongue.  For a reason I can't explain, my senses were on high alert.  Her breath smelled of honeyblossoms and strawberries.  Her hair like an early spring breeze.  I could smell the musk of my own excitement mingled with hers as our bodies were embraced as one.  My mind began to swell with all of the things I wanted to do to her if my hands were free.  Needless to say, these ideas were a shock to me more than anybody. 

Kirsten leaned in towards my ear and whispered in the sexiest tone I had ever heard: "Now my little slave... it is time for your final test.  Do well and you will be rewarded well..."

With that said, she slowly leaned backwards until she was flat on her back.  Still keeping her grip on my hair, she pulled me along with her.  My kneeling pose was now reduced to a very strict hogtie as Kirsten lowered my onto my stomach; my face strategically place between her legs.  I looked up at her face, received a small nod and a smile, and realized what she wanted me to do. 

Instinctively, I buried my face into her pussy.  My tongue tingled as her juiced literally flowed into my mouth.  The taste was surprisingly awesome. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing at the time, given that this was my first real sexual experience with a girl.  I had only my past experiences with my boyfriends to know what felt good and what did not down there.  Kirsten helped me out a little as well; moaning when I did something right and tightening her grip on hair with her right hand when I did something wrong.  Things probably would have been much easier if I had the use of my hands, but I could tell that that would not be happening.  I trailed my tongue around her swollen lips, every once in awhile darting it in and out as deeply as I could.  Occasionally, I would take her clit ring gently in my lips and give it a few light tugs.  I found that this did wonders for getting her magic little button to come out for attention. When this happened, I dropped the ring and took her clit into my mouth.  I gently sucked on it until it barely passed my lips, and then I flicked it lightly with my tongue.  This drove Kirsten crazy, as she began to moan like a porn star and writhe around on the floor like a slut. 

With her thighs clenching my head tightly, I could feel the shivers in her body as I continued to work.  When I felt her grip on the back of my head begin to tighten harshly, I knew that she was getting ready to cum.  She arched her hips upwards to bury my face further into her mound, and with one final moan, she exploded into sexual bliss.  I was worried that somebody might have heard us she was so loud, but then I remembered that the dorm was empty except for the two of us (I hoped!).  This brought me crashing back to reality temporarily. 

In the moments shortly after, she loosened her grip on my hair and her breathing began to return to normal. 

"Mmmmmm...  that was wonderful, Jackie.  Are you sure you have never done this before?"

Embarassed at the realization of what I had just done, I managed a quick shake of my head from between her legs. 

"Well, needless to say, you could pass for a pro any day.  And the really cool part is, if you are this good now, wait until you get more practice!"

I looked up and gave her a quizzical look at her last comment.  She rolled me over onto my side and slid down so that our heads were at the same level. 

"Awwwww, c'mon now.  That wasn't so bad, was it?" 

I seriously thought about it for a second.  It wasn't as bad as I had thought it would be.  In fact, I really enjoyed it a lot.  I was just still a bit embarrassed by it all.  I mean, a lot had happened that day.  It had been a whole day of firsts for me, and I was still taking it all in.

"I mean, you got some pleasure from it as well, didn't you?"  Kirsten slid her hand down my stomach to my exposed sex.  Sliding two of her fingers inside of me, I gasped at the sudden intrusion and closed my eyes to relish in the wonderful sensations.

"You got the pleasure of finally experiencing what you have always wanted to experience... being completely under someone else's control.  To be made to do the most outrageous of things, and to have the most outrageous of things done to you.  No safe words, no limits, no boundaries; a complete scenario entirely out of your control.  Isn't that what you always wanted?"

Kirsten sped up her finger movements, assaulting my G-spot with a bombardment of pleasure.  I began to wiggle and writhe under her manipulation. 

"Yes it is"


"Yes what?"

"Yes Mistress... this is what I've always wanted" I managed to utter weakly.

I spread my legs apart as much as my ankle-bindings would allow to give her more freedom. Taking this as an invitation, Kirsten lowered herself below my waist and began to do her own tonguework on my little bud.  Now THIS was a girl who knew what she was doing.  With two fingers still buried inside, she used her other hand to expose my naked clit and embrace it with her mouth.  Getting double the stimulation, and considering the amount of teasing I had endured throughout the evening, it was only a matter of seconds before I found myself on the threshold of what was about to be the most powerful orgasm in my life.  I began to moan and moan as Kirsten worked harder and harder.  As if she knew that one further touch would send me into ecstasy, she withdrew her hand and ceased all stimulation once again.


"What do you mean?  I'm not breaking any promises."

"You said that you would reward me if I, ummm, you know."

"Oh, you mean if you did a well enough job tongue-fucking me?" She replied smugly.

"YES!"  I was absolutely livid at this point.

"Well, you did do a pretty good job.  But I wouldn't consider it a good enough job to deserve an orgasm for.  Like I said, you'll get better with practice. 

"C'mon Kirsten.  This isn't fair.  Finish what you started!  PLEASE!"

Grabbing my nipple and twisting harshly, Kirsten gave me an absolutely sinister, yet playful look. 

"You have forgotten yourself slave.  You will refer to me as "Mistress" at all times when you are under my control.  Perhaps you need one final lesson...."

Keeping her grip on my nipple, she made me wiggle and struggle my way under the pipe in the middle of the room. 

"Ok Kirs.. uh Mistress.  Forget about the orgasm.  I'm sorry.  You don't have to do anything."

"Oh, but I do slave.  I have to do this, or else you will never learn."

Kirsten bent down and picked up the ball gag and shoved it into my mouth. Marching her naked body over to the bag she had brought, she fished around until she found what she was looking for.  "Ah-Ha!  I was hoping I didn't leave it in my car."  She brought out a 'Home Depot' bag that she dropped on the ground with a curiously loud "CLINK"  Picking up the bag and dumping it upside down, out spilled about 13 or 14 feet of shiny, gold-colored chain.  The links were about 1 inch long and about a 1/2 inch thick. 

"You wouldn't believe how much this stuff costs.  I hope it is long enough to accomplish what I want, or else I wouldn't want to be YOU when I get in a bad mood."

Picking up the chain, she climbed up on top of my lofted bed as she had done before with the rope.  She draped one end of the chain over the pipe and, producing a lock, locked the one end of the chain to the length on the other side of the pipe hanging towards the ground.  With the chain securely locked to itself, she climbed back down the ladder to continue with me. She pulled the dangling chain along the pipe so that it was right above me in the middle of the room.

"Hmmmm, I don't know about this.  If this works it won't be by much."  

Propping me up onto my knees once again, I sat there in silence and curiosity as she then went into the bathroom. I looked up at the golden chain dangling a few feet above my head; silently hoping that it was long enough so as to keep myself safe from Kirsten's wrath.  That girl did have a nasty temper, and if there was one thing in the world she hated it was losing money. Kirsten returned carrying one of our towel bars.  It was the same type of bar as the one she used from the closet, except this one was only about 2 1/2 feet in length.  She moved behind me and I could feel her undoing all of the rope from my ankles.  Taking the rope to my desk, she opened the drawer and withdrew my scissors and proceeded to cut a 3 foot length of the rope.  Threading the rope through the towel bar, there was about 6 inches dangling out of each end.  Forcing my ankles apart, she tied the rope to each of the rings on my locked ankle cuffs.  Now, no matter how hard I tried, my ankles and legs were forced apart. 

I couldn't believe that she could be this cruel. 

Unlocking my wrists from behind my back, she once again brought them in front of me and locked the rings on them together.  I seriously contemplated fighting her this time.  After all, I was becoming desperate to get off here.  I was half tempted to try and rape her right then and there, but seeing as how that towel bar kept my legs bound, I didn't have a chance.  Going over to the "Home Depot" bag, she next produced something that made me wonder.  It was a combination lock with a pink dial on it.  It looked like one of those Master locks that kids put on their lockers in high school.  Nothing really special about it.  Kirsten took it out of the package and looked at the back of it to get the combo.  Once she had the lock opened, she peeled the sticker off of the back and put it on a notecard that she took out of my top desk drawer.  I also saw her write a few things on the card, but I couldn't make out what it was from where I was kneeling. 

Walking over to me, she gripped my hands and pulled them over my head towards the awaiting chain.  At first my hands didn't reach, but Kirsten pulled me up so that I was stretched taught and the cuffs were able to reach the last couple of links.  Taking the combination lock, Kirsten threaded it through the bottom link on the chain, and then once again through the rings on my cuffs.  With a final *CLICK*, I found myself kneeling with my hands bound high above my head.  Kirsten removed the other lock keeping my wrists together so that the pink combination lock was the only lock keeping my hands secured.

Kirsten kneeled down so that she was once again facing me. "Well sexy.  I have to be getting home now.  I wasn't as smart as you by telling my parents that I wouldn't be home until late tomorrow, so they are expecting me to be home by breakfast in the morning.  Besides, its really late, and I'm tired from dominating your cute little ass.  But I hope you have fun hanging here.  After all, I do feel bad that I interrupted your little self-bondage session earlier, so I thought it only fair to let you finish it out... with a few changes of course.  Ha! Ha! Ha!"

Kirsten pulled out a casual change of clothes consisting of blue jeans and a sweater from her bag and started to get dressed.  I began to panic terribly.  With my own scenario I knew that I would be able to get my keys eventually.  But a combination lock was keeping me in this position, and Kirsten was the only one that had the combination... AND SHE WAS LEAVING!!!!!

I tried to thrash around in my bonds and plead with her to keep her from leaving, but she only looked at me with that gaze of hers, smiling that smile in a taunting manner. She packed up her clothes and cleaned up the room.  She went around and turned off all of the blacklights, emptied the ashtrays, and blew out all of the candles except for one which she placed right in front of me.  She was even nice enough to put my closet back in the order in which she found it... that bitch.

When all was set, she kneeled down and put her arm around me in a motherly fashion.
"Don't worry, sexy.  I'll be back in a few days.  I'll tell my parents that I need to come down here to meet with my academic advisor or something.  It will be okay.  Oh, and I'll tell your parents that you needed to stay an extra day or two to work on your scheduling for fall classes and stuff.  It will be OK, you have cool parents."

"A FEW DAYS?!?!?!  She couldn't leave me here for a few days!!!  What if I have circulation trouble?  What if the cleaning crew comes in to clean the bathrooms while the students are supposed to be on break?   Or even worse... what if I need to USE the bathroom!?!?"  I felt utterly defeated.  I could feel my cheeks get all warm as if I were about to cry. 

"But don't worry my little slave.  I've thought about it while I've been getting ready to go, and I've decided to give you something to help ease your mind and keep you focused."

Standing up, Kirsten walked behind me and I heard her rummaging through her pile of goodies.  Returning to me, she threw down the two pink vibrators, the two white strips of fabric, the bottle of Cucumber-Melon moisturizer, and the riding crop. Kirsten took the thinner strip of white fabric and wrapped it snugly around my torso and knotted it off in the back.  Giving me a sly look, she picked up the moisturizer and expelled a generous amount into her hand.  Reaching behind me, she slid her slickened hand between my ass cheeks and worked the lubricant into my puckered hole.  It wasn't as painful as it was the first time she did this, but I could definitely tell that having objects inserted into my ass would take a lot of getting used to.  Picking up one of the jelly-coated vibrators, she squirted a trail of the moisturizer up and down the length a few times, and then gave it another mock-hand job to spread it around. 

"Get ready, slave.  Here it comes."

I tried to squeeze my ass cheeks together and close my legs, but the combination of the towel bar and the moisturizer in my nether regions would not keep the vibe from it's mission as it found it's way deep into my ass for the second time in a matter of hours.  I gasped and yelled from under my gag at the violation of my poor ass, and Kirsten made sure to keep her hand on it to keep it in place until I could adjust to the vibrator's 1 1/2 inch circumference. 

"Clench those cheeks together, slut.  I'm going to take my hand away for a minute, and that thing had better not hit the floor."

I nodded in submissive compliance

Picking up the other, wider white strip of flannel material, she knotted it off on the torso strip by the small of my back with the other knot and let it hang for a moment.  She picked up the moisturizer once again and lubed up the other vibrator in the same manner that she did the first one.  Spreading my pussy lips apart, she slowly guided the massive dong deep inside of me until I could feel it reach it's physical barrier.  She rammed it up and down a few times to get my attention.  The real irony is that I was still so aroused that moisturizer probably wasn't even necessary. Kneeling in front of me, she reached between my legs and pulled the white strip upwards; burying the twin cocks deep inside of me.  She looped it over the torso rope in front and, making sure it was threaded  properly and would serve its intended purpose, she yanked it even tighter and knotted it off. 

"There you go.  You should be all set now.  Oh, but before I leave, I just want to give you one last reminder of our evening together."

Kirsten picked up the riding crop and moved behind me.  With intense ferocity, Kirsten laid down an assault of strategically placed blows on my backside. Unlike my prior spankings, there was no teasing or pauses between blows.  Just *SMACK* after *SMACK* of leather against skin.  She sometimes alternated cheeks, sometimes not.  She even brought the crop up and used them on my tits occasionally. I lost count around 30 or so, and that couldn't be any more than half of what she ended up giving me.  I screamed so loud that Kirsten had to cover my ball-gagged mouth with her hand to reduce the noise.  If there was anybody by chance still on this floor or walking in the hallway, then they definitely heard me.  By the time she was done, beads of sweat had accumulated all over my body and I was breathing extra-heavily.  My entire body was limp and my thighs were shaking as I dangled, exhausted from the end of the gold-colored chain. 

Kirsten wiped the drool that started to work its way out from around the gag.  My ass was glowing a bright red I was sure.  If she had hit me any harder than she did, there no doubt would have had some bruises or serious welts most likely. 

Kirsten let me recover as she packed up the rest of her things and put on her coat.  She took one last Polaroid and tossed the still-developing picture in front of me. 

Kneeling down to my level, she whispered into my ear. "I'll see you in a few days, slave.  Don't you go anywhere..."
With that said, she reached down between my legs and somehow manipulated the control knob through the fabric to the vibe in my pussy and cranked it up to it's highest setting.  My body sprang to life in an instant.  Kirsten followed suit with the vibrator in my ass and finished with a playful pat on my bottom. 

"There you go.  I hope you enjoy my generosity.  I'm giving the slut just what she wants."

She tossed all of the keys that she had on the chair, blew out the final candle and headed for the door. 

I didn't even see her go.  I just kept my eyes closed and allowed the sensations of the vibrator's to overcome me. 

Within moments I achieved the greatest orgasm that I had ever hoped to have in my entire life. There was bucking and moaning, intense shaking and shivering, and I'm not sure because of the darkness, but I could have sworn that I blacked out at the end of it.  The fabric was no longer absorbing all of my love juices as I could feel them begin to work their way down the inside of my thigh.  I was one huge sweaty, lusty mess. 

After several more, each one becoming less and less powerful, I began to come back to reality. There I was.  Naked except for four locked cuffs and collar, two large vibrators buried deep inside of me, kneeling, my ass sticking out and my body stretched taught to a chain above me.  I was sweaty, my sex was literally dripping, my ass was beaten bright red, I had just been sexually used and abused by my bisexual roommate/friend from high school, and I would have to stay in this position for a few days until I was released.  I can't remember if I started crying because of any one of those particular things, or if it was a combination of all of them.  I actually ended up crying myself to sleep that night.  I never imagined that I would be able to sleep in that position, but somehow it happened.  I must have been more exhausted then I thought.  After all, it was a pretty busy day. 

I awoke to the first rays of ultra-bright, orange sunlight peeking over the treeline across the quad and into one of the windows in the room.  The light hit me square in the face, and it took me awhile to wink away my sleepy eyes and begin to see clearly.  I thought of how long I would have to stay like this, and I could feel tears start to well up in my eyes again.  The batteries in the vibes had died, and in a few more hours, I knew that they would start to become uncomfortable.  My body was stiff and sore from staying in the same position all night, and even worse, I began to feel the first tingles in my hands as I could tell that they were starting to fall asleep on me.  My knees were holding up pretty good due to the help of the ultra-plush carpeting, but I knew that that would soon fade as well.  I silently prayed that any second Kirsten would walk through that door and yell "SURPRISE!!!", but it never happened.  And that is when I saw it...

"Well I'll be... that little bitch!" I thought.  I actually started laughing from behind my ball gag. Lying there on the floor in front of me was a 3X5 notecard that Kirsten had put the combination lock sticker on the night before.  It read:

Hello there cutie!  You didn't think that I would leave you like that, did you?  I figured I would let you sweat for a little bit, and then when morning came, you would figure everything out.  I'm getting ready to leave you right now and it's already like 3a.m or something, so you only have to wait like 4 more hours or something like that.  Maybe 5, who knows.  I'm debating right now whether to whip your ass before I leave, and I think I will, so I hope you take it in good spirits.  LOL!  I just wanted you to know that I had a wonderful time last night, and I hope that I didn't go too hard on you.  It was a night of firsts for the both of us, so, if you're willing, who knows.  We may just have to practice some more!  I hope you have a good morning, and I hope your ass is feeling better by the time you wake!  *grin*  Give me a call as soon as you wake up so I know that you escaped all right.  If I don't hear from you by 11a.m., I'll drive back and be there by noon to let you out.  Oh, and don't forget, my parents want you over for meat loaf on Tuesday.  Toodles!

                                                                                     Love,  Your New Mistress

After releasing my bonds, I picked up the Polaroid that Kirsten had taken before she left and sat in the chair to have a cigarette.  I felt all warm and fuzzy inside.  I never would have imagined that Kirsten would someday become my Mistress.  And yet, after last night, I can't imagine anyone else that I would rather have as one.  Realizing that all I was wearing was a smile, I decided to pack up and head home. 

"I'm going to like college" I thought to myself...


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