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Kim stares at the lock as the light dims through the windows knowing she will have another night of being bound naked inside the steel cage she locked herself into three days ago. She curses herself as the numbers and letters get harder to see mumbling around the large ball in her mouth desperately trying to find the right combination. Kim had been using the sun as a timer for years having always enjoyed the feelings she gets as she locks herself inside the cage. As time progressed Kim started making it harder and harder on herself to open the locks, first using several extra locks then cuffing her hands and feet to make it more difficult.

The last few long weekends she had off she had used new combination locks without looking at the combo’s. She had read how to find the right combination and practiced it several times and loved the feeling of utter helplessness it gave her to know she might be trapped one day or possibly forever. She had always known it was just a matter of time and patience and the lock would pop open. Even when she spent two days and three nights bound in her cage she never worried because she was confident she could open the lock and had always been right.

As Kim needed to increase her torment she began adding more discomforts to her time in the cage. The only time she got extremely nervous was when she had cuffed her hands behind her back. The locks she had gotten had protruding levers and only needed four numbers to open. “Easy” she had thought and quickly filled her pussy and ass then cuffed her ankles close together and stuffed the large ball gag into her mouth and pulled all the straps as tight as she could. After fourteen hours straining to just reach the locks through the bars she vowed to never again cuff her hands behind her.

The vibrations had been wonderful and the added frustration had forced her to cum many times. But having to bend her head and neck so far with her mouth forced open and being unable to separate her ankles to help with her balance was almost too much. Kim had managed to get the locks open and crawled out collapsing on her side thankful she could stretch her legs and fell asleep for the rest of the weekend. After that she always used the gag with the hole in the middle, it was larger but she could breathe easier and could suckle the watering tube to quench her thirst when needed.

Kim’s self challenges kept increasing, she had no one to help her and didn’t really want anyone, she enjoyed relying on herself and having no one to plead with. Her regular routine was to come home from work slip her feet into her tallest high heels lock her ankles close together and fill both holes with inert plugs. Once her ankles were secured she would slip the small rubber nooses over her pert nipples tightening each until her eyes watered. The tall collar was new but she loved the added restriction especially once the gag harness was strapped on. Kim would close the door of the cage and lock it with known combination locks and spend the night sleeping soundly happy in her confinement. Waking the next morning she would quickly free herself and go to work.

The upcoming holidays had given Kim ample time to consider what she could and what she should do. Kim was torn between torturing herself for the entire six days she would be off or breaking it up into two or three days sessions. She had already decided on the large collar, ball gag and the double sided plug in vibrating monsters she had found online that once fitted into place required a special tool to release the hinged joint so they could be removed. Kim was fantasizing about them daily not wanting to ruin the surprise of the first time she used them.

During her searching she found some new combination locks that used nine digits and four of them were letters. How interesting she thought as she tried to calculate how many different combinations there could be. Kim had been so turned on that she had miscalculated the maximum number of combinations by over half and making her think each lock could take her six to eight hours to break giving her twelve to sixteen hours trapped in her cage. Perfect she said to herself as she ordered four of them and started setting up the area around the cage for possibly a long stay.

The last day at work was torture for Kim, she had worn her small plugs, both kept inside by a thin chain wrapped around her waist and between her legs. The higher than normal heels were acceptable because everyone thought she was going out that night. No one even noticed the small locks on the ankle straps, the keys to these she would not see for several days and only then if she was able to sign for them. Kim hoped her newest torture had arrived and waited on her doorstep, distracted all day by the chain running tightly through her pussy and ass slipping each time she stood or sat down. Kim had been very busy today and spent the entire day flushed as she tried to contain her rising passion.

Arriving home Kim quickly locked all the doors and checked all the windows before stripping down to just her chains and heels. The package had been waiting for her but she needed to finish checking everything and filling her watering system with her special mix. It held two gallons but she had never used more than half a gallon so she wasn’t worried about having enough. Laying her cell phone next to the cage was her last option, she wouldn’t be able to talk but she could grunt and make enough noise that if she called 911 they would send someone out she was sure of it.

Now she was ready, removing the chains from around her waist she slid the plugs out and quickly inserted the new vibrators. They were monstrous in size, Kim had not expected them to be this big but had no problems getting them to slide deep inside her. The locking mechanism was a little more of a challenge, it had been designed to be locked by another person and Kim had to contort herself to be able to use the tool. After a lot of grunting Kim had the unit imbedded deep in her pussy and ass and the connecting bar locked in place, the different angles of the intruders locked in place making it impossible to remove the vibrators. Kim smiled as she walked around feeling them shift inside her and knowing shortly she wouldn’t be able to remove them or anything else.

Kim carried the collar, gag and the wide steel cuffs for her wrists and ankles to the cage setting them on the floor in front of it. The small box was left sitting on the top, she needed to be upright to use it and she could wait no longer. Opening the box she pulled out two leather straps, each ring had small cables attached around the circumference all meeting in the middle at the metal circle that was just big enough to cover her nipples completely. She studied the “breast cuffs” is what the manufacturer had called them, the leather was perfectly smooth, half of each circle fed onto the other and could be pulled tightly closed and locked around the base of each breast.

tit bondage (3).jpgKim was shaking with anticipation, the nooses had become boring because she could remove them anytime she wanted so when she found these she knew that once the straps were locked around her breasts the small covers would keep her from removing the nooses. Kim slipped the nooses around her engorged nipples and pulled each very tight, Kim’s eyes were watering as she let the pain fade and looked at the cuffs more. Each cable on the adjusting side had been made into a slot that would allow them to be adjusted evenly around her breasts as the cuff was tightened.

Kim’s eyes cleared and she carefully closed the first cuff around her breast, Kim pulled the cuff slowly adjusting the thin cables so they stayed evenly spaced around her breast. When the cuff was snug around her breast she applied the other one and quickly had her breasts trapped in the cages, the circles were now pressing on her noosed nipples. Kim stopped playing with her breasts for the moment and snatched her ankle cuffs up and locked them snugly around her ankles relishing in each of the heavy clicks as she tightened them.

Kim shuffled around her room making sure the heavy curtains were open but the transparent ones under them were closed, she checked her lamps to make sure they were all off. Returning to the cage she could already see the light fading and couldn’t wait any longer. Reaching up she took a breast cuff and tightened each of them around her now bulging breasts. Kim was concentrating so hard on keeping the cables straight she didn’t notice how much her breasts were trying to squeeze out in between the cables, or how tight the covers over her nipples had become.

After closing them a few more notches Kim smiled and rubbed her captured breasts and got down on her knees. Kim backed up to the cage door then stuffed the huge ball gag into her mouth and strapped it tightly locking each of the harness straps. The tall collar was next and she quickly buckled and locked it then bent over and backed into the cage on her hands and knees. The cage was well made of ¾ inch steel tubes and had been made just big enough she could lay on her side with her knees pulled to her chest. If Kim stayed on her knees her feet would stay pressed against the back bars and her head would almost be touching the door. She could stand on her hands and knees and her back would just brush the top of the cage giving her little room to stretch out. Kim remembered the large cage she had started with was too comfortable for her allowing her too much freedom where as this one was perfect for her.

Kim toyed with locking her hands around one of the bars outside the cage, she had done it on a few evenings really enjoying the added restriction and the inability to roll over on her back. Kim sat on her folded legs debating on her position looking at the heavy steel door that was begging her to close it. The wide collar was making looking out of the door difficult as she ran her hand around the half moon opening in the door that matched the one on the upper part of the front of the cage. Kim sat remembering how arousing it was when she had locked the door closed with the hole closed tightly around her neck forcing her to stay on her knees with her head held tightly outside the cage and work the locks with only one hand.

cage.bmpKim was getting very aroused thinking about how much she had struggled and fought the ring around her neck finding that if she drifted off she would wake choking on the steel ring. Kim decided not to make it that difficult this time noticing how her nipples had begun to throb and rubbed the plates covering them smiling around the gag. Kim backed further into the cage until her high heels touched the back of the cage, the bars had been placed close enough together on all sides that her feet could not slip between them.

Kim was ready, she sat back on her legs again and strained her neck to raise her head high enough to see the door and while closing it with one hand she drug the cuffs for her wrists and the two combination locks inside with her. Kim had scanned the instructions that had come with the locks but had not read that the letters and numbers sections had been designed to act as two separate locking mechanisms, a fact that would cause her a great deal of discomfort later. Kim had made sure the cord from the vibrators had been strapped tightly to her leg down to her ankle. Then she wound it around a cage bar and she had used tie straps to lock it to the cage bar guaranteeing she could not pull the plug from the timer hoping at some point she would want to.

The vibrators were plugged into a timer that she cannot see and had not looked at when she turned the settings wheel so she had no idea of when or how long the vibrators would torment her. Kim was sitting on her legs playing with the open locks, her pussy was dripping at the thought of being locked up with new locks so she quickly snapped the first one through the hasp followed by the second. Kim moaned around the gag as the lock snapped closed and she pushed and pulled on the door finding she was fully committed to her challenge. Kim locked the cuffs around her wrists making them tight but not so tight to cut off her circulation and rolled onto her side and rubbed her full pussy.

Kim lay on her side struggling with the cuffs holding her wrists so close together, she had been locked inside the cage for several hours and had not felt her vibrators stir once. Her frustration was making her twist and turn desperately trying to see if the cord was plugged in but the collar and cage kept her from looking around her own body. Kim reached through the bars finding the shorter hasps of the locks made her have to push the chain between the cuffs tight against the bar and allowed her just to touch the locks. Kim moaned around the gag and lowered her hands having to wait until the sun came back up so she could begin working on the locks.

During the next two days Kim was teased every few hours for about ten minutes by the large vibrators then once every eight hours she was vibrated until she was screaming for an hour. Even though she desperately wanted to cum by the time the vibrators came on she couldn’t decide which was worse, being teased for hours or forced to cum over and over until it was painful. The large phalluses she had imbedded so deep in herself could make her orgasm in about fifteen minutes and she was very glad she had set them to just below medium speed. Kim was reduced to laying and thrashing each time the vibrators stayed on for longer than fifteen minutes and could do nothing but struggle with the cuffs and cage.

Kim had been trying the locks in between orgasms and knew she had done every possible combination and couldn’t figure out what she had missed. Her wrists were sore and her nipples screamed in pain with each breath, the pain making her stop and instinctively rub her throbbing breasts not knowing they had turned a deep red from the tight leather around the bases. Kim continued to struggle into the third day hoping she would be able to open the locks and staring at her phone lying next to the cage. Kim decided when her water ran out she would call for help but not before.

Kim was struggling with the locks as the sun faded making the locks impossible to see and sat back knowing that the next time the vibrators came on she would be incapacitated by them so she stuck the hole in her gag onto the watering stem and sucked some water into her mouth and twisted herself around and tried to get comfortable. Kim was vibrated twice before the sun came up, both times the pleasure and pain made her exhausted body black out.

Waking in bright light Kim cursed herself for sleeping and instantly grabbed her throbbing breasts and moaned then reached up to the lock and began turning the tumblers. After several hours Kim heard the door bell ring and knew it was the keys to the locks holding her high heels on and moaned again knowing she would be trapped in the shoes at least for another day. As Kim rested from her last ten minute battle a thought hit her and she grabbed at the lock and started working the numbers and letters independently. As she struggled she realized that with the two locks working separately she might be truly stuck in her cage. Kim was still turning the tumblers as the light faded again and started to weep knowing she would spend another painful and sleepless night in her own trap.

Kim spent the next day working on the locks and weeping from the pain her body was in, the tight breast cuffs, high heels, large gag and being unable to stretch for so long was taking its toll on her. The lack of sleep had made her desperate and she regularly stopped and fought the cage and cuffs only making her hurt worse. During one of her fits she tugged on the lock and it popped open.

Kim was stunned, she lay down and looked up at the lock just to make sure she wasn’t dreaming then quickly rolled over and pulled it out of the hasp and threw it across the room. Kim was weeping freely as she started working on the next lock, this one was lower so she could lay on her side and work on it. Kim’s hopes had been risen and she stopped crying and worked steadily on the lock. Kim was still working on the lock when the sun set and continued to work on the lock by feel since she could feel the tumblers. The pain in her breasts had eased slightly and the ache in her jaw had turned into a dull throb leaving her to concentrate on the lock.

After the last ten minute session Kim was gasping having almost been forced to orgasm from the short duration and was worried she was becoming hyper sensitive and knew the next hour long session would be the worst yet. Kim was dreading the vibrations and was flipping the tumblers quickly ignoring all her aches and pains. Kim awoke in the light again having been forced unconscious by her third orgasm and jumped to her knees and began working on the lock. Her breasts now hung under her chest feeling much better but her legs had been cramping badly since yesterday.

Kim heard the door bell again and whined loudly almost hoping she would be heard and rescued and glanced at the phone still lying next to her. With her hands trembling Kim continued trying the lock for two more hours before preparing herself for the hour long torture. She had pulled and twisted the probes stuffed into her many times during her incarceration and found each time she could not get them out of her. While she lay waiting her hands went to the lock and continued to blindly turn the tumblers when just as the vibrators turned on she felt the lock open.

Kim fought her orgasms for an hour forgetting about the lock while she moaned and fought the cuffs and lay panting afterwards. After resting she started weeping again forcing herself to roll over and reach for the lock. Kim twisted the lock then jerked her head far enough to see it and jerked it from the hasp pushing the door open and crawling out and collapsing just outside the cage. Waking several hours later Kim tried to drag herself away from the cage only to feel her leg getting pulled on. Kim had to twist her body around to see what was holding her and giggled when she realized it was the cord for the vibrators.

Kim was sitting with her feet and legs in the cage staring at the four wire ties wrapped around the cord thinking about how she was going to free herself from the cage. Cursing into the gag she remembered the cutters she needed were still sitting on the top of her dresser over twelve feet away. Kim sat stretching and flexing her body enjoying her new freedom while she thought about her situation. Kim felt the vibrations in her pussy and ass and began to moan loudly as she started rubbing her sore breasts through the wire cages keeping them bulging over the leather straps. Within a few minutes Kim was twisting and rolling on the floor as her orgasm grew closer. She had one hand on her pussy and the other rubbing her breasts roughly and screamed around the gag as the best orgasm yet slammed through her body.

Kim laid gasping and giggling after her orgasm and tried not to think of the wire ties keeping the bottom half of her prisoner. After the vibrations stopped Kim sat up and looked closely at the wire and looked at the dresser knowing she couldn’t drag the cage since she had bolted it to the floor. After twenty minutes she started jerking and pulling on the wire from the vibrators desperately trying to pull the wire ties loose. Kim backed into the cage on her hands and knees and started jerking with her legs but found the cuffs around her ankles did not let her get a good yank on the cord so she turned around and sat down again. As Kim sat wondering what she should do next she glanced at the phone and saw it was no longer near the cage, looking quickly she spotted it almost under her bed.

Kim felt the panic attack creep into her as she realized her only emergency escape plan had been knocked out of reach. Lying back she fought the steel around her wrists and ankles kicking wildly for several minutes until she lay still gasping on the floor. Kim knew she was trapped but felt completely comfortable as she lay there only thinking about how much fun she had just experienced and was already planning her next adventure. Pulling herself back again she sat up and saw that she had broken the wire ties in her fit of kicking and laughed out loud as she began untangling the cord from the bar and yanked it from the timer.

Kim still had another challenge in front of her she would have to get to the freezer in the garage to get her keys and defrost them before she could release her remaining bonds. This had been a last minute idea and now she really didn’t want to hobble to the garage and back but had no choice and stood up and shuffled out of the bedroom.

Kim made it to the garage before remembering the keys to the breast cuffs were in her bedroom, she hadn’t opened the box before she put the keys in the freezer so she had left them lying on the dresser. Kim had been rubbing her tender breasts when she remembered this and gruffed around the gag as she continued to shuffle to the freezer. It took almost an hour taking the tiny steps her ankle cuffs allowed before Kim got to the kitchen and dropped the block of ice into the sink and turned on the water.

Kim plopped down into one of the chairs in the kitchen moaning loudly as the plug in her rear was driven in deeper pulling on the one in her pussy. Kim giggled again and smiled round the gag as she tried to figure out what day it was since she had lost track and could only hope she hadn’t missed any work. Reaching for her lap top she opened it and found she had spent the entire six days bound and if she was lucky the last attempt to deliver her package should be made today. Kim was thinking about the locks and how difficult it had been to open them but know she knew how they worked she shouldn’t have near the problems she had the next time.

Watching the ice melt got boring so Kim coiled the long cord still strapped to her leg up and started shuffling to her room so she could remove the breast cuffs and the vibrators. About half way she heard the door bell ring and froze, she was still naked except for the steel and leather encircling her body. Kim turned and shuffled towards the door debating what she should do, she knew if she didn’t get her keys today she would be trapped in the now painful high heels until Monday, but she would have to answer the door as she was. Kim moaned loudly as the bell rang again and grabbed a blanket from the couch as she shuffled as quickly as she could to the door.

Peeking through the peep hole she could see the man dashing off her porch, Kim banged on the door and started unlocking it and peered through the hole and saw him turn and head back to her door. Pulling the blanket up over her head she tried to hold it closed around her as she opened the door. The man was happy she answered the door and asked if she had been sick, Kim never looked up and just grunted and shook her head. The man handed her his clip board asking her to sign and when Kim reached for it the cuffs pulled on her hand holding the blanket yanking it away from the blanket and suddenly Kim was standing naked, gagged and chained in front of a complete stranger. Kim scribbled on the sheet and handed it back to him snatching the small box from his hand. As Kim retreated back behind the door the man was still standing on her porch with his mouth open, all Kim could do was smile and giggle as she watched him for several seconds through the peep hole before he turned shaking his head and left.

Kim freed her keys from the ice and removed the cuffs, collar and gag having already unlocked her sore feet from the high heels and dashed back to her bedroom. Kim struggled to remove the vibrators for almost an hour before giving up and flopping back on her bed and falling asleep. Kim woke the next morning banging on her alarm clock trying to turn it off, her breasts were still encased in the steel cages but she felt oddly comfortable with them. Standing reminded her of the vibrators still filling her and she looked at the tool lying on her bed and didn’t feel like fighting with it again so she went and gave herself a sponge bath and washed her hair in the sink and got dressed for work.

Kim didn’t need a bra since her dark red breasts were being held so firmly by the cages so she pulled a t-shirt over herself and stepped into one of her work suits. Most of her suits consisted of snug pencil skirts and matching blazers and as she buttoned the blazer she made sure it covered her trapped breasts completely. Taking the long cord from the vibrators she fed it up under her shirt and pushed it into her pocket. Kim stepped into another pair of high heels but these looked much tamer and headed towards the door. Noticing the small box her keys had been in she dropped the keys for the breast cuffs and the tool into it and stuffed it into her purse and went to work.

Kim was enjoying the constant reminders of what she was wearing. The wonderful feel of the vibrators wedged deep inside her and the constant pressure on her breasts and nipples. At one point she plugged the vibrators in letting them excite her until she moaned for the first time so she shut them off looking around quickly to see if anyone was looking at her. Kim had the box all ready to go and was still debating if she should send it away or not when she saw the mail boy moving through the office picking up peoples outgoing mail. Kim decided to let fate decide so she left the small box next to her mail basket, if he grabbed it she was stuck if not then she would release herself when she got home she thought as she walked away from her desk.

Kim returned a few minutes later and stood smiling as she looked at the empty spot where the box had been and thought about how much fun it was going to be to be trapped in the breasts cuffs and to have the vibrators stuck inside her for so long. Kim felt a mild shock run through her as she realized she would be trapped in them for eleven or twelve days total and began planning more fun for herself when she got home.

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