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Coming Home

by Jo

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© Copyright 2013 - Jo - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; Solo-F; oral; anal; sex; piercing; public; toys; insert; climax; cons; X

Lee Ann fidgeted. She was tired and a bit cranky and the line was moving oh so slowly - if it was moving at all. Still, overall, she felt happy. Happy in the anticipation that she would sleep in her own bed tonight.

Though, technically, that wasn't true.

She was his slave, his property. And property can't have property, so, technically, it was his bed.

She would present herself, naked, freshly bathed. She would hand him her cuffs and collar and he would lock them on her ankles, her wrist, her throat. She would follow him into the bedroom, kneel by the bed. He would remove the coil of chain from the hook on the bedpost and lock it to her collar.

The chain wasn't very long - just long enough for her to scoot under the covers, take his cock in her mouth.

It would start that way. The sheets would be cool, not warm as when she woke him with her mouth each morning, acting as his living, alarm clock. She had been gone a week and, while she had been ordered to masturbate every night (while he watched on the PC cam), he would have abstained.

She would suck him until he tugged on the chain, drawing her up from under the covers. He would nudge her hip and she would present her ass. It wasn't their normal routine. Normally she'd suck him a bit and then he'd fuck her, allowing her several orgasms before satisfying himself. He was good to her that way.

But after a long absence, he'd sodomize her first. Kind of remind her that she was his, a thing, an object to be used at his pleasure. And, truth be told, he wasn't much into anal sex. It was a D/s thing. She, on the other hand, liked it. Other than her obedience, it was the only thing she had to give him. He was her first ... well, back there. So, in that way, she would always be his.

He would fuck her ass, taking measured strokes. Not slow, not fast, but deep, always deep. He'd fuck at a rhythm that pleased him, at a rhythm that would prolong his orgasm. And so sex, either way, always lasted awhile.

He would come in her ass. She would scuttle under the sheet to take him in her mouth once more. She wished he'd just come in her mouth to take the edge off. She liked cum. It was like Scotch whisky. An acquired taste. A taste that she had developed, for both by the way, years ago. And, although she'd switched to vodka, she still liked his juice.

Once he was throbbing hard again, he'd tug the leash, he'd settle between her thighs, and fuck her properly. Most nights he'd fuck her until she fainted. That usually happened after six or seven orgasms. She had a sensitive clit, an overly sensitive clit, and she came quickly, so it took at least three or four orgasms to satisfy her. But tonight she would faint not once, not even twice, at least three times, maybe four. She didn't know, couldn't know. By that point she'd have lost count. By then it wouldn't matter. Once the initial edge had been taken off, he would stay in her pussy a very long time.

She reached the agent, flopped her carry-on on the conveyer, followed by her purse and shoes. She stepped through the metal detector. It didn't beep. Lee Ann breathed a sigh of relief.

Her clit hood was pierced and the ring was on the heavy side. No one seeing the ring would think it was jewelry. It was the ring of a collared slave, large and thick. Thick enough to attach a leash to. Almost large enough to be a pinky ring. And it was permanent. The ends were machined in such a way as to be pinned and glued and once the excess was ground off there was no seam to be seen. She knew. She had obsessed about it when he had first pierced her. She knew there had to be a seam, but she couldn't find it. To remove it it would take, as he called it, his "big key", the bolt cutters he used to snip off rusted locks.

But she was through the machine and now the agent had her carry-on open.

"What's this?"

"A battery charger for my phone. It has its own rechargeable battery so if you can't get to an outlet you can charge the phone. Several times. You know, in case of emergency."

The woman called over another agent and they put their heads together.

He had given it to her before the trip. That and a box. She didn't know what was in the box. And she didn't know why she needed a backup charger. She was forbidden to use the phone except in an emergency, so it stayed in her purse on standby. The batteries easily lasted a couple of weeks and she would only be gone six days.

"Plug it in."


Lee Ann plugged the charger in, the phone display read CHARGING. The agent nodded.


She gathered her things, slipped on her shoes and headed toward concourse C. The phone chirped.

where are you

just went through security, M, heading for plane

what are you wearing

This was an odd question. She was wearing a fishnet body stocking, skirt, and sweater. They were her travelling clothes. Master knew that. He'd approved them when she packed.

body stocking, skirt, sweater, flats, M


She caught the implied question and again had one of those Duh! moments. The only time her pussy was covered was at the gym or swimming.

of course, M

Lee Ann winced. That response was a tad disrespectful and she knew her ass would smart for it later.

show me

She peeled herself from the flowing mass and aimed for the bathroom. In an empty stall she hiked up her skirt, spread her knees, positioned the camera, took the picture, and sent it.


She moved the camera close for a second shot. She reached down with her other hand and spread her pussy lips. Maybe this little extra would offset that last text. Save her a spanking.

open the box  blue button is on  wait til boarding call for last leg   any questions

Lee Ann slit the tape with a fingernail. Inside was a vibrator, one of those butterfly things, sort of. It didn't so much have wings so much as it was contoured to fit between her thighs. It had a thick, tubular body, soft rubber wings, and serious straps. Not those flimsy elastic things like on the novelty variety.

The straps were connected to form two leg holes. She stepped into them, tugged the toy up her legs, over her thighs and ass. It was a fairly snug fit. Snugger when she brought the ends of the straps together on her belly. There was no clasp.

One of her qualities, as he'd told her several times, was that she was a thinking slave, not one of those robots to be micromanaged. Lee Ann fished the small padlock from the zip pocket on her bag. There was no key. Master had the keys to everything. Once locked on it would stay on until he removed it. She fed the lock through the two rings and snicked it closed.

It took a bit of squirming around, but she soon had the thing nestled firmly in place. The thick body of the butterfly nestled deep between her pussy lips. The head, if you could call it that, pressed up against her clit ring.

There were no batteries, but she saw the jack at the top and the proverbial light bulb went on. The phone charger! It wasn't for the phone at all. She plugged it in.

She pressed the button.

As vibrators go, it wasn't all that intense. It was also very quiet. Even in the echo chamber of the stall she could barely, just barely hear it. The rubber body absorbed most of the sound as well and much of the vibration. Most, but not all.

While the vibrator filled her pussy with a pleasant hum, the part that rested on her clit ring hit some kind of resonance. The ring vibrated. Her clit vibrated.


Lee Ann made a few more adjustments. She slipped the battery pack under the waist belt and let it dangle on her mound. She pressed the button.


She pressed it again.


"Oh shit."

She tried to unplug the battery.

No dice.

"Oh double shit."

What are the stages between denial to acceptance? Lee Ann, locked in the stall in the bathroom in the airport, went through them all. Acceptance, as it always will, won out. She closed her bag, left the stall, stepped over to the sink, checked the mirror for any outward sign of what was happening between her legs. She saw none, but  maybe that was denial, phase 2. She chased an errant hair from her face and rejoined the flow of holiday travelers.


no, M, all set   thank you   i love it

Okay, so maybe it's bad slave karma to lie to your master, but ...

She stopped by the gate, checked her boarding pass for the tenth time. Her flight was to leave in forty-five minutes. Then it was an hour hop, change planes for a two hour flight home. That made it what?, four hours, give or take, minimum? And hadn't Master commented on how he'd modified the charger, gave it extra heavy-duty cells so she'd never run out of power. Never run out of power. Thoughtful Master.

"Oh triple shit."

Lee Ann braved the flow, dodged her way into the bar. Might as well have a bit of a buzz to go with her buzz. haha

She ordered Absolut, neat, twist. The first sip burned going down. Burned in a good way. Then the first orgasm hit ... and not in a good way.


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