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Command Phrase

by Wizard54

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© Copyright 2006 - Wizard54 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; mc; caught; cons; X


I was sure it was going to be a boring two weeks.  It was 8:00AM and my wife and her sister had just left for a two week vacation.  Our kids were either at college or had their own place so it was the first time ever where there was not going to be anyone around but me for two whole weeks.  What the hell am I going to do for two weeks.

So I make some coffee, grab the newspaper and head to the porch for a nice relaxing morning.  While I having the coffee Miriam, my neighbor, comes out of the house.  Miriam is a nice girl, early thirty with a great personality and a nice body not that anyone would know since she dresses very conservative.  But not today.  She is dressed in a VERY short skirt and heels.  Man I never realized she had such great legs.  I say hello and she waves back, she is in a hurry too go somewhere.  She get in her car but it looks like it won’t start.  She keeps trying for about 5 minutes and opens the hood looks around.  At this point I figure it’s time to help out and walk down to see if I can help.  I notice the problem right away, looks like one of the neighborhood kids has stuck a potato in the exhaust.  I figure with the way she is dressed I might as well get a couple of peeks as she leans over the hood.  I don’t know why I didn’t just tell her about the potato but thought with the wife away I might as well spend some time talking with Miriam.

Something is not right with her and it is more than her dress.  She keeps looking at her watch and when I offered her a ride she looked a little panicked to get somewhere that she must have thanked me twenty times.  She tells me she only has to go to the pet store and Sears.  I start to drive her to the pet store and start a conversation by asking what she need there since she has no pets.  She tells me that her and Tom are thinking of getting an aquarium.   She said she was going today to get some stuff and maybe get is all set up for when Tom gets back on Friday.  Apparently Tom was going to be out of town for the week.  As she is getting out of the car she pulls a list from her bag and closes the door.  I notice something fall out of her bag but she has closed the door and is on the way into the pets store before I can get her attention.  Looks like she dropped a tape recorder.  Well I am nosey so I decide to listen to the tape.

If I thought the way she was dressed was weird then the tape recorder was really wild.  When I press rewind then play I hear one of her girlfriends, Katie, with the weirdest message.

It begins with “RED KEY.  Well Miriam, with Tom away for a week how would you like to really explore your wild side”. Like Miriam has a wild side!  Katie then continues “Since you, Janet, and I agreed not to use the secret ‘COMMAND PHRASE’ without permission from the others you have until I count back from five to stop the tape or I will use our ‘COMMAND PHRASE’ and give you a couple of commands that will really make for a wild weekend.  Remember since we created this ‘COMMAND PHRASE’ ourselves as part of the Psychology class last year once we hear the  ‘COMMAND PHRASE’ we have to obey the commands.  One phrase for all of us and we are completely powerless to disobey any command given.  Remember when you had me strip naked and do jumping jacks any time you or Janet said ‘Bimbo’.  I wanted to kill you when we went to the ladies room in the mall and you said it.  No matter how hard I tried I had to strip and jump till you let me stop.  Well I let you do it then so now it’s up to you.  Ready…



Here are your commands.

1)      Dress in the shortest shirt you can find.  It should show your whole ass if you bend over. Cut a skirt if you have to.


3)      Go to the pet store and but three dog collars and make sure they are ¾” - 1’’ wide

a.       One is for your neck

b.      Two are for your ankles

4)      Next go to Sears and get the following

a.       One length of HARD plastic pipe at least 48” long and 1 ½” round

b.      Two end caps for the pipe

c.       Two Eyebolts w/ four large washers (1”) and four nuts for the eyebolts

d.      Pipe Cement

e.       Two lengths of chain (One about 3’ and on 2’)

f.        Four good locks that are keyed alike.

5)      Go back home and leave all your doors unlocked

6)      As soon as you enter your house STRIP OFF EVERYTHING

7)      Now for some work.

a.       Get those police handcuffs you used at the Halloween party last year where we were the Keystone Cops. It’s good that you like authentic props and bought a set for each of us.

b.      Place the a handcuff key and the lock keys on a small chain and put it around your neck in front.

c.       Put on the collars you just bought

d.      Drill a hole in the end of each cap so you can put the eyebolt through.

e.       Place a nut then a washer on the end cap. Screw it all the way to the loop

f.        Put the bolt through the end cap and then another washer and bolt. Tighten

g.       Now get a tape measure and measure how far you can spread your legs

h.       Cut the pipe 4” longer than that measurement

i.         Cement the end caps to the pipe.

j.        Take the 4’ length of chain and lock it with one lock to the eyebolt in your ceiling that was for hanging heavy plants in the corner between the two windows.

k.      Lock one ankle to each end of the pipe you made.

l.         Lock the handcuff to your left hand

m.     Take the last lock and put it through your collar

n.       Now get on your toes and lock your collar to the chain from the ceiling


Now for your final commands……

1)      Lock your right hand in the handcuffs behind your back

2)      You are now free of my commands provided:

a.       You get loose before anyone touches your tit.  If someone touches your tit you are their slave until 6:00AM Monday.

3)      At 6:00AM Monday you will forget everything from the moment I said ‘RED KEY’.


Have fun……..


I think I will have to go into Sears with Miriam to see what she buys.  This could be a very good weekend.  My plans are already forming.  First thing I need is another tape recorder.

Sure as shit, Miriam buys everything she was told.  I buy another tape recorder.  Once I drop off Miriam I make my own recording.  I say ‘RED KEY’ and then begin playing the other tape from the ‘COMMAND PHRASE’ since if I can get Miriam to play the tape for the other girls I will have three girls for the weekend or longer…..

It’s about 11:00 and I decide it’s time to see if this is going to be a great weekend so I head over to Miriam’s.  I knock on the back door, No Answer not that I expected one since Miriam, thanks to Katie, can’t talk.  I check the door it’s open, again thank you Katie.  I go in and walk quietly to the living room.  If Miriam finds me I will just say I was returning the tape.  I head to the living room and there she is legs spread, hands locked behind her back and a chain to the ceiling holding her in place.  She is REALLY not happy to see me.  I show her the tape player and she is now in a major panic since she knows I know her secret.  As I reach out my hand she knows I can doing anything I want as I reach to touch her she remembers if I touch her tit she will be my slave till Monday.  She is shaking her head “NO”..”NO”.  I never realized how hot she was until just now and I decided to touch her tit.

Not much time so I say the ‘COMMAND PHRASE’ and give her one very simple command.


In about an hour I will have three slave for at least the weekend. 

And I thought I was going to be bored.

More to come………




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