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Computer Bondage

by Otto Dix

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© Copyright 2000 - Otto Dix - Used by permission

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While I worked alone in my office, I would occasionally fantasize about different ways of self-bondage.  I was interested in a long-term bondage situation, and still remain mobile, but unable to escape my bondage.  I would sometimes do some programming in a simple Basic language to manipulate data, or generate mock data sets.  It was while I was using the random numbers generator one day that I noticed that it would generate the exact same sequence of random number every time.  

When I noticed this, it occurred to me that I could use this phenomenon to create a long-term bondage scene.  I wrote a simple program that generated random numbers for about eight hours.  It generated numbers between 5000 and 9000.  When it was done generating numbers for eight hours, it would take the last three random numbers and add them to the three numbers of a combination lock.  It would then save on disk the three new numbers, and clear the combination from memory.  To retrieve the combination, I wrote a program that simply did the reverse.  It calculated the same number of random numbers, and used the last three to decipher the three numbers stored on disk and convert it back to the original combination.  I tested the program a couple of times by leaving the programs run over night.  When I was certain that it worked, I adjusted the program to encrypt two combination locks at the same time.  The deciphering program would ask which combination I wanted to decipher, and then gave an estimated amount of time remaining until the combination would be deciphered.

The next morning, I bought two good quality combination locks on my way to school.  At the end of the day, I sat down at my computer that started the encryption program.  I opened one combination and marked a big number "1" on the back.  I entered the combination into the computer, and pressed return.  The combination disappeared off the screen.  I then took a pocket knife and scrapped the combination off the back of the lock.  I did the same with the second lock, marking it with a number "2".  After pressing the return key a second time, the program began the encryption process.  When I returned the next morning, the encryption was done.  I saved the deciphering program and the file with the encrypted combinations on a floppy disk.  I put the disk in a storage case, and put it and the two locks in a small bag.  I brought the bag home and hid it away safely for a rainy day.

A couple of months passed before I got the house to myself for the weekend.  By then, I had forgotten both combinations.  I bought two combination locks to increase the likelihood that I would be unable to remember at least one of them.  My long term bondage scene would only require one lock.  I brought a solid steel tool box into the house, and placed as many cutting tools in it that I could find.  I planned on putting  my release keys in the tool box, and locking it with the combination lock.  I would have to wait until the computer gave up the deciphered combination before I could let myself out.

I started my bondage with a pair of nylons.  I has sewn a cloth on the crotch area and then sewn two large button holes. One hole was for my testicles to go through, and the other was for my penis.  The cloth was sewn on to prevent the nylon material from running and tearing.  The holes were just big enough.  I had to ease my testicles through the lower hole one at a time, and pull the scrotum material to allow my testicles to hang down outside the nylons.  The upper hole was just big enough to allow my penis through while not erect.  The material acted as a cock ring around the base of my penis, and maintained a firm erection. 

Next, I took a small chain and wrapped it around my testicles and locked in on with a small pad lock.  The chain hung between my legs and stopped about 5 inches off the ground.  I then took a second chain and locked it around both ankles with about one foot of chain in between.  I then locked the middle of the ankle chain to the end of the chain hanging from my testicles.  In order for them to reach, I had to bring my legs together about 6 inches, and pull the ankle chain up.  While standing, I couldn't spread my legs apart or take a step without pulling down on my testicles.

Next, I put on a chin harness that I devised myself.  It was a very simple design.  It consists of two chains linked together to form a "T" shape.  I used a removable link to connect the two, but I used pliers to tighten it down so that it was impossible for me to loosen by hand.  I start by wrapping the long end around my waist and locked it behind me.  The chain then descends down in between my ass cheeks, and the single strand of chain ends just before my testicles.  The two strands continue between my legs and come up to my waist in front of me.  The two strands pass on either side of my testicles and penis.  Both strands are pulled tightly and locked to my waist, one just to the left, and one just to the right.  I measured the chains so that enough of the two strands are left over to chain my wrists.  

But before I lock my hands, I want to make sure that I won't have access to my penis for the duration of the bondage.  Earlier, I built a cock cage out of a plastic PVC tube (the kind used for plumbing).  It is about 7 inches long, and one and a half inches in diameter.  At one end are two holes drilled.  I place two more removable chain links through the holes in the plastic tube, and place the tube over my penis with the links at the base.  I coated the inside of the tube with vasoline to prevent chaffing.  I connect the links to the strands of chain on either side of my genitals.  The chains are far enough apart to hold the tube firmly at the base of the penis.  Even when not erect, I couldn't remove the tube from my penis.  I then tightened the links with pliers so that I could not undo them by hand.

I was almost ready for the point of no return.  I pulled out one of the combination locks and the diskette I had hidden months earlier.  I started the deciphering program on my home computer, and it asked me which combination I wanted to decipher.  I looked at the back of the lock and found it to be lock number "1".  I entered a '1', and pressed enter.  The program began a count down from eight hours.  I went to the steel tool box and placed the pliers I used to tighten the chain links inside it.  I also placed inside the tool box the release keys of my chain bondage.  I closed the tool box, and placed the combination lock on the latch, and left it open.  I then chained both wrists to the chain harness on my waist.  I locked one wrist just to my left side, and then one wrist just to my right side.  With my bondage complete, and nothing left to do but close that final lock, I felt my penis become engorged inside its prison.  I took a deep breath and closed the combination lock.  I immediately tried to guess at the combination, however, the attempt was in vain.  I couldn't remember the combination from so long ago.

I walked carefully back to the computer and examined the countdown.  It was still in progress with about 7 hours and 50 minutes left to go.  While chained like this, I could still urinate, but not defecate.  I prepared for this by not eating any food since lunch the day before, and only started my bondage after I was certain that my bowels were empty.  I placed large juice containers in the kitchen with straws for me to drink during the day.  Eating would be difficult with no hands, and I didn't want to experience any cramps while bound for the day.  I guess you could say that I didn't want to be "bound", while I was "bound."

Needless to say, I was getting a little hungry by this point, but far too excited to notice.  I started my bound day by lying on the couch and watching a couple of porno videos I rented for this day.  The sexual tension was tremendous.  I pulled and tugged at my bondage and my penis was desperate for attention.  Every time I extended my legs, my testicles would by pulled by the chain locked around them.

I was really enjoying myself for the first couple of hours.  I especially liked the combined feeling of the chains and the nylons.  When very young, I used nylons as rope for binding myself.  Old nylons were kept around the house in a large sac of rags.  One day, after some mild self-bondage play, I put on a pair.  The "sheer" taboo of a male wearing nylons was exciting.  Plus, they felt nice and made it possible to apply very tight bondage without chaffing.  They also provide mild stimulation for my penis.  Wearing nylons became a standard part of my self-bondage activities primarily for the added excitement it brought.  Being caught bound was one thing, but being caught bound wearing nylons was quite another.  This raised the fear level of self-bondage one more notch.

After the porno movies were over, I really needed to cum.  I grabbed the tube and tried pumping it up and down.  It was on very tight, and wouldn't move.  I decided to go drink some juice.  As I got up, the weight of the chain pulled on my testicles.  They had become very sensitive from being bound, and from the lack of sexual relief.  The pain shot through me and I fell to my knees.  After catching my breath, I pulled myself up slowly and walk carefully to the kitchen.  Each step brought tremendous pain to my testicles.  I took a long drink of juice, and checked the clock on the wall.  I spent only about one and a half hours in bondage so far.  Porno movies are not that long these days.  I still had over six hours to go.

I drank more juice in an attempt to satisfy my hunger.  After not being able to drink any more, I went to my bed and lied down.  I closed my eyes and drifted off.  I never quite got to sleep since my chain bondage caused too much pain.  The chain was on very tightly around my waist, crotch, and thighs.  My testicles were screaming for release.  I tried to remain as still as possible to reduce the pain.  I hoped to fall asleep and pass the time more quickly.  I had no such luck.

The time passed very slowly.  At about the three-hour mark, I had to urinate badly.  I eased myself out of bed and inched my way to the bathroom.  I urinated through the tube and the relief felt good.  I went and got more juice, and made my way back to bed to lie down some more.  At this point, I was hungry, in pain, and really wanted an orgasm.

At the six-hour mark, I was starting to feel optimistic that the remainder of the time would pass faster.  I also started to worry.  If anything happened to the computer, I would have the start the program over again.  A power failure, or even a brown out, would destine me to eight more hours of this torture.  I made my way to the computer and felt relieved to see the count down still in progress.  I went and watched the porno films again while my stomach growled for food, and my penis ached for relief.  During the last fifteen minutes of the count down, I sat in front of the computer screen, waiting for the combination to appear.  When it finally arrived, I had to calm myself down.  I read the combination carefully, and repeated it to myself as I hobbled to the steel tool box.  My hands trembled as I turned the knob of the combination lock.  What if it didn't open?  Would I be able to get the tool-box open chained as I was?

As the lock opened, I breathed easier.  I carefully opened the box and retrieved the keys.  I undid my wrists, and stretched my arms out for the first time in eight hours.  I then undid the chain harness and very carefully pulled the plastic tube off my penis.  It was swollen at the base from the constant pressure.  I then unlocked my ankles, and then unlocked the chain from around my testicles.  I felt pain as the blood began to flow back to both my testicles and penis.  I walked back to the couch and played the pronos one more time and massaged my penis while wearing the nylons.  Eventually, I had my well deserved orgasm.  Despite my hunger, I was so exhausted from the experience, I fell asleep for two hours before getting up and finally getting something to eat.

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