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Condo Maintenance

by Graybeard

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© Copyright 2004 - Graybeard - Used by permission

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Like many parents I searched for any angle possible to lessen the burden of college for my children. One method that I have adopted is the purchase of a condo within walking distance of my daughter’s college of choice. The deal is for her to pay the mortgage payment by sub-letting rooms to other students. It’s worked well so far, and I should be able to pay off most of the tuition with what I make when I sell it after she graduates.

Part of the deal was that I would do most of the maintenance to keep expenses down, and of course she didn’t want Dad around when the roomies were there so I had to do it on holidays and semester breaks. This was fine with me because it got me away from home and out of town every once in a while even though fixing leaky toilets and broken appliances was pretty boring, at least until last time…….

Being a great organizer my daughter always e-mailed me a list of things that needed to be done so that I could bring the right tools and parts. One of the items on her list was that the fan in the upstairs hall bathroom would sometimes blow the circuit breaker for that corner of the house. The first thing that that went through my mind was the condo burning down so that was number one on my list. Reminding myself of Tim Taylor, I grabbed my ladder, donned my tool belt, and entered the front door announcing myself for all to hear. Receiving no answer deduced that I had the place to myself. 

First stop, upstairs bathroom, and of course it was dark because the circuit breaker was blown. After an hour of troubleshooting I found that the screws on the wall switch were loose and if it was hit just right the connection would break and blow the breaker, problem fixed. While climbing the stairs after resetting the breaker for the final time I heard a bump followed by a groan coming from the bedroom located next to the bathroom.  Wary of an intruder, and using my best James Bond technique, I tried the door only to find it locked. Not to be deterred I used the small screw driver from my trusty tool belt to unlock the door, and quickly entered.

As I entered, I was so shocked that I dropped my screw driver as well as my jaw. Before me stood a young woman, chained by her wrists to the ceiling. Now my wife and I have delved deeply onto the world of bondage, but have always been very careful to hide it from the kids, so between that fact and the build of the woman before me I knew it wasn’t my daughter. She had to be one of the room mates, and I couldn’t just leave her hanging. Could I?

She wore knee high boots with 3 inch heels, not stilettos mind you, but you can’t have everything can you. These were held apart by a three foot spreader bar made from a piece of dowel rod with eye bolts in the ends. Red nylon dog collars were buckled around her ankles and locked to the eye bolts. On her arms she wore elbow length spandex gloves with her wrists locked into place by a similar spreader as the lower one accept that this setup was heavier and had an eye bolt attached through it at the center of the dowel between the ends. The center eye bolt was tied to a rope that was fed through 2 eye bolts that were threaded into the ceiling and the wall down to the floor. The other end of the rope was tied to a ring. The ring protruded half way out of a box that I assumed was a release mechanism. The box was attached to the floor by yet another eye bolt.

At the young woman’s crotch was an industrial strength vibrator that was tied tightly with the handle down between her legs. Above the vibrator where the hair normally is there was a 3 inch high female red devil with a pitch fork. A corset would have been a nice touch but she didn’t need it anyway. Nor did she need a bra though she did have a small ring in her left nipple. Her head was covered by a leather hood that had a snap on blindfold and a snap on blowup gag attached. As I approached her the vibrator came alive and I heard the same groan that I had heard earlier, and about 30 seconds later it turned off. I traced the cord to a timer setup that contained 4 digital timers wired together. Evidently the timers worked in conjunction with each other to make the vibrator operate in a random pattern; I thought this was pretty cool. The release mechanism was also wired to the timers. The keys to the locks hung from a chain around her neck and were color coded to their individual lock.

For the few minutes that I had been standing there I could see here head turning and cocking attempting to hear what was going on. I took a closer look at the hood and noticed small bumps at the center of her ears suggesting that she was wearing ear plugs. Not knowing how else to approach it I asked her if she was alright. You would have thought I had hit her with a whip the way she recoiled and screamed into her gag. I let her bounce around for a while then grabbed a hold of the pump bulb of her gag and pulled her toward me. I let her stand there shivering with fear for a few seconds then told her that I was going to deflate her gag and for her to be quiet and then asked if she understood. She said uhhh huhhh and nodded so I loosened the knob on the bulb, deflated the gag, and removed it from the hood. 

She said pl... and I put my finger to her lips. 

I told her to speak quietly and she said “please don’t hurt me”. I told her that if I were going to hurt her I would have left the gag on and asked if she had done this to herself. 

She said “yes” and I said yes what? She actually said yes master. Wow what a true submissive want-to-be. I asked her if she built this setup.

She said “yes master”. Right then the vibrator came back on and she moaned very loudly “ohh god”. 

I needed some answers so I reached over and unplugged the damn thing. I thought she was going to cry, and she said “master please let me cum”. 

I asked her how long she had been here and she told me that she had begun her session at 11:00 pm Friday night. I looked at my watch and saw that it was 1:00 pm Saturday. I immediately took out my knife, cut the rope and gently lowered her to the ground. Without removing her bonds, I slowly moved her arms to her side and felt her fingers. They were cold but she could move them freely. I put the gag back in without attaching it to the hood, closed the valve, and pumped the bulb twice. I unplugged the vibrator from the timer, plugged it into the wall and stood back to watch. What the heck I figured that I had earned it.

After 12 minutes 34 seconds (yes I timed it) she reached down and turned off the washing machine that was tied to her crotch. I helped her unlock the locks and remove the cuffs then left closing the door behind me and went down stairs. 

I was working on a sticky latch on the back door when she came down stairs. I had picked a job away from the front door so that she could leave without having to see me so I was very surprised when she came into the kitchen, went to the fridge and got us both a beer. 

She pulled up a chair, handed me a beer and clinked her bottle to mine and said “thanks I’m Stacy, that was intense”. She was small maybe five foot 6 and 100 pounds. She had really deep green eyes and a black Mohawk to go with her black makeup. I counted six piercing in both ears and two in her nose. She had on a black tee shirt, black jeans, 4 inch platform heels and a studded collar and wrist set. 

I looked at her with my best poker face and said “You know, if you’re going to do that you should make your system more fail safe”.

She said “I understand that you’re great with mechanical stuff; maybe you could help me with that”.

I told her that I would be happy to and wrote down my e-mail address.

She finished her beer and I finished mine (not to be outdone by a girl) she took the bottles to the trash and said “it was nice to finally meet you”.

I said “me too; I’ll try not to surprise you next time”. (trying to sound superior)

She said “oh I wasn’t surprised. Who do you think loosened the screws on the switch, see you next time” and she left.

As she walked out the door I dropped my screw driver again.


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