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by Mikel

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Storycodes: Sbf; latex; corset; chairtie; straps; boots; gag; collar; nipple; toys; machine; insert; tease; torment; electro; fantasy; climax; cons; X

She doesn’t know how she got in the position she’s in now. She watches herself in the large mirror struggling, her beautiful eyes, the eyes everyone wants to get lost in, darting around the darkened room searching for the person who has placed her in this strange situation. She is only able to catch glimpses of that someone in the large mirror across from her. She is wondering why, she desperately wants to know how long she has been here and when she will be freed. Again she sees something moving but only notices it from the corner of her swiveling eyes and when she looks back the person she thought she saw is gone and only her image remains in the mirror. Incapable of making any sounds no matter how hard she tries she listens to her desperate gasps and the creaking of the rubber encasing her, and the leather restraining her to the strange chair.

It’s not really a chair it is some heavy pieces of steel that have been welded together to form a frame. The frame’s leather straps keep her pinned to it essentially keeping her beautiful body, the body that everyone wants, almost floating in a strange seated position. As the increasing pain engulfs her again she convulses, the incredibly tight corset forcing her chest to heave as she gasps for air. The corset like all her implements of torture tonight is well used and made from extremely thick leather. The leather has hardened from the many times of being soaked with sweat and left untreated when it was put away. The leather is discolored and worn by the many struggles for freedom it has participated in but still serves the purpose perfectly, a purpose she knows nothing about and can’t understand.

Her feet are strapped tightly to the legs of the frame, the leather boots keeping her feet in the uncomfortable position has been laced tightly onto her feet and look as worn as the corset. She flexes her ankles feeling she cannot move them even if they weren’t held to the frame firmly by the wide leather straps. The straps are many, she can feel there are at least three between her ankles and her knees each digging deeply into her beautiful legs, Legs that everyone wants, some want to have them wrapped around them others just want them for their own. The straps continue up her legs with even more between her knees and filled pussy, a pussy many want to touch but none have ever had the chance.

She feels something moving on her skin but cannot look down, the thick hard leather of the half hood/posture collar keeps her head perfectly immobilized. Her neck, the neck everyone wants to kiss, is squeezed tightly, all most to the point of strangulation. The hard leather hood rises up to just below her nose and ears’ keeping in whatever the large strangely shaped plug is that fills her mouth and is forced partially down her throat in place, the mouth that everyone wants to kiss will remain hidden behind the thick leather until she is freed.

She feels something moving again down her back in between the multiple straps compressing her so tightly to the frame, a strange tickling sensation. Her eyes dart to her left almost catching sight of whoever it is that’s put her here. Tugging desperately at the leather straps that run from her shoulders to her wrists she finds she still cannot move them even a fraction of an inch. She catches a glimpse of the strange creature in front of her noticing how its skin is such a strange color contrasting with the bare breasts that bulge vulgarly from her chest as another tickling sensation seems to run from her knee down to her calf.

How long have I been here she wonders as the pulses emanating from all over her body finally ease letting her body relax in the tight leather. She is exhausted from her struggles and cannot remember how she got here and can only sit and wonder about how long she will be kept here. As she relaxes she can feel the objects that fill her pussy and ass, she wonders if this is what sex feels like and tightens both around the inert phalluses that fill her. Her large breasts, the breasts everyone wants to fondle, heave over the top of the firm corset, each shallow breath brings jolts of pain from whatever it is pinching her erect nipples. The pain is strangely familiar to her, and she finds it arousing to her as she squeezes the phalluses again.

For hours the latex clad being sits helplessly, hovering above the ground as the feelings of desire slowly build, changing from fear and confusion to ones of deep seeded desire to feel its body betray its mind and climax from the torture. Even as the electrical impulses shoot through her body making it convulse with pain her arousal grows. The tickling sensations increase making her desperately try to get them to stop in between each of the sessions with the electricity and the frustration of not being able to help herself forcing her oncoming orgasm to grow. When the phalluses buried deep inside her start to hum pleasantly she can feel her body betray her even more and she starts to moan and grunt. The boxes below her trapped body start to make noise before the phalluses begin to move in and out of her.

The steady pumping and vibrations making her gasp for air pulling the chain to the clamps tighter, the thin chain had been attached to the lowest strap around her crushed waist making each desperate gasp for air tug on the chain and her tender buds pinched so tightly between the fine teeth of the clamps. She can feel the orgasm building and starts to struggle harder, her mind telling her she is sick for enjoying being raped by the machines. The electrical impulses start again and quickly bring her to a heaving mass of rubber and leather gasping for air as its body’s desire for pleasure over takes her and she climaxes hard.

Her body is rigid, no longer from the straps but because the climax has made it tense so hard that she can do nothing but strain against the leather, now thankful the straps are holding her in place because surely without them she would have exploded through the ceiling. The orgasm goes on for what feels like hours, she can no longer catch her breath and sits gasping, a slight whine that started out as a feral scream can barely be heard in the darkened room as her mind slips into darkness.

Waking with a start she scans the room with her eyes, panting as the memories return and she calm’s her breathing. Pulling at the leather straps and squeezing her pussy and ass she can feel the phalluses have been removed. Her body still tingles from the electricity and the pain from her nipples has eased to a dull ache. Hearing the clicking from high heels she scans the room and sees nothing but suddenly feels her breasts being massaged and moans loudly as she starts to enjoy it then squealing as the clamps are removed. Just as quick the hands on her breasts are gone and she can feel the straps around her arms are also missing. She feels around her torso finding the buckles at the end of the straps pressing her to the chair. Pushing one of the buttons she feels the pressure snap loose as the seat belt style buckle releases.

Before releasing any of the others she hears an eerie laugh behind her head then feels the box being pushed under her thoroughly strapped ass and legs. Instinctively she begins pushing the buttons and feels her body start to drop onto the “box” that had been placed under her. As she gropes for the buckles to free herself her body settles on the box until finally she has released all the buckles except the ones around her lower legs. Hearing the laugh again they are quickly followed by the clicking of high heels and she can feel her body being lifted until she is standing on her pointed toes. With her spread legs still strapped to the chair she begins to moan as fingers slip into her pussy and begin massaging it as the other hand slowly pulls the string of beads seated deep in her ass making her moan louder.

She watches her body wiggle and shiver as another orgasm washes over her leaving her panting around the gag still strapped into her mouth. After the orgasm she twists and turns looking for her mistress but sees no one through the darkness. Her legs can no longer support her so she sinks back onto the box and leans forward to release her strapped legs. Sitting back up she sees her mistress behind her, the light only allowing her to see the tiny waist crushed tightly under a shiny black corset and the black latex running down to her skyscraper heels. She desperately tries to see her face but can never quite get the light just right and finally sits back and lets her massage her breasts and pussy one more time.

Opening her eyes she groans as she knows she must leave this room and re-enter her vanilla world. She will have to struggle to walk in the toe boots to get the keys to the collar/hood. She did not want it to be over but was satisfied knowing she can sleep still in the corset and latex encasing her body until she had to get up in the morning. Reaching the door she slowly turns her body to scan the darkened room seeing only the strange chair and large mirror in an other wise empty room. She wonders why she has to have this room and is not able to have a “normal” relationship having never found anyone that she is truly comfortable with and wanted to share her body with other than her dark mistress.

She knew she would be craving the next time her “mistress” would allow her to be tormented again hoping she would be teased for a much longer period of time before she was allowed to climax. She thinks about setting all the timers for at least two more hours before the motors reversed and freed her arms. Leaving the room she locks the door and staggers to her bed still encased in the thick rubber catsuit, corset and hood, gently rubbing her swaying breasts forgetting the keys to the hood for now, still relishing the tension being imposed on her body and the small trickles of sweat still tickling her as they move under her rubber skin.

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