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Connie’s Gift

by Torquemaster

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© Copyright 2007 - Torquemaster - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; rope; cuffs; gag; M/f; cons; X

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Connie had been married twice before. Once, she married for young love, and the second time for security. Both marriages brought neither. Both husbands lacked the same basic skill that Connie was negligent in herself, communication. She was too shy and embarrassed to explain to each poor, suffering man that the reason their sex life was so boring was because she wanted something more. She wanted to be dominated, and controlled. She wanted to be bound so her real inhibitions could be set free. But that never happened. Both men felt their love problems were their own faults. Both men were good men, but both men left the marriage guilt riddled, feeling that they had failed her.

When Connie met Robert, she sensed a power in him that could control her the way she wanted, and bring the thrill to her body that she longed for. But Connie still lacked the knowledge of words or the verbal skills to explain all this to him. This time she promised herself to muster the courage and the determination to not let this relationship fail. It took all the courage she could well up from within herself to deliver that message to him. She chose to communicate her desires to him in the most effective way she could, gagged.

One Sunday afternoon at Connie’s house, Robert was relaxing in front of the TV, watching a football game. His attention was becoming focused on the tube, not on Connie sitting on the couch next to him. She wanted to be romantic, but Robert was not taking the usual hints. She kissed his neck, licked his ear and put her hand on this thigh. Robert kissed her softly on the forehead and said “Later, dear.” This sent Connie into the next room, determined to deliver her message loud and clear.

In the next room, she pulled a small box out from under her bed. She had long since given up on Robert finding this box. What would he have thought if he had known he had been sleeping over a pair of handcuffs, a leather collar, fifty feet of white cotton rope, a gag and a pair of homemade nipple clamps? Connie emptied the box on the bed and slowly began to remove her clothes. Her mind wandered as she took them off.

“Do you really want to do this?” She said to herself. “This is a big step. No recovery from this one?”

Now naked, she looked down at all of her equipment. “Everything I need but one” she said. Then she took a piece of paper, carefully wrote a note in large print and then taped something to the page. She then took the leather collar and wrapped it around her neck. She tested it. “A little Slack” she said to herself. She then tightened it one, then two notches. Then she picked up a very large padlock. She turned it over and looked at it. “Master” it said on the side, how appropriate she thought. Then she picked up a short piece of chain and attached it to the padlock. Reaching behind her neck she looped the padlock thru the hasp on the collar. She took a deep breath. This was the point of no return.

She had never been this far before. Connie had tried self bondage before. Simple stuff, handcuffs, and she had even worn the collar before. She had tried to get off wearing them, they did excite her. But she needed more, much more. In her mild attempts at self bondage before she had always been able to free herself so she never lost control. This time would be different, very different.

As Connie reached behind her she felt the cool caress of the chain as it dragged up her back and pulled gently up between her ass cheeks. A shiver ran down her spine. Her nipples began to harden. With her free hand she squeezed one and then her hand went to her pussy now getting moist with anticipation. Her gaze rose and she saw herself in the mirror. Connie had a very beautiful body. Time and Mother Nature had been kind to her. Her breasts were full and stood out proudly. Her waist was narrow and smooth. Her creamy white hips flared out to full smooth thighs that any man would love to be lost within. Her fingers followed her deep tan line to her pussy, shaven and smooth for this “Special” occasion.

Recovering from her trance she squeezed the padlock closed. The loud “Click” startled her. The sound seemed to echo off the walls. For a moment she was afraid that Robert in the next room would have heard it and come in to investigate. Her eyes stared at the bedroom doorway. She was frozen in her tracks. But Robert never came. Then she picked up a second length of chain and padlocked it to the large ring on the front of the collar making a 3-ft. chain leash.

The next step was the rope. Hours of study on the internet had taught her how to tie knots and place them where a woman wants them the most. She unwound the coil of fresh white cotton rope. Just like the website had taught her. She had even printed out some illustrations which she pulled from the box and laid out on the bed. First she cut the rope in 3 lengths per the diagrams, doubled each and starting between her tits, looped the first one around her chest several times both above and below her swelling breasts already beginning to be squeezed by the gentle hug of the ropes. Then after pulling the end thru the loop between her tits she ran the rope over her shoulder and around the rope on her back returning to the front and tightly cinching the upper and lower chest ropes together with a final knot in the front. This has a luscious effect of squeezing her tits together and engorging them with blood. She ran her hands over and around them relishing in the feeling. Her tits now tingled with every touch and they stood out begging for more.

Now her attention turned to her waist. She wrapped the rope similarly around her slender midsection several times and then passing it thru the loop in back then pulled the rope between her thighs and up to the front rope. The twin ropes now hung loosely barely touching her pussy and asshole. She paused for a moment, looked at the diagram on the bed and then began tying knots 4 in the front lead of the rope strategically placed where they would contact her already pink and swollen pussy. Finished with that task she then passed the rope under the front waist rope. Pulling the rope slowly it pressed deeper and deeper into her pussy lips and ass until it nearly disappeared. Then with one final tug which made her jump up on her toes she pulled the crotch rope home and tied it off. Now her blood was racing. Her breathing quickened. The feeling in her pussy was exhilarating. This was fantastic she thought, why did she wait so long to do this? Again she looked in the mirror. Her hands went to her nipples and pussy. Her fingers instinctively went inside her. She wanted to get behind the rope but there was no slack. It held her pussy prisoner, it owned her now and it would have its pleasure with her.

Now she really had to focus and gain control of herself. She closed her eyes and concentrated. “You can do this,” she mumbled to herself.

She had to move on to the next step. That was an ankle hobble. She worked more quickly now gathering the last piece of rope and swiftly bent over to bind her ankles. That was when the pain shot through her. The sudden move sank the crotch rope even deeper into her pussy. Suddenly it was so tight that she felt like she was being split in two. She gasped for air. Her eyes saw stars and her head drifted, she fell back onto the bed.

“Wow”, she said to herself, “I’ve got to take this more carefully”.

After pausing for a few moments to catch her breath she sat up on the bed and slowly bent over to continue with the hobble. Again carefully following her diagrams she looped rope around her ankles, now spread about 16 inches apart. She then wrapped the rope in between the ankles making a solid bar between them. Finished with that she stood up and took a few steps to test the bar. Her thoughts went immediately from the bar to her pussy as the steps once again lit it on fire from the rubbing of the crotch rope which now enslaved it. Once again her hands went to its rescue but failed to penetrate past its immovable master.

The next step was the nipple clamps. Each was a mechanical clamp she had found and purchased on the internet called a Clover Clamp. They did not come with a connecting chain. She had decided to connect them with a 1 ft. piece of chain, actually an old necklace. She studied them carefully. Opening and closing each in turn. She was proud of her workmanship. The necklace was a very fine chain having 3 strands running between the clamps. If it were not for the evil purpose of the clamps this could have been mistaken for an elegant piece of jewelry. Connie knew all too well the evil and yet erotic bite of the clamps.

She carefully opened the jaws of the first one and placed it over her left nipple and slowly released it. The pressure on her already hard nipple sent a shock wave through her chest. She had done this before when she was alone. This time would be different though. This time, the nipples were hard with anticipation. This time she would not be able to take them off. This time she would be at their mercy and under their control. She then placed the other clamp on her right nipple. Once closed she screwed her eyes tightly shut. She knew well the intense pain would turn to a dull ache in a few moments. She knew her limits and knew she could manage it. She had tried them for what 5, 10, 15 minutes before? How long would she have to bear them this time though?

She wrapped her fingers around the chain and slowly pulled. Her tender nipples stretched to their limits but the unforgiving grip on the clover clamps did not yield. She knew from experience that they gripped even tighter when pressure was applied to the chain. A moan escaped from her quivering lips and a smile grew on her face. Yes, this is the level of pain she longed for. After a long moment she relaxed her grip and pressure on the chain. The clamps sagged and her nipples now bright red and filled with blood settled in for the long haul. She was ready. She reached down, took the note from the bed and taped the note to the chain connecting her nipples.

Next came the gag. This was a red rubber ball through which she had poked a hole and threaded a piece of rope. She eyed the ball for a moment. This was something she had not tried before. This was an essential part of her plan because it removed her last chance to change her mind. She could not cry out for mercy once it was imbedded deep within her mouth. Connie licked her lips and opened her mouth wide. She placed the ball against her teeth and found she needed to open even wider. She pulled on the rope and the ball popped behind her teeth. Suddenly it occurred to her that the rope was almost window dressing. She wasn’t sure she could get the ball out of her mouth without help. She tried making a few gurgling sounds and found the ball very effective. ‘Well no time to waste now’she thought as she reached behind her head and tried the rope tightly.

The last step was the handcuffs. She picked them up from the bed. She was familiar with these having worn them in private, both in front and behind her back before. But this was different, very different. She closed one on her left wrist in front of her face, making sure it was inescapable, but not too tight. Next she picked up a third padlock and looped it thru the center link of the handcuff. Then, placing both hands behind her back, she reached up high on her back tracing the links on the chain dangling there until she began to feel strain in her shoulders. At that point she hung the padlock on that link in the chain and squeezed it closed with a resounding “Click”. A few moments ago that sound had sent shockwaves through her body. Now her body was so overloaded with sensations coming from the crotch rope in her pussy, and the clover clamps on her nipples to the ballgag in her mouth that she hardly noticed the sound. Finally she closed the ratchet on the handcuff on her right wrist running it home to the last stop, erasing any slack, any chance of movement and any chance of turning back.

Robert was glued to the TV set. The Cowboys were trailing the Bengal’s by two points with 32 seconds left when suddenly; two thighs, which leapt in front of him, blocked his view.

“What the fu__!” he started to say, until he leaned back to take in the full view of what stood before him.

It was the most beautiful creature he had ever beheld. With her arms locked behind, her breasts stood out high and firm. With her nipples squeezed and hard, they looked ever so inviting. With her pussy pierced by the crotch rope her lips were swollen and begging for his touch. For the first time in the six months that they had been dating, he noticed the softness of her shoulders, the gentle curve of her waist, and the roundness of her hips. Every detail came to life, and he truly took in her entire body and loved it all. His gaze seemed to take an eternity. Never in his life had he looked so deeply into a woman as this. Never in their time together had he wanted her more, needed her more or loved her more. He stood before her not knowing where to begin, what to touch, what to say. Then he stared in her eyes. They said all he needed to hear. He reached out and touched the tip of her ballgag. She moaned and took a deep breath. A line of drool ran out of her mouth. His eyes followed it down to where it was dripping on the note hanging from her nipple chain.

The note had a simple verse and to it the handcuff key was taped. A tear ran down Roberts’s cheek as he read it.

“If you love me, please have your way with me. I give myself to you as your love slave. If you cannot accept me as I am, then you are free to leave. If you stay, I ask only that you turn off the TV and be in no hurry to use this key.”

Robert used a lot of things that day that were new to him. He used all Connie’s homemade equipment. He found and used her box of toys. He used her body in ways he had never known a woman could pleasure a man. He did not use the key until the long hours of the evening. Connie found pleasure she had never known she could experience. She found there was a fine line between pleasure and pain. She found what she had been searching for since she was a young girl, many, many years ago. Such time wasted. Such pleasure lost. Such memories never given life.


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