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by Mikel

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Storycodes: Solo-F; corsets; restriction; discovery; harness; gag; F/f; ghost; bond; punish; denial; chast; mast; climax; cons/reluct; X

Lori had been fascinated by corsets since she was a little girl and her great grandmother had laced her into her “training” corset from when she had been small. Lori had loved the tight compression and the feeling of being continuously hugged and for some reason even had feelings in her “special place” arising from the restrictions the corset put on her. Her great grandma would lace her tightly each time she visited and Lori would beg to spend her summers with her.

As she grew older she would be laced into tighter and more constricting corsets eventually wearing a long Victorian over bust for the entire three months she stayed. He mother didn’t understand but never stopped her from wearing them when grandma started sending the home with her. By the time Lori was seventeen she was wearing corsets twenty four seven and keeping her waist incredibly narrow.

All during high school Lori wore the corsets she had gotten and even though she was teased by the other girls the boys seemed to flock to her pretty face and perfect figure. Grandma had provided her with a full range on corsets and Lori could lace herself very effectively and kept her waist at around fourteen inches. When Lori was twenty and still in college her great grandma passed and she went to her house for the funeral and stayed for several days afterwards to get her affairs in order.

Once the family had left Lori read the papers that had been left by grandma’s attorney and found she had left everything to Lori. Lori was shocked not expecting anything and after talking with her mom and other family members found they had all known about it and had thought Lori had been told. Lori spent a few weeks at grandma’s house sorting items for family and found a huge collection of corsets and period correct clothes in grandma’s large closets.

Lori spent days sorting the clothes trying on different dresses and corsets as she found them. Her great grandmother had lived through several eras and the clothes she had kept amazed Lori. Lori was currently wearing a long corset under several layers of heavy fabric. The outfit had been hanging together when she had found it and Lori new she had to try it on. The corset was longer than any she had worn before with wide straps running over her shoulders.

Lori laced the corset until she was gasping only to find there was over two inches left open in the back. Lori tried the first layer and found it wouldn’t fit so she continued to work the laces tighter until she finally had it closed. Lori was gasping under the tight corset as she adjusted the shoulder straps forcing her into perfect posture and keeping her crushed down into the corset. Dressing was difficult but Lori managed to get into the layers of under clothes before pulling the tight skirt up her silk covered legs.

The button up shoes fit her tight but she managed to close them and was surprised how tall the flared heels were as she stumbled around the room. Now fully dressed Lori realized just how tight the skirt and top was, the skirt pulled snugly across her thighs but it was the narrow hem around her ankles that kept her attention as she took her limited steps around the room. The top was made of thick heavy material and covered her completely from wrists to her chin. Lori struggled to close the top having to reach behind her to close the buttons.

Lori stood bolt straight in the tight clothes, the collar of the dress made it difficult to turn her head or look down so she stood in front of one of the large mirrors and admired how thin and proper she looked. Lori spent the entire day sorting and cleaning in the tight dress. Having to stop many times and catch her breath but as she wore it longer she got used to it and was able to move almost normally. Working until late at night Lori lay back on her grandmother’s bed and quickly fell asleep still wearing the outfit she was growing to love.

All night she had dreams of her great grandmother, each one seemed more real and when she awoke she could swear her grandmother had been in the room with her. Lori shimmied out of the layers she had been wearing but kept the corset on. She had been thinking about removing it but when she ran her hands across the tight smooth silk she decided to keep it and the stockings on.

For the next two days Lori wore the corset under several outfits each seemed more restrictive than the other. Each night she would have more dreams of her grandmother each seeming more real. Reaching the back of the closet Lori found several outfits packaged together. Laying them out she noticed each had corsets even more severe than the one she had been wearing and each would limit her movements even more. The materials were much thicker with metal stays in the collars and even in the arms of the dresses.

Each dress would have to be laced up from the thighs to the collar with flaps that would cover the laces that had to be buttoned. Lori could feel her desire to wear the dresses surge inside her and quickly stripped off her current clothes. After showering and shaving completely she raised the first corset up to her chest. This corset was much heavier and instead of laces it had straps that would enclose her entire upper body and ran down to mid thigh. Lori smiled as she looked forward to feeling its crushing power over her and wondered how grandma ever sat down in it.

Lori wrestled with the corset straps for over an hour before she stood gasping and staring at herself in the large mirror amazed and how the corset had given her body a new shape. Lori found she could sit in the long corset but it wasn’t easy and she couldn’t stay seated for long. Lori had pulled the short stockings up finding they too were much thicker and even felt a bit restrictive also. The shoes had about four inch heels with narrow tips looking much more modern than she would have thought for the era but once she strapped them on she found them to be harder to stand in than her favorite six inch heels she wore regularly.

Lori stepped into the dress gasping each time she needed to bend even slightly and pulled it up to her waist. Struggling with the laces she figured out how to get them tight and soon had the dress laced perfectly up to her chest and managed to button the back. Now Lori faced the big challenge she knew once she stuffed her arms into the tight sleeves she would not be able to reach the back. Lori backed up to the small hooks embedded in the wall and attached the laces to them. The stiff material of the dress stood out in front of Lori begging her to finish so Lori stuffed her hands into the sleeves.

Lori struggled to force her hands through the tight cuffs but they finally popped out the ends. Lori could feel how much the stays in the sleeves inhibited her movement right away. Lori began pulling on the laces, each small step pulled the dress tighter around her forcing her arms downwards and her head up. Lori worked for another hour before closing the back and then had to struggle to reach back and try to tie them off. Lori could only force her hands behind her a few inches nowhere near close enough to be able to tie the laces. She stood struggling with the dress finally turning and tying the laces in front.

Lori was irritated that she would not be able to close the dress properly but stared at her reflection stunned by the image she saw in the mirror. Her waist was extremely narrow, the tight shiny material pulled taunt across her chest and thighs only being broken by the laces she had pulled in front. The tension from the corset and dress was high around her thighs keeping them pressed together only loosening slightly as the material dropped to her ankles.

The skirt looked full and had a train from the back but it was actually very tight and like the rest of the outfit was designed to limit the movements of the wearer. The collar was almost as firm as her posture collar limiting her head movements and the wire stays in the arms along with the tight thick material made any movement difficult. Lori shuffled in the extremely tight shoes around the room each breath taking more effort forcing her to stop and finally to lie back on the bed. Lori was exhausted from fighting the dress and for air and quickly fell asleep.

While Lori slept she had more vivid dreams of her grandmother, they were both attending a big gala and Lori was being chastised by her grandmother about her sloppy dress. She felt her corset being tightened then her dress being closed forcing her arms tighter to her sides. When the collar tightened she reached up to tug at the tight collar only to have her arms forced back down by the dress. Her grandmother explained that the reason she was forced to wear the dress was because of her rebellious attitude and would continue to wear dresses like it until she could show her lady like abilities.

Lori stood gasping as she was told to follow her grandmother and to keep up. Lori struggled to walk in the tight dress feeling like she was going to pass out as she walked moving her feet quickly. The two attended the gala, while all the other girls danced and smiled Lori could only stand rigidly gasping as she tried to catch her breath. When her feet started hurting she eased to a chair and sat down but the added restriction from the tight corset only allowed her to sit for a few minutes before she had to stand again.

Lori awoke suddenly when in her dream she started to pass out and tried to sit up in the bed. Lori struggled to squirm to the side of the bed and forced herself to a sitting position. Lori sat panting then tried to find the laces she had tied in front desperately wanting to free herself of the tight dress and corset. Lori’s hands flailed around in front of her bodice but could not locate the laces. Lori winced as she stood on her sore cramped feet and inched her way to the mirror.

Once she could see herself she looked for the laces and couldn’t find them she continued to rub her dress still unable to feel the laces. Lori was searching for the laces when out of the corner of her eye she saw herself in the other mirror and gasped when she saw that the back on the dress was fully closed and the cover buttoned all the way up.

Lori twisted herself to be able to see her back completely and still couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Instinctively she tried to reach behind her but the tight sleeves stopped her well short of being able to even touch the buttons. Lori slowly looked around the room as she wondered who had laced and buttoned her up. Lori walked with tiny steps around the room looking everywhere anyone might be able to hide.

Lori continued her search moving from room to room gasping and grunting as she struggled to walk. Lori was in the kitchen when she had to sit and dropped herself into a chair grunting as the air was forced out of her lungs. Lori sat gasping for a few moments before standing and cursing herself for getting into this mess. Lori wandered around the house desperately trying to find something she could use to cut herself out of the dress. After looking for two hours Lori gave up, most of the furnishings and all the flatware as well as cooking utensils had been removed by relatives.

Even the sewing room had been emptied leaving her no option but to call someone for help. Looking for her purse with her phone in it Lori knew her roommate Sarah was going to love this. She had been seeing Sarah for a few months before they choose to become roommates. Sarah loved lacing Lori tightly and enjoyed binding Lori in all kinds of compromising positions and now Lori was going to ask her to drive two hours to rescue her from the tight dress.

 Lori searched for her purse shuffling from room to room learning how to walk in the tight dress and corset and was even starting to get aroused from the idea of being trapped in the restricting clothes. Unable to find her purse Lori was getting desperate, her ribs were hurting as were her feet and she really needed to be rid of the frustrating outfit. Lori assumed she had inadvertently packed her purse away in one of the boxes and cursed herself again knowing she would have to search everyone removing what she had just packed away.

Lori was still searching the boxes as the sun set, she was kneeling and panting as she strained to reach the bottom of each box. As she unpacked she realized she now owned the house so there was no reason to move the boxes out. Lori began putting the clothes back into the closet and after a few hours Lori had everything back in the large closet. As she was hanging the last outfits up she found a cubby hole and hanging in it was more corsets including one that made her gasp.

Lori took the corset off the rod noticing immediately how heavy it was. Opening the plastic it was under she studied it looking at the heavy construction and how the layers were laced independently. It looked like it was made of thick canvas and would cover the wearer from her chin to her ankles. The cross sections laced independently from the main laces meaning not only could it be laced mercilessly tight the cross sections could be made to put even more pressure on the poor soul trapped in it.

Lori carried it out to the bed room and pulled it out of its plastic and found two tubes of the same material with four long straps running from each. She looked at them carefully then found two more pieces that looked like legs braces. Studying them further she realized they would hold the wearers feet rigidly in the en-point position. Lori was starting to feel the efforts of being forced to wear and move in the tight dress and moved her newest find to the side and lay back and quickly fell asleep again.

Lori dreamed of her grandmother again, they had left the party and she was being led upstairs while her grandmother explained why she was being treated this way. Lori didn’t understand, she had done nothing all night just stood a watched but that was part of the problem she had been expected to interact with the other guests and now her grandfather was embarrassed. Lori pleaded not to be punished more but her grandmother ignored her pleas as she unlaced the dress only saying it’s for your own good.

 Lori awoke with a start, almost jumping out of bed. She sat gasping looking around the darkened room for whom ever it was that shook the bed. Finding no one she lay back and realized she could breathe much easier. Forcing herself to get up she turned on the light and looked in the mirror and found she had been unlaced. The dress was open in the back so she quickly pulled her arms out of the tight sleeves. In a few minutes she was standing in only the corset rubbing her neck and wrists.

Lori was still sleepy but wrestled with the corset lacing until she could finally slip her body out of it. Lori lay back stretching and stroking her body feeling the deep indentions the corset had left in her skin enjoying her freedom. Lori jumped up and ran to the kitchen and ate a small meal and drank several of her bottles of water before running herself a hot bath and sliding into the steaming water. Lori let the hot water ease her aches as she slipped in and out of sleep dreaming about the new corset she had found.

Waking in cold water Lori stepped out shivering and dried herself as she dashed to the large bed and slid in under the heavy covers and quickly fell asleep again. This time she dreamt of her grandmother lacing her tightly into the corset she had found. Her grandmother told her it was a punishment corset that she herself had slept in many times when she was her age. Lori watched her body be swallowed up by the thick material and could feel the corset crush her entire body as her grandmother continued to lace it.

Once Lori was laced firmly her grandmother laced the tubes she had found onto her arms. The tubes covered her arms from above elbows to the palms of her hands and once laced tight she could not bend her wrists at all. As soon as Lori’s arms were encased her grandmother took the straps from the arm coverings and fed them through the d-rings embedded in the sides of the corset and pulled her arms tightly to her sides.

Lori was gasping for air and completely unable to look down from the stiff collar holding her head rigidly straight and could only feel her grandmother push her slightly. Lori squealed as she fell backwards on the large bed only realizing then that she couldn’t move her feet or ankles and that she had already had the foot trainers strapped on. Lori lay gasping and whining as her grandmother moved her rigid body into the center of the bed.

Lori struggled with all her might but couldn’t move at all and quickly had to stop to catch her breath. Lori lay whining watching her grandmother with her eyes clean up the clothes she had been wearing and listened to her talk. “You must learn to do as you are told.” Her grandmother continued, “I spent many nights and days kept breathless and struggling until I learned my place” Lori couldn’t believe what she was hearing as her grandmother kept shaking her head as she explained that her grandfather didn’t have the patience he once had and won’t stand for anymore of this foolishness.

Lori was whining and begging to be set free and was told if she didn’t settle down that she would have to wear the head gear that went with the corset. Lori was interested in what she meant but was too scared to find out so she quieted and soon had fallen asleep. Lori woke from the bright sun steaming in the window, she was confused unsure if she was still dreaming or not but feeling her naked body she knew she was awake and that it had all been a dream.

Lori was warm and comfortable under the heavy covers and slept most of the day waking very hungry. Rising she spotted the long corset from the outfit she had been wearing and stepped into it and quickly laced in very snug around her body. Lori left the lower part over her thighs loose and slipped her own high heels on and went to the kitchen. Lori was enjoying the feeling of cool air rushing in the open back of the corset as she moved thinking how exciting it was to be walking around in the corset with her ass visible through the laces.

After eating breakfast she sat thinking about the “head gear” her grandmother had mentioned in her dream and decided to look for it. “There are plenty of places I haven’t looked in yet.” she said to herself as she strolled to the room. Lori adjusted the corset a little tighter before starting her investigation into the drawers and boxes in the closet. Lori searched the drawers finding lots of silk stockings and long gloves, stopping to slide a pair of fine leather gloves up to her arm pits before dragging several boxes down. Lori found many hats of different eras and continued to pull boxes down and go through them before putting them back.

Around lunch time Lori was hungry again, stopping to look at her figure she tightened the corset again closing the back all the way down to her knees. Lori was very aroused as she fixed her lunch thinking about the “punishment” corset still lying on the bed. Sitting was not comfortable so she stood and ate her lunch and returned to the closet. Three boxes later she found a strange “hat”, sitting on the bed to study it Lori hadn’t even noticed she could now sit without gasping. After trying it on different ways she thought she had it figured out and went to the mirror and started buckling it on.

The hat had so many straps and buckles it took Lori an hour to get them all routed correctly and buckled loosely on her head. Lori stood looking at the straps trying to figure out what they would do then instinctively she started pulling each tight then going back over and pulling them a few notches tighter. Once she was done she was looking at her face and head with a multitude of straps encircling it and noticed small catches on each buckle, Lori grunted and pushed on each hearing a slight click. Lori quickly figured out it was designed to keep the wearers mouth shut. No matter how hard she tried she couldn’t open her mouth at all.

Lori was really excited now, her pussy was dripping when she realized it was an intricate gag but with nothing in her mouth. She tried for several minutes to say something and even scream but nothing was allowed past her lips. The design made it very comfortable and she could see how someone could actually sleep in it if they had been forced to.

She played with the gag for a long time as she walked around the house in her tall high heels getting more aroused. Lori stood over the long corset, the word “punishment” was ringing in her ears. Lori knew she could lace herself up in it since her arms would not be restrained like in the dress but she was still worried that what she had experienced in the dress had not been a dream. Lori continued cleaning the closet investigating all the boxes and remaining drawers until late in the evening. She had been enjoying the restriction of the corset and head gear but now wanted more.

Lori unlaced the corset and cleaned herself before laying the long corset on the bed. Lori struggled with all the laces opening it wide enough for her to slither in. Lori stood looking at the braces with her arousal running high she said “What the hell” only slight hums could be heard as she sat down and stuffed her feet into the trainers and closed all the straps extremely tight. Lori carefully stood up on her steel covered pointed toes expecting to have to sit right back down.

As Lori put her full weight on her toes she found that with the braces strapped so tightly around her legs she could stand very easily on her toes. Walking was all most impossible but she could stand in them. Lying down next to the corset Lori slithered her way into it wrestling the heavy material up her body until her head poked out from the top. Lori rolled onto her stomach and began working the laces tighter. Slowly Lori got the back pulled as close together as she could by herself and relaxed and lay panting through her nose.

Lori knew the corset had a long ways to go before it was closed and the idea of being crushed by the tight cocoon forced her to crawl hand over hand up the thick bed post until she was standing on her toes. Lori tied the laces to the bed post and started wiggling forwards pulling the laces as she twisted using her body weight to close the back. Lori was getting breathless as she struggled and twisted finally reaching back and could feel the corset was fully closed.

Squealing Lori turned and untied the laces and retied the large bundle of laces behind her back. She pivoted on her toes and looked at herself in the mirror and was stunned by the incredible image of her she saw. Her waist must have been pulled in by six inches, her neck was stretched making her look like she was two inches taller. She believed even without the hat gag with the collar this tight she would have trouble opening her mouth.

Lori took the laces in the front that went to the cross panels and started pulling on them. Immediately she could feel the areas around her ass tighten, making her feel like someone was trying to pick her up by her ass. Tying them off she pulled on another set and could feel the material tighten over her chest. The last set made the material across her back and shoulders tighten pulling her into perfect posture. Lori was lost in her own world, the incredible feelings of being so wrapped up engulfed her and she wanted more. Lori tied the laces to all three cross pieces to the post and twisted and wiggled back.

Lori was gasping as she tugged and fought to get the laces tight when the steel over her toes lost traction and slipped out from under her. The laces stopped her fall as they tightened around one of the knurls of the bed post leaving her hanging a few inches off the ground looking up. Lori was gasping for air, all the cross supports had tightened considerably and were crushing the air from her. Lori desperately tried to pull herself up the post but the leather gloves kept her from getting a good grip so she kept slipping back down.

Each time she reached up and failed she felt the corset getting tighter as she bounced slightly on the laces. Lori started to become more aroused and hung twisting and wiggling as she was slowly getting closer to the floor. Lori was struggling to breathe when she was finally able to drag her rigid body up onto the bed. Gasping Lori pulled on the slip knots feeling her body drop slightly further into the mattress.

Lori rolled over and wiggled and pulled herself all the way onto the bed. Lori lay gasping from the exertion and realized as she felt the laces that none of them had loosened once they had been released. Puzzled Lori found the pockets in the front of the corset and stuffed the laces in them and buttoned them closed. Lori was starting to get aroused again and began thrashing and fighting the heavy material as she moved further into the center of the bed.

Out of breath Lori relaxed and lay still while her heart rate decreased and her breathing slowed. While she rested her hand brushed something and she pulled it into view and saw it was the sleeves. Without even thinking she stuffed her leather covered hands into the sleeves seeing her fingers poke out from the gloved end and yanked and pulled on the laces until the sleeves were squeezing her arms and hands tightly. Lori tried to flex her wrists and found they were held as rigidly as her body by the material and relaxed again as her climax continued to build.

Lori opened her eyes to see her grandmother fiddling around on each side of her mumbling something about not understanding young people anymore. Lori tried to raise her arm but found she couldn’t move it at all. Lori moaned through her nose as her grandmother continued mumbling “This is what you wanted”. Lori felt her shoulder move slightly towards her grandmother then her feet get pulled the same way. Watching with wide eyes her grandmother walk to the other side of the bed and then felt her pull on something that Lori could feel in her other shoulder.

Lori felt her feet get pulled again and tried to twist or roll over and couldn’t move at all, “She’s tied me to the damn bed!” Lori screamed in her head. Lori’s grandmother said “This is what you wanted enjoy it, I’ll see you tomorrow night” Lori hummed loudly desperately trying to get her grandmothers attention but she heard the door slam and knew she was stuck until her grandmother returned. Lori lay fighting her restraints still unable to believe that people used to do this to their children.

Lori was starting to feel her climax getting near as she continued to wriggle and twist in her bonds when suddenly she realized “I’m awake”. Lori’s eyes darted about the room noticing it was no longer filled with furniture nor had the warmth of the fire burning that it did a few minutes ago. Lori tried to raise her arms and felt them still strapped tightly to her sides, she tried to open her mouth and felt the tight straps holding it closed. Lori struggled until she was breathless again and lay still trying to figure out what was happening.

The more she thought about how bound she was the more aroused she became and the more she desperately tried to reach her aching pussy. Lori lay strapped to the bed for the next twenty four hours, her desire to orgasm has made her struggle to blackout several times and now she was getting worried she might be truly trapped here. Lori was trying to flex her cramping feet and legs and continued to whine from her breasts being crushed into her chest but nothing helped ease any of her aches or her need to climax.

Late into the second day Lori fell asleep, the sexual frustration along with her confining cocoon had worn her out. Lori felt the heat from the fire and slowly opened her eyes and could tell she was back with her grandmother. Hearing the door open she heard a young man’s voice whispering “Are you awake?” Lori moaned then she saw the young face of her great uncle pop into view. “They are sure mad at you this time” he said Lori struggled under the blankets trying to get him to free her.

The young man backed away and said “I can’t help you, I wish I could but the punishment for men is a lot worse than this” Lori whined again as he came closer and whispered “I heard they were going to release you tomorrow, if you promise to be good that is” he said with a smirk. Lori didn’t know if she could stand the constant pressure and cramping for another day and tried to struggle again making the boy run out and shut the door.

Lori spent the night in constant arousal, she would struggle and rest each time getting near an orgasm then having to stop and feel it fade away. By the next night Lori was a complete mess and wanted nothing more than to orgasm so when she was pulled off the bed and stood up she couldn’t wait to get her hands free. Grandmother had a practiced hand and quickly had her free of the arm restraints and shortly afterwards the corset was loosened enough for Lori to slip her hands inside it and begin to rub herself to an orgasm.

When grandma caught her she slapped the girl’s gagged face and quickly pulled the laces of the corset tight trapping Lori’s arms under it. Lori didn’t care the massive orgasm was about to burst through her body and that’s the only thing she cared about. Grandmother pushed her rigid body onto the bed and went yelling for grandfather. As Lori was beginning to drift back to her senses grandfather came in and said “If that’s how you want to act we can fix that too.” And stormed out of the room leaving Lori still trapped with her hands jammed into her pussy under the tight corset.

As the orgasm rocked Lori she woke up almost falling out of the bed but smiling as she remembered the huge orgasm she had just had and rolled onto her back. Reaching around in front she unlaced the sleeves and slipped her gloved hands out of them and began to work on the corset laces. As she tugged and fought them she thought about the incredible dream she had just had and smiled thinking about how glad she was not around in those days. An hour later Lori had gotten the cross section laces loosened and struggled to her pointed toes to reach the back laces.

Lori had trouble digging the laces out of the pockets in the back not remembering putting them in the pockets but finally got the corset loosened and lay back down to wiggle out of it. Once free of the corset she tried to unbuckle the trainers and found she could not loosen the straps. Lori struggled with them then reached up and tried to unbuckle the “hat” and found it would not release her either.

Walking on her toes to the mirror she looked closely at the buckles around her head and noticed that the small protrusions that had been there before were gone. She continued to inspect them and started pushing and pulling and yanking as she grunted and whined knowing there was nothing in the house that could cut the leather straps. Lori started to panic and yanking on the straps making herself fall over.

Lori lay fighting the straps for twenty minutes then she crawled to the bathroom and relieved herself and stood looking at the buckles. Lori pressed on one and it popped up and she quickly undid the strap. Now that she knew what to do she unbuckled the gag and then sat back down and removed the trainers and sat rubbing her feet while the hot water filled the tub. Lori felt like she hadn’t slept in days and drifted off in the hot water waking several hours later freezing again. She ran the water until it heated up and took a quick shower to warm herself before fixing her something to eat.

As Lori ate she found her purse sitting on the chair next to her and looked at her phone and noticed she had been away from school for over a week. She checked her voicemail and had several frantic calls from Sarah about not calling her back. Lori couldn’t understand what had happened she thought she had only slept through the night but now realized she had actually been asleep for three days. Lori called Sarah and explained about losing her purse but left out everything about her weird dreams and said she would be back tomorrow.

Lori laced her normal corset on and pulled on her blouse but couldn’t find her skirt. She began looking for it ending up back in the closet frantically digging through the boxes and drawers again when she came across something she hadn’t seen before and pulled it out of the deep drawer. Lori sat on her folded legs staring at the beautiful steel in her hands and tried to figure out how she had missed it. Lori took the item into the bedroom and sat down still entranced by how incredibly well made and ornate the chastity belt was.

The more Lori stared at the belt the more she felt the need to lock it around her waist. The front plate was very wide and extremely thick and was permanently attached to the waist belt. She turned it around and found that the back was just as intimidating with its thick steel that would cover her ass completely leaving only a small hole set deep in the middle. Lori shivered as she thought about being locked in it but couldn’t help but feel her pussy get wet as she thought about it more.

The belt was shaped to fit high on the hips and was very small in circumference and she knew she would have to wear a very tight corset to wear it. Ripping her top off Lori unlaced her corset and grabbed a corset she had seen and thought nobody could actually wear that and laced it closed pulling her waist in dramatically. Lori attached the stockings she was wearing to the corset not even noticing how heavy the corset was or how the upper part cupped her breasts and pulled tight over them sealing them away. Lori hadn’t even thought why the belt was suddenly able to be opened as she pulled it around her waist still in the trance of its beauty and the allure of her sex being locked away.

Lori pulled the ends of the waist belt together behind her back sliding them into the connection for the “shorts” like she had done it a thousand times and pushed hard until she heard a loud click. Lori’s hands went instinctively to her pussy and tugged and pulled at the tight steel over it then ran around to her ass and felt the small amount of uncovered skin puckering from under the steel that now covered it. Lori jumped up and stared at the steel encircling her tiny waist as she turned back and forth panting from the tight corset.

Lori learned quickly that walking in the steel and corset was different, forcing her to sway much more than normal. Lori walked around the house a few times enjoying the tight corset and thinking about being locked into the belt when suddenly she remembered she was LOCKED into the belt. The fog lifted from her mind and Lori frantically felt the belt for any release mechanisms or key holes. Running to the mirror she searched for the opening and couldn’t even see were the belt slipped together. Lori started cursing herself as she fought for air only then noticing how tight the corset was around and over her breasts.

Grabbing the corset Lori tried to pull it away from her chest but found the heavy material was only covering something much harder under it and couldn’t make it bend. Lori was in tears as she realized she had just locked herself in a corset and chastity belt with no idea of how to free herself. Lori struggled the rest of the day while she searched frantically for the key or something to tell her how to open the belt. Lori sat gasping in the closet again everything she had put away so neatly was now scattered around the room as she tore through everything looking for any answers on how to remove the belt.

Lori opened her eyes when she felt the warmth of the fire and saw her grandfather and grandmother standing on either side her while she stood crying both hands tied tightly to the large bedposts. As she hung her head she heard her grandmother say “You brought this on yourself young lady, now you will wear this until your married” Lori pleaded with her to take it off only to be told “Only your grandfather knows how to remove it, it doesn’t take a key you have to know the correct order..” Lori heard grandfather stop her from saying anymore and stood weeping.

“You will get used to it” her grandfather stated. “My mother wore one for two years much worse than this, be thankful it was made so well” he said trying to soothe Lori. Lori screamed in protest only to hear grandfather say “I think a few more days in the punishment corset would be appropriate” grandmother agreed. Lori stood naked except for the belt and corset while the punishment corset was prepared. While she waited grandfather pulled the “hat” onto her shaking head and buckled it exceedingly tight snapping all the buckles while Lori desperately tried to get free.

Lori fought having the trainers strapped on but lost and was soon standing on her toes as the punishment corset was pulled over her head. Her arms were untied long enough to lower the corset and lace the sleeves back on then tied to the posts again as grandfather laced the corset. Lori whined as he pulled it tighter than before making her feel like she was in a vise under a press with the two corsets. As he tightened the front laces grandmother attached the sleeves to the sides of the corset making the gasping girl totally helpless.

Lori had lost all strength to fight and let them lace her tightly and lay her on the bed and watched both move to tie her to the bed further immobilizing her. When they were finished she listened as grandfather complained about not being able to catch his breath and grandmother helping him to the other room telling him he shouldn’t have strained himself so much. As Lori lay helpless she remembered a story she had been told about her great grandfather dying of pneumonia and lay wide eyed as she realized she was locked in a belt only he could open and he was about to die.

Lori lay screaming as her door was closed and locked. A few days later Sarah came to the house looking for her all that she found was everything packed up and nobody there. She looked for Lori and couldn’t find her anywhere and when she called her cell she heard it ringing in the other room. Finding Lori’s purse she knew something was wrong and called the police who told her to call back if she didn’t return in twenty four hours.

Sarah wandered the house finding the large closet and the interesting old clothes and wondered if any of them would fit her...  

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