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Corset Theory Testing

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2014 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; M/f+; corsets; latex; collar; wrap; tape; fibreglass; stuck; sex; cons/reluct; X

Many of my previous partners had complained about their corsets being too tight, granted the image of an attractive woman laced tightly in an unyielding corset with her breasts heaving against the tight material and the look as she realizes just how tight it really is and how much she is under the control of the person who is able to unlace her, since the knots are tied tightly behind her back, is one of my great turn on’s. I prefer the corset to be closed in the back even with a modesty panel, it’s just something I really enjoy and very few of my partners have ever been able to maintain for very long.

Most had rarely ever wore a corset and then only to be dressed for a shoot or a modeling gig and none of these had ever been forced to wear it as tight as I wanted it to be during our shoots or “playtimes”, which made it even more fun when they would tell me “I have worn corsets before” confidently and within a few minutes were complaining of the tightness. During bondage shoots many were forced to endure, being scolded or even having bigger gags applied to quiet them, when a “playmate” and I were sharing our passion she never had a choice and would be punished if she complained by adding more restraints for longer periods of time making her learn to be quiet and adapt.

I have great memories of a particular friend that liked corsets and liked them tight, she wore them often and owned a several, during a shopping trip we found a beautiful vinyl over bust that fit her long torso and thin waist like it was custom made for her and when she found out it was three inches smaller than her smallest corset she still, and I agreed, had to have it saying she could train herself to stand it. The standing agreement on our shopping trips was that she had to wear any items we purchased during the rest of the day or night, this was especially entertaining when we purchased vibrating toys, but I digress. Since this was our first stop she agreed cheerfully, to wear it out and allowed me to lace her within an inch of the corset being closed, this corset was not only tighter it was also much stiffer with many more stays than she had experienced and held her rigidly from just below her arm pits to her hips with a slight dip down to just above her pussy, leaving no part of her upper body able to bend when it was laced this tight.

I helped her back into her tight skirt and watched her breasts heaving over the top of the corset as I took her top and put it in the bag leaving her corseted upper body exposed and we continued on our shopping trip. Getting into the car she bumped her head and we both laughed, she stopped laughing immediately when she was seated, the corset held her perfectly erect and made her breathing even shallower while she was seated, I let her adjust the seat backwards and this helped ease her breathing some as we drove to the next boutique. Arriving I could tell from her silence during the trip she was having difficulties but she knew the rules and remained silent about her compressed torso. In the store we had found the long latex dress she had been wanting and the matching six inch heels with locking straps and went to try them on, both knowing if we purchased these items it was the end of our shopping trip having spent more than had been planned.

She wanted to remove the corset but I refused as I held the dress out for her to try on and she slid her toned legs into it, as she worked the dress up struggling in the tight corset, I untied the laces and once her arms were in the long sleeves of the dress and she stood up straight I began pulling the laces tighter finally closing the corset, surprisingly with no complaints, then I pulled the zipper up to her neck and adjusted the tight rubber over her body, it hugged her tightly all over and she was enjoying the feeling as I helped her into the new shoes that would force her to walk on the balls of her feet and toes and strapped them tightly and slipped the locks through each strap leaving four small locks dangling from her ankles.

Now my beauty was standing before me in a red latex dress that covered her from just below her chin to her wrists, the lacing in front allowing a beautiful glimpse of her pushed up and crushed cleavage, the dress flowed perfectly down her restricted chest and now very small waist (15 inches over the corset, we measured it later) the tight hem brushing her ankles. She was a vision of fetish beauty and she knew it as she adjusted her hair even applying some more lipstick in a darker shade of red to match the dress and smiled almost giddy over her new outfit and how she looked, later telling me it was also the way I looked at her that made her so happy.

Putting her skirt and pumps in the bag I went and paid for her new outfit adding a leather lined steel collar to our purchases while she struggled to learn how to walk in the tight rubber and high heels while walking to the counter to join me. I turned to her reddening face and smiled as I locked the collar snuggly around her neck and under the zipper pull making it difficult for her to have unzipped the dress even if she had wanted to, smiling again she ran her fingers over the collar and said now I’m completely yours making me swell with pride as my dick tried to burst out of my pants. I followed her to the car watching her ass sway under the rubber and the corset do that thing they do where it makes the wearers upper body move with her hips and really turns me on.

She on the other hand was having real problems walking in the tight skirt and heels with the added problem of desperately trying to get enough air into her lungs. Getting in the car was erotically funny as she had to turn and kind of drop backwards in the seat then sat looking at me waiting for me to pick her legs up and swing them in but I just stood and watched her strain to lift her pinned together rubber coated legs and pull them into the car while she swiveled her corseted body in the seat.

Once inside she gasped and began to whine about the corset and I allowed her to lean the seat back further and we drove off, her gasping in her rubber next to me running her hands all over her sweating body smiling as she peeked at me watching her. She had thought we were going home but I had other plans going through a drive through first for some drinks then making her go into two different stores and get me cigarettes, then we went to the club we met at and frequented often, they don’t open until later but people we know are there much earlier so we went in so she could model for all of us and the other girls who worked there, everyone commenting on her new dress and especially her new tiny waist for a couple of hours before she asked for the first time for the corset to be loosened. She had done very well laced as tightly as she had been for over four hours so I unlocked the collar and loosened the corset by about an inch and retied it.

I still remember all the times she wore it for me and withstood me lacing it closed for hours before begging to be released and only getting a slight amount of freedom, it was wonderful, she wore it with everything, but when she wore it with only her tightest jeans and the steel collar with some knee high very tall heeled boots to a party was the time she looked the sexiest and made every woman in the place jealous and the men drool, she wore it that night and into the next day, after having some rousing sex while she lay gasping under me even though I had closed it, finally falling asleep still tightly corseted.

Since then I have had a passion for corsets thoroughly enjoying feeling the woman below or above me gasping for air through the thick material as she gets more and more excited, desperately trying to control her breathing and once had her pass out, scaring me slightly but I loosened the corset and waited for her to awaken, she smiled and said, "Tighten it back up and lets go again". Since then I have desperately tried to find someone to share my passion with, and over the years I have heard "You should try it if you think it’s so easy" never understanding why it was so difficult for them. Since moving I have had no one to share any of my passions with and began to think maybe I should try it. Searching for a male corset turned up very little that I could justify spending that kind of money on and then one day, today, I realized I could make a corset, I had nine rolls of fiberglass casting material left from some experimenting I had done with it and could wrap myself tightly and could feel what all the girls had been talking about.

Beginning with plastic wrap I covered my torso from arm pits to below my ass then wrapped myself tightly from my hips to just below my nipples with wide commercial grade duct tape, then to make it tighter I rewrapped my waist drawing it in almost five inches and quickly began wrapping with the fiberglass over it, not wanting to lose my nerve since I was already gasping from the tight tape. I covered my torso completely in the fiberglass pulling it tight as it covered the tape sealing me into the corset and making it so I would have to wrestle with the fiberglass to cut it off, using all nine rolls I completely covered myself from above my hips to my nipples in unyielding fiberglass, I should have stopped wrapping once I was completely covered but wanting to make it last as long as possible and knowing how difficult the fiberglass is to cut when its thick I continued until all nine rolls had been used.

Now two hours later I am sitting typing this and getting ready to go do some work outside and see how long I can take it, yes it’s difficult but even I have started to like the feeling of compression and the rigidity of it.

Have now completed my outdoor tasks I am having problems catching my breath from the exertion, getting dressed was difficult and my pants wanted to slide off me but other than the bottom edge of the fiberglass digging into my hips, the edge is very rough, and the pain not allowing me to put socks on I managed. Even mowed a small part of my lawn before needing to stop and catch my breath. It’s been over four hours in the 'corset' and I am beginning to understand the whining, the difficulty sitting is new and kind of fun but my chastity tube is getting a real work out as I struggle to do basic things causing myself to get aroused, I was going to remove it but it requires being able to bend forward to see and touch the locking ring and right now that’s not possible. I am thinking about trying to cut the corset off in a way so I can reuse it, after smoothing the edges some, maybe if I do it correctly I can make the laces be able to pull me in more but I don’t know, the fiberglass tends to unravel when it’s cut off so I have to see.

I’ve showered in it and that was interesting, it’s been over six hours and my back and neck is hurting and the lower edges are starting to cut into my hips, damn sharp edges, I don’t know why but breathing is getting more difficult the longer I stay encased, I am going to have to cut it off before I start bleeding from the sharp edges, was hoping to make eight hours but can’t risk it.

Well the first attempt to cut it was a bust, the cutters I have are not working with the extra thick fiberglass, I am slightly concerned now if I will be able to cut it or may have to go out and get new cutters, damn it still seems to be getting tighter.

Passed seven hour mark and still haven’t figured a way to release it without going out to get different set of cutters, I had laid down and got breathing under control but getting dressed has made me start to gasp again, I guess I am just not cut out to wear one, I only pulled myself down five inches and am having this much trouble but still enjoying the constriction and would seriously consider using it next time I play.

Screwed around too long and the store had closed, now over ten hours and the drive had made me light headed and panic slightly making me pull over and catch my breath, this is almost funny since I write about this a lot and never figured I would be the one stuck in a corset made of fiberglass. Arriving home I begin fighting the corset while I get undressed almost making myself pass out, wow! What a trip, stuck, bound but totally free to move around, try to watch some TV but cannot get comfortable, the bottom feels better since I tucked some cloths under it but my back and neck hurt worse from fighting the erect position for so long.

Finally! After wrestling with the cutters for two hours I got it cut off! Maybe I can reuse will figure out later definitely would like to try again and now fully understand what women go through but also understand why some women want to wear them, I can say it doesn’t do anything for me to see myself in it but it does have a nice feeling on and even if I can’t use this one again I will use what I have learned and do this again. I spent almost fifteen hours in a very thick and completely rigid corset, unable to remove it for last five hours, I’m ready to go to sleep and dream about being fucked by beautiful woman in a tight corset while I fight for air in mine under her. Sounds like fun.

Awaking the next day I find the left side of my rib cage is tender to the touch, lying on my side is very uncomfortable, I can only assume that I had the left side somehow tighter than the right since the inside of the 'corset' is relatively smooth, my back and neck still feel like they have a cramp in them and the deep red lines have started to fade. I will think twice before wrapping myself up that tight or that thick again.

It was an interesting experiment and if I could get the same sensation without having to cut it off I would do it again on a more regular basis, making me think that if a woman with access to a properly fitted corset felt the same about the corset’s firm grip and the inability to bend normally she would wear them regularly, so it must be the ones I have encountered that complained so much would never like wearing them and the ones who did wear them just were never able to commit to tight lacing for extended periods of time. I really don’t know but it was interesting and as I said before I can now see why the complaints and the attraction of corsets.

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