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Country Girl

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2003 - Gromet - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; rope; gag; bfold; caught; M/f; bond; sack; kidnap; outdoors; susp; sex; climax; cons/nc; X

A trip into the countryside, a little self bondage what a perfect way to spend the day, until you're discovered bound & naked...

It happened one fine summers day, I'd driven into the country to visit an old deserted barn that I found while hiking one day, I had been here several times before and was an ideal location for my self bondage explorations, away from the view of the road and set back in the woods, I would not be disturbed while bound nice and tight within it's musty interior. I loved to tie myself up outdoors, the feel of the air on my body, the open space all around me while I was in my own little space tied up, it felt great and there was the danger involved, there was more chance of being discovered and I believe it was this thrill that I liked most.

I began this session by hiding my car in the woods and walking back ½ mile along an old dirt road to the deserted barn, it was the only building around for miles and seemed to be part of an old farm, the owners had long since gone. I started by tipping my bag of bondage items on the dusty floor of the barn and began to prepare myself for an afternoon indulging myself with some self-applied bondage. Undressing I placed all my clothes in the bag and hid this at the back of the barn, now totally naked I walked over to my pile of goodies spread over the floor. Picking up some rope I began binding my ankles together looping the rope several times around then passing it through my legs and cinching the rope very tight.

Mmm! That felt good my tummy starting to do backflips, I could feel my whole body starting to react to the rope, a nice warm feeling began oozing through my veins. I then bound above my knees in the same way cinching the rope making sure it was nice & tight.

Next I firmly placed the gag within my mouth, this was a new gag I had bought recently, the store owner had demonstrated putting it on me, it had sent tingles down my spine as he touched me when fastening the straps, I melted when he secured it on my head, "Please make me your slavegirl" I thought as my body became warm just standing there in the store with the gag on.

Pushing the large mouthpiece into my mouth I began to fasten the straps in place over my head with the harness strapping running all over the top of my head and around under my chin, this was tightly locked into place with a small lock at the back of my head. As I threw the key to the opposite side of the barn, I knew that I could not escape the gag until finding the key. Picking up the blindfold I placed this around my neck whilst I prepared my hands. Locking one leather cuff tightly around my left wrist and the other on my right all I had to do now was to place a lock in their hasp's to join the two together.

The keys to these locks was thrown to another side of the barn, once securely hog tied I would have to crawl on my bare tummy over the dirty floor, around the rubbish and old farming implements that were scattered over the floor to retrieve the keys to release my bound body, the delicious feelings that welled up within at the thought of what was to come, the pressure building within me. Now placing the blindfold over my eyes I secured the straps behind my head with one lock and attached two locks either side of my head through the gag harness thereby fixing the blindfold onto the gag, no way would it come off during my struggles and then I tossed the keys up in the air, they landed close by with a tinkle of metal against metal, I judged that they had fallen onto some old machinery and would now be very hard to find, especially blindfolded!

Lying down on the floor the dust lifting as my body made contact with the floor, I placed my arms behind my back and closed the hasp of the lock that held the two cuffs together. Reaching behind me I lifted my legs up and back towards my wrists, I pushed a small chain between my bound ankles and pulled it back towards my wrists. Locking the chain against my cuffs with the last small lock I was now securely hog-tied and the final keys were thrown as far as I could toss them while lying there bound. Now totally helpless I could do nothing but lay there and enjoy my bondage, several hours of which would ensue as I sought out the keys to all of the locks that I had thrown around the barn, the blindfold would make the task a lot harder and more enjoyable.

I was just getting into my self applied bondage, my body now nice and warm, my sex getting very hot and the juices beginning to flow when an unexpected noise made me freeze in my spot on the floor. I heard the old barn door creep open; it's rusty old hinges creaking as they were moved. Who was it entering the barn and why?

Whoever it was walked into the barn and moved around quickly to the places where the keys had landed, picking up each one, they then walked over to my bound naked body lying face down on the floor. He spoke saying that he'd followed me here, in fact he'd been following me around the campus for the past two weeks watching my every move and last week he'd watched me tie myself up in this barn and wriggle around gathering up the keys to release myself. He'd seen everything I did and counted my orgasms as I moved tightly bound across the floor, he had then decided to plan this weekend in the hope that I'd return to tie myself up again.

Now he had the keys to my freedom, as I was securely bound, gagged & blindfolded and unable to get free without the keys that he now held. He lifted up my body and placed a sack over my head pulling it down over the rest of my body, I was fully enclosed within the sack and lifted up and over his shoulder. He carried me out of the barn and into the forest; he walked some distance into the woods before throwing me down onto the ground when he had reached his campsite. He said that we were miles away from anyone and any noise's I made would not be heard by anyone, we would not be disturbed, do not to try to escape because I would just get lost in the forest and never be seen alive again.

My mind froze when he told me this, was this a fantasy come true or a nightmare? He left me lying there bound up tight within his sack as he walked back to my car and drove it further into the forest, hiding it behind bushes where no one would find it in a hurry. When he returned he told me what he had just done and said that I was to be his slave from now on, to be used however he pleased, for his own delight. He said that he had wanted my body the first time he had set his eyes on me and had taking to watching me in the hope he could get closer to me. He then untied the top of the sack and tipped me out onto the ground, he unlocked the chain that connected my wrists & ankles behind my back and helped me roll over. He then untied the rope around my knees, and then began to untie my feet but before I could move he slipped a rope noose over each ankle and pulled them tight, the other end was attached to stakes he'd driven into the ground.

He then sat me upright and removed the cuffs from my wrists and then pushed me roughly back down on the ground and held my arms up over my head where he placed two more rope noose's to secure my arms to the stakes above my head, now spread eagled on the floor he began tightening the ropes stretching my naked body, still wearing the gag & blindfold that were locked around my head. Totally expose to his gaze and unable to break free, I just lay there as he began running his hands over my bound form, unable to move as his hands continued to explore every part of my naked body, open to his touch he had access to my whole being.

His mouth then began to encircled my nipple as he started to suck them making them become erect, his hot breath and the pressure of his lips on them started my body's normal sexual arousal, I couldn't resist anyone sucking my breasts, the intensity of the feelings caused my body to react & began to betray me as my sex started to become moist, his tongue flicking my nipple and running around the most sensitive parts of my breast. Electricity running around my body sparked off by the touch of his mouth against my nipple, sending delicious shock waves throughout me.

He began to probe my sex with his fingers and found that it had become wet from his touch, he inserted his finger into my hole, I heard his breathing becoming harder as he became more aroused, causing my body to react even more to the touch of his tongue & fingers. My breathing became more rapid as he continued to explore my bound body, next his mouth began to move down over my stomach and worked it's way down to my hot pussy, he seemed to hesitate and I felt his warm breath against my sex, soon he lowered his head and his hot lips merged with mine and he began to run his tongue up and down my outer lips. Moving his tongue over the inner recesses of my moist hole it began sending more electrical shocks up my spine; waves of pleasure began crashing through my body.

I was lost in the moment; my mind not knowing whether to reject these advances or continue with the wonderful feelings his tongue was arousing, my body betraying me. His firm tongue began to really work my little nub, circling and then flicking it up & down bringing me closer to climax. As I came I could not believe what was happening to me, here I lay held captive by this man, kidnapped and what unknown fate would await me and my body reacted like it this wasn't happening, like this was normal my body was enjoying every minute touch of his tongue.

Now he climbed on top of me and I felt his erect member brush against my leg, then press against my pussy lips pushing past into my moist tunnel, driving itself deep into me, he began to move in & out, thrusting his pelvis into me, moving in a slow rhythmic way, taking his time with my body. Eventually he came within me, after bringing me to another full-blown orgasm, he squirted his sperm deep within me, his penis throbbing against my walls as he did so. He lay on top of me for a short while he recovered before getting up and leaving me tied spread eagled on the ground.

Later he returned to my bound body and used me again but this time he just mounted my body and took his pleasure without fulfilling mine. Afterwards he untied my legs & put a rope hobble on them, a piece of rope tied to each ankle with a slack piece between allowing me to make short steps but unable to run. Next he untied my arms but retied them in front binding my wrists together and running the ends around my waist, behind my back and securing them there with a couple of knots.

He then led me over to his tent, removing my gag once inside, he fed me some food and gave me water, telling me he'd leave my gag off if I promised not to scream. I agreed as my mouth was getting really sore from the tight gag and I thought that if I spoke with him I stood a better chance of being released unharmed if he got to know me. But he never spoke much after that, just sitting there staring at my body and occasionally he would reach over and touch me, causing me to jump at the unexpected contact.

It started to get chilly and I guessed it was getting dark, behind the blindfold all was dark anyway but I began to hear night animals making their calls in the forest, not long after he said that it was time for bed, he helped me stand up and took me into the woods to relieve myself, we then walked back to the campsite where he sat me down and placed my feet into a sleeping bag, he then grabbed hold of my body and stood me up, he continued to pull the sleeping bag up over my naked body enclosing me within it's grasp. When he reached as far as it would go he pulled on the drawstring around the top of the bag, he said he'd brought this bag especially for me because of the drawstring around the top that was now tightening around my neck, sealing me in. Cocooned within the sleeping bag I started to feel safe, no longer could he see my naked body or touch my skin.

He then started to apply ropes around the outside of the bag making it even tighter than before, now unable to move let alone escape I was bound for the night and he helped me lay down on the floor, tying more rope around my ankles the other end of which was tied to the tent pole to prevent me wriggling away in the night. I very quickly fell asleep before he could do anything else to me, I lay still the whole night long, even when I awoke during the night I dare not move in case it awoke him, I did not know what he'd do to me next.

The next morning he opened his eyes and looked at me lying their still bound within the sleeping bag, he arose from the bed and dragged me and the bag outside where he stood me upright while he began untying the ropes. After pulling me out of the bag he lifted me over his shoulder and carried me off into the trees, we only went a short distance but I could hear the stream approaching, he hoisted me up and threw me into the water still bound by my wrists firmly secured to my waist and my leg's in the rope hobble, the water was cold and I panicked as the water covered my head, but he quickly jumped in after me and pulled my head above the water. He began rubbing his hands all over my body washing me all over my body making sure that I was clean everywhere.

He carried me out of the water after he was sure I was clean, saying that I now needed to be hung up to dry, he untied the rope holding my wrists to my body, loosening the knots behind my back he then tied another rope around to my bound wrists and hoisted them into the air above my head, my feet left the ground as he continued pulling the rope upwards and I was left dangling in the tree six feet off the ground while he sat there watching me swing in the breeze.

My wrists began crying out at the pain this was causing, the ropes biting into my skin as I hung there. I tried to keep myself as still as possible as I found that this caused less strain on my wrists, but still my body swung slightly in the breeze. After about thirty minutes had elapsed he lowered me down to the floor, my wrists tender & sore from holding my entire weight from the rope. He then pushed me down onto the ground and made me lay face down in the dirt and pulled the rope from my wrists that had held me up in the tree back to my bound ankles between my legs, causing me to raise my rear into the air, my sex exposed to his gaze and fully available to him.

Tied tightly in this position I could not move as he entered me from behind pushing his hard member deep within me, deeper than anyone had before, taking my breath away as he plunged ever deeper into my hole, the painful sensations making me cry out as he continued his thrusts into me until he came shortly thereafter, grunting his pleasure. After he stood up and released the rope holding my wrists to my ankles and walked me back to his tent, there he fed me breakfast and allowed to relieve myself again under his watchful gaze.

When I'd finished he led me over to a string hammock he'd tied between two trees and lifted me up into it, pushing me down against the rough rope net of the hammock he began to entwine a rope through the top sides of the hammock closing the net around my body, holding me tightly within its grasp He closed the hammock around my entire body and pulled the rope closing the sides together tighter pressing into my flesh, my skin bulging against the openings in the netting. He left me securely bound within the hammock, swinging slightly as he left the campsite to do some fishing. I lay there thinking about what would come next, what would he do to me? And would I be released?

I had drifted off to sleep as I lay there in the hammock, it's gentle rocking lulled me into slumber, tied nice & tight within it's grasp. Later in the afternoon he returned to release me, he sat me down by the fire while he cooked the fish he had caught, he gently covered my naked body with a blanket to keep out the chill and then for the first time freed my wrists of their bonds. He was starting to show some signs of compassion towards me where before he had just used my body, now he was beginning to take care of me.

As we sat there eating he talked about how he'd seen me around college but felt unable to approach me due to his shyness and my beauty, he had thought that I would not gone out with him, the prize geek. I said all he had to do was ask and I probably would have done what he wanted. But now he said he'd blown it after keeping me captive for the weekend, I said no he hadn't as you have seen in the barn how I enjoy bondage games and that if this one were to end on a happy note with my freedom there was no way of telling how it would turn out, but he had a better chance if I didn't know his face. He agreed to keep my blindfold on and said he would now take me back to the barn.

Re-tying me, as he'd found me in the barn securing my limbs with the same locks, I was again firmly hog tied with gag & blindfold in place. He placed me back into his sack and carried me back to the barn, leaving me tied up in the sack he left saying that he would fetch my car, before he would allow me to free myself. I lay there wriggling in the sack, enjoying its close confines and thinking that I would have to include a sack as part of my self-bondage sessions. I heard the car pull up outside and heard his footsteps as he walked back into the barn, he then released me from the sack and threw the keys to the other side of the barn, telling me that by the time I had released myself he would be long gone, back on campus.

I lay there until he left and then began to wriggle my tightly bound body over the dirt floor to where I thought the keys had landed, it took me a while to reach the spot but the keys were not there, after about another thirty minutes of crawling in the dirt I found the keys and began to release my bondage, first my wrists, then the gag followed by the blindfold, I lay there as my eyes adjusted to the dim light of evening, the first time I had been able to see the entire weekend. Untying my ankles I was now free of my bonds and carefully stood up looking around me for my clothes, I found them lying in the corner of the barn were I had earlier placed them, quickly getting dressed I headed outside into the cool night air.

I opened the door of my car to find my boyfriend siting in the passenger seat, he spoke in the same voice as my kidnapper, he'd managed to disguise his voice the entire weekend and he was the one who'd used me whilst tightly bound and gagged. He said he hoped I'd enjoyed the weekend as much as he had, I just hit him very hard, but said that I would be back next weekend tying myself up within the barn the same as before...


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