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The Crawling Experiment

by Prof. Challenger

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© Copyright 2003 - Prof. Challenger - Used by permission

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One of the early bondage story sites I came across included a short story entitled “Into the Woods”, (presented as a “this happened to me” story) the plot of which consisted of the following: The viewpoint character, a man, agrees to meet a new mistress at a rental cabin in a public park. She meets him, blindfolds and collars him, and takes him on a motorcycle ride deeper into the park.. It is about midnight when she pulls up well “into the woods”, where she strips him, adds a ball gag, and locks him into a combination chain incorporating wrist and ankle cuffs and a cock cuff. Supposedly, this combination makes it only possible for him to move by crawling on hands and knees. The mistress then takes off his blindfold, advises him he has to make his way back to the cabin by 5:00am, or she will be leaving, taking his clothes and the keys, and departs on the cycle, leaving him alone, naked, chained, gagged, and lost. After a long, painful, frightening crawl, he gets back to the cabin just in time to see her complete her promise to abandon him and head into town. He is left in the park as he is. Further instalments were promised but never appeared.

Well, this piqued my curiosity, as to 1) Could a man be chained in such a way that he could ONLY crawl? 2) Could a man crawl on his hands and knees over park trails for five hours and not have both hands and knees bloody shreds? I was understandably less interested in proving the latter proposition, but the first question seemed well in within the realm of reasonable experimentation.

For my first experiment, I took two pair of my chain handcuffs, chain shackles, and a chain choke-collar. I had already shortened the chain of the shackles to about eight inches with a padlock, making a loop in the chain. I doubled the dog collar through that loop, and placed both of the ring-ends of the collar over the open ratchet of a handcuff, so that when the cuff was closed, the rings would be strung onto it. This cuff I placed about the base of my penis and testicles and ratcheted tight. The two rings of the chain collar lay under my scrotum but did not bother me at all. I put my ball gag in, and snapped close one of the second set of handcuffs onto my left wrist. I then closed the remaining cuff of the pair attached to my genitals so it looped around the chain of the second set. I then closed the last cuff on my right wrist.

This did not quite give the effect described in the story, although it was very effective bondage. The chain to my ankles was short enough that I could not stand upright, although I could take mincing steps in a bent kneed position. Any sudden moves were out of the question, as each step pulled on the cock cuff. My hands were firmly affixed within a couple of inches of my crotch. Even in this condition, a man in the predicament described by the story author would be pretty well screwed—that is, stuck, and no way out without the keys.

But not be forced to crawl. Just about any walking is better than crawling, so I tried to work out what combination of restrictions would prohibit walking but enable crawling. I decided it would have to be something that would tie the ankles together, and have the legs bent at a 90 degree angle, so that at best the victim might be able to balance on his feet, but would likely fall when trying to duck-walk or hop. (Hop? With that cock-cuff? I don’t think so!) Then give the hands enough lee-way to balance on , and the captive would be able to slowly progress in a rather caterpillar-like manner.

For the second iteration, I took the chain shackles and padlocked the cuffs together so that there was no chain between them, but leaving about a nine-inch loop of chain from the padlock. I closed one cuff of a handcuff through this chain loop. The other cuff of this set got one end of the dog collar through it, and then was closed about the base of the genitals. (This was the reverse of the previous attempt. Here the second cuff was below the genitals and the dog chain above.) The other end of the dog collar was padlocked to the center of the second set of handcuffs. 

So I had cuffed ankles, about a foot of chain including handcuff, cock cuff, a second foot of chain, and handcuffs. In this position, I could just crawl by extending my hands as far as I could, then pulling my legs forward, with a maximum rate of progress of about six inches at a time. This wasn’t too bad in the carpeted living room, but I had put my escape keys two rooms away, which involved crossing an expanse of hardwood floor in the dining room, and tile in the kitchen, both of which proved very painful on my knees. I found the whole process very difficult and strenuous. (I’m not an athelete, but I’m not entirely out of shape, either--).

My conclusions were that the “Into the Woods” story was a fantasy, since the main character could not have gotten anywhere in any significant amount of time; he would have rapidly been exhausted; his knees undoubtedly would have been worn bloody on any sort of path, even dirt, and, since any movement invariably pulled on the cock-cuff, he would have chafed to death around the genitals. Amusing, but impractical. On the other hand, the crawling bondage isn’t bad for around home--.



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