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Cross Dress Hogtie

by Michael

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© Copyright 2006 - Michael - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; cd; makeup; rope; hogtie; stuck; climax; cons; X

For years I have been into self bondage and cross dressing because I could not find any playmates. I got married and found marrying vanilla does not improve your fetishes, it suppresses your true feelings. My wife does not appreciate my fetishes and merely attributes them to immature afflictions. I now have to wait for my spouse to leave the house before I can exercise my self bondage lifestyle. I recently had a scare and now realize more planning is necessary before I do any more self bondage.

The night started that my wife was away on vacation (from me, I guess) and I got my gear together; shiny pantyhose, satin white bikini panties, six inch patent leather heels, half slip, business skirt with blazer, bra and I am ready for dressing up. I envision I am getting ready for a board meeting with a bunch of leering old men, staring at my tight pencil skirt and pantyhosed legs. I put on a wig, makeup and look in the mirror, being 6’2”, 200lbs does not help in the feminine mystique, but I make do. The satiny pantyhose making my legs shiny causes me to become really turned on. I keep my composure and get my bondage gear ready. I have over 20 years of bondage experience, but never have been “stuck” and all self bondage people know, getting stuck is the best part.

I retrieved the wire framed chair and sat down to ponder my bondage. I decided to do a hogtie, my favor position for a whore dressed in business attire. I took a length of rope and tied my ankles together and included under the heels to prevent my removal of the heels. I then tied my thighs above my knees and then made the wrist coil and cinch knot for the completion of the hogtie. 

I looked for my means of escape, which is a pair of scissors used by EMTs. I threw them across the room and tied off the cinch knot to my ankles. I started my bondage DVD and put in the jelly ball gag. The problem I have been having is the cinch knot is never tight and I always get out in the nick of time. This time will be different. I placed a timer on the TV for 20 minutes to go off. Since I am in the basement, there is absolutely no light. I thought no problem, I will get out; I always do. I put the timer to come back on at 5am, 7 hours from now.

I got onto my knees and put on the wrist coil and cinch knot and started to fall forward, losing my balance. In bracing myself I did not realize I had cinched up the knot pretty tight, I was stuck! Uh-oh, I need to get out, this is tight and constricting I thought to myself. I tried to move, but could only move a little at a time. I tested my bonds and realized I could not get out, the rope around my knees was tighter than I thought and my body was ached backward. 

I never was this close to my feet with my hands and was concerned. I was so aroused, but my manhood was tightly stuffed in my panties that it caused pain the more aroused I became. I struggled and screamed out, muffled of course, and thought “I need to get that pair of scissors before I lose the light. Time was going in slow motion and I moved about five feet before the TV went out. It became real quiet and I felt like that scene in Saw where the door was closed on that guy.

All I had was my sore joints and my imagination to keep me company. I tried to roll to where I thought the scissor might be and I don’t know if anyone has tried to roll hogtied, but it does not work. I was hoping to be found by a cute neighbor or someone to take advantage of the situation, but realized I was stuck due to improper planning. 

I hit the wall while moving and lost my sense of direction. I started to have an orgasm and after you have an orgasm, it kind of kills the mood for a while. I swore up and down until I became aroused again and had another orgasm. My pelvic region was soaked and uncomfortable and I was ready to get out, but my bonds were not ready to let me. 

What seemed like an eternity, the TV came on and I found the key was on the other side of the room from where I was going. My fingers were completely numb and I was worried I would not be able to cut myself out. I made my way to the scissors, somehow cut myself out and collapsed in exhaustion. 

I want to that again tomorrow! I need to do more planning this time!



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