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A Crushing Expansion

by Dmddrgn

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© Copyright 2009 - Dmddrgn - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; enema; cbt; pain; mast; anal; toys; cons; X

This is a work of fiction. I don't know that this scenario is actually possible, but surely isn't safe to try without someone there to release you. As with everything else in life... use moderation--and common sense!

The day had been another long one at the office, added to a string of long days that seemed to be blurring together in my mind. The repeating phone calls from the co-workers, the same questions each day about procedures, and the boredom of being one cog among many... it was no wonder I was starting to let my mind wander at work these days. If only the people around me knew what I planned to do this weekend...

I've always been a bondage enthusiast. Whether it be watching bondage videos, researching ways to restrain people, tying someone up, or even tying myself up I wanted more of it. I loved to create predicaments where in order to release themselves, the sub would have to subject him or herself to some form of sexual torture to get access to their release mechanism. I'd recently come up with a doozy that I was going to try for a short period tonight, and hopefully do for a longer period this weekend depending on how tonight's test went.

When I got home that evening, I immediately went to the bathroom and set myself up with an enema. While I waited for the mixture of cleanser and warm water to settle out I stripped off my clothes, revealing me for what I really am... a middle aged man who's tried to keep up with his body's aging, and slowly losing the battle. While I wasn't ugly or hard on the eyes, I was no longer as handsome as I had been. Such is life, and tonight's test might give me reason to continue that fight.

I administered the enema, and set the timer. I held it as long as I could, but with a little more than a minute to go I squatted over the toilet and released everything I'd managed to hold. Then I set up a second enema with straight warm water, but with a pint more fluid. When the second one was fully in me, I set the timer again, and this time I managed to hold it through the entire time before releasing. Happily, it came out clear, so I wouldn't need a third.

After grabbing my newest project from the closet, I moved to the living room for my test. I set my video camera to watch the action, and feed the view to my TV, so I could see what I looked like as I tried this out. Hanging from the ceiling by a string were the keys to the handcuffs that I would be wearing. These would be behind me, where I could not see them, except for what I could see from the TV. The end of the string ran through an eyebolt that normally held a plant, then down to a short bar with several holes drilled in it. This bar was attached to a ratcheting mechanism at the bottom of the stand I was setting up. By adjusting where the string was tied to this short bar I could adjust how fast the string would descend to my waiting hands when I was secured.

Sighing nervously, I double checked that the bar moved freely as intended. Then I set the string on the farthest hole out on the bar, so the release would be relatively quick. Picking up two small pieces of wood, I bolted them together around my nut sack, forming the top half of a ball crusher. The wood had a slightly uncomfortable weight to it, but I'd dealt with the ball crusher before, and so ignored it for now. I grabbed some lube and smeared it all over a medium sized inflatable butt plug resting on the support bar I'd designed for this. The tube from the plug ran down through the bar to the inflation bulb, which would not be dropped into its place until the plug was deeply inserted into my ass.

With a weak grin on my face, trembling with excitement, I stepped into my place on this contraption. The support bar ran between my legs, with the butt plug hanging just below my hole. It also ran through an oval retaining ring attached solidly to the base of the stand, ensuring once I was in place I could not bend my knees to release any forthcoming torture. Reaching carefully down, I attached my ankles to the stand, placing small clips on the hasps to hold them closed. No extra locks on this run! Next, I bent my knees slightly so that I could attach the ball crusher to its place on the support bar. The four bolts ran smoothly into their holes, and I threaded the special nuts I'd welded on to them, ensuring that they were angled properly to catch the holes drilled into the bolts. Then I set a small flat hook on each side of my ball crusher, held in place by my standing up. There was an uncomfortable pressure there now, but that was to be expected.

Carefully, oh so carefully, I pulled up the handle attached to the support bar behind me, making sure that my ass was centered over the butt plug. As the support bar moved on its hinge in front of me, the base of the ball crusher moved up against my nuts, immediately making the pressure there much more uncomfortable. However, I could not stop until the hooks had dropped down into their holes, so I slowly increased the pressure on the support bar, continually crushing my balls into a flatter shape. Finally, the hooks all dropped into their places, and the tip of the butt plug was at the entrance of my ass, but not quite inserted. Flexing my knees slight more the flat hooks holding the top of my ball crusher fell off, leaving my balls securely trapped by the support bar in its crusher. So far, this was going as expected.

Now came the difficult part. Without being able to see behind me, I had to put my handcuffs on my wrists in such a way that I would still be able to use the key on them when I could reach them. I felt for the key hole on the first cuff, found it, and while making sure that I'd be able to reach it locked it around my left wrist. I then felt for the right cuff, made sure I'd be able to use that key hole as well, and slowly pulled the support bar a little bit higher so that I could lock it on my wrist. As I did, the tip of the plug made its presence known to my ass, the slick lube letting it start to work its slow way in. From here in, I could not get out of my predicament until I followed through with my test.

What I needed to do in order to gain my release would be to get the butt plug inserted into my ass, as deep as I could. Once I'd done so, while the support bar was in its raised position, the inflation bulb for my butt plug would drop into its place under the support bar. However, it also brought the ratcheting lever up on the bar holding my release keys, so that it would be able to ratchet up one notch when I pushed the support bar down. In the bar's raised position, it would actually be the easiest time of my test, since my ball crusher would also be closer to my body. Then the torture would begin.

I would have to press the handle of the support bar down behind me, which would do two things. First, it would inflate the plug in my ass slightly, and pull my balls trapped in their crusher away from my body. I would have to press it down almost to my limit of stretch on my balls to get the bar holding the string to ratchet up a notch, then pull the handle all the way up to reset the ratchet for another press. This of course would ease the tension on my balls, but also press against the butt plug, ensuring that it wouldn't accidentally slip out for some reason. And through all of this, I could not bend my knees to go down with the ball crusher thanks to the retaining ring the support bar ran through.

The pull up on the handle reminded me that the butt plug really hadn't been inserted yet. I could feel my ass stretching uncomfortably to accommodate the now cold intruder, and it took several tries to get my ass to relax enough to let the rubber slip in. When the plug finally did, I had to lift the bar even higher than I'd originally expected to get the inflation bulb to drop into place, and the ratchet to set. The first few presses I handled ok, taking the extreme stretch of my nut sack in its crusher stoically while I felt the plug in my ass grow slightly larger. Thanks to the TV in front of me, I could see just how far I had to stretch my sac to get the key ratchet to operate, and I was amazed that I was pulling it a good four inches away from my body.

Before too long, the unrelenting pressure on my nut sac and the growing pressure in my ass were starting to get to me; I was sweating profusely from the pain, but my cock was starting to get hard at the same time from the pressure in my ass and on my balls. I figured that to distract me in the future I should attach a vibrator to the top of my ball crusher, so that my cock would rest on it when the bar was in place. I'd be able to rest with the bar up, but my cock would be getting tortured...using my PC muscles to lift it off would only ease the pressure on my cock while reminding me of the intruder of my ass. Stretch my crushed balls or fuck my own ass would be my options to prevent me from cumming before I was released.

In the TV I could see that the keys were getting closer to my awaiting hands, but they still had nearly six inches to go. I soldiered on, forcing my ass to take a larger and larger plug, stretching my crushed balls continuously away from my body, enduring the pain of a stretched asshole and over-stretched nut sac as the keys got closer and closer to my hands. Finally they were in my hands, and I was faced with another dilemma. Did I dare let go of the support bar to release my hands, forcing all the weight to rest on my trapped and tortured balls? Or did I try and hold the handle and unlock the cuffs at the same time?

At first, I tried holding the bar, but the handle limited my movement too much to get the key into the keyhole. After several frustrated attempts I finally let the handle slip from my hands. I was now free to release my cuffs if I could concentrate, but the pain in my balls was excruciating. Furthermore, there was no way I could reach down and grab the bar again; the repeated stretching of my nut sac had let it stretch far enough out of my reach that the only way forward was out. A few more frustrated attempts passed while I was whimpering from the pain, until I finally managed to get my hands released. I immediately grabbed the bar in front of me, and lifted it up, releasing the pressure on my abused nuts. I flipped the hooks out of their locking holes, and groaned in relief as the pressure came off.

I was still trapped in place though, by the butt plug and the retaining ring of the support bar. I pulled the bar up against my body as high as I could once again, and reached under to pull the inflation bulb out of its resting place, and fed it out through the hole in the support bar for it. With my ass still stretched wide, I slid forward slightly so that I was off of the retaining ring, then reached down and unhooked my ankles. In the process, the top half of my ball crusher got trapped behind my legs, pulling them severely back as I straightened up. I quickly bent back over and got the crusher out of the way, then moved off of the stand.

At this point I was stretched in the ass and nut sac, tired, in pain, yet incredibly horny. I could only imagine what the feeling would have been if I'd turned on the vibrator inside the butt plug, or had one to tease my cock throughout with. I wanted to cum so badly at that point, but I felt a little more torture was needed, since I hadn't done everything I wanted to do in the stand. Leaving my ass plugged, the bulb hanging below me, I headed to my toy closet, waddling the whole way. I grabbed out my inflatable penis trainer gag, and strapped it tightly onto my head. I quickly pumped it up as far as I could comfortably go, stretching my mouth wide. Then I grabbed out some clothes pins, and attached them in a star pattern around my nipples.

Waddling back to the living room, drool already dripping from around my gag, I kneeled in front of the camera so that I could watch myself on the TV. I pulled the crusher back down between my legs again, trapping my tortured balls beneath me. Eyes already starting to tear up from the pressure, I pumped my butt plug's bulb 3 more times in quick succession, and then pumped the one in my mouth five more just as rapidly. Stroking my cock madly, I fell backward in my kneeling posture, keeping my legs trapped beneath me and stretching my balls once again. I reached under me with my left hand and started pumping the bulb in my ass as I continued to stroke my cock. I finally exploded, my cum spraying over my prone body, my tortured balls trying to pull back into my body but held by the crusher, my nipples aching from the clothespins I'd attached, and my jaw aching from the pressure.

I couldn't wait to try it this weekend, with my posture collar, gag, and vibrating nipple clamps on as well....


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