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Curiosity Caught the Cat

by James Ellis

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© Copyright 2011 - James Ellis - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; Sbf; gag; hood; straps; locks; cuffs; stuck; caught; cons; X

It was a dark and stormy night, Catherine Le Poridee was bored, her folks were away and she had the house to herself! Unfortunately the house was miles from any where and when she came home last night she had left the lights on her car switched on and now the damn battery was flat, she knew from experience the trickle charger in the garage would take twenty four hours to charge it back up. Just to make things worse the phone lines had gone down so she had no phone or internet. Her friend Holly had dropped her off here, before she went off for the weekend with her sister. The cell phone network didn’t cover out here. That meant she couldn’t contact any of her friends to talk to or party with, so she was stuck here on her own until she could use her car again tomorrow.

She looked at herself in the hall mirror, a cute blonde with short straight hair pouted back at her. She shrugged went to the kitchen and fixed a light snack, then went upstairs undressed and had a shower. Drying herself she pulled on a pair of white bikini briefs, put on her short towelling robe and flopped disconsolately on her bed. She flicked through the TV channels but found nothing that interested her, trawled through her DVDs and CDs but still nothing appealed to her. Then a thought occurred to her, this was an ideal opportunity to have a snoop in her parents’ room, she was dying to know what was in the big chest pushed to the back of the cupboard and always locked! Being nosey was an art form for Cat; she snooped on all her friends. Nothing of theirs, not locker contents, purses, diaries, was sacred.

Going to her dresser drawer she got the locksmiths tool (opens 90% of household locks) she had bought online. She went into her parents’ room and switched on the lights. She strode confidently to the walk in wardrobe and opened the door, as her folks wouldn’t be back until the day after tomorrow she could snoop without fear of discovery. She grabbed the handles of the chest and with a great deal of effort pulled the chest out into the well lit room. “What the hell have my folks got in here a body?” she mused, and a little shudder ran through her at the thought. She knew her folks got up to ‘stuff’ when she wasn’t home, because she could smell the scent of arousal when she got in. “Yuk!”, you didn’t want to give that train of thought house room! Looking at the chest in the light it did not seem as big as it had in the wardrobe, but it was securely locked and there was no sign of any key that would fit the lock on the house keys or in the spare key drawers. So she would find out if the locksmiths’ tool was worth the money, it worked OK on lockers at college and on diaries, but this looked a lot more expensive lock. She inserted the business end of the tool in the lock and manipulated the triggers, there was a satisfying click as the lock opened. Cat threw the tool to one side and lifted the lid of the box.

With a satisfied grin on her face she slowly lifted the lid of the chest. She gasped on the left was a pile of magazines, showing women tied up, on the right a neat pile of what looked like silk lingerie, including what looked like a red corset, but it was the middle section that really caught her attention, a pile of plastic bags containing what looked like leather straps, steel chains, and mixtures of both. “My straight folks are nothing but secret perverts!” she gasped. But she was intrigued, she first picked up some of the magazines, and flipped through two or three, marvelling at how tightly the girls in them were bound, and how ‘contented’ some of them looked, and how it sort of excited her. She next picked up a couple of the plastic bags. Kneeling on the bed, She opened the first one and tipped out the contents. There was a white leather strap with a red rubber ball on it, two coils of white rope, some sort of white leather belt with two metal handcuffs attached, a key ring with two small keys, four small padlocks and three photographs.

Cat picked up the photographs, the first showed her shapely mother naked except for black bikini briefs, over which she had the strap web, which she could now see was a waist belt and a strap running up through her crotch, with the two open handcuffs dangling above each hip. A coquettish smile made her mother look like a teenager, perhaps it was an old photo, but no, in the background was the flat screen TV they bought last year. The second was a rear view showing how tight the straps were, and showing the two waist buckles and the crotch strap buckle, all with a small padlock on the buckles, clearly to show how everything was kept in the right place. It also showed the white ropes had been tied so that each ankle was touching its respective thigh, meaning her mother would have been forced to remaining kneeling until they were untied. The final picture showed this gorgeous woman from the front, her hands now pinned at her hips by the cuffs, her breasts thrust forward, the nipples clearly erect, and now the red ball forcing her lips apart, in fact behind her teeth, held by the tight white strap, Cat felt her mother looked amazing, sexy! No! That was her Mom! How could her folks do this sort of thing! A shudder went down her spine.

Then she felt a tingle of excitement starting in her stomach. What could it feel like to be secured like that? To let yourself be made a prisoner? Yet obviously sexually aroused by it! Cat picked up the ball gag turning it thoughtfully in her hands. I wonder how effective this would be at keeping someone quiet? On TV a strip of tape totally silenced people, but curious cat had stuck a strip of duct tape across her mouth once, and found a) she could make a lot of noise, b) she could unstuck it and open her mouth just by forcing her jaw open, and c) it left sticky gum on her face, yeuk! Yet she still looked at this thing her mother had worn and then slowly pushed the ball into her mouth, buckling the strap behind her head. Hmm! This was an interesting sensation! The ball sat comfortably behind her teeth pushing her tongue down. She found that by putting her chin down and pushing with her tongue she could push the ball back past her lips but the strap stopped it, actually prevented it coming right out. If she tightened the strap a little more, like this, she would be forced to keep it behind her teeth all the time. She tried to speak but only unintelligible mpffhing noises, can make unintelligible noises but not speak, interesting! It put a little strain on your jaw, and you dribbled a bit, but it was strangely...exciting! How long could someone wear something like this? Minutes, hours, and she sucked meditatively at the ball.  Hmmm! Mom must have liked that, but for now let’s just see how long it takes to stop being an interesting sensation!

She shook her head and tipped out the contents of the second bag, again there were photographs, some padlocks, another harness, this time red leather, white ankle strap sandals, with 5” heels joined together by a six inch chain, a black leotard with a white fluffy bunny tail, and a white leather lace up hood with long rabbit ears attached. Again Cat examined the photos, they were once again of her Mother. The first showed her wearing the leotard and high heels standing back to the camera looking over her shoulder seductively with the bunny tail clearly visible. The next photo showed her Mother with her arms bound behind by the harness, which she could now see was a leather muff holding the forearms parallel with straps attached at each end going around the upper arms above the elbows stopping the arms being slid out. Her legs were held together at the ankles by the white ankle strap shoes, she would only able to shuffle or hop. The next was a view from the front with a now anonymous woman with a tight white hood with red discs where the eyes would be and a red triangle at the nose area and white bunny ears on top. Once again Cat sucked at the rubber ball, held in place by the white leather strap. Her jaws were straining a little, but she found the sensation...pleasurable?  

Cat put down the photos and picked up the hood to examine it more closely, she saw it zipped up the back and then had laces to make it tighter. There was a collar attached which would buckle at the back, the holes were more like slots and the prong had a round loop on the end, Cat gave this a puzzled look. Checking the eye circles she saw nine small holes in each and ten small holes in the triangular nose, and a larger grommet hole where the mouth would be. She picked up the next photo and saw it was a close up of the hood from the back, showing the laces pulled tight and the collar buckled tight and a small combination padlock through the loop on the prong, clearly stopping the hood being loosened or removed until it was unlocked. The next photo showed the bunny woman, her Mom! She was in mid hop and Yeah! She looked sexy to Cat!

Slowly Cat put the photos down and sat there somewhat stunned, her heart racing. I cannot believe my Mom’s so kinky, thought Cat. Hell! I am sat here with a rubber ball in my mouth and I think Moms’ the Kinky one! She looked again at the photos in front of her. She felt herself feeling..... turned on by the thought of being in the pictures instead of her Mother. No! That couldn’t be right! Cat could feel herself getting aroused by the thought of being held helpless, perhaps in the hood. How long would it be before it got claustrophobic and it went from thrill to fear? You ought to have someone with you, like Mom had Pop! But yet..... she found she had picked up the hood again, I wonder what it feels like to wear this she thought. Slowly she brought it over her head, settling the pinhole eyes over her eyes, she could see out quite well, there was plenty of air through the nose holes and mouth grommet, and she could breathe through them easily. She carefully  pulled down the zip, closing the hood around her head and neck. This feels quite.... exciting, even comforting she thought. I’ll tighten the laces and see what it feels like really tight.

After a few minutes struggling she had got all of the slack out of the laces and tied them off in a bow, the hood now encased her head putting pressure on all over. Moulding to her face and keeping her jaws firmly clamped around the rubber ball. It was...! It felt...strange...confining.... no! Fantastic! What would it feel like with the collar done up? She fumbled with the buckle and finally tightened it, putting slight pressure on her neck, the blood was thumping in her ears and she could feel herself getting aroused. Her nipples were thrusting against the towelling of her robe. She looked across at the bedroom mirror, a white rabbit in a robe looked back at her, and no..... it spoiled the effect. She shrugged off the robe, wow! That was better now it was a cute bunny girl in white briefs, bizarre, but cute! She glanced to one side and realised that the hood restricted her vision to straight ahead, she could only look out through the holes, and excitement welled up in her, along with a shiver of fear tingling down her spine! She lifted her hands to start to remove the hood, no! She wanted to see how long she could wear this hood before it became unbearable. She dropped her hands to the bed by her sides. She felt a cold object by her right hand she brought it around in front so she could see it more clearly. It was a small padlock, that will stop me taking the hood off too soon she thought, and reaching around behind her neck, she managed the hasp  through the hole on the prong and clicked it shut.

As she heard the click Cats’ heart began to race, now she was trapped in the hood until she unlocked the padlock! Her internal heat clicked up a gear, no wonder her mother shone in those photos! She dropped her hands to the bed once more, to feel for the keys, her left hand fell on some leather straps. She lifted them up in front of her eyes; it was the white waist harness. Well she had tried the head gear why not the waist too?  She undid the buckles on the harness belt, lifted her leg through the strap between her legs and tried to do up the waist strap, as she did up the right hand buckle, she found the crotch strap pulled the belt away to the right so she unbuckled it, and now tried to fasten the left buckle, but it would barely reach! She thought about the photo, of course, you had to fasten each buckle evenly, she loosened the right buckle two holes, now she could tighten the left buckle, she felt the straps she had four holes past the prong on the left, but only three on the right, could she tighten the right one more hole . She sucked in her stomach and slipped the buckle one more hole.

Wow, that was tight, but it felt kind of good! Crotch strap next! As she had tightened the waist belt evenly the vertical strap now hung exactly in the right place as she pushed it between her legs and pulled the strap through the buckle, the strap nestled into her panties and started to separate her lips and pull tightly into her bum crack. The sensation was fantastic! She pulled it so tight that the waist straps were digging into the tops of her hips. It was painful, but exhilarating at the same time. Her internal heat clicked up another notch. She turned and looked at herself in the mirror, looking back was an anonymous rabbit girl, who had rock hard nipples, and a white leather chastity harness with silver bangles at each hip. Her hands strayed to fondle her breasts then the silvery manacles; she started to put her right hand into the cuff. No! That would be stupid! There was no way she was going to lock herself into handcuffs! It was Kinky enough with the hood and harness on! But, it did feel........exhilarating!

 As she turned her head her limited vision drew her eyes to the high heels on the floor, she knew she took the same size shoes as her mother, so she bent to pick them up, as she did the waist harness sent interesting sensations deep into her sex! She might as well go the whole hog! She grabbed the shoes and strapped them on, they felt great! She stood up, wow! They were high! It took her a second to adjust her balance. She could feel her legs stretching and making her stand ...sexily, combined with the harness and the hood, her libido was into over load! She consciously slowed her breathing, and began to feel more in control, but still.....excited!

What did she look like in this get up? She turned her head to look in the mirror, the restricted vision of the hood meant she got a view as if she was looking through gauze. She took a couple of steps the chain between the ankle straps restricting her to short pigeon steps. It seemed to make her hips sway more, she felt like a cat walk model! But she couldn’t see herself properly in the mirror! She thought for a moment, there was the new digital video camera down stairs, she could set that up strut her stuff in front of it and watch it back at her leisure.

Cat was getting carried away by all the new sensations, she started to head for the door to fetch the camera, as she did she realised the restriction and the tight hood meant she was unable to look down at her feet, could she go down stairs in these sky scraper heels without looking? Well she could give it a try! Holding tightly to the hand rail, she sashayed forward and gingerly descended the stairs. She could just step down one at a time. As she walked across the floor she found the heels made her walk with her feet in line and this made her hips sway provocatively, the crotch strap transferring some very interesting sensations, and her nipples felt rock hard, she must look hot! As she walked into the hallway, she looked at herself in the full length mirror. She looked cute with her hips swaying like that! The cuffs at her hips jingled as she walked, tapping gently against her hips.  What would it be like with your hands held by your hips? She reached across and with a little difficulty, closed the left cuff around her left wrist. Oh No! What had she done! The keys were still upstairs! Her heart went into overdrive, and her breath came in short gasps around the rubber ball in her mouth! She felt panicky! After a few seconds the rational part of her subconscious kicked in, and she began to slow her breathing and stop herself from hyper ventilating. She must think what to do next! Looking at herself in the mirror, she realised that she was now a one armed bunny girl.... in sexy high heels, but.... she did look...... kind!

 Talking of hot the hood was now making her head hot. Despite the cool air on her almost naked body sweat was trickling down her neck from her head and the ball was getting slightly painful, she had better take it off! She raised her free hand behind her head to release the hood, only to find the padlock she had put on earlier stopped her! Damn! Why had she locked it on? She would have to go back upstairs for the keys now...... but wait a minute..... this lock felt strange? Oh No! She shouldn’t have rushed things; it was the small combination lock! Her heart missed a beat and then her pulse seemed to thump in her ears, she was starting to get in a panic again! Behind her head like that she couldn’t see the numbers, besides which she didn’t know the combination! She was trapped in the damned hood! Sweat was pouring off her now! Wait! Wait! Calm down! Think!

 Slowly Cats’ panic subsided and she started to way up her situation. She could always cut the hood off, her pulse started to slow, and she started to head into the kitchen for some scissors. No! If she damaged the hood then her folks would know she had been snooping through their intimate things! She had to calm down and think! Cat sat on the stool by the front door and pondered her situation, she had locked herself into the stupid hood with a combination lock that she couldn’t unlock, if she cut the hood off, her folks would know straight away she had been snooping in their most private things! She had no idea where to get something like that, to replace it. But, maybe if she just cut the lock off? She could buy a replacement lock in the town hardware store, and if she locked it when she put it back, if they couldn’t open it they would just think it had jammed. Yes! That could work! Now, what could she use to cut the lock?

Her Pop would have some tools in the box in the garage. All she had to do was go out there and get some cutters and remove the damn lock. This could be difficult, with the use of just one hand, but not impossible. Perhaps she had better go up and get the key for the handcuffs first. Cat turned towards the stairs, and then stopped. But, she was almost at the front door. With renewed confidence Cat got up and sashayed toward the front door, as she approached she saw a lightning flash through the window, but barely heard the thunder clap! She realised the hood was muffling sounds as well as restricting her vision. The storm was still blowing...... perhaps the keys were the best option! No! She had decided to get to the garage for the tools, even though the storm was still blowing, she could stay under cover of the porch most of the way and keep fairly dry. Should she go upstairs, free her wrist and put some clothes on? She was almost naked, so it seemed silly to put clothes on just to get them wet, and Cat thought, the rain might cool me down too! Beside with one arm pinned she would struggle going up the stairs! But with only the use of her right hand she would only be able to drape a coat around herself. What the hell! There was no one around out here to see her, she would just risk getting wet!

Cat reached out and pulled the door open and then staggered backwards in shock. Standing there in front of her was a bedraggled middle aged woman in a wet trench coat, with her arm stretched out toward the doorbell! “Oh Hi! Can I use your pho.....! Sorry, am I interrupting something?” said the woman.

Cat stood stunned for a moment, and then grunted, “Uhh Uhh!” through her nose. Her free hand flew up to cover her exposed breasts and she tottered backwards in the heels.

The woman must have taken this as an invitation to enter. “I guess you thought I was your boyfriend Huh!” she said, smiling. “Look I am very broadminded! I won’t tell anyone what you get up to! I would just like to use your phone to get a tow truck, my cars stuck just down the road!” She smiled again. “Then I’ll leave you to your fun.” She winked knowingly.

Cat stood there stunned for a moment, and then nodded her head, as much as the hood allowed, and pointed to the phone and grunted “Owwwfhh Fhayh, Upffhh eyghh pffhunghh ippfh owpfhh.”

The dripping wet woman walked past her. “Thanks little rabbit,” she said, “I won’t be long.” She picked up the phone and pressed the 0 key, after a few seconds she said “Hi! Can you connect me to a 24 hour vehicle recovery service that covers the Twynham Road? Thanks.” She waited a few seconds “Oh Hi! I have broken down in this storm, I am on the Twynham road about 300 yards south of the entrance to the umm... Le Poridees’ driveway.” a pause, “Oh, a powder blue caddy.” She paused “Thirty minutes to an hour?”Another pause “Yes I’ll go and wait with the car. Bye.”

While this was going on Cat stood stunned, with her hand clasped to her breasts, her heart pounding, and her mind racing! How would she live down being found like this! And by a stranger! Slowly she realised the woman just thought she was having some kinky game with a boyfriend! Also she didn’t seem to be put out by her bizarre get up! But what would her friends think when they found out! But! I have never seen this woman around these parts before! I have no idea who she is! So, she is not likely to know who I am! Then a thought struck Cat! Perhaps she could even get her to help Cat get out of the hood!

The woman turned to Cat and smiled, “You are a really hot little rabbit in that get up you know! He is a really lucky guy that you’re waiting for!” She smiled again and walked back towards the door. “Thanks for the use of your phone; I’ll leave you to your fun, and get back to my car! Ciao!”

This sparked the stunned Cat back to life, “Whheypfffh! Pfanghh oopfhh hepfff Meeeghh!” She grunted. Turning her back to the woman, Cat grabbed the lock on the hood in her free hand, and then pointed at herself, at the waist.

“Oh you want some help with those restraints before I leave!”

” Uh Huh” grunted Cat, nodding her head. “Well, OK honey, if that’s what you want, here goes!” The woman grabbed Cats’ right arm and secured the right wrist at her right hip with the dangling cuff. A shudder went through the girls’ body. “There you go sweets! Now I’ve got to rush back to my car! Hope you all have fun!” And with that the woman turned opened the door and stepped out.

Cat, stood for a moment in shock, then “Mmppffed,” as loudly as she could with the gag and hood on. As she spun around in the unaccustomed high heeled shoes, it caused her hips to sway provocatively, and the pressure of the crotch strap as she strained at the unaccustomed handcuffs, caused her body to give an involuntary shudder!. The woman looked over her shoulder, “My you are a hot little rabbit aren’t you? Don’t go wearing yourself out before your boyfriend arrives! Byee!” With this the woman went out of the door and closed it behind her!

The now very frightened Cat started to scream around the ball gag and totter towards the door. Cat reached the door, but found that with her hands pinned at her hips she couldn’t reach the handle to open it! There was another flash of lightning and the muffled thunder clap, but that was all ! She banged her head against the door frantically, hoping the woman would hear her above the storm and return! But the woman was gone...! Slowly the panic in Cat subsided, that could not have just happened! But it had! Now she wasn’t just locked into the damned hood, now her hands were manacled to her hips as well! As she struggled with the handcuffs she realised they were firmly anchored, and that all struggling did was make her waist belt dig in.... and transfer some very interesting sensations to her crotch! It began to sink in to her confused mind.... She was well and truly stuck! She sank dejectedly on to the stool.

Cat looked around slowly taking in her situation, looking for something to cut the leather, her eyes fell on the clock, wow! It was gone midnight! Where had the time gone? She must have had the ball in her mouth for nearly two hours! You know she was still.... sort of turned on by being stuck like this! Perhaps there was something in the side board drawers, in the lounge! She tottered over to the door that went in to the lounge.

Damn! It was  impossible to open the door with her hands pinned like this! Damn the hood too! Perhaps, the kitchen, there were plenty of things to cut with there! But once again the door knob was out of reach! Cat knew now she was in deep, deep trouble! She was hooded and gagged and her hands were pinned uselessly at her hips, her jaw was beginning to ache, and the heels were hurting her feet!

She would have to negotiate the stairs to get to the hand cuff keys. There were no other options left. It was a strange sensation, sashaying down the hallway with her hands held helplessly by her hips and her bare breasts swinging in the breeze! The crotch strap transferred every movement from her waist harness to her sex, driving her mad! She reached the foot of the stair case and very carefully, one step at a time, feeling more and more exhilarated! Finally, she reached the top, she was beginning to see why her Mom did this! But, she really had to get free, the hood was getting claustrophobic and her jaw was starting to really ache! She went back to her parents’ room.

Oh no! The bedroom door had closed and once again the doorknob was out of reach! This was no good, it would be nearly a day before her folks got back, and Cat just had to get free soon! She would go mad stuck like this for a whole day! The only hope was to cut the harness off! She would just have to take the punishment when her folks found she had been messing with their private stuff!! Her makeup case! It had scissors and nail clippers were on her dressing table. She sashayed along to her room with renewed hope. Once again, a closed door and out of reach door knob stopped her! She couldn’t find anything anywhere that she could reach! She was a prisoner in her own home!  Damn her curiosity and lack of caution! Damn that strange woman! She leant back dejectedly against the wall. I can’t really be stuck like this! There has to be some way I can get free! I’ll curl up and die if my folks find me like this!

Cat thought, there HAS to be some way to escape! Wait! The woman had used the phone! That meant the phones were now working, perhaps she could call for help? She didn’t want to be found like this by anyone, especially someone she knew! She didn’t want to be found like this at all! She would just die of embarrassment! But..... if she didn’t get help how else could she get free? She couldn’t use the keys, she couldn’t reach anything to cut the straps, what was left? Her bondage frustrated her at every turn! Talking of frustration, she was incredibly turned on! Her hands started to head automatically for their usual targets, only to be stopped by the cuffs! Damn it! She could not even pleasure herself!

If she dialled the emergency services, she could perhaps make up a story to stop the cops telling everyone! The problem with that was with the ball in her mouth, she hadn’t been able to make the strange woman understand her! How could she make them understand what kind of help she needed? They would probably send a police unit! There was another problem, Cat knew all the local officers, her married sister was one of them, but at this time of night it might not be them who came! If it was she knew, how she was dressed and tied up would get back to her sister.

Although her sister was usually pretty tight lipped about most of what she did or saw at work! But her sister would probably tell her folks and possibly all Cats’ friends as well! She would be branded a kinky little slut! Perhaps the police were used to this sort of thing, and just treated it as routine? After all, the strange woman didn’t seem to think it was unusual! She was going to have to risk calling the cops!

 First things first, she had to go back down stairs to one of the house phones. She struggled to stand upright, as she turned she stopped in her tracks! Standing on the landing was ..... her Mom.“Is that you Cat? How on earth did you get hold of my private things? I know the trunk was locked!”

Cat mewled pitifully through her gag, her mother did not look at all pleased!..........


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