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Customer Service

by Miss Fortune

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It would be an understatement to say that Ashley was not very fond of Tiffany. The two grew up in the same neighborhood and thus went to the same schools. Growing up, Tiffany had a habit of getting Ashley in trouble for things that Tiffany herself had done. As if that wasn't bad enough, Tiffany often ridiculed Ashley and chose her to be the target of her practical jokes. It didn't end when the girls graduated from high school. Through an unfortunate twist of fate they ended up attending the same college. Things did not improve there - Tiffany was as mean to Ashley at college as she had been in school.

There was one particularly unpleasant incident which occurred during Ashley's freshman year of college. There was a school-sponsored camping trip for the freshmen women which many of the girls went to, including Ashley and Tiffany. Although many of the girls were sorority members, Ashley was not. One of the girls had brought along a sorority paddle - a large, thick, menacing piece of wood. A number of the girls, Tiffany included, made a game out of giving each other swats with it. Tiffany tried to push Ashley into joining, but despite her mocking comments Ashley refused; Ashley had no interest whatsoever in getting her butt smacked with a piece of lumber!

Later there was a nature walk which almost everyone attended, including all the camp counselors. Only Tiffany, Ashley, and two other girls remained behind. Ashley went off on a short hike by herself, not wanting to be around Tiffany. When she got back she took a shower. The camp's shower facility was an isolated wooden structure with a number of shower stalls inside. While the warm water was running over her, someone reached over the shower stall's wall and grabbed her towel! She opened the shower door just in time to see Tiffany running out the door to the facility with her towel in hand! Ashley decided to get dressed, despite being wet. But her clothes were gone! Apparently Tiffany had taken those first, then had come back into the facility to quick grab her towel!

Ashley had no idea what to do. She was alone in the facility, naked and wet. There wasn't a single thing there which she could use to cover herself. She went to the door and looked outside. She saw her towel there, draped over a low tree branch about 20 feet away. Extremely suspicious, she poked her head out the door and looked around. She saw no one. The last thing she wanted to do was go outside stark naked, but she had to get something to cover herself with and her towel was the only thing in sight!

She took a few deep breaths, mentally preparing herself, and then made a dash for her towel. When she was halfway there, Tiffany emerged from the trees, grabbed her towel, and ran off! Ashley chased her a few steps, but there was no way she could catch her running on the rough ground in her bare feet. Ashley turned and prepared to run back inside the shower facility. Before she could even take a step, she saw one of the other girls who had stayed behind close the door and run away! Ashley ran up to the door and tried to open it, but it was locked!

Ashley started to panic. She was stuck out in the open butt naked! What was she going to do? With the shower facility locked, her only choice was to head back to the main lodging facility which was about a five minute walk down the path. She started off in that direction. She couldn't walk very fast with her bare feet - the path had many small stones on it. Extremely self-conscious, she had walked for about a minute when Tiffany, bordered by the other two girls that had stayed behind, emerged from the woods and approached her. Tiffany was holding her towel; one of the other girls was holding the sorority paddle. Ashley demanded her towel from Tiffany. But Tiffany refused, offering a trade instead - she'd give Ashley her towel in exchange for Ashley agreeing to be paddled.

Ashley tried to go around the three girls to get back to the main facility, but the girls blocked her way. Then she tried to back away from them, but the girls grabbed her arms and pulled her to a tree on the side of the path. Ashley struggled, but the naked girl was no match for Tiffany and her two friends. Ashley's arms were pulled around the tree trunk. Then she felt something on her wrists - metal handcuffs! Ashley pulled furiously against the cuffs, in complete panic now.

Tiffany told her to calm down and listen to her. Ashley, embarrassed and scared, stopped struggling. Tiffany told Ashley she had been a wimp for not joining in when the girls were "playfully" using the paddle on each other. She told Ashley that she now had to pay the price for being such a wuss. Tiffany said she had a choice - she could either request that the paddle be used on her now, or she could remain cuffed naked to the tree and face the embarrassment of being found that way when the others returned. "In fact," Tiffany told her, "the freshmen men's campsite is only a couple miles away. Maybe I'll call them and tell them to quick stop over here to visit."

Ashley pleaded to be released, but Tiffany told her she'd only release her if she asked the three girls to paddle her first. Ashley refused to do that despite her situation. Tiffany then threatened to throw the handcuff keys into the woods. "Then you'll have to stand there naked, cuffed to the tree, while the others find some equipment to cut the cuffs off you. I'll bet that'll take quite a while. Tiffany pulled her arm back and said, "Here go the keys!"

In utter panic, Ashley told her to wait, and then reluctantly agreed to be paddled. Tiffany told her two friends, "Let's give her ten swats each." The first girl, Sarah, took the paddle and lined it up with Ashley's butt. Then she brought her arm back and gave her a swat.

Ashley's bottom felt like it had been set on fire. Sarah had swung hard, and with nothing protecting her backside Ashley felt the full impact of the long, thick paddle. Ashley let out a loud yelp.

Sarah then gave her nine more, causing Ashley to renew her struggles to get her hands out of the cuffs. Her bottom had grown quite red from the paddle hits.

Sarah handed the paddle to the next girl, Michelle. Michelle looked at Tiffany unsurely. "Oh, come on," Tiffany told her. "This bitch is always ratting on people, getting them in trouble. She deserves this!" Tiffany's comments weren't true, but they were enough to convince Michelle to proceed.

Before Michelle could swing the paddle, however, Tiffany said to Ashley, "Now, Ashley, ask Michelle to please paddle you."

Angry, embarrassed, and with a fiercely burning butt, Ashley remained silent. Tiffany said, "Ask her. Unless you'd like us to each give you twenty..."

Near tears, Ashley said in a low voice, "Please paddle me."

Tiffany said, "Speak louder. Say 'Michelle, please paddle my bare ass.'"

Ashley, her face bright red, said, "Michelle, please paddle my bare ass."

Michelle then gave Ashley ten hard swats, adding considerably to her discomfort. Ashley's bottom was now a deep, dark shade of red. Ashley started sniffling.

"Ah, is the baby going to cry now?" Tiffany taunted. "Good news though - you're almost done. Now, ask me to paddle you. Since you're being such a baby about this, you have to ask me to give you thirty."

Ashley started crying; the pain and humiliation had become too much for her. Sarah and Michelle looked at each other uncomfortably. Sarah muttered, "That's too many. I think she's had enough."

Tiffany looked up at her in anger, but quickly saw the discomfort on both her friends' faces. She said, "OK, sure - we wouldn't want to overdo it. I'll just give her fifteen."

Neither Sarah nor Michelle seemed happy about this, but they both nodded.

Tiffany said to Ashley, "Ask me to please give you fifteen hard swats with the paddle."

Crying, Ashley said, "Please give me fifteen swats with the paddle."

"I said fifteen HARD swats," Tiffany said. "Now try again."

Crying harder, Ashley said, "Please give me fifteen hard swats with the paddle."

With a vicious smile, Tiffany lined up the paddle and then unleashed fifteen of the hardest swats she could muster, one right after the other.

When she was done, Ashley was bawling uncontrollably. Sarah said, "OK, let's let her go now."

Tiffany said, "Nah, let's just leave her here like this." Tiffany started to walk away.

"NO!" Sarah said emphatically.

Tiffany stopped in her tracks. She turned, glancing at Michelle to gauge her feelings. Seeing her face, Tiffany guessed that if push came to shove Michelle would side with Sarah.

"OK, OK," Tiffany said, "I was only kidding. Sure, let's let her go now."

Tiffany unlocked the cuffs and handed Ashley her towel. Michelle handed Ashley her clothes, which had been sitting on a rock just off the path. Tiffany, Sarah, and Michelle walked back toward the main facility as Ashley, still crying hard, started to dress.


Ashley hadn't had any incidents which were as bad as that one during the remainder of her college years, although Tiffany had still caused her problems from time to time. Ashley never understood the cause for Tiffany's dislike of her. They had different personalities and ran in different circles. Tiffany was a blond knockout who was outgoing and comfortable with people. She was also very skilled at manipulating others. Ashley, on the other hand, tended to be introverted and a little geeky, more comfortable with computers than with people. Ashley was quite pretty herself, although her beauty was a little more subdued than Tiffany's.

Incredibly, Ashley and Tiffany ended up working at the same company when they got out of college. Fortunately for Ashley, this only lasted for one year; after that Tiffany had gone out on her own as a consultant. During that year, however, Tiffany managed to get Ashley formally reprimanded for something Tiffany had done. This had set Ashley's career back and further enhanced Ashley's dislike of her. Ashley was ecstatic when she heard that Tiffany was leaving the company! She thought her problems with that horrid woman would be over.

She was wrong. All that had happened before paled in comparison to what Tiffany had done just a few months after she had left the company. Ashley was at home with her lover, Kyle, when Tiffany came by unannounced. When the doorbell rang and Ashley opened the door, Tiffany just brushed past her and entered her house without invitation! Not surprisingly, Ashley had been caught completely off-guard by this; Tiffany was absolutely the very last person Ashley would ever want in her home! As she tried to figure out a way to get Tiffany out of her house without making too much of a scene, Tiffany started talking with Kyle.

It had been a painful experience for Ashley, one of the worst of her life. Tiffany had not been wearing a bra. As she talked to Ashley's boyfriend she managed to find reasons to stretch her arms behind her head, causing her breasts, which were already pretty impressive, to stick out even further. The added pressure of her breasts against her top made her nipples clearly visible through her garment.

Tiffany hadn't stopped there, though. She also stood up and walked across the room numerous times, pretending to simply be stretching her legs. Her actions were quite deliberate though - she was openly trying to steal Ashley's lover! As she took these short walks she deliberately put an extra wiggle in her ass. When she was facing away from Kyle she presented him with a powerfully alluring sight, as she was wearing thin pants without panties underneath.

When Ashley saw what she was doing, she was furious. She had wished she had a thick wooden board to smack Tiffany's butt with... the sorority paddle that had been used on her would have been just perfect! But as always, she didn't know how to handle Tiffany and by the time she got her out of her house, the damage had been done. Tiffany had pulled Kyle away from her.

What made it even worse was that Tiffany had dumped him within a week! All she had been interested in was a few nights of pleasure and, more importantly to Tiffany, hurting Ashley by taking something important away from her! Ashley had really liked Kyle and had been in the process of building a serious relationship, one that may even have lasted. While she was over Kyle now, at the time the incident caused her to shed many tears of anguish and anger. She partly blamed Kyle of course, viewing him as a fickle bastard, yet Tiffany's actions had been absolutely unforgiveable!

After that happened Ashley really wanted revenge. That type of thinking was not natural for her, but she was simply so totally bitter she couldn't help herself. Nothing happened though. While she seriously tried to think of a way to get even, that line of thought was not something she was good at. The most practical idea she had was to try to hack into Tiffany's computer to see if she could find something on her system to use against her, but she was unsuccessful in her attempts. She gave up and moved on.

But then a few months later an idea popped into her head. She hadn't been thinking about Tiffany or revenge at the time, but when the idea came she immediately saw a possible application for it... a possible way of breaking into Tiffany's computer system.

She gave it a try, not really expecting it to work. But it did! She almost couldn't believe it, but she had hacked into Tiffany's system! She wasn't exactly sure what to do at that point; any ideas she had had in that regard were vague. She decided she'd just poke around and see if any ideas came to mind.

What she found astonished her. Her eyes widened and her mouth dropped open. She couldn't believe what she was seeing! She started copying information from Tiffany's system to her own computer so she could study it in detail at her leisure. As she continued delving into the secrets of Tiffany's life, the beginnings of a plan started to form in her head. A plan for revenge. A smile emerged on Ashley's face.


Tiffany worked for a company for a year after she graduated from college, then left that company to set herself up as a consultant. Her specialty was customer service. It was something she was good at and translated into revenue for the companies she contracted with. She was often able to soothe difficult situations over and turn unhappy customers into loyal repeat customers. She performed her work from a home office, which had a number of advantages.

Tiffany had an idiosyncrasy concerning her personal hygiene. With regards to her personal cleanliness she was somewhat of a "clean freak." She took a minimum of two showers a day, sometimes more. Coming into contact with any kind of dirt or grime really bugged her. She had an especially strong aversion to "stickiness." If she discovered a sticky spot on her skin or clothes, she'd immediately stop what she was doing to get the offending substance off. She would sometimes even go to the extreme of taking a shower and changing her clothes just to be sure it was completely gone.

Fortunately this oddity did not affect her work. She had been working as a customer service consultant for less than a year, yet was already doing pretty well for herself. Although her natural skills at influencing people were a big help, there was another reason for her success. A secret reason.

It had to do with an appetite she had for an exquisite dish... self-bondage. This was her most closely guarded secret. She never told anyone about it, neither friend nor lover. This was for her and her alone.

She had a room in her house dedicated to this pursuit. It was in the far end of her basement behind a hidden door which she always kept locked. Anyone who came into her basement would never have suspected its existence - her basement appeared to end after a certain point and there was no reason for anyone to suspect that it didn't. The room was well-lit and spotlessly clean.

One of her favorite sessions involved a table, a vibrator, and a spanking machine. She had put padding on the table which extended over the one end. She would face the table and cuff her ankles to the two legs; this kept her legs spread. Then she'd bend over the table and cuff her left wrist to the far corner. The padding which extended over the table's end kept the table's edge from digging into her. She then activated her spanking machine, which employed a long, thick wooden paddle. While she was being paddled she masturbated with her right hand using a vibrator. She had incredible orgasms with this setup.

Her spanking machine had four settings: Soft, Medium, Hard, and Punishment. For her sessions she always used 'Soft.' This produced a mild sting when the paddle struck across both her bare cheeks. The 'Medium' setting stung a lot more, too much for her erotic sessions. That setting did have its uses, though. It played an important role in her success as a customer service agent.

On Friday's, Tiffany had a two hour stint with a company with particularly difficult customers. These customers had a tendency to be argumentative, nasty, and just generally troublesome. Her first service attempt with this company did not go well. It was an important customer though - their rates were especially high. She wanted to learn to improve her skills and had an interesting idea for how to go about doing it.

She had started performing her customer service duties for this two hour Friday period from her secret self-bondage room. She placed the laptop computer that she used for these service sessions on a small table positioned directly in front of her bondage table, where she could easily see the display when bound. In this position, she could use the laptop's built-in speaker and microphone for her calls. She positioned a miniature keyboard with a built-in mouse touchpad on her bondage table where she would be able to use it with her right hand, which would be bound. During these sessions she had her laptop system set up so that the only actions she could perform with the miniature keyboard were those that she needed to do her job, such as answering the next call on the call queue and accessing information from the company's electronic files. It was a little awkward using the keyboard with her bound right hand, but she could manage.

She also had positioned some sprinklers directly over her. These were fed by a small tank of water; she did not have them connected to her main water line. Her spanking machine was positioned in the same place she had it for her normal self-bondage sessions.

Just prior to her customer service session, she bound herself to the table just like she did for her standard sessions, the only difference being that she bound both wrists to the corners of the table rather than just her left one. Once bound, she could not get free until a key dropped, which occurred at the end of the two hour period. All communications with her customers were audio only, so no one would have any idea they were talking to a beautiful stark naked woman who was bound bent over a table!

At the end of each call, the customer was given a short survey about their customer service experience. The last question in the survey asked the customer to give an overall rating to the call. There were three ratings they could give: Unsatisfactory, Neutral, and Satisfactory. Tiffany used the responses the customers gave to this last survey question as a learning device.

What she did was this. After the third survey where she did not get a satisfactory rating, water was dumped over her body from head to toe from the sprinklers. She then had to continue her customer service duties soaking wet. While this wasn't too awfully unpleasant, she still liked to delay this as long as possible into her two hour stint. In addition to getting her wet and a little uncomfortable, the water had another purpose - it served as a warning that more significant punishment awaited her for further failures. This was where her spanking machine came in. She set it at 'Medium' for these customer service sessions. She didn't like getting the paddle at that setting; it gave a lasting sting and if she started getting too many smacks at that level it really started to hurt.

She used the survey feedback to control the number of swats she got following each call:

Satisfactory:           0 swats
Neutral:                 1 swat
Survey not taken:   2 swats
Unsatisfactory:       3 swats

She found this setup to be a strong motivational tool. There were many customers who called in for this company who she had a strong urge to tell to "Fuck Off." That tactic would not enhance her career, however. She found that as her bottom became sore she managed to find ways to appease the unpleasant customers. When she failed at this, she received clear instructions to try harder next time!

She had her system set to punish her for customers not taking the survey in order to push her to convince them to do so!

Her calls averaged two to three minutes in length, providing many opportunities for getting smacks over the two hour work period. She had tried using the 'Soft' setting for one of the sessions, but it just wasn't enough. She considered trying 'Hard' for a session until she actually had her machine give her bare butt a swat at that level. It hurt way too much; there was no way she'd use that setting for any of her sessions! Thus, she stuck with 'Medium.'

She found herself getting better and better at dealing with these difficult customers. Still, she had a way to go; she still received too many neutral and unsatisfactory ratings.


Ashley carefully honed her plan until she was completely satisfied with it. As she reviewed it in her mind, she thought, "Oh, God, if only this would work!" She could almost taste it - a true chance for revenge. A way to get back at the woman who had caused her so much grief over the years. A chance to turn the tables.

She had no illusions, though, about her actual chances. There were just so many things that could go wrong. Realistically, she would almost certainly fail. But... supposed she didn't? Suppose her plan worked? A wave of sadistic pleasure washed over her as she imagined it.

She had to get some materials to set everything up - nothing too special, though. One issue which could have stopped her before her plan ever even got off the ground was getting into Tiffany's home. She couldn't simply break in. If nothing else, Tiffany would certainly have noticed that. No, she had to get in, set things up, and then leave without Tiffany ever knowing she had been there. Fortunately Ashley had found an email on Tiffany's system which mentioned a spare key under a flowerpot near the back door. That's what would give Ashley the access she needed!

She was able to get a pretty good idea of Tiffany's schedule from data on her system. In particular, she knew that Tiffany usually went out Friday mornings for several hours, then came back for her customer service session which started at 1:00 PM. That would be more than enough time for Ashley to do her work.

She decided to try to spring her trap the very next Friday. She checked, double checked, and then triple checked all aspects of her plan and all the materials she had obtained. Oddly enough, her preparations included two jogging sessions that week, which she faithfully carried out. Then she simply waited until Thursday evening. She loaded everything she needed into her car, then went to bed. The next morning she drove to Tiffany's home.

Ashley knew she'd only get one chance at this. She also knew she was taking quite a risk, entering Tiffany's home without permission. But she had to try. She spotted the flowerpot described in the email. She had had no way of confirming whether the key would be there or not. She had considered making a separate trip to Tiffany's to specifically check that, but ruled it out. It would double her chances of someone seeing her there and possibly realizing there was something out of the ordinary.

She lifted the flowerpot, barely breathing. The key was there! With her hand shaking she grabbed the key, unlocked Tiffany's door, and then quickly brought the materials she needed inside.

Her heart raced as she worked. She tried to stay calm, but she knew she shouldn't be there!! She stuck with it, however, and made the changes she needed. Once she was done she had a strong urge to just flee out the door. But she didn't. She forced herself to double check all her work. She had to have everything just right! After this final check, she left the home as calmly as possible, replaced the key, and then left.

Ashley proceeded to drive home. All she had to do now was to wait for her victim to fall into her trap!


Tiffany had just returned from a Friday morning food shopping trip. She entered her home and started putting her groceries away. Then she paused. She looked around, puzzled. Something didn't feel right. Not seeing anything out of the ordinary, though, she returned to her groceries. Soon the odd feeling dissipated.

Before her afternoon session, Tiffany inspected her setup. She confirmed the water tank was completely filled with water, checked that the spanking machine was set to 'Medium', and made sure her computer was set up properly.

At 1:00 PM, Tiffany started her customer service session. As usual, she was bound bent over the table with the miniature keyboard where she could reach it with her right hand and with her spanking machine lined up with her backside. She knew she'd be stuck that way for two hours. That was fine with her; in fact, she had a feeling it would be a good session today. Recently these Friday sessions had been going smoother.

She took two quick service calls, both only about a minute in length. The first customer gave her a satisfactory rating, but the second only gave her a neutral one. The next call was from an irate customer who she simply was not able to appease. That call lasted three minutes and was rated unsatisfactory. She knew she'd be getting wet when the next call which was anything other than 'Satisfactory' came in. She had hoped to be further into her session before that happened, but it wasn't that big of a deal.

Her next call, another short one, was rated satisfactory. But then she got another difficult customer who she had trouble dealing with, despite her best efforts. As she expected, the customer rated the call as unsatisfactory. That's when her troubles began.

As anticipated, the sprinklers activated, soaking her from head to toe. But within a few seconds Tiffany realized she wasn't simply wet... she was sticky! All over her body! Sounds of intense displeasure left her lips.

Tiffany had no idea what had happened. At the moment, she didn't particularly care - all she wanted to do was run to the shower and get the disgusting stuff off of her! But she couldn't! She was trapped! She'd be coated with this stuff for nearly two hours! Her face scrunched up in revulsion. She absolutely hated having this sticky liquid, whatever it was, on her body! It was even in her hair and had run down her face!

Realizing she had customers waiting for her on the phone, she tried to push this unpleasantness out of her mind as best she could so she could get back to her calls. She looked up at the computer screen. What she saw displayed there was not the expected customer service screen. Instead, it was an image of Ashley! Completely stunned now, Tiffany just stared at the screen.

Then the image of Ashley began to talk. It was a preprogrammed recording. It told Tiffany that it was time for her to pay the price for the things she had done over the years. It talked about the incident at camp, about the times she got Ashley in trouble for things she did herself, and so on. It mentioned, with particular bitterness, about Tiffany stealing Kyle away from her.

As the recording progressed, Tiffany became increasingly nervous. It was obvious that Ashley had been responsible for replacing her water with something sticky. But what Tiffany was even more concerned about was what else Ashley might have in store for her. She was especially concerned about Ashley's recording telling her it was time for her to pay the price. That didn't sound good... not at all.

She really hoped nothing additional would happen - the stickiness was quite enough! But she was acutely aware of the spanking machine with its paddle all lined up with her bare butt. Although she had double checked that it was properly set to 'Medium' before she started her session, she couldn't help but to be worried.

She heard Ashley's voice say, "I'll give you a choice of punishments. It's up to you... you decide. Your punishment will either be painful or it will be embarrassing."

Tiffany listened intently, very nervous.

Ashley's image continued speaking. "In a moment I'll bring up the spanking machine's interface so you can set it, then I'll lock it at those settings and you won't be able to make any further changes."

Tiffany had forgotten about that capability of her spanking machine, that it could be set remotely from her computer.

The recording said, "If you decide on the first of your punishment options, 'painful', then you must change the paddle's setting from 'Medium' to 'Hard.' That should teach you a needed lesson!"

Tiffany thought, "No way... that would HURT!"

Ashley's image added, "By the way, just in case it influences your decision. It's just possible that I'll be calling into your service line myself - maybe even more than once! Hmmmm... I wonder what rating I'll give you?"

That last bit confirmed Tiffany's thinking - there was no way she was going to turn her spanking machine up! Her backside would be smoldering with pain by the time her two hour session was over!

The recording went on: "Like I said, it's up to you."

"Now... your alternative. Embarrassment rather than pain. If you fail to turn your machine up to 'Hard', then this is what will happen."

Suddenly the screen changed. Most of the screen was filled with a bare bottom. It was Tiffany's own bare bottom! "What the fuck?" Tiffany thought. "That bitch must have set up a camera!"

As if that wasn't bad enough, inset in the upper left corner of the screen was an image of Tiffany's face. So there was apparently a tiny camera somewhere pointed right at her face!

Ashley's image explained. "What you're seeing is being recorded. Your alternative punishment, embarrassment, will be for a link to that recording to be emailed to everyone on your email contact list."

"OH MY GOD!!!" Tiffany was horrified. With the recording of her face inset into the image of her bare bottom, everyone would know it was her!

Ashley continued to turn the screws. "Your entire two hour service session will be available for viewing, except for this little talk we're having, of course. Users will have the option of downloading it, should they wish to save it for posterity or perhaps to distribute it themselves."

"OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"I suspect that video will generate some interesting conversations. But, as I said, the choice is yours - pain or embarrassment. I'll bring up the spanking machine's interface now. You have one minute to decide. If, after that time, you haven't set your spanking machine to 'Hard' then the email will be sent."

"NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The display changed to show a configuration screen for her spanking machine. She had seen this screen before, although she didn't normally use it; she normally used the controls right on the machine itself to configure its settings. Whatever settings were entered on the screen she was seeing would be sent to the spanking machine, overriding its current settings. There were a number of configuration options on the screen, but the only one that was enabled was the Intensity:  Soft, Medium, Hard, or Punishment. Its current value was Medium.

In a corner of the screen, a timer was counting down from 60. As each second went by the number was reduced by one.

As Tiffany watched the screen in utter dismay, the number counted down to 45, then to 30.

The recording prompted her, "You now only have half a minute remaining. I hope all your contacts enjoy seeing your bare bottom being paddled!"

Tiffany knew she had no choice. She couldn't let that email be sent! A question went through her mind... Why wasn't Ashley forcing her to set the paddle to 'Punishment' instead of just 'Hard'? Tiffany had no idea why; she thought maybe Ashley wasn't aware it had a higher setting. But she certainly wasn't going to argue! She had tried a swat at the 'Punishment' setting just one time. That was over her jeans. It had hurt. A lot. It was well-named, as it had certainly been a punishing hit. Her bottom sizzled even with the protection of her jeans. It would be unthinkable getting hit that hard on her bare bottom! The 'Hard' setting was going to hurt a lot, she knew, but at least it wouldn't be THAT extreme. Quickly, before the timer ran out, she changed to setting to 'Hard.'

"I see you've chosen the 'Hard' setting," Ashley's image said. "Good choice. I'll leave you now. Enjoy!"

Tiffany looked hatefully at the display as it reverted to her standard customer service screen. She had several calls queued up. Reluctantly, she got back to work and answered the first call on the queue.

The customer wasn't too unreasonable - not nearly as bad as some of the customers who called in to this company for assistance. Tiffany was off her game, though. Not surprising, considering she was disgustingly sticky over her entire body and had also been badly rattled by Ashley's recording.

She did a so-so job with the customer and received a 'Neutral' rating. Just after the rating information came in to her computer she heard a beep from her spanking machine. She braced herself... her machine always beeped just before the paddle triggered. She got a smack with the paddle. Damn it, it hurt!!

Tiffany gave a couple of hard tugs against her bonds. That smack had hurt! She couldn't go through her entire session with the paddle set that high - her bottom would be blazing in pain by the time she was done! It still stung from that last hit! She was trapped though; she had to go through her session this way. There was nothing she could do other than work desperately hard at satisfying the customers who called in!

She reluctantly answered the next call on the queue. She wanted to wait a minute or two, but then she risked having the customers getting tired of waiting and hanging up. Each customer who was on the queue and hung up counted as a 'Survey not taken', meaning she'd get two swats.

The next customer was a complete dick. The guy was insulting and verbally abusive. She wasn't in the mood for that kind of crap, but she also didn't want three hard smacks after the call. She gritted her teeth and tried to soothe the asshole, but he was completely unreasonable. The call lasted for four minutes. That was the only good thing about it; it gave time for the stinging from the hard smack she had received to subside.

But then the call ended and the survey results came in. As expected, the dickhead gave her a bad rating. She was punished with three hard smacks, one right after the other. They really stung!

The next customer had apparently hung up. "Oh, great," she thought. With only a few seconds having gone by since she got the three smacks, she was rewarded with two more.

"Damn It!!!" she said.

Her session continued in this manner. She did the best she could, but between being sticky and getting harder swats than usual she just wasn't able to do her normal good job. She wasn't getting many satisfactory ratings; most were neutral or unsatisfactory. She paid the price for these, her bottom getting sorer and sorer as her session progressed.

At one point Tiffany briefly wondered if she could get out of her situation by asking one of the customers for help. But even if that worked, being found naked and bound in her secret room would be almost as bad as having the email being sent!

As promised, Ashley called into her queue several times during her session. Each time she didn't say much, she just asked a stupid question such as how things were going or how the weather was. Naturally, Ashley gave her an unsatisfactory rating for each call, adding to her torment.

By the time her session had ended, Tiffany's bottom was deep red. Her cheeks really burned and stung - Ashley had done quite a number on her! The only good thing about this session was that it was finally over!

The prevailing thought on Tiffany's mind, as she waited for the key to drop, was how she was going to get back at Ashley. Ashley was such an easy target for her; she got a lot of enjoyment out of tormenting the stupid bitch. Now she would REALLY get her. Just as soon as she took a shower that is. A long, long shower!!

Tiffany frowned and looked up at her key drop mechanism. The key should have come down by now. Then she heard the door to her secret room open! She turned and looked back at the door in panic! She saw Ashley standing there!!! Ashley smiled.


Ashley just stood in the doorway for a few moments. Tiffany noticed she had a bag in her one hand. Looking at Tiffany's inflamed rear, Ashley said, "Wow, that looks pretty sore! I'll bet that hurts!"

"Let me out of here!!" Tiffany demanded.
"No, I don't think so... not just yet," Ashley replied.

Tiffany vehemently demanded to be released, then started making threats intermixed with some nasty comments. Ashley continued to just stand there and watch her, not reacting to anything Tiffany said.

"How's Kyle doing?" Tiffany asked. She had been getting angrier and angrier that Ashley was completely ignoring her threats and demands.

"If I were you, I wouldn't try to make me angry. No telling what I might do!" Ashley replied.

Tiffany swallowed nervously and stopped talking.

Then Tiffany said, "I swear, Ashley, I'll report you for this. You'll be in more trouble than you ever dreamed of. You broke into my house. You assaulted me. Just release me right now and maybe, just maybe, I won't say anything."

Ashley calmly replied, "No, you won't report me. You won't report any of this."

When Tiffany started arguing, Ashley said, "Do you want to know why? Do you want to know why you won't say anything?"

Tiffany stopped arguing and listened. She had a sinking feeling in her stomach.

Ashley explained, "I have a copy of everything on your computer, including the records you kept of the funds you stole from two different companies."

Tiffany's face grew ashen. She didn't say a word.

Ashley continued, "Now you don't have to worry about me releasing any of that information. I'll never do that. Not unless you force me to."

Tiffany knew she was totally at the mercy of Ashley. She just lay limply over the table, feeling miserable and sick with worry.

Ashley said, "I mean it. No one will ever see those records. Unless, of course, you carry through on your threat and report me. If you report me, then I'll report you. I don't know which of us would be in more trouble, but one thing I know for sure is that you'd be in deep shit."

Tiffany remained silent. She felt completely deflated.

Ashley took Tiffany's silence to be acceptance. "That's better. Now listen to me. You really hurt me. I can see that I've hurt you back some, but it's not enough. You need just a little more. Then you'll be released."

Ashley walked over to the laptop computer positioned in front of Tiffany and started working on it. While she worked, she talked to Tiffany. "There - I've deleted the email containing the link to the movie of your two hour session, the one that was set to go out to every one of your email contacts. Now you don't have to worry about it being sent."

Tiffany was glad to hear that, but had a bad feeling there would be more to it than that.

Then Ashley started creating a new email as Tiffany looked on. The email contained several distribution lists - there was one for each of the companies she currently had work contracts with plus the company she had worked for just after she graduated from college. Together, those lists represented thousands of names!

Ashley helpfully clarified, "I was able to dig up the employee lists for all the companies you're working for from information stored on your computer. I also of course have access to the employee list of the company I'm currently working for... the one you used to work for yourself."

Tiffany stared helplessly at the screen. This wasn't good.

Ashley said, "Combined, there are over ten thousand names on these lists. Impressive, isn't it? Every single employee who works for any of these companies."

Ashley continued to work. "This email will appear to have been sent by you. That way the recipients will know it's from a trusted source, so they'll be much more likely to open the links."

Ashley then entered "Useful Technique" in the 'Subject' field. She followed this up with a short blurb in the text of the email about the links below showing a useful technique for dealing with troublesome people. She inserted two links just below this text.

She made the email look very professional; she was sure many of the recipients would open the links if they received it in their Inbox. She actually thought she probably didn't need to bother making the email appear legitimate - as soon as one or two people clicked on the links, word about the contents of the email would spread like wildfire and then many people would open it to see for themselves. But she wanted to be sure - if the email were to be sent, she wanted many people to see the contents of the links.

Tiffany continued to watch, completely silent.

Ashley explained the two links to Tiffany. "The first link is the two hour session you just had. Here, I'll show you..."

Ashley clicked on the first of the two links and a web page opened. A video started playing. It displayed Tiffany's bare bottom plus an inset of her face in the upper left corner of the video. As it played, Tiffany could hear her voice talking to her first customer of the day. Ashley advanced the movie to a point where the paddle smacked Tiffany's bottom. The inset video of her face registered her discomfort.

"This is really neat," Ashley said. "It's in high-def... crystal clear. You can hear everything you say and watch all the expressions on your face. And of course you can see the paddle giving your cute bottom some well-deserved punishment."

"Please don't... please... please don't send it," Tiffany said in a small, pleading voice.

"Be quiet," Ashley replied. "I'm not finished explaining yet."

Tiffany swallowed nervously and clammed up.

Ashley returned to her explanation. "The second link is your upcoming ten minute session."

"Oh... shit..." thought Tiffany.

"If you don't do exactly what I tell you, I'll send this email out immediately. While the second link won't display anything, the first link certainly will. I'll bet your coworkers would really enjoy it!"

"Do you understand?"

Tiffany simply nodded. She was totally, totally screwed.

"I'll bring up your machine's interface again," Ashley said

The display changed to show the configuration screen for Tiffany's spanking machine. This time there were two fields enabled: Intensity and Length.

Ashley instructed, "First, I want you to set the length to ten minutes."

Tiffany did so - she had no choice.

"Now I want you to set the intensity to Punishment."

Tiffany started arguing, although not too vehemently. She couldn't obey Ashley - the 'Punishment' setting was just too harsh - but she had no bargaining power whatsoever.

Ashley brought the email up on the display and then positioned the cursor over the Send button.

"Oh my God. No!!!!! OK OK!!! I'll do it!!! I'll do it!!!!!"

Ashley redisplayed the spanking machine's configuration screen. Tiffany immediately set the intensity to 'Punishment' level.

"Now confirm the settings."

Completely defeated, Tiffany pressed the 'OK' button on the configuration screen. Ashley had forced her to set up a punishment for herself that was going to hurt a LOT.

"There!" Ashley said. "Now you'll get what you deserve. Maybe you'll think twice about wiggling your rear at someone else's boyfriend!"

Ashley removed the keyboard from under Tiffany's hand. "You won't need this anymore," she told Tiffany.

Tiffany just lay there, trying not to think about how the paddle was going to feel against her bare butt - her very sore and tender bare butt - at the setting she had just entered.

Ashley reassured her. "I'm not unreasonable though, fortunately for you. I've preset the frequency so that a lot of time will go by between smacks. What I really should do is set the frequency to maximum. From what I understand, this machine is capable of delivering a swat every 3 seconds. That's what I should set it to for the entire 10 minutes."

Hearing this, Tiffany said, "Please. I'm sorry. I'll never bother you again, I promise. I'm very sorry."

Ashley replied skeptically, "Uh... yeah, right. Whatever. Like I said, I'm not that unreasonable, even though you'd deserve that. No, I have it set with a long delay between swats, so you won't get all that many over the ten minute period. Consider yourself very lucky!"

Tiffany hardly considered herself lucky, but on the other hand she couldn't even imagine being paddled at the 'Punishment' setting for ten whole minutes with the machine delivering swats as fast as it could. That would defy description.

"A couple more things," Ashley said.

"Oh shit..." thought Tiffany.


Ashley took some materials out of the bag she had brought along with her. First she placed some type of large, square plate, about two feet on each side, aside of the laptop computer which was right in front of Tiffany. The plate had a cable which she connected to Tiffany's laptop. Next she got out a thin rope; this had a small weight fastened to the one end. Working quickly, Ashley attached a small hook to the ceiling directly over the square plate, then ran the rope through it so that the small weight at the end of the rope was positioned directly over the plate.

"This plate is pressure-sensitive," she explained. "If it's triggered, it generates a left mouse click. So... if this little weight lands on the plate, it'll act as if you pressed the left button on your mouse. When we're ready, I'll have the mouse cursor positioned on the Send button for the email I just created. If you allow the weight to fall, it'll send the email out... to thousands of people. You wouldn't want that!"

"Shit shit shit"

"Now here... hold this." Ashley put the other end of the rope, the end which did not have the weight attached, into Tiffany's right hand. "All you have to do is hold onto this for your ten minute paddling. If you let go, then the email will be sent and all your coworkers will be treated to a couple of very interesting videos!"

"Shit shit shit," was all that kept going through Tiffany's mind.

"The weight isn't very heavy, so you shouldn't have any trouble at all hanging onto the rope. You just need to keep holding it even when the paddle strikes."

"Now, there's just one final thing."

Tiffany watched in disbelief as Ashley took her pants off, then pulled her panties down and took those off as well!

"What the fuck????" Tiffany wondered.

Ashley said, "You wouldn't believe the sacrifices I had to make to set all this up for you! For example, I've worn this same pair of panties for the entire week! I even wore them to go jogging. Twice!"

"Ewwwwwww," thought Tiffany. "And I needed to know that WHY??"

Completely dumbfounded, Tiffany watched as Ashley, right in front of her, opened her legs and started masturbating with her panties, rubbing them inside her pussy.

"OH..... MY..... GOD..... She's insane!!!" Tiffany thought.

In a little while, Ashley started moaning.

Then she stopped rubbing herself and put her pants, but not her panties, back on.

"There, just wanted to make sure these are good and wet!" Ashley said.

Ashley tied the well-ripened panties to the end of the rope.

Tiffany finally understood what Ashley was doing. "SHIT - she's going to make my hold onto those raunchy things to keep the weight from dropping. I don't even want to TOUCH them!!!!!!!!!!"

Totally grossed out and disgusted, Tiffany could only watch.

After Ashley had finished tying the panties to the end of the rope, she moved them toward Tiffany's right hand. "Now, open up!" Ashley instructed.

With an expression of absolute repugnance on her face, Tiffany reluctantly opened her hand. As expected, she'd have to hold the grimy panties for ten full minutes to keep from sending the email.

"No, silly... open your mouth," Ashley said in a pleasant voice.

Tiffany heard her but didn't understand.

"Now don't be difficult. Open your mouth. Open wide!" Ashley smiled at her.

Then Tiffany understood.

"NO!!! FUCK NO!! NO WAY!! NO FUCKING WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Ashley responded, her voice still pleasant. "Tsk, tsk. Don't tell me you're going to be obstinate! It's not like I'm asking you to do anything difficult. As you could feel, the weight isn't heavy. You can easily keep these panties in your mouth. You just have to keep your mouth shut during your paddling. True, you might want to yell when the paddle hits, but that's not allowed. You'll have to keep your mouth shut."


"Oh. Well, OK then. I certainly wouldn't want to force you to do something you're not comfortable with."

Ashley walked over to the computer, brought the email up onto the display, and moved the mouse cursor over the Send button.


"Now Tiffany, you're beginning to try my patience. Please make up your mind. If you don't want this email sent, well, that's fine, but then you have to open your mouth and hold these inside." Ashley held the panties, tied to the rope, in front of Tiffany's face. Tiffany could smell a strong musky odor emanating from them and turned her head in revulsion.

"DAMN YOU!!!!!!!!" Tiffany exclaimed.

"Well, that's it. I've given you a chance. Sending the email now..." Ashley's finger was poised above the pressure-sensitive plate.

"STOP!!!!!!!!!!! OK OK. YOU WIN!!!! I'LL DO IT!!!"

"Open wide."

Tiffany complied, her face scrunched up in loathing and humiliation.

"Good girl. Here you go!" Ashley said.

Ashley put the smelly panties, soaked with sex and sweat, into Tiffany's mouth.

"Close your mouth, now."

Tiffany did so, glowering at Ashley with a look that seemed capable of curdling the milk of a thousand cows.

"Yum, I'll bet they taste good!" Ashley taunted her.

The panties were now completely inside Tiffany's mouth except for the end that was tied to the rope. That end ran just below her nose, nearly touching her nostrils.

Ashley quickly double checked that the mouse cursor was over the Send button and that the weight was positioned over the center of the pressure plate. She also made sure the current time was not displayed on the screen. Then went over to the spanking machine.

"I'm going to start the program now," Ashley explained. "Like I said, it's only ten minutes long. With those panties in your mouth, you'll be constantly reminded just who it is that's responsible for the punishment you're getting. Exactly one minute after the paddling is over, your key will drop. Just be sure not to open your mouth, no matter how much the paddling hurts!"

Ashley pressed a button on the spanking machine and immediately left the self-bondage room, not bothering to close the door. She went up the stairs and was just ready to walk out the door to the house when she heard a smack from the paddle. It was quite loud, even from this distance. She winced. When Ashley had entered Tiffany's home to set things up, she had tested the spanking machine at its four settings using a pillow. She recalled just how hard the paddle had hit the pillow when she had the machine set to 'Punishment' level. She did not envy Tiffany!!!

She closed the door and left, satisfied that Tiffany was finally going to get exactly what she deserved. Because she knew something Tiffany didn't.

Ashley had told the truth about the paddling frequency - there would be a fairly long separation between swats. It would vary between 15 and 45 seconds, averaging 30. That variation would make it difficult for Tiffany to estimate how much time had gone by.

And that was important.

It was important because Ashley had altered the program so that the time shown for Length on the spanking machine's configuration screen was only one tenth the actual value. Tiffany was going to be paddled not for ten minutes, but for one hundred minutes! At an average of two very hard swats per minute on a bare bottom that was already quite sore...

Yes, she'd finally get what she deserved.

Tiffany wouldn't know how much time had gone by; there were no clocks in view and Ashley had ensured that the current time was not shown on her computer screen. All she'd see on the display was the email all ready to totally humiliate her if she opened her panty-stuffed mouth. Thus she'd only be able to guess when ten minutes had elapsed. At some point, though, she'd be sure that that amount of time had gone by. Then she'd know that Ashley had lied to her about the length of her punishment. She'd lie there in panic, bent over the table with her bottom sticking out, covered with cloying stickiness, having her butt ravaged by the paddle. She'd have to keep herself from crying out, too, tasting and smelling Ashley's juices to add insult to injury. After each sizzling swat she'd hope it was the last one she'd get. Ashley had told her the key would drop one minute after the punishment was over, so with the relatively long delay between smacks her hopes would climb as the seconds ticked by. But then she'd hear the beep of the spanking machine and know it wasn't over yet. As that realization hit her, so would the paddle - hard!!!

Ashley grimaced as she thought about Tiffany getting more and more frantic as the increasingly painful paddling proceeded, having no idea how much longer it was going to last and with no way for her to stop it!

She wondered if Tiffany would be able to keep the panties in her mouth the entire time. She really didn't know. Either way, she was finally satisfied she had had her revenge!

Ashley got in her car and drove away.

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