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Cyber Date

by Subgamble

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© Copyright 2004 - Subgamble - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; D/s; chastity; cons; X

Be careful who you talk to on line.  Jack met Kathy on line.  One thing led to another and the met in real life.  From the first time Jack met Cathy his life began to take a new twist.

Jack had posted an ad on one of the kinky Internet dating sites.  He didn’t expect anything to come of it.  Jacks ad read;

 “Submissive male, age 40, 6’ tall, blue eyes and blond hair would like to meet a
 dominant woman. Main interests are being bound, chastised, tortured and force to 
 to serve in any way the woman wishes.  I’m mostly interested in serving on line.  
 I could meet under the right circumstances.

Jack didn’t expect anything to come of his ad. In fact he had forgotten he had placed the ad.  One day he received an e-mail.  

“I found your ad interesting.  I will do some cyber domination.  How I much I can do remains to be seen.  If you are interested in chatting, meet me in #BDSM on IRC. Cha……. at 8 Saturday night.  Be there then or you will never hear from me. Kathy.  Use the name subbyboy.”

Saturday night I logged on to the chat room and signed in as subbyboy.  I saw Kathy on the list of people in the room.  Before I could do anything, the message, “Subbyboy, pm me Kathy.”

I brought up the private message box under Kathy’s name and typed, “Hi!” in the box.

“Don’t say hi to me sub.  My name is Ms Kathy.  Use that title at all times.”

We chatted awhile and Ms. Kathy told me that if I wanted to continue to cyber with her I would have to get a web cam.  She told me she had one and that if I had one we could see each other as we chatted.  She also told me that If I didn’t have a web camera she wouldn’t be able to see if I was obeying her orders.  Ms Kathy told me that I might make an interesting toy.  She told me that if I didn’t have a web camera that there would be no further contact between.  She gave me an e-mail address and told me to advise her when my web camera was set up.

I had no idea how to install a web camera or use it.  Thank goodness I had a friend that was really into computers.  I called and told him my problem.  He replied, “It will be a piece of cake.  We can set it up this weekend.  Shouldn’t cost you more than a couple of hundred bucks, if that.  Then I can show you how to use it.”

By Saturday evening the web camera was set up and I had a pretty good idea of how to use it.  I sent an e-mail to Ms. Kathy.  I surfed the net a little.  In a few minutes there was a ping indicating I had mail.  I opened the letter.  It was from Ms. Kathy.  It had instructions on how we could view each other and talk over the net.  I obeyed her instructions and soon a picture of a lady dressed as a dominatrix came on my computer screen.  This lady was beautiful.  She stood back from the camera and modelled her outfit for me.  Then she lifted her leg putting the sole and high heel of her shoe on the chair.  She posed with a whip.  I was hooked.  I immediately imagined her having me bound helpless on the floor and standing like that digging her heel into me.  I was immediately hard.

Ms. Kathy had long blond hair swept back into a pony tail.  She had deep azure blue eyes.  Her face had those high cheek bones and her face was long and narrow, giving of an air of dominance.  She had thin lips that I bet when was angry would have a cruel look to them.  She had perfectly shaped breasts and long lithe well developed legs.  When I pulled my eyes back into my head, I heard her saying.  “Boy move around a little I want to see what the pig I’m going to dominate looks like.” 

I did as she demanded.  We chatted awhile and she said, “I have to find out if we’re compatible. I’m going to send you a BD check list.   Print it, Fill it out, scan it into your computer and return it to me and meet me here at 8 tomorrow night.”  Ms Kathy signed off.

In a little while I again got the mail call from my computer.  I read her letter, opened the attachment and printed the file.  I looked at the 2 pages that had come from the printer.  There was check list of things related to bondage and domination.  I was to check the ones in which I was interested.  There must have been well over 200 things listed on that check list.  I went through it and ticked off the things that excited me.  That was most of them.  There were a few things I didn’t understand.  I made a mental note to ask Ms. Kathy about them.  I answered the 3 essay questions and mailed the form back to Ms. Kathy.

The next evening she was on when I got checked in at 8.  She told me she was impressed with my answers on the BD check list.  Then she said, “I don’t charge a fee for dominating interesting slaves on line.  However, from time to time I will want slaves to use things which I will purchase for them.  They cost money and some of them are expensive.  I have found that $50 dollars a week will just about cover it.  I promise you will get 99% of your money back in merchandise.  Is that agreeable to you?”

I thought to myself, “This is just another rip off.  I looked at Ms Kathy’s beautiful face radiating that air of dominance.”  I couldn’t resist.  I heard myself saying, “Yes Ms. Kathy that is fine with me.”

She replied, “Good send me a check for $100 tomorrow.  Then the first of every month I expect to receive a check for $200.”

She gave me several orders and watched as I carried them out.  Then she said, “I’m going to send you instructions on how to tie yourself up.  Make sure you have the items in my list handy when you sign on tomorrow night.  Be here at 8.”

I read the letter.  The next day I purchased the rope.  I cut it to the lengths which she directed.  We signed on 8.  Again she gave me a series of orders and told me to strip.  I obeyed.  When she saw my rock hard cock, she told me, “I’ll have to take care of that.  We can’t have that happening.”

Then Ms, Kathy told me to tie myself up as the letter had directed.  I was to be sure I was on camera at all times.  She said she hoped I had practiced doing it several times as she had suggested in her letter.  I was glad I had practiced.

I struggled to tie the final knot.  I was now hogtied.  I heard Ms. Kathy say, “Stay that way for 3 hours.  Make sure you’re on the camera at all times.  I’ll be watching you.

I thought, “God three hours.  I won’t be able to stand that.  Somehow I did.  When I untied myself I was stiff and hurt.  Ms Kathy had logged off.  I took a bath and went to bed.

The next night I logged on at 8.  Ms Kathy told me I had done well.  She had received my check.  As soon as she received a few items, she would send them to me.  We agreed that my training sessions would not be less than 3 per week nor more than 5.  Before each session I would receive an e-mail with instructions.

Over the next several months, she trained me.  At the end of each session I would have to tie myself as directed.  I received nipple clamps, leather cuffs, a gag and several other things.  Shortly after she had begun to train me, Ms. Kathy had me make a lot of measurements around my waist, hips, cock and balls.

One day a letter told me I would receive a package.  I was not to open it until I met Ms Kathy on line.  I couldn’t wait but I did as directed.

We signed on.  Ms. Kathy told me to open the package.  I did.  In it was a strange looking belt and tube.  Ms Kathy said, “That is a chastity belt.  You indicated you wanted to be chastised.  Now let’s get you locked in that belt.”

I hesitated.  I received a stern order to obey.  I began to put on the belt as instructed.  Finally everything was in place and my cock was secured in the tube. I brought the ends of the belt to the locking slots.  I hesitated a second and then heard 2 clicks as the belt locked into place.  I was locked in the belt.  Ms Kathy had a big smile on her face as she logged off.

There was a letter in my mail box the next time I logged on.  It said, no further payments were needed and I would never see Ms Kathy again.  I thought, “What about this belt?  How do I get it off?”

The address Ms. Kathy gave was only an hour from where I lived.  I drove there and looked up the address.  It was a small apartment.  I checked with the super.  He said some one had used it for awhile as a mail drop.  He had never seen the person.

I drove back to my home horny as hell.  After a couple of more months, I couldn’t stand it.  I had to have that belt off.  No matter how embarrassed I would be, I had to see a locksmith.  There was one not far from where I lived.  I drove to the store.

I walked past it several times before I had the nerve to enter it.  I finally got up the courage and entered the store.  A feminine voice said, “May I help you?”

I said, “I need a locksmith.”

She relied, “I’m Jan.  That would be me.”

I stuttered, mumbled and made for the door.  She said, “I’m sure I can help you with your problem if you’ll tell me what it is.”

I replied, “It’s really personal.  I would rather deal with a male.”

Do you mean you’ve locked something on yourself and can’t remove it?”

I replied, “That is sort of what happened.”

“I’ve seen everything.  Nothing will shock me.  Come on in the back and I’ll see what I can do.”

I followed her through the store back to a shop.  I took my pants down and showed her the problem.  

“So you’re locked in a chastity belt and want out.  I’ll see what I can do. “

She examined the belt closely.  She brought over an amber liquid in a vial and put a drop of it on the metal.  She said, “Pull your pants back up.  There isn’t anything I can do to get that belt off of you.  Those locks are snap locks.  Once they close there is no way to open them.  That is a special metal that can’t be cut in normal ways.  You’re in the belt for good.

I left the store.

Help is there anyone out here that can get me out of this belt?



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