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by Jewel M

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© Copyright 2010 - Jewel M - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; lingerie; rope; cuffs; scarves; fantasies; M/f; cons; X

Cynthia had been horny all week, just waiting for this day to arrive. Her husband had left town for the weekend early that morning, and she had immediately begun preparations for the day that was ahead of her. She knew that her lover would be arriving at noon, so she ate, showered, tidied up, and then began to get herself ready. She had just been introduced to the joy of being tied up and played with, and today she was going to tie herself up for when he arrived.

She texted him "C U at 12?"

He replied right away "Definitely"

Then she wrote back "Door's unlocked"

He wrote back "?", but she left him wondering.

Then she left him a note inside the door, telling him to make himself at home and come upstairs. She went upstairs to the bedroom, and got out all the things she was going to need - ropes, belt, scarves, and her lingerie she had picked out. She started by putting on her very sheer black thigh-highs, followed by her black patent 6" heels. Over her head she slipped the black satin chemise with spaghetti straps - it came down to just barely cover her ass. The satin felt amazing on her nipples, and already she was getting really hot.

She sat on the edge of the bed and tied her legs together, above her knees. She moved the rest of her 'gear' over to the corner of the bed, and hopped over to the wrought iron bed post that she was about to tie herself to. She realized that she needed to be little more careful, as hopping in these heels - with her legs tied together - was a little precarious!

She grabbed another rope, tied her ankles together, and tied then to the post behind her. Now she needed to be careful to hang on to the post so she didn't fall forward - at least for a minute or two more. Then she noticed the time - 11:30 - on schedule, and was happy that she would get to spend a little time tied and waiting for him to arrive.

She proceeded by putting on her long black satin opera gloves - how she loved how they felt, and she took a moment to rub her hands over her breasts, neck, face, and ass.

'Mmmmmm', she thought, and felt.

Again she reached down to the pile on the bed, pulled out her long black belt, and wrapped it around the bed post, then around her upper chest above her breasts, and pulled it tight. Now she was attached to the post at her ankles and her back was held firmly against the post by the belt. Only a few more steps until she would be done.

She picked up the handcuffs, made sure the lock side was facing the right direction, and then put them down on the bed beside the all-important key. The only other items were two black silk scarves - she tied one around her neck, and then, after a final check of her cuffs and her situation, she wrapped the other scarf tightly over her eyes.

Now blindfolded, she had only the cuffs to get on. She reached down to where she had left them on the bed, and then attached one cuff around her left wrist. Then she grabbed the key off the bed, held it in her right hand, put her hands behind the post. Now for that final step - she hesitated a moment before closing the cuff around her right wrist, making sure she hadn't forgotten anything, and then slowly she closed the cuff around her wrist.

click. click. click. click. She was now well and truly bound by her own hand, held firmly against the iron bed post, ready for whatever he wanted to do with her.

She had kept the key in her hand just to be safe - what if he didn't show up, what if the house caught on fire, what if...

Her heart pounded as her mind raced with excitement at how he would react when he saw her. Would he untie her immediately and throw her on the bed? Would he play with her, tied as she was? Would he kiss her, molest her, spank her, bite her? Her mind drifted, thinking of what she hoped he would do with her, what she would like to have done to her, what she might not completely expect to like (but might come to find that she would love). How many different positions would he tie her up in over the weekend? Would he hurt her more than she would like? She had told him she liked to be spanked, but they hadn't talked about limits. Would he gag her, or use her mouth as he pleased?

She really couldn't tell how long it had been, but when she heard a car pull up in the driveway, she dropped the key to the floor. As she heard the door open downstairs, she started to panic - what if it was her husband? What if it was the mailman? She heard footsteps downstairs, then coming up the stairs, and then she heard nothing. All of a sudden, lips - his lips - passionately kissing her. She felt herself melt against the post, felt him press his body against hers, was very, very ready for whatever was to come next.

by Jewel M


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