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The Dance

by Soloist

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© Copyright 2004 - Soloist - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; public; display; cuffs; gag; tease; torment; toys; climax; cons; X

We have monthly bondage bashes at our BDSM club.  As part of the evening, various members provide entertainment.  Members that are willing take turns performing.  It is not required, but most do at least one show.  Eventually I was approached and was more chicken to refuse than to work up an act. 

I had to figure out a way to share my form of bondage pleasure.  What I love the most is being bound and teased to the point of torment, even torture.  The teasing is to excite me to the point of orgasm then denying it and/or forcing me to endure orgasms until I can only endure because I am bound and can not escape. 

I built a simple device that I thought would inspire me to perform an erotic dance of joyous pleasure.  It had a rubber rod mounted vertical to a plywood base.  This rod was somewhat flexible with a large dildo mounted on the upper end.  There were two snap rings mounted on the plywood.  The height of the dildo was carefully adjusted so that when my ankle cuffs were held, spread apart, by these snap rings the dildo would be firmly planted in my cunt.  It was not to be uncomfortable but deep enough, along with dildos girth, that it definitely filled me.  I would be unable to lift off the dildo although the shaft was flexible enough to just allow me some side to side motion.  Remember, I said I would dance.  With my feet together I could bend the shaft just enough to mount the dildo.  With my feet spread by the ankle cuffs held by the snap rings I was unable to dismount. 

The main piece of this simple setup was vibrator attached to the side of the dildo.  This gem had fine rubber bristles to tickle and massage my clit while I was mounted.  Another careful adjustment so that flatfooted my clit was on the vibe, when I raised up on my toes my clit would be just clear of the the bristles.  The vibe was AC powered so there would be no batteries running down no matter how long I was mounted. 

The final pieces were a ball gag and two pairs of cuffs.  Each of the cuffs had a standard cuff on one end and an oversized cuff on the other. 

The plan was for me to mount the dildo with the vibe running at a comfortable speed.  My hands would be cuffed behind me, right wrist to left upper arm, left wrist to right upper arm.  The breasts I am so proud of would be nicely thrust forward and displayed as I moved.  As the vibe worked on my clit I was sure I would be held in place doing a sexy, writhing dance for the enjoyment of all.  I deliberately did not test the set up.  I have found that planning and setup for self bondage is in itself extremely exciting and I intended to enjoy this to the maximum. 

We have a small stage set up in the center of our party hall.  I set my mount on the stage in preparation and plugged in the vibe.  I was so excited just thinking ahead that I was shaky and my legs were actually rubbery.  Imagine being trapped in ecstasy and on public view.  I hoped to be doing a dance that would blow the spectator's minds as well as my own.  I knew that I was quite active when in bonds and frustrated. 

I placed the ball gag in my mouth and in addition wrapped a rubber strap around it and my head.  I did not want to be able to even be able to mumble "Help, stop this".  This was going all the way no matter what.  And did that thought cause my juices to flow! 

I then mounted my creation.  It turned out that I had to step up on a small box to insert the dildo.  I reached out with one ankle and captured the cuff ring in the snap ring on the plywood base, then did the same with the other.  My feet were anchored comfortably far apart, enough to keep me from bending my knees.  The pole, dildo and vibe seemed to be adjusted perfectly.  I was firmly full but not uncomfortable and by rising on tip toes could just clear my clit from the vibe bristles. 

I already had the handcuffs attached to my wrists so all that remained was to switch the vibe on and reach behind my and snap the handcuffs to my upper arms.  Well and truly trapped in place, only question was how effective was my planning. 

I was off to a fantastic start.  The vibe was just right to excite me but not strong enough for instant climax.  A wondrous pleasurable feeling spread throughout my body.  My skin cried out for touch, my nipples positively screamed to be touched, stoked, pinched.  I was on a slow climb to climax and not patient about it.  I could not stand still.  As my excitement increased my dance began. 

I squirmed, I writhed, I twisted, I lusted.  The rubber shaft was flexible enough for my hips to move, thrusting out, reaching for the orgasm that was so slow coming.  I wanted my skin to be caressed, I wanted my nipples pinched, I wanted to cum, I wanted to scream from frustration.  Everyone was enjoying my torment, including me.  I loved being held on the edge and self bondage was the only was I could do this to myself.  Being on display, helpless before all just added to my thrill.  I knew that even if I could cry out, no one in this crowd would act to relieve me. 

The vibe speed was set better than I thought it could be.  Finally, I did slip over the edge and began a fantastic orgasm.  It began easy, hit a huge peak, and continued.  And I was really dancing on my dildo. 

Enough was enough, but it continued.  Finally I lifted on my toes to escape the vibe.  Then a new shock!  The bristles on the vibe were just long enough that they lashed my swollen, super sensitive clit as I rose!  I snapped around so hard at that that I thought I would break.  It was like being hit by an orgasm on top of an orgasm.  My legs gave way and I was back on the vibe.  But I was orgasmed out for the moment at least.  I tried again to get off the vibe. 

I managed to endure the clit whipping to clear the vibe bristles and stood on my toes to give my body a chance to recover.  The audience appreciated the view and I held it as long as I could.  I have good legs and knew that they looked very sexy when tensed like this.  As I had planned, I could only hold this position for a short time.  Soon I settled back on the vibe. 

Coming down involved another clit whipping.  My legs were too weak at this point to escape it.  I could only pass through the lashing and again rest on the vibe.  My body immediately began to respond to the vibes tickling massage.  Once more I became excited, first wanting touch, then building toward a new orgasm.  This time though, the climax hit me faster and harder and did not stop.  A continuous orgasm!  Fun at most times, but sheer hell when you can not choose to stop it.  Actually, I had hoped for this.  Everything seemed to be working out even better than I had planned. 

My legs were still tired but I was finally able to rise on my toes for a few moments of relief.  After anther clit lashing of course.  Now I was ready to quit.  But the best part of self bondage was that I could not quit.  I was trapped, no way could I escape.  My legs quickly gave out and I started down to the vibe again.  I tried to stay up but all that did was extend the clit whipping.  That I had not planned on.  But that of course is the idea of the bondage.  I can only endure what ever comes, while I cum. 

Now the excitement builds again, but this time it is a slow, slow climb.  The audience is appreciative of my frustration.  They are also excited and fondling each other, in some cases themselves. 

The excitement continues.  My skin is burning, my nipples are hard and aching.  My dance continues.  Actually I am in heaven, frustration and all.  It almost feels like I am being caressed by the eyes absorbing my body. 

The stage is actually protected from the watchers by a small railing surrounding it.  The  stage is normally a no-touch zone unless the performer (victim?) requests otherwise.  Foolishly I had not.  We do however have some sticks, about three feet long, with short strips of soft carpet secured to the end.  At times these permit touching without really touching.  Some smart female figured out what I was feeling and decided this was a good time to get the sticks. 

The gal that came out with the stick had obviously "been there" and knew just what she was doing.  She reached up with the carpet and slowly started rubbing one nipple, another woman reached in with a second stick and started working on the other.  This did nothing to relieve me.  I wanted them pinched and sucked.  This was just adding to my frustration.  Every time the carpet slid on my flesh I felt it clean down to my cunt. 

Time passed, orgasms came and came again.  My schedule called for one hour.  The club vice president had the key to my cuffs and was to release me.  After what seemed like forever the veep stepped up to the stage.  She reached down and switched the vibe off.  I waited for her to unlock the handcuffs.  She did not.  Instead she whispered in my ear, " Sorry but the next performer, has not shown up.  You are going to have to do the next turn also,  I'll give you a 15 minute rest, then turn the vibrator back on". 

I would have collapsed if it were not for the shaft and dildo.  Even if I could speak it would not matter, the veep was within her rights.  Everyone here was here by choice.  If you placed yourself in bondage here it was assumed that you willingly placed yourself in the other members hands.  They could do as they wished with you within reason.  Pain was frowned on unless the bound one was known to be into it.  This of course was part of the excitement of placing yourself in bondage in the club, you gave up any control and did not know what would happen. 

At first I wanted to cry.  But then I began to feel the same pre game excitement that I felt during the planning and setup phase.  I was going to do it all over again.  And now I wanted to.  Added to it was the idea that I had no idea when I would ever be released.  The veep could keep me going for the duration of this party and more.  My body was already reacting with sensation and desire.  I just hoped I did not get whip lash from all the writhing and twisting ahead. 

It looked like a long night ahead.  I hoped.



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