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Dangerous Leigh 3

by The Third Thane

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© Copyright 2006 - The Third Thane - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; fantasy; toys; cons; X

Chapter 7

Leigh woke with a start. It took a moment to remember that she was tied tight to a steamer trunk, hands shackled behind. Never before had she dozed during a bondage session, but this was beyond any other session. Her body was exhausted. All sense of time’s passage was lost. How long had she been unaware? Her body still glistened with sweat, but now she felt slightly cold in the cellar air. The world was dark and still, but she knew. A phantom presence lingered. There was urgency in her soul. Her thighs ached from pushing against the spreader bar. Her head throbbed from both a headache and from the rope yanking at her neck each time she tried to rise. She had time to think, and that was the worst part. That son-of-a-bitch had a job to do, and would do it only too well.

How could she have done this? Why didn’t she try that thing out, really try it out, first? As much as she wanted to push the thought of the first assault out of her mind, she could not push the two inches of reminder out from her bruised cheeks. She knew he was coming back. Like a corrupt guard making his scheduled rounds, she knew he would come around again. She worked to keep focused and to stay with Leigh, but this was beyond a little Thursday game. Or was it? Isn’t this what she longed for, bored at her desk? She knew he was coming soon. The dread filled her almost as much as the dildo. Was this her game, or more than a game?

She shook her curled blond locks, but the blindfold held fast. She could not see her nemesis, but she could certainly feel him. The ropes lashed her tight to the trunk lid, her nipples had rubbed red from her struggles. Leigh kicked forward at the trunk, but the bolts in the floor ran deep. She had drilled the eight holes herself. The weighted table was beyond her reach. Her wrists and thumbs throbbed from the cuffs. She could almost reach her cheeks, but she couldn’t protect herself. These cuffs were selected special, since they were the one pair that she couldn’t pick even with her tools. She closed the cuffs too tight to slip out, she was pained from trying. The jingle of the chain had lost its erotic appeal.

Her manicured red nails could not reach a single knot, nor could they hope to unlock the leather bonds. The wood from the trunk creaked when she pulled back hard, neck straining against the nylon, leather unforgiving in its hold. She yelled into the cotton and tape. Nothing moved, not one ½ inch of relief. What logic remained whispered that she measured a little extra ice the night before. Two solid hours, realistically closer to three. No chance the keys would drop early enough. Leigh pulled and struggled randomly, knowing that it was no use. Escape was impossible, but her mind could not come to grips with what that truly meant. Could the power go out, maybe the damn thing would break? All were hopes that she could really not sustain. He would return.

I need to stop him! Her bondage was too good to save herself. She had to stop him before the hour was up. But how? He had no ears for her gagged pleading. He had no eyes for her tied, ravaged body. He had no heart for her pain. He had no conscious for her humiliation. Real villains never do. She could image vile lust or even pure evil inside his wiring, but the truth was far crueler. Physics felt nothing. She longed for him not to return, to pass by her plight, to show …mercy? There was no mercy in that cellar, only a helpless, naked prisoner. The fun of the game had evaporated, and panic washed in. She was about to be raped, ass raped by electricity and steel. There was absolutely nothing she could do about it.


Chapter 8

The dildo fired roughly straight into her cheeks, then set directly into its piston action. Her ass felt like it had been seared with a hot blade. A scream burst from her chest, filling the narrow basement even through the wad of laundry taped in her mouth. She had not counted on the lubricating jelly wearing off. The rubber shaft was now brutally bone dry. He was full speed from the moment the power came on. The motion made an audible slap, and pulling sound. It was using her, her most private, precious self. The playful stimulation was done. The real ass fucking had begun.

"30 minutes?" The visions flashed through her head. "10 minutes nearly ruined me. How can I survive three times that pounding?!" She winced, closing her eyes even behind the binding silk folds. She felt herself pawing at her lower back, grasping for her butt, trying to stop the pressure over and over. Thrust, thrust, thrust. The friction really felt like it was burning four inches up her hole, and was getting worse. The pain and the drum beat matched the pulse she could feel in her temples. Her neck repeated it futile pull on the rope.

Then, it started again, this time as a wave in her belly. Leigh was vigilant now, she knew what to expect. "Oh, no. Not this time. Not this fucking time you shit!!" She swore into her gag. "That shaft can ream my ass, but I won't cum again. I will not give over! You can't make me cum again! This game is done." She ground her pussy into the wooden lid, not for stimulation, but to gain some freedom from the piston. It didn't help. Two chained boots slammed into the floor. She was white hot angry at herself. Why not test first? Why did she set the speed so high, and the strokes so fucking long? Thrust, thrust, thrust. He gouged into her being over and over. The pain pinched and burned with each push.

"How long is 30 minutes?" She would not come again damn it. She would make her final stand.

And yet the fire grew, even slower than before, but grew steady with the piston drive. Leigh fought it, hard. Her hands mauled the cuffs, with no hope of release. The swelling in her empty pussy, fanned by her aching loins, rose like a red thermometer. Nothing could stop it. Leigh had to fight it, try to keep it down. Thrust, thrust, thrust. Once she came, she knew it was over. It was like no normal orgasm. Her passion would plow like an avalanche, consuming everything in its path. She would never stop it if she let herself go. He wouldn't let her stop. Only the timer saved her before from physically and mentally imploding. But 30 minutes?! Thrust, thrust, thrust. She could never last without rescue, and no hero was due. There was only her and Ming in the room. The steel driver said better than words that he didn't care. She fought on.

Even while she struggled, it gained force. He was not changing, but her body surely was. As she tensed, it built further, working up. She willed her body to reject, but her betrayal was apparent. She was losing strength, and even worse, losing desire. "NO, you can't just give in Leigh!" She had been abused before, but never truly taken. She couldn't let herself go like this. Thrust, thrust, thrust. She pulled at her shoulders and legs, pulled every single muscle, trying to stop him by all her power. He knew no relenting. “He can’t have Dangerous Leigh!”

She could feel her edge, but it danced just beyond control or release. A long, pleading scream was forced out. "Please, PLEASE STOP! You can't do this, I can't take it! OH, PLEASE for God's sake, STOP!!" Her mind could not comprehend that she was openly begging to no one. This was farther than any human villain could torture her. No, it took a machine to dispense this inhumanity. Not a bit faster, not a fraction slower. Thrust, thrust, thrust. Relentless.

Like frigid water dumped unexpectedly, Leigh came. She lost awareness of her limbs as they clawed her bonds. She body convulsed uncontrollably, lunging on the trunk and striping one of the bolts holding it to the floor. Her sweaty hair flew as her head thrashed violently against the rope. Scream after muted scream sprang out, making her imprisoned throat horse. Her pussy contracted with each push, spraying the wood wildly with her juice. And still it rose. Her pussy, unfullfilled, craved the satisfaction it was cruelly denied. The blood continued to flow hot to her empty space, forcing her further and higher. It would not end, he would not stop.

"Please, I'M BEGGING YOU. STOP PLEASE!" Thrust, thrust thrust. Her nerve ending could feel no more. Pain, pleasure, joy, fear were bombarded together in a fusion reaction. Like a bomb, the energy released was uncivilized, inhuman. It pushed her higher. Could a machine gain a soul, hear her cries? Tears streaked her face along with her matted blond hair. She knew that answer.

Her defeat was complete. The evil had won, without trying or triumph. Her body thrusted back into the dildo as far as the ropes allowed, matching her rapist’s piecing. The pain was not gone, but it inflamed her pleasure to dizzying heights. Justine's will and her mind were no longer hers. The passion was a sea that filled her senses. And still it rose. The heroine vanished, and a shameless slave remained. She needed him, like her next gulp of air. Thrust, thrust, thrust.

She moaned long behind the gag, from deep within her staggering diaphragm. “Please ..don’t ..stop… PLEASE…NEVER …STOP!!”

What monster is this? No mere mortal could do this to her. Her passion thrusted onward. “MOTHER… OF… GOD, YES!!!” Ming had broken her completely. She was owned by wood and steel, his to posess. On and on her body rode the sensations. The pain was intense, but she had no reserves for the humiliation. Never had it felt so hard and good, so FUCKING GOOD!! Her treasured toy had taken her to the core. Thrust,


What? Off? No not off!! Not yet. Just a little more. “Please,” Leigh moaned, letting her head hang forward. She tried to look back, still blindfolded. “Come back, please. If there is even one spark in you, come back.” New tears filled her eyes. “Don’t leave me like this…I…I need it.” The ropes and leather held her fast, but now she was a prisoner from her desire. She pushed back, wiggled her ass. Could she knock it back ON? Nothing, only her labored breathing. Not one more thrust. She wearily yanked at her cuffs out of frustration. He was finished. Her lover was truly gone, and there was nothing she could do about it.

The keys dropped some time later, and Justine released herself from the cuffs and bindings. The pain in her ass returned with a vengeance. The light stunned her as she removed the silk from her eyes. She half crawled to the video camera which flashed 2 hours and 37 minutes of recorded ecstasy. She then looked back at Ming. A simple machine, only an electric motor. She rubbed the shaft, knowing better. He had spoiled her forever. Justine called in sick from work the next day. A heroine need time to recover.



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