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Dangerous Leigh 4

by The Third Thane

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© Copyright 2006 - The Third Thane - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; toys; fantasy; cons; X


Chapter 9

After her last session with Ming, Justine waited for two weeks before trying another bondage session. If truth be told, the experience with the machine frightened her just a bit. But you know what they say, best thing to do is get right back into the saddle. She wanted something slightly different this time, lighter on the physical pain and heavier on the humiliation. She had been working on a story to play out for some time, collecting needed “props”. It would be the perfect way to return to the game she loved.

On a Friday evening, she came home and started her preparations. After dinner and a shower, Justine descended the steps to her basement. Once again, she became the heroine “Dangerous Leigh”, falling under the power and ropes of her arch-nemesis “The Deuce” and his gang. On this rare occasion, she was going to keep on her entire costume. She dressed in her red boy-shorts, her white vinyl knee-high boots, and her tight ribbed T-shirt with DL across the chest. Leigh never wore either a bra or underwear. She took a quick drive in her Barracuda to clear her head and start the story. After 30 minutes, she returned for her capture.

Tonight she elected to use an old favorite that she hadn’t enjoyed for awhile, plastic strap bondage. She had purchased a package of 100 assorted plastic cable ties from Lowe’s, ranging in size from 3 feet down to 4 inches. Leigh sat on her cellar floor and began by applying a thick cable around her ankles, over her boots. The great thing about cables is you can pull them disturbingly tight. Two more thick cables went around her tanned legs, just below and just above her knees. She pulled both painfully tight, careful not to cut off circulation. Leigh then tightened a cable around her bare stomach, above her shorts. Artfully, she pulled two more cable around her body and arms, above and below her perfect and aroused breasts. She left just enough slack to enable her to move her hands behind her back.

At that point, Leigh inched her bound body toward the wall, where she had attached a long chain and collar. She buckled the dog collar around her neck, shackling her to the wall with 8 feet of heavy gauge chain. Each chrome link was over an inch long. The chain locked to a ring in the wall. Leigh took a look around the basement. Her camera was a mindless voyeur, recording her plight from a safe distance. After a final inspection of the rest of her equipment, she tied a bandana around her eyes as a blindfold. Leigh eased her hands behind, and pulled a narrower white strap around her wrists, binding her hands palm to palm. It took some effort, but with patience she tugged the strap tight around her wrists. Finally, she felt for her last strap, and fed it under her waist strap. With considerably more effort, she closed the cable around her waist strap and between her wrists, cinching her hands snugly to the small of her back.

* * * * *

She was done for. Deuce had caught her snooping around one of his meth labs, and left her tied for his men to enjoy. Leigh flexed in the straps, but they gave no relief. The cable clamping her wrists began to dig in and hurt. The feeling was wonderful. Leigh wiggled and rolled across the floor in her dark prison until the chain locked to her collar pulled tight. No chance of escape. No locks to pick, no keys to fall, no knots to work, and not much time before Deuce’s goons arrived. She was helpless and not one sole knew she was in peril. Leigh called out, but her voice echoed in the dark. Leigh was not gagged. No, this was all part of Justine’s ingenious and degrading release method. Leigh felt around and found the metal tennis ball can bolted upright to the floor. God, she was not looking forward to the taste of grapefruit juice again. She only hoped that this plan would actually work!

Chapter 10

Justine had hung a pair of wire clippers from the ceiling, suspended with ice. But the clippers would not fall for 8-10 hours, the maximum time that she had experimented. That was the backup release. To escape sooner, Dangerously Leigh would have to retrieve the small pair of wire cutters at the bottom of the tennis ball can. Justine had bolted the can to the floor, and sealed any holes with caulk. Of course, with her hands cable tied and cinched behind her back, she couldn’t hope to reach down into the can. She had tied a 12 inch string to the clippers, strung the other end through a ping-pong ball. If Leigh could fill the can with water, the ball would float to the top where she could reach. She could then pull the clippers out. The treachery was filling the can.

The back wall of the basement was wooden with a closet behind. It was to this wall that her collar was chained. Locked in the closet behind the wall was a gallon jug of warm grapefruit juice. From the jug came a clear tube, essentially a long straw, that Justine threaded through the wall about 30 inches from the floor. But on her side of the wall, there was no clear straw. Instead, a man stood menacingly against the wooden wall. Not a real one, Justine purchase a full-size male mannequin when a local department store went belly-up. She put a pair of pants on the figure, and attached him standing against the wall. The clear tube from the jug was fixed to the inside of a dildo that poked from the villain’s pants. To retrieve the juice to fill the can, she was forced to suck the dildo. Justine made multiple holes along the shaft, requiring her to take all 6 inches into her throat to get suction. She would have to suck in a mouthful of the bitter juice, then without spilling or swallowing, struggle to the can to spit in. Leigh had no idea how many “loads” would fill the can. She did know she needed to get started.

Leigh moved on her ass to the wall. She could already feel the plastic straps biting at her legs and wrists. She rolled onto her stomach, and used the wall to rise to her knees. Once on her knees, Leigh managed to approach the mannequin. Dangerous Leigh, captured she was now forced to give blowjob after humiliating blowjob to all of Deuce’s men. To make the illusion more real, she sprayed a combination of cheap aftershave and bourbon on the pants. The cocktail made for the scent of drunken henchman. Blindfolded, it was tricky taking the full dildo into her throat the first time. Her initial effort to simply suck the tip produced not juice. She took the shaft into her mouth, nearly causing a gag. Leigh was surprised at how long it took to suck up a mouthful through the tubing. As she drew deeply from the cock, her face was forced into the scented jeans. The experience was only too real. She was sucking dick against her will. She could almost hear their evil laughter.

Leigh winced behind her blindfold at the nasty liquid. While nothing like real cum, it did make for genuine revulsion. She dribbled most of her first load on the floor as she lowered to the can. The sound as it hit the bottom was disappointment. This was going to take a LONG time. By trip four, her knees were becoming sore and raw. The effort to move the six feet was tiring. Also, Leigh never counted on the extra effort to pull the heavy chain locked to her neck. The front of her shirt became soaked with sticky fluid. After 10 trips, she still could not feel anything in the can. She imagined each return to the cock was yet another thug waiting to be sucked off by a vanquished heroine. The pain in her wrists and knees grew each time. Leigh worked through by savoring every deep pull on the dick, caressing and sucking fully. The cock felt so good, at the same time her stomach flickered at the humiliation. Ashamed that she shared each criminal’s pleasure. She imaged she heard their groans as each came in her welcoming throat. Defeat was never so bitter, or so sweet.

By the time she was able to reach the ping-pong ball, all sense of time had fled. She had no idea of the how many trips she made, the total number of vile low-lives she serviced. She carefully pulled the wire clippers from the can, and released her hands. She pulled off her blindfold, and looked to her camera as she snipped the straps from her ankles and legs. The 3 hour disc had run out. She longed to play the mini-DVD upstairs. Justine was wet, and not just from grapefruit juice.



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