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Dangerous Leigh 5

by The Third Thane

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© Copyright 2007 - The Third Thane - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; toys; fantasy; electroplay; cons; XX

This story is presented as fantasy only, use of electric current in the chest area is not advised.

Dangerous Leigh Chapter 11

Justine wanted true peril…well here it was. Her arms ached from pulling, but it was nothing compared to the pain of not pulling. Friday brought another opportunity to indulge in her favorite pastime, self bondage. Again, she assumed the persona of Dangerous Leigh, crime fighter and frequent endangered damsel. All of her sessions radiated from the erotic danger inherent in a heroine’s line of work. Everything from simulated bombs to machine rape was a part of her game. However, tonight… tonight it got rougher. The peril got real.

Justine was strapped to a pole in her basement. She was nude, with the exception of her knee-high white boots. Justine has an extensive collection of inch wide leather straps of various lengths. After her initial preparation, and the arrangement of her release keys, she started her imprisonment. She began by buckling a strap tightly around her ankles, and added two additional straps both above and below her knees.

Pulling herself up against the metal pole, she attached a longer strap around her ankles and the pole. She buckled a very long band around her waist, with the buckle in front. She threaded the long loose end between her legs, running around the pole, and then back up through her crotch to the first buckle, securing the entire strap in place. She had given the leather a strategic twist, positioned just across her pussy. Justine then fastened two more buckles around her chest and the pole. Finally, she added a loose belt around her neck and the pole, not tight, but snug enough to prevent her from moving her head away from the cold steel.

Justine added a black penis gag, pushing it deep into her mouth before it too was buckled into place. She then reached above her head and behind the pole. From a peg inserted into the pole she had hung a heavy chain and two open padlocks. Working carefully, she wrapped the chain tightly around her right wrist and snapped the padlock. She then locked her left wrist, leaving only 4 chain lengths of play between. The chain was still threaded onto the peg. She was ready for the final preparation, the peril.

Through the chain was also attached a cloth rope under heavy tension. Justine pulled down lightly, feeling the weight. She could not see the two crosses of industrial strength electrical tape on her nipples, but she could feel their presence. With a deep breath, she pulled the pin out of the pole, tossing it to the floor with a metallic clatter. Once the chain was free of the pin, her helpless wrists immediately felt the full tension of the rope and its 5 pound weight. She was instantly transformed from mild Justine into Dangerous Leigh. And, she was instantly in a shit-load of trouble.

Dangerous Leigh Chapter 12

The Deuce had captured Leigh and taken her to his lair. Dangerous Leigh had been a thorn in his plans for a city-wide crime wave long enough. Tonight, she would meet her demise. He had set up a video camera to record her final moments for his perverse pleasure. He chuckled as he thought how Leigh’s own weakness would be her undoing.

Leigh pulled down on the rope, careful to maintain tension. The rope attached to her chained wrists rose to the ceiling and took a hard right through an “I” bolt screwed into a beam immediately above her head. A large knot kept her from pulling the rope through the bolt. The cord continued across the ceiling until it came to a second “I” bolt, and then descended to a 5 pound bag of sand. This was the weight that Leigh now struggled to keep aloft. The sand bag was hung over a small table.

On the table, only on inch below the bag, were two thin pieces of metal about a half inch apart. If Leigh allowed the bag to drop even slightly, its weight would push the two pieces of metal together. The pieces would complete a circuit. A devilish electrical loop promised Leigh’s finale. The electrical circuit that the Deuce had rigged sent one wire from the metal pieces to a menacing black car battery. The other wire went from the metal to Leigh’s nipples, held in place by the black electrical tape. The wire then returned to the battery. If the sand fell, and it eventually would, a powerful shock would be sent to both Leigh’s erect nipples. She imagined that its current would bring Dangerous Leigh to her last breath. In reality, it would only hurt like hell. Or so Leigh thought.

Leigh settled in to enjoy her session. She looked over at the camera, at the Deuce’s evil snuff film. She gingerly turned her wrists, but found no slack. She could not hope to pull her hands free. The leather bit into her naked flesh, and the twisted belt flicked a light promise at her cunt. This would be fun.

5 pounds doesn’t sound like a great deal of weight. It isn’t, not for the first several minutes. But in short order, muscles become fatigued. 5 pounds turns into 5 tons of relentless pull. The table with its insidious torture devise was just in front of Leigh’s bound body. She did not apply a blindfold, adding to her excitement. She wiggled her hips as much as the leather would allow, milking a little pleasure from her twisted belt. She watched the sand swing gently over the thin metal, dancing as her arms grew slowly tired.

Curiosity crept in. How bad could it possibly be, really? She had not tried a shock before tonight. Gradually, Leigh lowered the bag, resting it on the metal. With a quick flick, she released the tension and closed the circuit. Simultaneously, she felt her frame convulse against the straps and actually heard a distinct spark crackle across her breasts. The pain was fierce, immediate, like liquid flame. Leigh squealed through her gag, leaving teeth prints in the hardened rubber. She momentarily lost control of her body in the spasm, causing the bag to drop a second time. Her neck pulled taut against its leather bindings. Leigh pulled hard on the rope raising the sand. The bite on her tits stopped, but the throbbing pain did not. Leigh felt a bead of sweat run down her forehead, and a trickle of piss run down her thigh. Her mind refocused as she caught the fading whiff of burnt ozone.

“Christ Almighty!” she muttered through her gag, shaking her head as much as her straps would permit. The release ice was set to drop keys to the padlocks in 30 minutes. She could feel her forearms twitching from exertion, and only five or ten minutes had passed. Would another shock genuinely hurt her, or worse? Her violent jerking had forced the leather deep between her pussy lips.

Dangerous Leigh had a big fucking problem.




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