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The Dark Bag

by The Dark Tuna

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© Copyright 2007 - The Dark Tuna - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; latex; bagged; stuck; cons; X

This is a true story in every details ... if you are brilliant enough to see the dangers and you still feel confident that you can manage it safely ... then try it! :)

Its 5:00pm, time to go home, I had a very bad/boring/unpleasant/annoying day at work. Is it not how all good self-bondage experience should begin? I jump in my car and 10 minutes later I'm at home. I open the door, close the door... then lock the door. Locking yourself at home isn't a sort of self-bondage? Maybe this is why it feel so good.

I had an idea today, I wanted something relaxing and not really a challenge, just something that feels good and comfortable that would put me in a special state of mind. First of all, I take my clothes off, then I take a look in my closet. I find my PVC duvet cover and my 4 leather cuffs, 4 small locks and 2 dial ones. The keys are somewhere, I don't really know where but I don't care, my apartment is small. Then I look around in the closet and find my eyeless latex hood and my gasmask GP-5 and two corrugated tubes. A fabric ribbon? Sounds good, looks like I'm ready. I don't really know how it will turn out or what I'll do, but I don't care.

The PVC duvet cover is in fact a giant black bag, fits flat over a queen bed, and you slide your duvet in it so its more comfortable when you lay down on it. The plastic is thick enough, I tell you, there is not a bit of light that can pass through it. This time, there will be no duvet in it, it will be a naked human body.

I sit on the corner of the bed and put on my lockable leather cuffs and put a little padlock on each of them. They are not coming off without the "idon'tknowwheretheyare" keys. I spread out the bag on the furry blanket on my bed and open it a little bit. I carefully sit in the bottom of it. Its way big enough to contain my entire body and much, much more. The plastic is shiny and very sticky on my bare skin. The bag isn't stretchable at all, It's just shiny thick black cold plastic.Once comfortable I lock my ankles together with one dial padlock. Then the fun part, I set the alarm on my radio for a 4 hour ride, telling myself that I have to stay in the bag for 4 hours, its more of a mental challenge than a release or at least, an indication. I assemble my gasmask, basically its the mask, the tube and the filter. The tube is something like 4 feet and the filter is at the end of it. When you inhale, the air is coming in the mask via the filter, that creates a nice resistance in the tube. When I exhale, the air is coming out by a valve that is right in front of my mouth.

Once assembled, I sit back comfortably in my sticky plastic bag and put two earplugs in my ears followed by pulling the eyeless latex hood on, very comfortable. Now I'm blind. Now I'm deaf. Now I'm excited. I take the gasmask and put it on my face. Once its over the latex hood, its hard enough to take off because of the stickiness of rubber on rubber and there is absolutely no way to get fresh air from somewhere else other than the tube/filter and I realized it quickly because I forgot to remove the rubber plug on the filter. I had no air at all, nothing serious, I still had my hands free to find the filter around me and take off the plug from the filter. Fresh filtered air that is not too easy to inhale at first cause of the resistance, but I know I'll adapt in a few minutes. Now all I hear is my breathing. Time for the next step.

I pull the bag over me, the last bits of light I was getting through the stretched latex disappeared, it was dark, dark, dark. Pitch black. I then started to carefully close the bag around the gasmask tube, just behind the filter. It took a while to do a clean job but finally I got it all. I had all the opening of the bag around the tube. I took my piece of fabric and tied it reaaaally tightly around the bag opening and tube. The result, I'm inside the bag, the bag is closed very tightly around the tube, leaving the longest part inside the bag with me. The five knots I did with the fabric make sure that no air can get in or can get out of the bag. The filter was outside of the bag just behind the knots. So basically, I was taking exterior air, breath it and blow it out, warm and humid, inside the giant pvc bag where I was trapped. I found the last padlock that was around me and I put my hands behind me. I managed to closed the padlock and then I was stuck like that.

Ankles cuffed together, wrist cuffed together behind my back. The bag was less cold but still very sticky, pressing on my body and making any movement hard to make cause I was getting stuck everywhere. All you could hear was me, moaning and my gasmask breathing. I HAD to spend the 4 hours in it, it was my goal and I didn't want to fail. Of course there was no way for me to know how much time was left. I was blind, deaf and cuffed and bagged and controlled by my gasmask in some ways.

Time passed and the entertaining thing happened, at first, I just decided to relax, its pretty much why I did that. I knew I could try to move inside the bag until my hands reach the knots, but it wasn't the goal. I really wanted to spend that 4 hours in it. So I relaxed, it was really comfortable, warm and the sweat was accumulating on my body. Because plastic doesn't breath but also because I was constantly pushing my hot air inside the bag, after a short time, I started to notice that the bag was no longer pressing really hard on me. Yes, it was slowly filling up with my pre-breathed air. This bag is going to be a balloon eventually. But it won't be an indication of when to get out, I had to do my time. The curious thing is that I was sweating more and more because it was warmer inside the bag. I was super comfortable though,. but water started to accumulate around my body that was firmly pressed against the plastic. And it became slippery, it was even more comfortable because of that, the feeling was awesome-relaxing... I don't know .. it was like laying down in a stomach or something.

I day dreamed a lot, taking air in, pushing air out, moving from side to side, making sure that I wasn't going to fall down from the bed, getting stuck in the bag and blocking the air intake by accident and struggling to move the filter free before dying, because there was no way for me to take the gasmask off now as it was too slippery inside the bag and my hands were stuck behind me. It was just wonderful and relaxing. I knew that if I was to fall asleep, I'd not hear my alarm that goes off. I had earplugs and I could hear it a bit if I was awake. I really had no idea how much time I had spent in there, maybe 1 hour, maybe 2. I was totally lost because I day dreamed too much. But finally it was so comfortable that I totally disconnected and fell asleep, I was exhausted from work, I deserved to fall asleep.

I had some very nice dreams, it was warm, and soft and slippery. But I suddenly opened my eyes, it was all dark, all humid and wet, I was still in the bag, how long had I slept? I had no idea, I had a feeling that I hadn't sleep that much, so I supposed that the alarm didn't go off yet, but how much time was left? I had no idea at all. I decided to roll on my back, I was totally disoriented and lost. But the curious thing, I didn't feel the sides of the bag anymore, was it fully inflated? I was swimming in something like 2 centimetre of water all around me, my body was total totally wet and my skin was all wrinkly, like when you stay too long in your bath. I rolled back on my belly and tried to kneel, not easy when its slippery like that.

Now on my knees, it was obvious that the bag was fully inflated as I hardly touched the top with my head. It was so weird and so nice, it was really warm in it, but I was still getting fresh air, it makes a huge difference. I moved around easily, I was in my inflated slippery ball, the water was running around me moving. I had fun relaxing like that, crawling, rubbing myself on the slick wet bag, pulling on the tube but now it was in the air over me. I had this sensual image of myself , in this black bag, cuffed, with this gasmask and this tube coming from the ceiling providing me with air. So awesome and comfortable and relaxing, I'll never tell you that enough. I was in heaven.

I daydreamed some more, I was not looking forward to having to get out of this bag. I knew that I eventually had to get out and take a shower and eat something before returning to bed for the night, but i really wanted to do my 4 hours. It seems to be a really long time that I'd spent inside the bag waiting for the alarm, so long that maybe when I fell asleep the alarm went off and I didn't hear it! After all there is a lot of water inside the bag, I had sweated a lot. The doubt was now in my mind, I really wanted to get out, but I would be soooo disappointed with myself if I get out before my 4 hours. I struggled with this idea a lot for what seemed an eternity, I'm sure I waited nearly 1 more hour and suddenly I hear something very weak. I stopped breathing... and yes it was my radio. I was very proud of myself at that moment, I had really spend 4 hours in my inflated wet bag, I was very happy. But now I was definitely ready to get out.

The ribbon was over my head, I had to make the bag move enough so I could reach it with my hands behind my back and untie it. It was easier to say than to do, let me tell you that, when I was pushing on one side of the bag, I was slipping back in the middle. It took me an eternity to make the bag roll enough to put the ribbon into an accessible position, but I got a little trouble, there was no way I could reach it. When I was pushing my back against it, I was pulling on the tube with my masked head, there was no way I could reach them. It was more complicated and tiring than I thought. I was really sore and my muscles felt like jello, at least I had fresh air. I decided to roll on my back again. Now that the bag was holding the tube strongly, I was able to pull my head away from the knot and pull off the gasmask. I was scared a bit that it would make my latex hood move over my mouth, but I carefully tested and it was fine.

I took my first breath of the air inside the bag, two words, warm and humid, it was like breathing water but it was very breathable. The oxygen level was probably still very high and there was plenty of air to last many long minutes. I struggled again to reach the knots with my finger. Ok I got it, I had a firm grip on the knots, I wasn't going to fall down the bed. I had breathable air for a while, but at my great surprise its not easy to undo a really tight knot when the fabric ribbon is totally wet and when your fingers look like an old potato skin and your nails are soft like a wet cardboard box. I didn't have success at untying the first knot and I had 5 like that to untie. This is where I realized there is no way for me to put the gasmask on again to get new air and there is no possible way for me to break the bag. It was still inflated and no way to pinch the plastic, and there is no way I can shred it anyway. Come on its only knots, you can untie that.

So for many many long minutes, I worked my way on the knots, it was doable finally, with a lot of patience. The air was getting thicker, my breathing wasn't faster really so I had plenty of oxygen left, but I was worried a bit about carbon monoxyde. I was still feeling good, just sore and tired and pain in my numb fingers, when suddenly, happiness, I finally untied the last knot. I opened the bag from around the tube and just relaxed a bit knowing I could go out easily now. I was no longer in a hurry, but I had not realized that the air was going out of the bag and in few seconds the heavy plastic bag collapsed on me, sticking all around my body encasing me again like when I started. There was still no fresh air in it so I very quickly ran out of air. I tried to crawl out but I don't know how I got lost again, the plastic was pressing against my rubber hood and at some point totally blocked my breathing. I had to struggle to free my face and crawl out of the bag. I was feeling the water run all over my body and the cold air of the room that was slowly drying me off. Still blind, I pushed the bag off my bed with my feet and I laid down there for a couple of minutes, breathing the fresh air and drying. The cuffs were damp, I really need rubber cuffs to do these kind of things.

Cuffs... Cuffs, I still need the keys... Where are my keys? As I said earlier, I didn't know where I'd put them the last time, but my apartment is not too big, so I'll just have to walk around and try a few spots where I leave them most of the time. Walk? Ah yes my ankles were still tied together and i was blind and deaf. Oh well, I guess that will be crawling, walking like a mouse and using the sixth sense. I was hungry, I wanted to be free but I had to start my run first. At first I just walked, making small steps, but I quickly got lost, I heard my radio turn off, this means I was in self-bondage for 5 hours now so it was probably around 10:30 pm. I got lost a couple of times, checking here and there for the keys but no success, I crawled on my butt and jumped around to different places and I really wondered where they were? Of course it was possible to find a tool and cut my cuffs, but i'll never do that ... never!!!

I finally found the keys near my bed, just beside my radio, I tried the keys one by one, trying to find one for my wrist cuff, and after few minutes of struggles I finally freed my left wrist. First thing I took off was my latex hood, it was wet, wet, wet, like if I took a shower. There was a couple of very wet spots on my bed from when I crawled out of the bag and more water on the carpet, I really did make a mess. I removed all my cuffs and i went to cook naked, I steamed a fish, broccoli and carrots with a bit of rice, I ate that then it was more than time for bed.

I returned in my bed room, put the cuffs back on, locked my ankles together, put the latex mask on, then the gasmask on, i put the bag on the bed and crawled inside it and closed the bag around my neck this time with a leather collar, then locked my wrist together, in front of me this time, then i fell asleep and I had nice dreams, but i seriously didn't sleep to much that night ...



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