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Dark Closet

by The Dark Tuna

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© Copyright 2006 - The Dark Tuna - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; susp; enclosed; cons; X

Dark Closet by The Dark Tuna Sbm; susp; enclosed; cons; X

It's Saturday afternoon, not much to do, its boring. I live alone in a small apartment and I mostly see my friends only during the weekends. But today, even if it’s Saturday, I have nothing planned ... my friends can't do anything with me today, I have no girlfriend and a lot of free time. When you are in this situation regularly, I guess your imagination is a good tool to avoid turning crazy. Far as I can remember, I always liked self-bondage. I remember when I was little kid, I was dreaming to be tied up all the time. Guess what, when I was older and I got my own apartment, I experimented a lot of things and I all the time tried to find new things to do ... Read Gromet's website entirely and this is everything I like! The only thing I dislike is when it’s too serious. Master/slave ... not my thing really ... I think its a turn off when a girl refuse to think by herself and just want to be your toy.

Anyway, I said it was Saturday afternoon, I was bored and alone and I had time to waste. What could be fun? Thinking about it for a minute, I remember about a mechanical timer I bought months ago and I never had an opportunity to use it. It's time. So I went to my bedroom and looked around and found the timer plugged in the wall ... it was of course deactivated, but my little bedroom lamp was still connected to it. It gave me the idea I needed for today. I went in the other room to find a wire extension. I returned in the bedroom and I emptied my little closet. It’s a very small one, maybe 2.5 feet x 2.5 feet with a little shelf in the top and a pole under it to hang clothes. When it was empty, I installed the bedroom lamp on the shelf. I plugged the extension on it and I ran the wire on the floor until I reached the timer and I plugged the extension in it.

The timer is very simple. It’s only a dial which rotates slowly to make 1 complete cycle in 24h. (5$ ... what a deal!!!) So you just have to install the plastic pins when you want it to turn on and turn off. I set the timer to turn off the light in 20 minutes and to turn it on 4 hours later ... but only for 2 or 3 minutes ... so if I can’t get free inside that little time, I’ll have to stay in the dark for another 6 hours before the light turns on again. The good thing with mechanical timer like this one is that if there is a blackout, the timer will restart naturally when the electricity will come back. But I know it won’t happen because in here we have the strongest electricity network in the entire world. I can’t remember the last time we had a blackout ... and it was only for a couple of minutes ... So it’s a risk I want to take.

Ok, now that I have a little 20 minutes in front of me, I picked two short chains and 4 padlocks (two key padlock and two dial ones). Then I found a little wooden stick 2 feet long and duct tape. I returned near the closet with my hardware and I stripped naked. I took a big blanket and I disposed it on the floor inside the closet. I entered inside the closet, my back first and I got on my knees. I spread aside my ankles and my knees and I installed the wooden stick over my ankles. I used duct tape to secure them to the stick, and it worked well ... when you are in this position, you don’t have much power to move. I tied one chain on each of my wrist and I secured them with the key padlocks. I closed the door in front of me, so I have it right in my face. The inside door knob is very small and sharp and I know I wont be able to turn it with my head to get free. Or maybe I can but I really don’t want to try because I’ll destroy my head probably for no result. I run the chains around the pole, and I’m lucky because my pole has funny brackets to hold it so I wont be able to slips the chain to join my wrist together. I locked the chains on the pole with the dial padlock. The number of that padlocks are written on the back, so there is no problem for me to get free.


Uh oh! Here I am ... on my knees on that comfortable blanket, legs apart with my hands in the air tied to a pole inside a very small closet. The only thing I have to do, is to read the number behind the padlock to get free. But the fun part is that now ... I’m in a total darkness. It's not only dark ... it’s REALLY dark ... When the light turned off, it was really weird ... your eyes are open but you can’t see nothing at all. Then you naturally try to relax and you use your other senses much more. Then you hear all the little noises around you and you try to guess what it could be. You suddenly feel your breath in your face because the door is 2 inches in front of you. You feel you heart beating, you hear the noises of the chains who hold your hands. But you feel really ... protected. Its like if you are nowhere. Nothing can happen to you if you are nowhere of course. Then you wait ...

After 15 minutes or something like that, I realised that even if my eyes were used to the darkness, it was still impossible to see any lights ... it was getting dark outside and I turned off all the lights in the apartment before entering the closet. I tried to move a little bit but I was not able to do much ... all I knew was that I had a hard on because it touched the door when I pushed my hips forward. And no, I was not going to rub it on the door to get excited ... I just wanted to spend sometimes auto-captured inside my closet. Just to see .. just to feel ...

After a couple of minutes, I realized that I was not able to sit on my ankles the chains were a little bit too short. My legs started to shake when I wasn’t standing fully on my knees. I knew I was going to suffer a little bit during my session. It was still totally dark, impressive. I rest my head on the door trying to get a comfortable position and for many long minutes I started to dream, to think. I was very far away from the reality. I was thinking about self-bondage, mummification, latex stuff, sex ... this is my favorite part ... when you are totally comfortable and your drift away from your problems and you enter in a new world inside your head. It’s like dreaming when you are awake. Dreaming inside a closet, it reminded me of the erotic version of the Chronicles of Narnia.

Then phone rang! I quickly returned to the reality ... damn. Of course I wasn't going to answer. "Hi, i'm in a closet for the moment, I’ll call you back as soon as I’ll find my way out!” It stops. I don't know how long I have been in here. More than one hour maybe. Maybe two ... it would be surprising. But my knees hurt. A chance I have a thick blanket under me. Suddenly, I feel something who slips on my back ... an insect??? ewww ... but no ... I noticed that it was just water, I was starting to sweat. Yeah it was warmer in here but that warm? maybe .. I was really comfortable ... I decided to stick my back on the wall behind me .. I was cold but I noticed that there was a kind of steam on it ... same thing on the door ... I looked around and of course it was totally dark. Nothing. I realised that if there was no light, the air exchange was probably very small. I got nervous a little bit at first but I quickly realised that I could breath really well and I knew I was not going to be here for days ... maybe two more hours ...

The time was running slow I guess ... I was switching from a knee to another trying to move the pain somewhere else. The air was more and more warm and wet. I was still breathing correctly, but my body was covered with sweat and steam. I got the impression a fog was surrounding me. A comfortable fog ... but I was starting to wonder when I was going to get free ... and I was starting to realise that I could be not very safe to stay for another 6 hours in a closet where the air is not circulating well ... So when the light is going to turn on, I have to be all awake and free at least one of my wrist. But I was confident since I was used to open the padlock with only one hand, even if now my arms were sleepy a little bit.

Many more long minutes passed, even if I wanted to stay awake and alert, I drifted away again dreaming about many fun things ... I was not sleeping but I was going to. I guess my eyes were closed when a BRILLIANT flash hit them without a warning and without expectation. I knew the time was really short. The inside of the closet is ALL white and the light was so bright ... it hurt my eyes so much ... I tried to keep them open while I was trying to read the number on the padlock. I was in shock, I started to spin the wheel, not remembering if I had to start from the right or from the left ... the pain and discomfort was too much for my eyes, but I still managed to free that wrist. The light was still open so I started to dial the number and when I was entering the last one, the light turned off ... I was here, one wrist in the air, in the total darkness again ... I knew I was entering the last number so I spun the wheel slowly, tugging on the padlock until I heard a *click* ... my second wrist was free. My arms fell at my side and I realised how tired they were. The air was now very warm and foggy, my entire body was wet after four hours of breathing inside that small box without fresh air ... it was delicious!

I untied my ankles from the stick and I finally sat on the ground, my poor knees and hips, they want to die. I relaxed a good 5 minutes, the door was still closed, its so warm in here. I didn’t want to open the door, I was enclosed in that small box for so long and I really wanted to finish the thing here. Without details, I had a giant orgasm and the smell remind me that I really had a good one too. I think I stayed inside the closet for another 30 minutes. I tried to fall asleep but I just managed to dream a lot and now I wanted fresh air badly.

When I opened the door, a cold cold wind entered inside the closet. I started to shiver, so I run in the bathroom and I took a good shower.

Sometimes I feel weird to do things like that. But after all ... its fun ... and I’ll do it again for sure!


The dark tuna


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