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Dave’s Adventure

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2013 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; cuffs; chains; gag; cockring; tease; denial; stuck; caught; F/m; bond; sex; cons; X

Dave sprang eagerly from his bed, mind filled with thoughts of a full Saturday of self-imposed helplessness. He wanted nothing more than to get started immediately, but there were final preparations to be made.

First, he took a long, relaxing bath, then enjoyed a light breakfast. A trip to the bathroom followed, to make sure he wouldn’t need to go any time soon. Next, he called Brandy, his safety net, and invited her over for dinner. Brandy was a good friend, and he genuinely enjoyed their time together, but he had never quite worked up the nerve to tell her exactly why he invited her over so much.

Call finished, he moved to his bedroom and stripped off his robe. His cock was already hard from anticipation, and he made sure it would remain that way by applying a cock ring. Cock throbbing, he ran back downstairs and deposited selected keys in a bowl beside the front door, along with a note telling Brandy where to find him. Hopefully, he would be free long before she had a chance to find the note, but it paid to take precautions.

Back upstairs, he inserted plugs into his nose, then slipped a gag into his mouth, buckling the straps tightly around his head. The air tube in the gag would allow him to breath, while the penis shape would force him to endure the humiliation of sucking on a rubber cock until he could get himself loose.

Next, he took up a leather cuff and wrapped it around one ankle. Instead of a buckle, this cuff had a metal ring on one end and slots on the other. Pulling the cuff tight, he slipped the ring through the closest slot. A small padlock went through the hoop, but, before he locked it, he added one end of a short chain. The chain’s other end was soon locked to the cuff he locked onto the other ankle. Taking up a larger set of cuffs, he quickly locked one around each thigh.

A third, slightly smaller, set of cuffs were soon secured to his wrists. Like the ankle cuffs, these also sported a large D-ring in the center. Cuffs in place, he took up a carefully measured length of chain and attached one end to the D-ring on his right wrist, then squatted and fed the other end through the D-ring on his thigh cuff before attaching the chain’s other end to the ring on his right ankle. A second chain quickly connected his left wrist and ankle.

Carefully, he stood. As his legs straightened, his hands were pulled down. Fully upright, the taut chain held his arms straight down at his sides, his arms perfectly straight. Dave nodded his satisfaction. Bound this way, he could do very little without first squatting to create slack in the chains.

Slowly, he moved around the room, the two inch chain connecting his ankles limiting him to short, shuffling steps. Gauging his mobility, he glanced at the clock, mentally estimating how long it would take him to make his way downstairs and to the keys. He then doubled that time, giving himself enough slack to allow him to get free, enjoy his inevitable self-induced orgasm, then clean up before Brandy’s arrival.

Now it was time to test his helplessness. Dave reached for his cock, but, with the chain fed through the ring on his thigh cuffs, he couldn’t bring his hands close enough to center without bending his knees. Squatting allowed him the slack he needed, letting him softly stroke himself. Not that he could cum with the ring in place, but he most definitely enjoyed the effort.

After several hours of pleasurable torment, he glanced at the clock, realizing it was time to begin his trek downstairs. Reluctantly, he shuffled from his room, down the hall to the top of the stairs. Glancing down, he realized his only option was to seat himself and work his way down one stair at a time.

Shuffling awkwardly to one side, he suddenly felt his left foot slip off the edge of the top stair. Desperately, fearing a damaging tumble down the stairs, he threw himself back, slamming against the top of the banister, which promptly splintered. Helpless to stop himself, Dave plunged through the newly created opening.

The floor below zoomed up at him. Dave braced himself, only to feel his body lurch to a halt. Hanging upside down, he gazed up, a soft moan escaping from his gagged mouth as he saw what had stopped his fall.

The shattering of the banister had left the splintered ends of the uprights jutting from the floor. His ankle chain had snagged on one of these, saving him from impact with the floor, but leaving him hanging helplessly.

Desperately, he struggled to pull himself up, hoping to grab onto something, anything, that would let him free his ankles from the splintered upright. He curled himself at the waist, pulling on the chains with his hands as he bent his knees. He made it part way, then his own weight pulled him back down. Twice more he tried, and twice more he failed. Finally, he accepted defeat. Unable to free himself, he could only wait for the inevitable humiliating discovery.

How long he dangled there, he had no idea. Eventually, the blood went to his head, causing him to pass out. His last coherent thought was, well, at least I won’t be awake when she finds me.

Dave woke to find himself still locked in his chains, gag still filling his mouth. He tried to move, only to find that his already limited mobility had been decreased even further. Raising his head, he glanced down the length of his body.

He was, he realized, stretched out on his own bed. A length of rope was tied to the chain connecting his ankles, the other end vanishing over the end of the bed. More rope was looped under his arms. Craning his neck, he could see, barely, that the ends of these ropes were fed over the head of the bed. Together, these ropes held him stretched and totally unable to bend. With his legs thus held straight, his arms were stretched down his sides. Aside from wiggling his hands, feet and head, he was totally, thoroughly, immobilized.

“Ever considered a diet?” Shocked by the sudden voice, Dave turned his head as Brandy entered the room. “You have no idea how much trouble I had getting you down, not to mention hauling you up here.” Casually, Brandy settled herself on the side of the bed.

“When I first saw you,” she went on, ignoring the muffled sounds emerging from his gagged mouth, “I thought you’d been robbed or something. Or maybe it was some kind of strange ritual. Then I realized a robber wouldn’t have used chains, or that gag. It might have been a ritual, but I think you performed it. Am I right? Did you do this to yourself?”

Humiliated, Dave nodded slowly.

“Have you been like this all day?” Dave nodded again, then stiffened as her hand brushed his cock. “And have you been like this all day, too?” Dave’s only reply was a soft moan as her hand began slowly stroking him.

“Is this what they call a cock ring?” Brandy’s fingers softly explored the base of his cock, causing his body to shiver. “I’ve read about these things. You can’t cum as long as you’re wearing it, can you?” She grinned suddenly. “And I bet you want to cum real bad right about now, don’t you?”

At Dave’s slow nod, Brandy’s grin widened. “This is why you’ve been inviting me over so much lately. You’ve been doing this for, what, two months? Three?” Dave grunted. “Three?” Another grunt. “And have you masturbated after each time?” Thoroughly humiliated, Dave could only nod.

“So,” Brandy said thoughtfully, “that would mean you’ve done this nine times before, if I’m figuring things right. And you know what that means, don’t you?”

Dave’s eyes widened as Brandy rose from the bed and quickly stripped off her clothes. He’d always considered her attractive, but the slim, perfectly proportioned body now revealed to him surpassed anything he could have imagined. Naked, she slipped onto the bed and straddled his helpless body.

“What it means,” she whispered, lowering herself onto him slowly, “is that you owe me nine orgasms.” Closing her eyes, she began rocking her hips. “And I intend to collect each and every one of them before I take that gag out and ask you where the keys are”.

Nine? At the slow, steady motion of her hips, Dave groaned, as much in frustrated anticipation as arousal. That could take all weekend.

“And afterwards,” Brandy whispered, leaning forward until her lips brushed his ear, “you can show me how to do things like this to you.” Smiling, she straightened, hands going to her breasts as her hips began rocking faster.

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