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The Day I was Caught in Selfbondage

by Hershel Shaeffer

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© Copyright 2003 - Hershel Shaeffer - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; cd; schoolgirl; zipties; rope; caught; MM/m; spank; oral; anal; cons/reluct; X

The day I was caught in self-bondage.  No one else was at home.  It seemed like a great time for a little adventure, but first I had to prepare.  In my room I stripped off my clothes, then from my secret hiding place on the floor under the bottom dresser drawer I removed my equipment several bundles of nylon rope, cable zip-ties, duct tape, and scissors.

Now, all I needed was a damsel before the adventure could begin, ya gotta have a damsel in distress for a self-bondage session.  I went down the hall to my older sister Sara’s room. I tossed my supplies on her bed.  Quickly, I began to collect the outfit for my damsel, 3 pairs of panties, bra, pantyhose, white half-slip, blue-plaid pleated skirt, white peter pan blouse, plaid cross tie and black maryjanes for the classic schoolgirl in bondage scenario.  I placed all these items on Sara’s bed.  A glance at the clock reminded me that my parents would be home in about 2 hours.  My sister was scheduled to work after school.  She shouldn’t be home until very late.  Thinking about being bound and the possibility being caught began to get me excited.

Now it was time to dress the part.  I was 17 and my sister, Sara, was a year older.  Being very slender as I was, Sara’s clothes were a very good fit for me.  First I slipped on the pink flowered panties.  Gently I tucked in my erection.  Next came the bra, pantyhose and slip.  As the nylon slip rubbed against my pantyhose encased legs my excitement grew.  I took just a moment to notice my feminine appearance.  Then I slipped on the long sleeved blouse, plaid skirt and the maryjanes.  Finally, I walked over to the dresser mirror and adjusted the plaid cross tie.  Stepping back I admired the pretty young schoolgirl I saw before me.

Time to put this damsel in distress I thought as I grabbed the other 2 pair of panties and stuffed them in my mouth.  Then I wrapped duct tape over my mouth and around my head 5 times to secure my gag.  I decided to try the frogtie.  I crossed my ankles and bound them together. The scissors I placed on the pillow. Next I took my wrist coils and 2 cable zip-ties and rolled onto my stomach.  I put both of my wrists through the coils and secured them with one zip-tie, then with the other zip tie I secured my ankles ropes to my wrist coils and pulled it as tight as I could.  The springs of the bed creaked as adjusted my position to the bondage.  The bondage I had applied was a little stricter that I had expected.  For just a second I thought I might be too far away from the scissors for a quick exit, but with my excitement growing my thoughts drifted back to my bondage.

Slowly, I began to fight against my bounds.  The tension grew very quickly with my mouth so completely gagged and the frogtie so tight.  I felt totally helpless as I began to struggle forward towards my scissors.  Moving my hips forward inch by inch in the strict frogtie with a mouth-filling gag caused me to explode into the pink flowered panties.  I stopped for a moment as I caught my breath.  

To my horror I heard the key turn in the front door.  The front door opened and closed.  In a panic I grabbed for the scissors.  I had only a clumsy grip on them as I clipped my legs free from the frogtie, but as the ziptie snapped free the scissors were pulled from my hands.  I could hear voices as sat up on the bed and fumbled around for the scissors.

“Her rooms down the hall, I need to find her credit card.  She said we can use it to get some more brews for the party tonight.”

“Dude, I’m already messed-up.”

It was Sara’s friends Dave and Ronnie, two drunken football players coming down the hall.  The door opened.   I froze as their eyes met mine. As they came into the room, Ronnie said loudly, “What the fuck?!?”  Dave stood in front of me for a second then picked up the scissors and cut the duct tape from my mouth and pulled it from around my head.  Ronnie asked me who had done this thing. 

Dave quickly interjected, “Sara told me he’s a little freak, he probably did this himself.”  They both looked at me and Dave demanded, “Well?”  I shamefully shook my head yes.  Ronnie grabbed Sara’s digital camera off her dresser and told Dave they could take a few pictures for everyone at school to see.  Dave then said, “I guess that’s up to Sean.”  He winked at his drunken buddy Ronnie and then said, “Maybe Sean can convince us not to take pictures.  Would you like to try and convince us not to take pictures?”  With my wrists and ankles still bound I shamefully said yes.  

Dave grabbed me under the arms told to get on my knees with his help I meekly complied.  Dave then stated, “Ronnie always wanted a blow job from a cute little schoolgirl.  Isn’t that right Ronnie?” 

Ronnie said, “Oh Yeah” as he unzipped his jeans. 

With my voice cracking I protested, “I can’t do that.” 

Ronnie pulled it out and said, “Suck it bitch.”  He grabbed the back of my head as his erection filled my mouth.  My fantasy had become a reality I was damsel in distress, a little schoolgirl at the mercy of her captors.  It wasn’t as much fun as I had imagined.  Ronnie grabbed the back of my head with both hands and strongly thrust hard several times into my throat.  I gagged and tried to pull away, but he thrust even harder and pulled even more firmly on my head.  With one final deep thrust that caused me to struggle mightily as I was gagging, I felt a warm liquid hit my throat and fill my mouth.  Ronnie relaxed his grip a little and shouted, “Swallow it you fuckin’ bitch.”  I swallowed.  Ronnie stepped away as I knelt on the floor bound.  

Dave had me open my mouth as he re-gagged me with the panties and secured it with duct tape wrapped around my head.  He cut the rope that bound my ankles then lead me over to the dresser chair he placed in the middle of the floor.  Meekly I responded to each request as he spread my legs and strapped each ankle to a leg of the chair.  Then he wrapped a rope around my neck and pulled it tight. I began to struggle out of fear.  He bent me over the back of the chair and tied the rope around my neck tautly to the rail under the seat of the chair.  Then he strapped my bound wrists down with a rope around tied tightly around my waist and secured my waist to the back of the chair.

Ronnie inquired, “Dude what’s up with that?”  

“I gotta get me some of that pretty little schoolgirl ass!”  

I tried to plead and beg for another option but the gag silenced any protest.  My body struggled in vain against my bondage.  I turned my head to see Dave grab a bottle of hand lotion off Sara’s dresser.  I renewed my struggles with even more vigor, as I did Dave and Ronnie laughed.  Then I saw myself in the mirror, my buttocks sticking-up in the air, pantyhose clad legs spread, and my neck with cross tie lashed nearly to the seat of the chair.  As I struggled the pleated blue plaid skirt wiggled about my bottom.  

Dave lifted the skirt and slip then tossed them over my back exposing my hose.  Then he pulled my pantyhose and panties down just past my buttocks.  Then Ronnie laughed loudly and pulled off his belt.  He said,  “Sean has been a naughty little girl, Dave.”  With a loud smack Ronnie hit my bottom with his belt.  My body tried to jump with pain, but the bondage held me securely.  About 10 more times my bottom was struck, each time followed by searing pain and laughter.  My buttocks were burning hot and throbbing.  Suddenly, I felt something cool.  I glanced in the mirror.  Dave was standing behind me with his jeans down around his ankles and a full erection.  He was spreading the hand cream in my hole.  I struggled with renewed vigor as I realized what was about to happen.  The ropes held me secure preventing any escape and the panty gag stifled any protest.  I fully understood how I would have to convince Dave.

Dave proudly announced, “Alright little girl here comes big daddy.”  My eyes shut tight.  I felt pressure at my hole, then pain as my hole stretched to accommodate the intruder, then suddenly it slid in.  I could feel his skin slap against my bottom as he thrust himself in and out.  Again, I looked in the mirror. Tear stained face, white peter pan blouse, plaid cross tie, skirted flipped-up, pantyhose and panties pulled down all signs of a ‘true’ schoolgirl in distress, sad, but true.  I saw the bound schoolgirl moving to every thrust of her captor.  Sad and helpless I was that girl. 

My fantasy had become my reality, as a schoolgirl bound, gagged, helpless, and ravaged.  As strange as it may sound these thoughts only made my excitement grow. Dave continued to pump away more vigorously now.  With each thrust my bound body rocked back and forth on the chair. He began to thrust violently.  I moaned with each violent thrust. There were several quick hard thrusts as I felt liquid shoot inside me.  Almost, immediately I exploded into my panties. Then his thrusting slowed and relaxed and he pulled out.  

My hole was sore, my bottom was burning, my mouth was dry and my jaw ached.  I just hoped they didn’t need anymore convincing not to take pictures of me.  Dave was over at the dresser.  He had Sara’s credit card in his hand.  Then he placed the scissors in my hand.  “Sean you were very convincing.  Let’s just say this will be our little secret.”  In a few moments they were gone.  I still do self-bondage, but no longer risk being caught, one taste of reality was enough.


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