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A Day Alone in the Woods

by Texvector

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© Copyright 2003 - Texvector - Used by permission

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Last Sunday, I happen to partake in a series of three self bondage sessions one right after the other. There was a bit of torture involved in each but I found them all to be entertaining. This is my accounts of the day.

I consider myself to be a peaceful person. The only problem that I have is that once in a while I will lose my temper.  To counteract this, I practice self bondage.  Tying myself up is nice but I do not do it for sexual pleasure.  This explains why I do not often get an erection during bondage.  Another aspect of my temper management training is the implementation of often severe torture upon my penis, testicles, ass, rectum, and nipples.  This torture includes but is not limited to anal stretching and impalement, electro shock, painful bondage, nipple clamps, and the application of fire ants, BenGay, and stinging nettles to various parts of my body.

Let us begin. I am 6 foot 1 inch tall and weigh 225 pounds. I am a Caucasian male with dark brown hair, green eyes and a medium build.  I am 24 years old, single and not currently pursuing a relationship but will welcome the right one if it comes along.

Back to the story.  I had a weekend off and went home to my parents who live about an hours drive away.  They were going out of town and asked me to house sit.  We still own but no longer operate a small farm that is enclosed on all sides by tall and thick woods.  The entrance is just off of a county road that gets more traffic than you would think. I arrived at the farm just after sunrise and took a look around. Since I drove here naked, there was no need to undress.  The only clothes that I had were a pair of sandals and a pair of gloves.  I took all of the necessary locks and toys over to their designated areas where I would be performing my self tortures.  There were three stations: WALK IN HELL, IMPALEMENT, and STAKED OUT. 


This was simply a rope suspended just above crotch level between two trees. It was pulled taught with a ratchet and draped over several bushes and branches strewn about the ground.  The day before, I had taped several burr nettle plants to this rope on the end that I would start my walk on.  There was a few feet separation between each nettle.  Beyond the nettles I intended to apply to the rope an ointment that my father had given me for sore muscles.  It’s like BenGay, but it works much slower and produces a burning sensation that can only be compared to an actual open flame kissing your ass.

I stepped over the rope and bent down to fasten my ankle cuffs. I used a twig to engage the double lock, as I didn’t want access to the key until much later.  On with the gloves to protect my wrists from the cuffs and my fingers from the nettles.  I applied a pair of snake bite cups to my nipples and, after a little debating; I put on a kerchief blindfold.  I reached behind my back and fastened the cuffs into place and started walking. The rope was on a steady incline. The further I walked, the more it dug into my balls and ass crack.  The first nettles touched my cock and forced me onto my tiptoes.  This repeated until I could no longer strain beyond their touch. If you’ve ever touched one of these plants then you know that once it is touched, burr nettle will cause a burning sensation similar to the feeling of fire ants under your skin. 

I finally had to drag the plants and rope along my inner thigh, scrotum, and ass crack. I really wanted to scratch my poor balls. I felt the bush at the middle of the rope and knew that worse was now to come.  I scraped the rope under my ass and slid along the cool ointment.  It wasn’t burning me yet but it would start soon.  The ratchet that held the rope taught was deep within a bush and I had to force my way through this obstruction to reach my release. Had I not been sitting on the rope, it would have been even with my eyes.  This gives you some indication of what my ass was feeling.  I finally reached the ratchet and tried to turn around to grip it with my gloved hands. No good. I eventually had to walk over the device in order to release the rope and gain my ability to walk around again. 

I returned to the starting point and retrieved the key to the handcuffs and removed them.  As I walked, I tried to carry a digital camera mounted on a tripod. Blindfolded, I could only hope the pictures would not need to be staged just to get the shots that I wanted.  I gathered my things and stopped at my truck to get a drink and look at my watch.  That little walk of 85 feet cost me 53 minutes.  My balls, thighs, and ass were burning like I was doused with gasoline.  Worse, whenever I touched the ointment and then touched elsewhere, the burning was just as intense. Regardless of how much or little I had transferred. 


Simple concept, cut down a 3” in diameter tree with enough of the stump remaining to be about 6 inches above your waist.  Wrap the top end in duct tape and put a condom over it. Lube thoroughly and step over while feeding the penile invader into your ass.  Kick away the bucket that you used to mount the beast and reach behind you to lock your ankle cuffs to the base of the rectal ramrod.  This puts all of your weight onto your toes and ass.  Lock your hands above you with the cuffs dangling from a rope and wait for the ice encased key to melt. The key is in a bottle that I had to hold in my hand. The water that melted dripped onto my face and onto my chest. Burr! Frigid.

Note to self: If you’re going to use ice as a release, plan for the weather to be cooler in the early morning. An hour had passed or so I guessed and my bottom was stretched to the point that I could taste the impalement in the back of my throat.  To make matters worse, I’ve opted for some additional annoyances. I’ve connected an empty 3 liter bottle to a nearby tree and filled it with a few thousand fire ants.  I’ve tied a string to the mouth of the bottle and the other end attaches to a hanger that is clipped to my nipples. As I struggle, the ants will sense the vibrations and travel along the string to find and attack my nipples and chest. 

The first hour of the ants eating on me was the worst.  Every time one bit into my flesh, I would instinctively try to jerk away. This in turn was translated to my ass via the impaling tree.  The ants felt free to roam my body, entering among other places: my ass crack, my ears, my hair, armpits, and several took an extended tour of duty destroying my crotch.  Another hour passed and finally the key was free. I had to lift myself off of the trunk by pulling on the rope. When my ass finally slipped free, I could feel the gaping hole of my rectum.  Every time I puckered my ass, it would suck in air and fart it back out again.


Staked out is the kind of torture scenario we’ve all heard about, many have fantasized about, and few to none have tried.  I found four trees about 4” in diameter arranged almost in a square with little to no vegetation between them.  I tied a rope between the four trees to form a square path along which I could tie in at any point.  Taking a large bush of burr nettles, I tied a string to the base of each plant and secured them together with a hanker chief.  It looked like the meanest sprig of mistletoe ever picked.  The string from the plants, I tied to a dried branch roughly above where my crotch would be when bound.  I hung it on another branch to keep it from contacting me before it was time.  I took KY lube and forced a 1.5 inch thick homemade dildo into my ass.  The 7 inch piece of pipe was affixed to a chain link chastity belt that I then locked into place. 

With the chains locked, there would be no possible way of removing the dildo.  The keys to this chastity belt are at home, frozen in a block of ice.  My chastity belt in place I continued my torture session by attaching a funnel over my cock using zip ties.  This was basically an inverted Gatorade bottle.  Had I an erection, I would require pliers to insert my penis into the bottle neck.  The opening is only 1” wide and thus is sufficiently tight to keep all contents of the funnel in place. 

I lay in the center of the square and secured my ankles with the 2 foot long ankle shackles.  The chain was wrapped several times around the rope and secured with a knot.  The other 2 foot long shackle was locked onto a loop tied into one of the upper corners of the square.  I then locked my left wrist into the remaining shackle.  With my right hand, I snapped one end of the last remaining pair of handcuffs onto my right wrist.  The other end open and in hand, I reached for the 3 liter of fire ants and filled my cock funnel with the remaining inhabitants of the bottle. Immediately there was intense pain. I quickly grabbed a nearby stick that I had laid out earlier and struck at the burr nettles causing them to fall. A large vicious leaf nestled itself directly onto my balls and continued to lick them like a true devil woman.

The pain was so intense that I couldn’t get the hand cuff into my hand with enough control to snap it closed onto the remaining loop.  I struck at my crotch and screamed aloud in a torture that I had never expected. Just recollecting the moment has sent my cock into a fit of itching and spasming.  I finally managed to lock the last cuff into place and, even though the key was already in the lock, it took about 10 minutes to get the cuff open once again.  I reached up and broke the string holding the burr nettles and discarded them.

Next I had to stretch out to reach a bucket that I had used to carry all of my supplies to this location.  It is also where the key to the ankle shackles is.  I rolled over and dumped most of the ants out of the funnel onto the ground that I would have to crawl through to get the key.  What I hadn’t planned, but was a pleasant surprise was, the rope was tied in such a way that with my left wrist and feet still shackled, I couldn’t reach the bucket. 

I had to take the time to loosen the knot that tied the shackles to my left wrist. It took me three attempts to get enough slack to reach the bucket.  All the time the ants were still attacking my cock and some had managed to reach my balls. Also, the ants that I had dumped onto the ground were crawling up my knees and biting my legs.  Finally I had the key but it took several attempts to unlock all of the shackles.  I gathered everything in to the bucket and sprinted the 300 or so yards to my truck. The chastity belt held the butt plug in place and did the same for the funnel.  Had I brought clothes to wear, I would not be able to hide the fact that I was wearing this chastity chain. 

Naked say for the chains, plug, and funnel, I drove home and rushed into the kitchen. I grabbed the block of ice containing the keys to my salvation and flew to the pool.  Ice and all, I jumped in and drowned the last remaining ants.  As I waited for the ice to melt, I surveyed the damage as best I could. My crotch and ass were a maze of nettle stings, ant bites, muscle rub reddened areas and my ass was taking on water since the plug was a simple hollow piece of PVC pipe. 

Ice is still melting.  “Next time I think I’ll dig a hole big enough to sit in up to my neck.  Have a 5 gallon bucket filled with fire ants, nettles… and maybe a wasp or two.”  With that final thought I laid out on the deck to get a tan and hope for sunburn in a naughty place. 



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