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A Day In The Woods

by slut_jennie

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© Copyright 2002 - slut_jennie - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; latex; cd; outdoors; stuck; cons; X

This is a fictious story.

I woke up early in the morning. This time I won’t chicken out, was my first intelligent thought. I ate breakfast, shaved and took a shower. I had already packed the equipment I would need into my car last night but had to wait until 2 p.m. before I would drive out into the forest. I started reading a book but had trouble concentrating so I decided to clean my apartment instead, and especially the bathroom needed a cleaning.

At 1 p.m. I took another shower and shaved again. I started to get dressed for the occasion. The black latex stockings were put on first and then the latex corset. As I lubricated my boy-pussy and started to ease my rubber panties up my legs and directed the built in dildo into my boy-pussy I felt my cock rising. I wrapped a chain around my waist and down through my crotch pulling it tightly up in the back and padlocked it shut. 

The rubber panties are quite tight and does not allow a large erection so it’s quite uncomfortable. I had already thrown the key into the basement. I put on my normal clothes on top of my more exotic clothes and grabbed a small cooling bag put in some ice cubes and went out and got into my car, as I sat down I felt the dildo push up deep into me. It’s an interesting feeling I can’t quite get used to. I started the car and headed out into the traffic.

After 30 minutes driving I turned of the paved road into a dirt road leading straight into the woods. It took another 10 minutes of constant reminding of the dildo before I reached my first destination. I quickly exited and went into an old abandoned barn. In the centre I found a pillar with a nail in it at 2 meters height. I hung a small key there for later use. I got back in my car and drove for another 8-10 minutes before I reached my second destination. I parked the car and got out. I took a small shovel and a backpack from the trunk, locked it and went north along a path into the forest. 

After 5-10 minutes brisk walk I dug a hole next to a large rock 15-20 cm deep and placed a small plastic bag with a key in it. It’s my spare car key. I put the dirt back in the hole, packed it hard and found a stone large enough to make me pant against my corset when I placed it on top of the packed dirt. I walked back to my car.  When I reached my car it was 3.30 already and I stared to think about going home instead but my restricted cock told me to get on with it. I opened the trunk and put the shovel back in. I quickly put a blanket on the ground and took off my jeans, T-shirt and socks and put them in the trunk of the car. I locked my shoes into a metal box. The key to this was at home on the kitchen sink. 

Taking out a 3 meter long chain I attached it to the chain going through my crotch and let it hang down between my legs. I put on my tight rubber skirt. It comes down 20 cm below my knees and is quite tight, restricting my steps to about 30 cm and my boots with 8 cm heel. I put on my mask with openings for mouth and eyes. It also has breathing holes for my nose. I put on red lipstick and blue eye shadow using the makeup mirror in my car smiling at the fact that Volvo has makeup mirrors at the driver’s seat, maybe it is for occasions like these. Before I put a bag into the trunk with the keys for my handcuffs, leg cuffs and a padlock marked with a black dot I put on my latex gloves. I put the blanket back into my backpack and hung it over my shoulders. Collecting the chain in my left hand I closed my eyes and then closed the trunk with my car keys in it. I checked the clock through the window and it was 4.12. 

Before I chickened out and got my spare key I started walking slowly south into the woods. After what seemed an eternity I reached my third destination. I hung a string frozen into an ice cube with a padlock key marked with a red dot on a branch. When the ice has melted the key will hang at waist level. I walked another 300 meters to my final destination. I put down my backpack and pulled out the blanket and put in the ground next to a root. I took out the last “key in an ice cube” from my backpack and put it on the ground within reach. I pulled out a plastic bag containing chains and locks. I took out two padlocks with a black dot on it and a 20 cm long chain. I used one padlock to attach the chain to the chain around my waist and used the other to lock my handcuffs to the chain. I took my leg cuffs and attached them to my legs. They don’t really restrict my steps due to the tight skirt, but I like the rattle of the chain when I walk. I used the padlock with a red dot on it attaching my leg cuffs to the chain hanging from my groin. I attached it tight enough so that I couldn’t stand fully erect. I used my next padlock to chain myself to the root. It has a red x on it, just like the key in the ice.

I take out a large bottle of water and drink it. It’ll be some time before I get to drink again and I’m already perspiring under my black rubber clothes. I use the last padlock to lock my ball gag in place it’s white and quite large. I throw my backpack out of reach and quickly cuff my hands in front of me before I start to think. It’s done.

I look over at the ice, it’s already starting to “sweat”. I know it will take about 4 hours in the warm August to melt. I lay down on the blanket and start to fantasise. I hear a lot of different sounds, all of them are scaring me. Suddenly I hear a sound coming from the bushes behind me. I panic and start to turn around but it’s not easy handcuffed and all. I stare at the bushes. I can’t see anything and I continue to fantasize. It might be a drifter, looking at me, planning what to do. Will he rape me, make me suck his dirty cock. It could be a demented scientist in need of a test subject for his sexperiments. Will he transform me to his sex-slave, and use me in every way imaginable.

Finally the source of my panic reveals itself. It’s just a rabbit. It sees me, and runs away. I lay back on the blanket and breathe deeply, relaxing, smiling at myself behind the ball gag. Looking at the ice drip always calms me down. Everything is progressing according to my plan and I relax even more. I must have dozed off, because when I wake up the sky is dark and it’s raining. I look at my ice cube, it’s only halfway melted. I start to think about a thunderstorm and what might happen if the lightning strikes the tree to which I’m chained. Electro physics was not my favourite subject in high school but luckily it’s not a thunderstorm. I start to get cold and soon I’m freezing. The blanket is soaking wet and I’m not wearing anything but rubber and boots. I lay back on my side on the wet blanket and start to cry silently. 

I must have dozed off again and when I wake up my jaw is hurting a lot but the rain has stop. I shuffle over to my ice cube, it’s almost melted, and start to warm it in my hands. I’ve got to let go after a while because of the cold. Finally the ice has revealed the key and I reach for it. I unlock the lock that connects me with the root, pick up the blanket and manage to put it into my backpack together with the key and lock. I start to make my way to the next block of ice, thinking that it must have melted faster as it was covered from the rain. When I reach the tree with the other key, the key is gone. I start to get worried and start to look around to see if I’m at the right tree. I’m at the right tree alright and the key is gone. I look around but can’t see anyone who might have taken the key. I sink to my knees in silence. My legs are tired, and I don’t know what to do. I sit under the tree and cry knowing that without the key it will take me forever to get back to the car and it will be even harder to get the spare car key. 

It’s starting to get dark. I look around a last time before I start my way back and in the bushes I see something sparkle in the dimming light. I try to run towards it but the chain that is dragging behind me gets caught between a rock and a fallen branch. It catches me by total surprise and tripped me and I fall onto an old fallen tree. Now I’m stuck hanging over the tree with my feet in the air behind me a tightly stretched chain. My face is 10 cm above the wet ground and I gasp for air through my nose. Suddenly the chain gives away and I tumble over the tree and roll over on my back. I’m not hurt, only surprised and bruised. I struggle my way back onto my feet and carefully collect the chain before a move on towards the sparkling object. I almost start to cry again when I realize that this is my missing key. I kneel down and unlock red dot lock. When I stand up for the first time I realize that I really need to pee but I can’t because of my chains. I start to walk back towards my car with the chain in my hand. 

When I can see my car I can also see another car there I don’t recognize. I kneel down behind large boulder and sneak a peek. It’s a couple making love under the sunset. I can’t go any further until they leave. I bless the rain making the ground soft and silent to walk on or they might have heard me coming a long time ago. After a long while, during which they had sex twice, they started to talk and discuss what my car was doing out in the woods at this time at night. Suddenly they must have realized that somebody could be watching them because they got dressed in a hurry and got in their car and drove off. I watched them as the car passed close to the boulder that I was hiding behind. I watched their car until it disappeared behind a corner and was about to walk out in the open when I started to get suspicious about them leaving. So I stayed in hiding for another 10 minutes and just as I started to make my way out into the clearing, when their car came creeping back slowly. I shuffled quickly back into hiding with my heart thumping and scared like hell. They stopped their car almost out of sight. I watched them get out of their car and making their way back up to my car. I couldn’t go anywhere without them spotting me so I stayed put, sitting there and waiting to see what would happen. 

What happened was that as they got closer I got more nervous and finally I couldn’t stop myself from peeing anymore so I started to pee in my rubber panties. It felt really good at first but soon I felt disgusted. When they were only 10 meters away it suddenly started to rain cats and dogs. It was pouring down. They started to run back to their car. They got in and sped off. I ran as fast as my skirt would let me out into the opening and continued past my car. It was not easy to follow the trail in the dark and the trail was slippery because of the rain. I fell down twice without hurting me just some bruises. When I finally got to the large boulder I was panting and exhausted. I fell onto my knees and tried to move the large rock. It wouldn’t move. I sat down on top of it sobbing while I tried to think. I lay down on my back and used my legs to push the rock out of the way. 

After some time of digging I could not reach any further so I lay down on my stomach in the mud and managed to dig down to my keys. It was really hard to get a hold of them in the rain. But I did it. When I finally had made my way back to the car I stopped in the outskirts of the clearing and looked around carefully but couldn’t see anything suspicious. I walked out to my car and unlocked it. I retrieved the keys from the trunk and unlocked my bonds. I started to get undressed and soon I was standing there in the rain wearing only a black rubber hood, tightly laced rubber corset with rubber stockings, my dildo-panties and a large white ball gag. I used the cold rain to wash off most of my urine. I looked at the clock in the car. It was 1.45 a.m. I put on my jeans, my T-shirt and my high-heeled boots. I packed everything else into the trunk of my car and got in and started the engine. 

When I saw myself in the mirror I almost scared myself. The makeup had run in the rain and the white ball gag just glowed in contrast to my black hood. I drove slowly back to the barn. I stopped next to it and walked carefully inside. I retrieved the key and unlocked my gag. I had to put my hand over my mouth not to scream with pain. I hadn’t felt it for a while because I was thinking about getting home. I tore off my hood and got back into my car. Using some Kleenex I removed what I could of the makeup. I drove home slowly and carefully obeying the speed limits. My ass was hurting like hell when I reached the city limits.

I parked my car outside my apartment and looked around. I couldn’t see anything so I quickly got out of my car and walk around it to the trunk. I took my backpack and walked towards my door, heels clicking, when I heard a car coming behind me. I ran as fast as I could. I had forgotten to get the keys out of the backpack so I had to start looking for them under the light above my door. I found them and got inside. I turned to look out and it was my neighbours getting home from a party. I removed my boots and put on some clogs before I went down in my basement to look for the last key. I found it after 15 minutes of intense searching. I ran upstairs and into my bathroom, removed all my clothing and unlocked the chain. I don’t think that the smell when I removed my panties can or should be described. I took a long shower and let my panties soak in the sink over night with the fan on high. When I turned out the lights it was 3.45 and the end of a very interesting but long day. 

I still believe a bird had seen the key and tried to take it, only to drop it in the bushes. The other alternative is not so pleasant.


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