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The Day I Became Her Slave

by SlaveVikki

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© Copyright 2009 - SlaveVikki - Used by permission

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My wife left for work in the morning and I was home all alone for the day. To relax I decided to do a little bit of dress up and some self bondage. I do this when I alone so I can relax and enjoy myself. Once I saw her car leave the drive way I went upstairs to get all my gear together.

I went to the bedroom and went to our toy box. My wife is also my Mistress when we play, but this I always kept secret from her as I didn’t want her to think I was really weird. I enjoy dressing in her Mistress outfits and tie myself up. So I went to work and started getting ready. I first put on a pair of nipple clamps, and then I put on a bra over them so it would press them harder against my nipples. Then I put on a pair of fish net stockings followed by a pair of knee high boots and tied them tight. I now slip on her leather floor length skirt. At this time I am getting a hard on and have to fight so much not to play with myself. 

I take out her latex dress and put that over the top of me and pull it down nice and tight, at this point my nipples are throbbing from the pressure being put on them. Then I put on her latex corset and pull it nice and tight. At this point I am about to explode in my dress. I start to rub myself through the feel of the leather and so badly want to have relief, but since I have allot of time to play I want it to last so I stop touching myself.

I now put on our latex mask she has me wear and use one of her wigs to put on top. Then I finally slip on a pair of elbow length latex gloves and admire myself in the mirror. Now I really want to play with myself but I fight the urge knowing that if I just wait it will be all the better. I put on the arm and ankle leather cuffs and snug them up nice. Now in my outfit I decided to go downstairs and start cleaning up. You see she left me a list of chores to do as her sub and I always make sure to get my chores done as the reward is always worth it.

I go down stairs and put on a bit of music and turn it up nice and loud so I can clean. I start in the living room where I dust, straighten up and vacuum. I then go into the kitchen and load up the dishwasher and clean off the table, I am so turned on at this time I don’t know if I can last much longer so I decide to finish the chores after I am done playing with myself. So I turn up the music a bit louder and go up to the bedroom and start to play.

I insert the vibrating butt plug in my ass and use our harness to keep it in. It’s just the small one as we just started to play with my ass and it’s not stretched big yet. Then I lie on the bed and attach a small chain between my ankles and lock them on the cuffs and then attach the chain to the bed. I then ran a chain between my wrists and lay back and turn the butt plug on. As I lay back I start to rub my throbbing nipples and feel my penis get hard and ready.

I get ready to go down and start to rub my penis when all of a sudden I hear my wife at the bedroom door, “So this is what you do when I am not around. I had an idea that you wore my outfits because they are always not put away the way I do it. Now we are going to have fun, my little sissy boy.”

If you could see the look in her eyes you would know why I was nervous at this. She grabbed the chain between my wrists and locked it to the headboard, so now here I am unable to get out of my binds.

“Give me a little time and I’m going to use you in ways that I always wanted to. I have to run an errand and I will be back to have my way with you.” 

At this I could only wonder and worry about what she had in mind.

“But honey, you can’t leave me like this alone, please let me out.”

To this she went to the closet and pulled out the ball gag. She leaned over me so as I could see the cleavage of her breasts and put the ball gag on tighter then she usually did. To this I just could mumble my words. She stands back and looks and smiles, “Get used to harder play, since you are going to be my little bitch from now on, things are going to get tighter and harder, Vikki” and walks away laughing.

I had no idea how much time passed as she was gone, but she came back into the bedroom with a bag in her hand. I know from the color of the bag it was from the adult store that we go to buy our toys and clothes. She then reaches in the back and brings out a blindfold. “I want you to be surprised when I have my fun.”

Once the blindfold goes on I had no idea what was going to happen next.

I know she was putting an outfit on as I could hear that beautiful sound of leather being put on and I could hear the click of her boots as she walks across the floor. At this point I am so hard I’m begging through my gag for relief. I have never had such a hard on before or want relief so bad.

She then leans over me and says, “ I am going to let you get up, but trust me you do not want to try and get free or take off the blindfold, you will be sorry, do you understand?”

To this I just let out a mmph and shake my head yes.

She helps me off the bed and lets me stand. As I am standing there she starts to rub my very sore nipples and stroke my cock under the skirt. “So why didn’t you tell me you like dressing up my little sissy. I think you may have to do this more often as it suits you for what I am going to do to you next.“

She then leads me down the stairs to the basement. We have a small area set up for our bondage play. We have a St. Andrews cross and also a bondage horse as I am a carpenter and built some furniture. She leads me over to the horse and bends me over it. She then tightly ties me bent over it. Making sure there is alot of pressure on my nipples. Now that I was tightly secured she reaches and takes off my ball gag.

“Now I need some lube on this new toy and i'm going to use your saliva.“

She then takes off my blindfold and standing there in front of me is my Mistress all dressed up in her leather outfit but the new toy was a strap on. My eyes just winded and my jaw dropped.

”You see I always wanted to fuck you from behind and pound your ass like a whore. Now that you are my little bitch I can fulfil my desires.” She then forces the dildo and makes me suck it. “That is a good whore, make sure it’s nice and wet so it will slip in easier to your ass.”

I could do nothing but suck on the strap on, as she thrust it in and out of my mouth. Once finished she pulls it out and inserts the ball gag and even tighter this time. Then she goes behind me and puts some extra lube and slowly inserts it into my ass.

As she is putting it in she goes slow at first and at this point it is getting uncomfortable as we have only played with a small butt plug. But she keeps putting it in even with me trying our safe word out.

“This time there is no safe word to save you, you are now my bitch and when we play you will do what I say and take what I give you”

She finally gets it all the way in and just chuckles as I am moaning in disbelief. She then draws it out and goes in and out faster each time till she is fucking my ass as fast and strong as I usually fuck her pussy.  God knows how long this goes on till she pulls out and comes around the front of me.

She kneels down in front of me and says, “Its nice to see the tears in your eyes, but don’t worry, I won’t go to a bigger one until you are used to this one, but from now on your ass and your body are mine, do you understand Vikki?”

I reply with a “Yes Mz Terrie.”

The End For Now


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