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Debbie’s Hard Day

by Fred Bolton

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© Copyright 2001 - Fred Bolton - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; cuffs; spread; caught; beast; reluct; X

My name is Debbie and I am lying here thinking back to when it all started, when I was 8 and my brother John was 9 we used to play cowboys and Indians and I always loved to be the Indian because John would tie me to trees or hog tie me and make me stay that way for awhile. Sometimes he would spreadeagle me and tie me to stakes he would then put down into the ground so the pretend ants would get me. I really got into playing that part .

Now that I’m 23 I think back on it and it really turns me on badly. I’m a golden blonde with green eyes and a 36-24-36 build but I can’t seem to trust my boy friends to tie me up like I want to be. I’m afraid if I tell them of my desires they would be scared away. So I learned to tie myself up and it has set me free to daydream about all my fantasies I’ve had, kidnap, rape, forced sex, and bondage. Well that’s how I got to where I am at today.

It was the weekend and I had Saturday and Sunday to do what I had planned. It was about 1:00pm and I set out to have some fun, my brother John was going to stop by around 5: 00pm to drop off his two show dogs for me to watch, he was called out of town on business, I had watched them before and they where no problem. John had trained them to obey verbal commands and he taught me most of them too so I could control them just as easy as he did. So now I had 2 to 3 hours to myself so I started to get the things I needed, rope, straps, ball gag, blindfold, chain and my 7 inch vibrator and nipple clamps and oh yes the 24 inch spreader bar plus of course my safety keys and ice that I had set up the night before so at the right time they would drop and set me free.

Now I was set and already getting a warm glow all over my body knowing what was to come. Little did I dream what I was in for? I have been doing this for 3 years and had gotten petty good at self-bondage, I also had purchased some books on it and two videos, and I learned some tricks from them. I striped off all my clothes and put on my black lace hose and garter belt, then I set-up the ice with the keys to which I ran the string though the small eye hook just over the headboard of the bed. At the right time the keys would fall and I could find them and set myself free. Next I laid down in the centre of the bed and began putting the leather straps around my right thigh, then the left, next I put the ankle straps on, then came the wrist.

With all the straps on I put the spreader bar in place which would hold my legs far apart. I then put the locks on and locked them, done, then came the thigh straps that I pulled tight to the long strap that ran to the top of the bed, this pulled my knees up almost to my tits. I was starting to feel great all over now as I added more. My legs were spread and pulled up to expose my now wet pussy lips and ass. It was time for the 7-inch vibrator that I had slipped a pull sting on so I could get it out fast if I needed to. I turned it on and already it was starting to do its job well. I put the ball gag on next and all the sound I was going to have was mmmmmmmmm. Now locked behind my head it was there to stay.

Next came the blindfold, but before that, one more check around to see if all the ice and keys where in place right, because once I put the blindfold on and locked the last two locks I couldn’t see the keys or get free till they dropped down to my hands. Everything ready so on goes the blindfold and now the harder part comes, I have to lock my wrist cuffs together and then to the chain above the bed. I take my right hand up and slide the lock though the chain and over to my left hand cuff, now the moment of truth, click it locks. Now I won’t be able to get free no matter what happens till the keys drop in a couple hours.

Boy that vibrator is really working me close to the edge, now I lay there bound, spread, gagged and in the dark to day dream about being captive in a army camp full of men and they want to play with my body and I won’t be able to stop any of them. My mind and body are at new heights and i'm only 20 minutes or so into this game.

Knock, knock, Oh shit! Did I hear someone at the door; Oh well they will go away and I can go back to where I was.

Click, oh no that sounds like a key turning the lock on the door, but only my brother John has the key, shit, what’s he here so early for?

What will he do to me if he finds me all tied up like this? I thought about telling him before, but I was afraid of what he might think of me, after all it was his fault that I liked it anyway.

"Deb are you home?" I heard him call out, panic set in as I tried to get loose from my bonds but to no avail.

Did I remember to close the bedroom door? I can’t think.

He yelled again then I heard, "If you're in the shower I had to leave earlier that I expected, so I brought the dogs over, be back tomorrow."

Then I heard the door slam shut. Wow, that was a close call, still my secret is safe and i'm strangely wet all over from excitement and fear. Boy that damn vibrator has made me come again and i'm heading for another climax. Then I heard the dogs walking from the kitchen over the hardwood floors in the living room that leads to my room. Did I remember to close the door? I don’t remember.

Rosco is a Great Dane, male; weights about 170 and a real smart dog. Bruno is a black lab, male, weights about 130, also well trained and very friendly, with there size and weight most people are a little afraid of them but there are very gentle dogs.

Now I hear them at the door, both whining real low. I hear the door creaking a bit; no I must have forgot to close it all the way. Now I hear them coming closer to my bed. Boy they must be thinking about what they had found and what they where seeing in front of them. Me with my legs raised and my butt sticking out with my cunt filled with a buzzing vibrator. Boy what a sight that must have been for these two.

I tried to yell a command to sit, but all that came out was mmmmmmmm, yes the gag stopped that. Now what? I could feel the bed jiggle and was aware of one of them with their head very close to my right side. I could feel his warm breathe on my hip, what the hell is he doing now? One of them jumped onto the bed and I tried to yell at them but it came out Mmmmmmmm! What where they going to do with their new found toy?

Now one of them had put his head down to my tit and oh no, what was that? He lashed out his tongue right on my nipple, I squirmed but he stayed at it again and again and then to the other one, man, did he start a fire in me, then he did little tiny nips with his big teeth, a little pain, but a lot of pleasure with this too. I couldn’t stop it if I wanted to, which by now I wasn’t sure I would if I could have.

My mind was racing at the lashing my tits where getting, so I didn’t notice where the other dog had gone until, wham, I felt something warm and wet slide over my cunt lips, it was the other dogs tongue, he had positioned himself right between my legs which were wide open because of the spreader bar. I almost jumped when he did it again; trying to figure out which dog was at my hole. Then I felt him tug on the string on the vibrator, no I yelled out, but that came out mmmmmmm again. Damn, I thought to myself, funs over and just when i'm going over the top again, out it came, shit not now.

But that was just the beginning of the fun these two had in mind for me. The one at my pussy was really started to go to town on his licking and boy did he know how to do that well, up and down then in and out and then lower to my bun hole and back some more to my love hole. I was almost ready to pass out from the intense pleasure these two where giving nothing and me I could or would do to stop them.

All of a sudden the licking stopped, what had happened? Where did they go? What made them stop?

I felt the bed jiggled as they jumped down. Oh I wish they would come back and finish me off one more time. Man was I hot, then I hear them coming back, I felt them jump onto the bed and I thought it was going to be more of the same. Something was different about there sounds this time, no whining, but more of a low growl, that sent my nerves flighting

What where they going to do to me now? I didn’t have long to think about it, when one of the dogs, I think it must be Bruno by his size, put his two legs, one on ether side of my breast and began to slop down, what the hell is he doing I thought, just about then I felt something graze my pussy lips, what was that? I gasp. Oh hell it must be his prick and then I felt it again and then wham! I felt it slide into me, oh wow is this boy hung and I can’t stop him, he went in deep, then deeper, filling me to the hilt. This was almost too much for me, being fucked by a dog and being stretch to the limit, then he started to go in and out very fast. I had seen it before with other dogs but now I was on the receiving end. I tried to hold on but he was putting it to me good and then I felt it starting to get bigger inside of me, can I handle more inside, then I really got scared as I felt it swell to a big knot, no more I thought, then he came, he shot into me, must have been a gallon of cum, but he was locked inside of me like I was locked to me bed. When will the keys drop? How long has it been?

Must be soon I thought, and then I can get free. Right now he is in me good and his juices are starting to run down my cunt and down to my ass and he’s trying to pull back but he’s in tight. To make matters worse, now I feel Rosco I think at my tits again, this time with more forceful nips to my tender nipples. How did I get myself in this miss? One big dog stuck inside me while the other one is playing with my tits? Way am I starting to come again? I must have lost my mind or something but I'm coming all over again, this time stars and all, but then it happened, the keys fell and hit my hand, now I can get free, wrong! The key hit my hand and Rosco leaped to get them before I could get them in my hand first, now he had my escape keys and I was fucked for sure, both literally and for real.

He jumped down off the bed and now Bruno was pulling back harder and it was really putting a strain on my love hole because he was still locked in me, but just as I thought I would faint from the pulling, pop, like a cork in a bottle, he came out of my and jumped down off the bed to go see what the new toy was, my keys, he ran to the living room and I heard a metal sound hit the floor. Damn, I’m in trouble now, no key to get free and no one knows i'm here. There won't be any chance of escape till tomorrow when John returns from his trip. What am I going to do?

I must calm down because my heart is racing and my hole feels like a Mac truck just drove through it, his juices now running out of me and down my ass cheeks. I was scared but at the same time relieved to have time alone to pull on the straps and chains to see if I could get myself free. No good, I had really done myself up good and tight. I was calm now and the worst is over and I'll just have to wait it out till I am discovered tomorrow by John and that was not something I was looking forward to. The shame of him finding me bound, gagged and wide open, like a slut by my own hands, what would he think of me? What would he do to me? Well, nothing I can do now so I might as well get some rest and recover from the pounding I just had by one of his boys as he called them.

I was just drifting off into my dream world when I heard a low growl at the foot of the bed. My eyes flow open, but of course I still can’t see because of the blindfold. Now what do they want? What where this two thinking up to do to me now? Could I take any more of there nips and poundings, I was getting pretty tender in both areas, my tits where still smarting and my pussy was still big and open from the last time. Ready or not I was going to get it again, I felt the bed move and one of them went right to my cunt lips and his tongue when to work on it like there was no tomorrow, in and out and long licks from my ass to the inner lips and I was hot all over again in a flash. Boy he knew just how to do it to me and I started to grind my hips the best I could to his wild assault on my pussy lips, he keep going deeper and deeper inside me and I was ready to explode into a mind bending orgasm and then it hit me and I pulled hard on my bound wrists to pull away long enough to catch my breath and to ride the wave after wave my body was going through, when I was coming down from that star burst, he was waiting on me so he could start over again. He sure knew just what to do at the right time, this was better that I ever could have imagined and better than any man had done before . How could he know so much about a woman and just when to start and stop on cue? I knew he was well trained and smart, but how did he learn this one?

He was gentle and slow when he wanted and then none stop movement too. This was really getting to me and the soreness was becoming more so, but at the same time it was earth moving as well. Then he stopped again and backed off for a minute now what was he up to? What was next on his mind? Not that I could do anything about it or say anything to stop him, boy what was I in for now?

I could feel his paws go on ether side of my hips then more up to my sides and he was lowing himself down on me, then the tip of his prick trying to gain entrance to my gaping hole, this must be Rosco because he is the more gentle of the two but he is also the larger of the two and I hope he is not any larger than Bruno because he was all I could take the first time. He moved around a little and hit the sides and then he found the spot and, thud, he jabbed forward and was in like a knife cutting butter. He must have been 12 inches long and 3 inches thick, he was making new ground on my pussy. Never had I had so much dick in me and that big around was taking my breath away. I must calm myself I thought and relax my muscles to take it all in. He started to pull out slow and just at the tip he came forward again, this he did many times and I was trying to match his jabs into me the best I could with the little movement I had to work with.

Then it happened, a knock at the door, I jumped with the sound and my mind raced. Who could it be and how can I get their attention so I could get free? I yelled but with the gag no sound came out, then I heard the lock turn and I almost fainted, it must be John, he has the only key. The door opened and shut and I could hear footsteps and then he yelled out, "Deb, where are you?" My heart almost stopped but Rosco was going to town on my pussy and I was somewhere between panic and bliss. I was about to be found out and what away to be at this moment, I heard him say that his flight was cancelled due to the fog so he had to postpone his trip. Then he started to walk on the wood floor heading off the living room that goes to my bedroom, closer he came till he yelled out, "Sis are you in there?" Then a couple of more steps and he was at my door, then I heard a, "Damn! What do we have here?"

What he saw was me in my naked glory, bound to my bed, legs spread with his dog pounding away at my pussy that had to be some sight for him. My face was red from embarrassment and the constant pounding of Rosco was not helping matters either. John asked if I was alright and I nodded yes, then he said I had to be the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, all grown up with a body a model would be proud of. As I was about to go over the edge again from the fucking I was getting, John said that if I was ok then he would let Rosco finish me off and then untie me and set me free. He said he would run a bath for me, because his ex-girl friend always wanted to soak after she had been tied up and screwed by the dogs.

What he said hit me funny, but it was hard to think with Rosco going to town on me inside. Linda, his ex girl friend had taught them well and that ‘s how they know just what to do to a woman. Shy little Linda dark hair and a great body was into bondage and liked what I liked, wow, too bad she had to move because of her job, I must remember to send her a thank you card later for a job well done. But right now I could feel the dick starting to swell inside of me and then the knot starting to hold him inside of me. I was stretched to the max this time. John said a command and Rosco stopped pulling on me and shot his load in me. John was close to the bed and he said he had found some of my books when he had worked on my bathroom a year ago and it really turned him on to think of me in those positions, how he loved to tie me up when we where kids, but too scared to say anything to me because I might think he was weird or something. Rosco was pulling out now and I was ready to get out of my bonds.

John said a command to Bruno who had been close by and he jumped onto the bed and stuck his head right on my gapping hole and started licking up the juices that where coming out of me like a river flow. Wow, here we go again, then I heard the bath water running and know it wouldn’t be long now that I would be free from a very long hard day!



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