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Dee’s Instructions

by Mick & Dee

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© Copyright 2001 - Mick & Dee - Used by permission

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Here are Dee's instructions (from last spring). Photos will follow in the next message:

We had a whole evening and morning alone, with just the right conditions:

1. Kids at friends house overnight
2. Kids go straight to school the next day.
3. Weather is dry and warm, almost hot

So after a great session last night, this morning I made up a tote bag and instructions for Dee to follow:



Dee's Outdoor Self Bondage Instructions, Part 1

Today you will be doing self-bondage in the outdoors. I will be in the woods with you (taking pictures), but you are to pretend that I am not there. Do not talk to me, do not look at me. Asking me for help will be considered safe wording. Of course, if you actually get into trouble, use your safe word and I'll free you immediately.

You will make sure you're wearing your glasses (not contacts), a single T-shirt and sneakers. I will give you a tote bag with the equipment you will need for today. Drink lots of water before you start, as you won't be able to drink until you are done with your assignment.

Take the bag down to the tree behind the barn, and look in the bag. You will find an envelope containing the rest of your instructions. Once you are behind the barn, open the envelope and follow the instructions.



Dee's Outdoor Self-Bondage Instructions, Part 2

First take off the T-Shirt and sneakers. Take off your glasses and wrap them in the T-shirt. Leave your shirt and shoes somewhere behind the barn.

Reach into the tote bag and take out the high-heel shoes and two small locks. Put the high-heels on, and lock them in place with the two locks. Now take the tote bag and walk down into the woods to the clearing by the pond (the clearing with the single tree in the middle).


In the bag you will find a black sock with an ice-cube inside, run through a small chain with a long string attached. The string has your release keys at the end tied to the sock, and the other end is tied to your handcuffs. This is your release mechanism. I have set it up for you this time, but in the future I will expect you to be able to set up this type of release yourself. The way it works is that once the ice cube melts, the sock can pull free of the ring on the chain, and you can pull the keys to you by tugging on the string.

Take one more small lock and the release mechanism. Find the closest tree on the edge of the clearing, and lock the small chain around the tree at the base. Open the handcuffs using the handcuff key. Test the cuffs a few times to get used to opening the cuffs. Once you're sure you can open the cuffs with the key, make sure the cuffs are open, and walk back to the tree in the middle of the clearing. Make sure the string to the keys will not catch on any branches. Set the cuffs on the ground.

dsb003.jpg In the tote bag you will find your chastity harness with vibrator. Put the harness on, making sure the vibrator is touching your clit. Lock the sides with two small locks, then use a large lock to lock the front strap. Do not turn on the vibrator, yet. dsb005.jpg Take the ball gag out of the bag, and put it on. You do not need to lock it. dsb004.jpg Find a small chain in the tote bag. Use the chain and two more small locks to chain your ankles together. dsb008.jpg Take the last two small locks from the bag, and lock one each through your nipple bells.

The only thing left in the tote bag should be your spandex hood. Take it out, and read these last instructions carefully (you can't read once the hood is on):

1. Once you've memorized these instructions, put this note back in the tote bag, and throw the bag well out of reach, away from the ice cube release mechanism.
2. Stand with your back to the tree, facing towards the pond.
3. Turn on the vibrator, wrap the excess cord around the control pad, then tuck the pad down the front of your chastity harness.

dsb009.jpg 4. Put the hood on, making sure the blindfold part covers your eyes. dsb011.jpg 5. Pick up the handcuffs, reach behind your back around the tree, and lock the cuffs on your hands behind the tree. dsb013.jpg 6. The ice should take between 30 and 60 minutes to melt. Feel free to tug on the string gently to check it, but don't pull so hard as to break the string. Once the cube has melted, you'll be able to pull the keys to you, and unlock yourself. dsb014.jpg Now that you're unlocked, take everything except the shoes off, retrieve the bag, and put everything in the bag. You may now walk back to the barn, put your shirt on, and end the scene.


Dee did perform the scene. It took her about 5 minutes to walk naked from the barn down to our clearing with a single tree. It took another 10 minutes to get everything set up and locked on. I was very accurate about the ice melting time; it took 25 minutes from the time she clicked that last handcuff on her right wrist. It took a few more minutes to get the key into the hole on her handcuffs, and she was free.

dsb015.jpg While she finished releasing herself, I ran back up the trail so get a photo of her. She took quite a bit longer to get to the barn than it took her to get down to the clearing... she later admitted that she stopped to have an orgasm, since the vibrator hadn't quite gotten her over the edge during the scene.

--Mick & Dee

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