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Deer Season

by The Technician

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© Copyright 2009 - The Technician - Used by permission

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My name is Laura.  The Technician is a friend of mine who makes some of the equipment I use - for a price.  The price is that I have to tell him everything that happens.

Actually, knowing that I will be writing it all down for him has always been part of the thrill.  When I write it down, it is almost like reliving it, and then when he posts my story on the net I can reread it knowing that hundreds, if not thousands of people all over the world are reading it with me.  When I am alone in the woods or in the basement of some old building or even out on a stretch of abandoned railroad track, knowing that all those people will eventually read all about it is almost like having every one of them there with me watching my nude and bound body.

Tech has made some strange things for me to use in my bondage fantasies.  I just tell him what I want to do and he comes up with just what I want.  But when I told him what I wanted this time, he refused.  “You have now gone way beyond weird all the way to crazy,” he yelled at me.  “Don’t you realize that you could die doing this?  All the animals in the woods aren’t cute little Bambi’s and Thumpers.  There are things out there that could eat you, and you want to attract them to you while you are tied up?”

“But the danger turns me on,” I replied.  “You know that is why I am into public self-bondage.  It’s the fact that I might get caught that makes it special.  You know what I mean, and I know you could come up with something that will do exactly what I want and not absolutely get me killed.”

Tech muttered to himself and then walked over to his workbench.  “You want a release mechanism that depends on an animal eating the ropes to set you free, right?  You want to have to stay totally still while whatever it is chews through the ropes and releases you?”

I nodded my head and said, “Yep.”

He moved some of the junk around on his workbench and then turned to face me.  “I could make that happen, but the problem is that once a racoon or rat or coyote or whatever starts chewing on that rope, it will keep chewing on whatever the rope is holding.  You are likely to get your hand or foot chewed off.”

He looked at my face evidently waiting for an answer, but then shook his head and came over to where I was standing.  He reached under my skirt and touched the front of my panties.  They were sopping.  “I can’t believe you are turned on by the idea of getting your foot chewed off by a wolf or a bear.”

“No,” I replied with a smile.  “I am turned on by the danger of maybe getting my foot chewed off by a wolf or a bear while I am tied up helpless and naked in the woods.”
“It would more likely be a big rat or ‘possum, but I will see what I can come up with that will give you your danger without being absolutely suicidal.”

Two weeks later he called me to say that he had something he thought I might like, and I should stop by on Friday night.  He still thought having something chew directly through a rope that was bound around my arm or leg was way too dangerous.  So instead, he had fabricated two tripods that looked like something the boy scouts would use to hold kettles over a campfire.  They even had hooks hanging down from the center of them.  What made these tripods different from cooking tripods was that they were made from lightweight aluminum and they had a long cable of some sort which led from the top of each tripod to a short cylinder with eyelet rings on either end of it.

“That is an emergency brake cable from a truck,” Tech explained.  “Only rather than tightening a brake, this activates a release mechanism when something pulls on the hooks.  There are two - one for each arm.  That is for safety in case one fails. When one releases, you just have to reach over and pull the safety clip on the other.  Make sure you tie the clip pull near the end of the rope so it doesn’t end up too far away from your hands.”

Tech said, “Hang meat or some dead animal here,” and then pulled down on one of the hooks. There was a soft click in the release mechanism.  “Put the tripods as far away from you as the cable allows so whatever it is doesn’t confuse your scent with the smell of the bait.  You will still have to remain perfectly still or your movements will scare away whatever is supposed to pull on this.  I have also prepared a spray that will hide your body odor so your scent won’t spook the little critters when they come in to feed.  The spray has a little side effect that will make things more interesting.  I could tell you what it is, but I think you will figure out it out on your own pretty fast after you use it.  There are two different sprays - one for your body and the other for your face and hair.  Don’t mix them up or it could be serious.  I think I have set this up for you to be as safe as you can be, but there is still the danger that you end up attracting a pack of dogs or coyotes, in which case you might end up eaten.  I have to advise you not to do this, but I think you will be OK.”

I ran over and kissed him deeply and began to gather up the various pieces.  “One more thing, Laura,” he continued.  “Deer season begins Sunday.  You can scout things out tomorrow if you want, but I wouldn’t do anything until after deer season is over.  Otherwise, you might be coming home draped over the fender of somebody’s pickup truck.”

I laughed and gathered up the equipment.  It was surprisingly light and all fit into the small backpack Tech had provided. 


I already knew where I would go, I would just need to double check things and make some final preparations.  There was a county park just a little ways off a back highway about five miles out of town.  If you walked all the way to the back of the park, behind the “out houses” there was a very narrow trail through the underbrush that led up over the hill.  Something kept the trail clear - maybe deer coming down to the pond in the park for water. 

There weren’t any “No Trespassing” signs, so I had gone up that path several times.  It led into a small woods that could not be seen from any roads.  There was a path out of the woods in the other direction that led up to a farm house a mile or so away.  Evidently the people who owned the woods lived there and used the woods for hunting.  There was even a permanent deer stand in one of the trees near a clearing.

That clearing was where I planned to do my self-bondage.  No one would be able to see me, but I would be able to see the stars above me.  And with all the animal trails that obviously came into the clearing, something would have to come by eventually and release me.

Saturday morning I went out to the park and walked up the trail to the woods.  It was exactly as I had remembered it.  On the edge of the clearing opposite the deer stand platform were two small trees that were just the right length apart.  I walked over by the trees and paced off the length of the release cables.  The two tripods would sit easily in the clearing while I lay bound between the trees.  I felt the warmth between my legs which I knew would be there until I could put my plan into effect.  I glanced around and, making sure that there was no one nearby, quickly took off my shorts and top.  I hung them over a branch on one of the trees and sat down between the trees.

The ground was covered with leaves and pine needles and was fairly soft.  I would need to bring a couple of dog stakes to put into the ground to hold my legs, but my waist could be tied in place between the trees and my hands could be stretched above me at about a sixty-degree angle.  It was perfect.

I was tempted to fantasize a little and maybe bring myself off with a little self-stimulation, but I could hear the sound of a dog barking and some children yelling at each other.  There were families in the park and some of the kids might be back on the trail.  So, I stood up, brushed myself off, put my clothes back on, and headed back to the park.

As I walked back down the trail to the park, I stopped to wait for a young mother to finish using the out house.  It was her dog and kids that I had heard from the other side of the hill.  You could see under the edges of the walls and I didn’t want to scare her into thinking some pervert was sneaking around in the woods behind the toilets.  Actually, there was a pervert sneaking around the woods - me.


It was going to be a long three weeks until deer season was over.  I work a really odd schedule, so it was possible to go back out to the clearing several times during those weeks to check things out.  I brought the release tripods with me in a backpack to check where they would set up best.  School had started so I figured it was safe to make a quick trip during a week day.  I even went back one day just before dark to see how the clearing looked as it got dark.  Each time I went back, I would quickly strip and sit for just a few moments in my bondage position anticipating the session that would soon come.

Finally deer season was over.  I even waited the extra days for the end of bow season.  It was time to make my bondage fantasy into a reality.  The weather was supposed to be good all week so I chose Tuesday afternoon as the start of my adventure.  I prepared all my equipment very carefully and prepared my body just as carefully.  A few days in advance, I used a hair removal cream to take off all of my body hair, and then on Tuesday morning I used one of those Epilady spinning tweezer things to make sure that every single hair was gone.  I was perfectly smooth from neck to toes.  Usually I would have used a moisturizing cream to make my skin totally soft and smooth, but Tech had warned me not to use anything that might have a scent to it.

After a very light lunch on Tuesday, I packed my backpack and headed off to the park.  I was wearing a pair of black running shorts with nothing under them and a “jogging top” that was not much more than an elastic, form-fitting, cut out T shirt.  I parked my car in a commuter parking lot at the edge of town and started hiking out to the park.  If I parked my car at the park, the sheriff’s patrol would find it when they came through over night and might start a search, but a lot of people used the commuter lot for car pooling to work in the nearby cities, so it wouldn’t be noticed unless it sat there for a long, long time.

Despite the changing leaves of fall, the sun was warm on my legs as I walked to the park.  As I had expected, there was no one in the park during the week.  As I slipped behind the bathrooms and onto the trail going up the hill, I hit my butterfly moment.  That’s what I call it just before it is time and butterflies fill my stomach and questions fill my mind.  “Do I really want to do this?  Is the danger worth the reward?”

The dampness between my legs answered my question.  I was going to do this!  So as a symbol of my commitment to proceed, I slipped off the backpack and took off my shorts and top.  Then stuffing my clothes in a side pocket of the backpack, I carried it on up the hill to my chosen place.

It felt strange to walk into the clearing totally naked.  Suddenly I was very uneasy.  I had the feeling that someone was watching me, but after I had carefully looked around and could see no evidence of anyone being there, I began to calm down.  Just to make sure, I even cupped my hands behinds my ears and turned slowly in a circle to hear any nearby sounds around me.   I could hear traffic over on the highway and birds chirping in the trees.  I could hear cows mooing and bellowing in the barnyard near the farmhouse.  But I couldn’t hear any noises that indicated someone was close by, so I started setting things up.

There really wasn’t all that much in the back pack.  I took out the tripods and opened them up and extended their legs.  I had two pieces of raw roast in plastic bags.  I hung those on the hooks, making sure that the meat was securely impaled so that an animal would have to tug on it to get it free of the hook.  Then I attached one end of the release mechanisms to the trees at a branch about five feet in the air.  So far, so good.  I did have some trouble screwing the dog stakes into the ground.  Basically they are just big corkscrews that go about two feet into the ground to keep a dog in place in a back yard or whatever.  The problem was that there were so many small tree roots that the screw shape had trouble going into the hard ground.  Finally I found a short piece of broken branch and used it as an extension handle to screw the stakes in place.  Then I attached my leg ropes to the now very secure stakes.

I took my belt and cuffs out of the bag last.  Tech had made these for me a couple of years ago.  The wrist and ankle cuffs were padded and adjustable.  They didn’t bind or cut, but once they were in place, they were not slipping off.  The belt was similar to the cuffs but slightly wider and there were two retainer rings - one on each side.  I put carabiner clips into the rings on the cuffs and belt and then tied the leg, wrist, and waist ropes to the proper length with a metal ring at the end of the rope.  Just clip, clip, clip and I would be immobile until my little forest friends released me - whenever that would be.  Having no real idea of when I might be released added to the sexual tension of my bondage.

I carefully strapped my backpack to a large tree several feet away and then double checked everything to be sure that all was properly prepared.  I was about ready to sit down and bind myself in place when I remembered the scent spray.  I went back to my pack and got the spray bottles out of a side pocket.  They were fairly small bottles and I wasn’t going to be able to apply more once I was bound so I kept pushing the spay on each of them until the bottle was empty.  The body spray had an odd, almost sweet smell.  The face and hair spray seemed to leave my skin feeling slightly oily.

Now I was ready.  I clipped my legs to the ropes and sat down.  I made sure I could reach the hanging arm ropes before I clipped the waist restraints in place and tightened them and the leg ropes.  When I was satisfied that my legs were held firmly in place, I put my ball gag in place. This was specially built and looked like one of those practice golf balls with all the holes in it.  I couldn’t make much noise, but if my nose clogged up, I could breath through it.  Finally I  clipped the arm ropes to my wrist cuffs. 

I was in place, but I wasn’t tightly and securely in place.  Now it was time to activate what tech called his “GM specials.”  In the middle of each of the arm ropes was a small box-like device that the ropes wound through.  They were modified seatbelt release mechanisms.  If you pulled slowly, they would start to rewind.  As long as they didn’t rewind all the way, the rope would be able to move, but once you rewound to a certain point, they locked.   After that, the rope could get shorter, but never longer.  I reached my arms upward as far as I could and heard the soft click of the locking mechanism.  I was now totally vulnerable until Mr Racoon or Fox or Wolf or whatever came to investigate the smell of fresh meat.


Some women who are into self-bondage like to use vibrators and butt plugs to heighten the experience, but I find that not using them heightens things for me.  The whole purpose of my self-bondage is to deny my body.  I deny movement by bondage.  The bondage makes me horney - God, does it make me horney - but I can’t do anything about it.  My lack of a vibrator or anything creating pressure in my ass denies my body the ability to reach climax, and that makes me even more horney.  It becomes a vicious cycle of want and denial.  I want to move but can’t which makes me want to bring myself to climax, but I can’t which makes me want to move but I can’t which makes me even more needy of sexual release.  After several hours of such absolute denial, I can reach the point where my need itself is sufficient to bring me to orgasm and I cum hard pulling against my bonds and screaming into my gag.  It is, in some ways, an unsatifying orgasm, however, because the need remains until I am finally released and can finish myself or wear out a boyfriend or even Tech - that’s another reason why he agrees to make things for me.

It was just starting to get dark when I began to understand the side effect of the scent spray that Tech had prepared for me.  Although it hid my body odors, it apparently had an odor of its own that seemed to be very attractive to the local insect life.  I suspected that this wasn’t a side effect, but was actually an intended effect of the spray.  Bugs were crawling all over my body, but not my face or hair.  Evidently the body spray attracted bugs while the face and hair spray repelled them.

“Tech, you son of a bitch,” I mumbled into my gag.  He knew I had to remain very still in order for the small animals to come and try to take the meat off the tripod hooks.  But how do you remain still with ants and beetles and long, multilegged things walking on your legs and breasts and trying to get into your pussy?   And I couldn’t do anything about it!

God, the only thing worse than someone who doesn’t really understand you is someone who does.  Tech knew that not being able to do anything about the insects would add one more layer of denial.  The ground between by legs was beginning to become wet with my juices.  If a junebug landing on my nipple was turning me on maybe I really had gone beyond weird to crazy.

Then things got even weirder.  A little lizard of some sort had joined the bugs between my legs.  I don’t know if he was attracted by the bugs or my juices, but feeling his little feet crawl across my pussy lips and his little tongue lapping at my liquids nearly drove me crazy with unquenchable horniness.

It was now well past the middle of the night and it was getting harder and harder to remain still.  Nothing had come to investigate the hanging meat and if I couldn’t get free soon I might just explode from horniness.  I was starting to think that maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all.

More time passed.  The moon was now high above me.  I was watching the clearing in the moonlight and starting to wonder if anything would ever come to release me when I spotted movement at the edge of the clearing.  At first I thought it was someone sneaking through the trees, but then I realized that the shape was wrong.  It was about the size of a small man, but too fat and the neck was wrong.  It came shuffling across the clearing on all fours and stopped directly in front of me.  It might have been attracted by the smell the meat, but it was looking directly at me as it stood up on its back legs and growled.

In the moonlight I could clearly see the face and teeth of a large, black bear.  Tech warned me that I might get eaten by a bear, but I didn’t believe it could happen.  The area between my legs was very wet now, but it wasn’t my juices.  I had pissed myself in fear.  I thrashed against my bonds and screamed into my gag.  I wanted him to go away!

The smell of my fear or maybe my urine must have intrigued the bear because he came forward and sniffed me.  As crazy as it sounds, when he put his snout between my legs I almost came.  I guess I am just a danger junky.  I was afraid that I was about to find out that danger, like all addictions, will eventually kill you.

The bear was now hunching over me like he was trying to decide if I was food, and if so where to start munching.  He stood again for a moment on his back legs and towered above me.  I was waiting for him to reach down and take his first bite from my body when suddenly there was a tremendous explosion and the bear toppled forward over me and lay still.  His weight was pushing me back so my arms were stretched almost to the limit.  A crazy thought went through my mind for a moment that with our bodies entwined as they were, it must look like the bear was trying to have sex with me.

I again started screaming into my gag and thrashed and tossed as much as I could with the weight of the bear’s body lying on top of me.  I was just about to the point of total hysteria when a quiet voice asked, “Are you OK?”    A young, handsome face daubed with camouflage paint leaned over me and continued.  “I had to wait for him to be high enough so the head shot wouldn’t go through him and into you.” 

I could see that he was dressed in hunter’s camouflage pants and a camo hunting jacket as he pulled the bear off me and dragged it into the center of the clearing.  “Black bear are unusual in this area, but not unheard of.  This one has been killing cattle and sheep in the area.  I knew he was around somewhere because I saw him on my trail cameras as I was planning my deer hunting.” 

He turned and grinned at me, “I also saw you.  Those cameras are triggered by motion, There are five of them in these woods, plus the one on the deer stand.  It was pretty obvious what you were up to and I figured you might be out here as soon as deer season was over.  That alone would have been worth sitting up in my deer stand for, but primarily I had to bring down that bear so it would quit eating my cattle.  I’ve been up in that stand since sunup yesterday.  I thought it would be a long boring wait, but it turned out to be rather interesting for both of us.  I’ll have to get the game warden in here in the morning, so we’d better get your gear out of the way or there will be some interesting questions you might not want to answer for an official report.”

With that he walked over to the tripods and pulled down on the hooks holding the meat.  My arms suddenly released.  He walked back over to me and reached out and softly stroked my breast.  “I could take you back up to the farmhouse with me for the rest of the night.  It looks like you have some things that need to be taken care of.”

I looked up into his face and asked,“Will you drape me across the fender of your pickup truck?”

“No,” he answered as his face broke into a big smile, “but there is a deer rack on my ATV that I could tie you to.  With this bear around I never had a chance to use it this year.”
He then untied my leg ropes and waist ropes from the trees and picked me up and carried me back toward the trail to the farmhouse.   In the bushes next to the trail was an ATV with a large, open, heavy-duty basket-like thing on the back.  He lay me on it and looped the ropes around my body.

“I’ll get your things.  You stay right there,” he said and patted me on the rump.  Then he knotted the ropes over my back and added,“Don’t go anywhere or I might have to tie you up when we get back to the house.”

The next morning I called Tech and told him he could ignore the emergency email if it sent before I got back home.  I was alright and would tell him all about it in a day or two... or maybe three.

 The Technician


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