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Delayed Freedom

by James Ellis

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© Copyright 2001 - James Ellis - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; chain; cuffs; hood; stuck; cons; X

Delayed freedom - The Treasure Hunt

Over the years my collection of bondage toys has increased and my methods of delaying freedom in self-bondage have varied. One of my favoured methods is to lay a trail of keys, a few years ago I added a lockable waist and crotch harness with attached cuffs to my collection. This together with a tight leather hood led to an unplanned three and a half-hour marathon session.

For the treasure trail I start by locking the keys to my bondage in a cash box that is chained to the radiator in my bedroom. The key to the cash box is then padlocked to the chain and the key to this put in the locking left-hand drawer of the old sideboard in the spare room. The key for this drawer is then locked to the plug chain of the bathroom sink. The key to this padlock is then put in the lockable right-hand drawer of the sideboard in the spare room. The key to this drawer is then placed on the lowest shelf of the airing cupboard and the door closed.

To get to the keys I now have to make my way, in bondage, from the bedroom to the airing cupboard open the door and fumble for the key. Then in to the spare room, then to the bathroom, back in to the spare room, then to the bedroom, release the key from the chain and finally I have to sort out the keys to release my self. Using a six-inch hobble on my ankle cuffs this is quite a slow journey, usually about fifty minutes. However this time I thought I was going to be discovered in bondage.

It was a Friday and because of a power cut at work I had unexpectedly got the day off, although I was expecting a friend to visit for the weekend, they were not due to arrive until after eight that evening. So I finished all my preparations for the up coming visit and by one o 'clock had some time to kill, a solo bondage session beckoned.

I stripped off and put on my leather posing pouch. To start my session I laid out my treasure trail as described above. The harness has a waist belt with a locking buckle plus a crotch strap that splits and passes to either side of the testicles and penis and attaches to two lockable buckles on the waist belt. The wrist cuffs are attached to the crotch strap at the rear keeping the hands pinned firmly to the small of the back; these also have locking buckles. With this harness on and locked I then locked on my ankle cuffs, now fitted with an eighteen inch spreader bar. This means I have used seven small padlocks each with a different key, all of which are on the same ring in the cash box.

Having decided I wanted quite a tough session I put swimming rubbers in my ears, a large sponge ball in my mouth and then got my leather hood and laced it on tightly, this is a blank hood with just breathing holes at the nose. I was now effectively blindfolded, gagged and my hearing was greatly reduced. Before I could change my mind I secured the wrist cuffs and locked the buckles. I lay back and tested my bondage; the sensual deprivation heightened my helplessness, I wasn't getting loose without the keys or a sharp knife.

A sudden thought hit me, I had forgotten to lay a knife out and they were all downstairs. I certainly didn't relish attempting stairs bound like this! Especially as it was a bright summers day and my downstairs curtains were all open. Anyone looking in would surely see me struggling around in my bondage. Oh well, I had done the treasure trail many times before without any problems, albeit not blindfolded, so I shouldn't need a backup.

Now as you probably know even familiar rooms become a maze when you are blindfolded, so the journey to the airing cupboard took some time. I got the first key with no problem and made my way slowly toward the spare room. At least I thought I did, until I bumped into the chair in my bedroom, wrong door, backtrack. Second attempt right room and I found the sideboard easily. Getting the correct drawer was a bit more difficult and by now I am regretting the hood. I had forgotten how claustrophobic it could get in them; I sit on the spare bed for a rest and try to cool down.

By now I've decided I should have used a separate gag and blindfold rather than the hood, but it isn't coming off until I can get to my keys. So I set off to the bathroom, this time I get the right door first time, I followed the wall! I get hold of the plug chain and unlock the padlock holding the next key and another set back strikes, the key falls to the floor. Now I am regretting the spreader bar, with a chain hobble it is fairly simple to kneel and then gently roll down on to your side, not so with your ankles held eighteen inches apart! You fall off line and when you can't see it is very difficult to find a key, by now I am really sweating and the inside of the hood feels like a sauna. I manage to locate the key but in the process I've pushed the bathroom door shut. I decide I need another rest before I get back on my feet, but I am also feeling thirsty from all the sweating I suppose. Talk about frustrating, here I am in the bathroom just an arm length from a tap, but with the hood on there is no way I can get a drink, still I wanted a tough session.

Having cooled down a bit I struggled to my feet and opened the door making my way to the spare room and the locked drawer. This goes according to plan and now I am one room and two locks away from my release keys. However I am feeling really drained, I have no idea how long I've been in bondage, the ear plugs have kept out all but the loudest noises. I know it's after three as I have heard children shouting as they make their way home from school. So it's been at least two hours since I began my treasure trail. Making my way back to my bedroom I fumble for and find the padlock holding the cash box key. I have the key to the cash box in my hand, then my phone rings, the sudden noise after almost complete silence makes me jump and I drop the key! My ansafone kicks in; it's my friends telling me they will arrive early, around six.

Now I am beginning to panic I'll die of embarrassment if I'm found like this!

The problem is I'm in a panic, my heart rate is through the roof and I'm hyperventilating, the sweat is rolling off me.

Calm down I tell myself, you're not going to get free unless you think.

Slowly my breathing returns to normal, now I face a dilemma do I search for the key or try and get to a knife downstairs. I'm still panicky so I reject the second option and start searching for the key. After what seems like an eternity I feel something cold by my bottom it's the key.

However it takes a good deal of manoeuvring to get my hands to it. My heart is still racing like a train and sweat is pouring from me in rivers. Now all I have to do is open the cash box and find the correct key for my wrist cuffs. Third time lucky, my left arm is free frantically I work at the knot holding the laces to the hood, not a good idea, free the other wrist first. Now I have to feel for the keys again, three more tries and my right arm is free. Now I can unlace the hood. Fresh air on my face feels so good. As my eyes adjust to the brightness I look at the bedside clock, God it's nearly twenty to five. I free myself from the rest of my restraints, take a shower and freshen up.

My friends arrive just after six blissfully unaware of the bizarre sight they could have found an hour or so earlier.



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