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Desert 2

by Zephyr

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I've always been into kinky things, especially self-bondage and I guess that’s unusual for a girl. Before my senior year, and that was a while ago, I had a lot of free time back then during summer vacation and I found a way to indulge my penchant quite a few times over the three months of freedom. Both Dad and Mom worked so I had the house to myself and quite a lot of freedom.

I was your standard 17-year-old girl, a high-school junior heading for senior. I was 5' 8" with dirty blonde hair (I dyed it) that fell five or six inches below my shoulders. Sometimes it hung straight down and sometimes I curled it all out. I had a 36" chest back then (it's bigger now) and reasonable hips and waist. I wasn't abnormally thin or fat, just in shape. I'd had my share of compliments and knew I was well-curved. I didn't want to dress to flaunt my curves but dressed enough so that people knew I had them. I had my share of boys who wanted to get closer to me and one that I had let succeed. I didn't have any fears in that department.

We lived in the desert in a community named Grandview about 5 miles away from the nearby town. We were a community of about 100 houses surrounded by high desert. One of my favorite games involved locking my clothes in a box and making myself have to risk exposure to retrieve the key from somewhere else.

About a mile west of our community ran a two-lane road. The road was a shortcut between a state route and the freeway so it had the potential to have a fair amount of traffic both from semi trucks and cars. What wasn't desert brush for miles around was farms which used water pumped from a river that ran underground. There was a surface river and its dry bed was located a few minutes' walk away from where I played my games. About a mile beyond the two-lane, on the edge of the farm farthest from the ranch house and closest to the river bed, a water well was located. It was in a low spot, hidden from sight until you nearly walked into it. There were a few small hills immediately around it, nothing more than about a few dozen feet high or so at best. The area where the well was located was the starting point of an arroyo, a small shallow canyon that ran into the dry river bed which was at that point about three-quarters of a mile away.

A few dozen yards away from the pool, as I called it, on the farm side, a dirt road ran. On the highway side the dirt road ran through a low spot between two of the hills. It was sort of the perimeter road for the farm. The edge of the pump area and the top of the pump itself was visible from the dirt road since it was on top of the well pipe but the ground underneath the pump was too far down to be visible from the dirt road. You could lay down or hunch over and be completely hidden from the dirt road. I never saw any of the farm people stop there. On occasion I had known a pickup to drive by on the dirt road but they were always doing about forty miles an hour and raising up a huge cloud of dirt. No one from the farm ever stopped there. It was pretty well deserted. I guess as long as the pump ran it didn't need bothering with.

A huge electric pump stood on top of the well pipe about ten feet off the ground. The depression area where the pool was ranged anywhere from about eight foot to fifteen feet deep compared to the level of the dirt road. It was relatively flat ground there that opened into the arroyo. The pool area was about eighty feet wide one way and about fifty in the other, more or less rectangular, with the pump coming out of the ground in the center about twenty feet from the farm side. The arroyo created dirt walls that were normally about eight feet high, higher in some places. a little less in others. A line of old wooden power poles ran in from the farm holding the wire that powered the pump. Two huge pipes, maybe two feet in diameter, ran from the pump underground to the farm. Because of the elevation of the pump the water pipes were up on steel supports until they reached the side of the depression and disappeared underground heading for the dirt road and the farm about three feet under that ground.

One of the pipes had a leak in it and when there was water in the pipe it would leak out and soak into the sand. Normal usage of the irrigation system left about half the low area covered in water, ranging from toe level to about two feet deep in a few places. About half the pool area was dry sand. You could never be sure just how much water would be in the pool area; some mornings I would arrive and it would be cracked mud, some days it would be skinny-dipping and skinny-tanning to the max.

I liked to go and lay out there, sort of my own private resort. The spot was hidden from all angles except facing toward the river away from the farm. Only if you walked up close from the dirt road side could you see the pool area. The pump seemed to run on automatic; it would go on and off without warning and without rhyme or reason that I could see. At first I always wore my string bikini but after a few days of laying out there with no one to bother me except the occasional rabbit the bikini began to come off as well. I loved the feel of the sun all over my warm body and enjoyed the lack of tan lines that I was getting. All alone and all to myself. And I could, all alone out there in the warm desert sunlight have the sort of fun a girl can only have with herself.

I was getting tired of just laying out, tanning, and bringing myself off so I decided to raise the stakes. In bringing myself off I kept having a reoccurring fantasy of locking my clothes into something and having to go out to the two-lane highway stark naked to get the key. I had several good masturbation sessions on that thought but one day I decided to try to carry it out for real. I took one of my dad's old toolboxes that he'd never miss and a key lock and a few other things with me out to the pool.

On my way there I deliberately left the key right smack dab on the yellow line that separated the two lanes on the highway.

When I got to the pool I took some small-link chain out of the toolbox along with the open lock. Into the tool kit went all my clothes including my shoes. The toolbox was then closed with the chain passing through the eye of the hasp, locking every stitch I had available to me inside. Once the chain was locked I couldn't open the hasp to get back to my clothes without unlocking the lock and that would require the key that I had left on the highway.

I looped the chain around one of the poles that supported the pump and placed the lock into the chain. All I had to do was press down on the lock and I would be stark naked and separated from my clothes until I got back with the key. I thought about it real hard and started to press down on the lock but never hard enough to lock it. After a while I'd just give up and lounge around and work on my tan.

The bottom line was that I didn't do it that day or the next or the next. But I still played the game of putting my clothes in the box and trying to talk myself into locking the lock but not actually doing it. I kept pushing, seeing how close I could get to engaging the lock, daring fate, a little harder each time it seemed. Then on the fourth day I screwed up. I heard the hard click as the lock slipped into place.

I panicked at first. I imagined people all around me, getting ready to come over the hill and find me naked at the pool, no clothes and nowhere to hide. I freaked out for a few minutes; I pulled at the lock and at the chain but I had done this right. The chain was locked tight and the chain was keeping me from getting to my clothes. After a while I faced the reality I had created for myself.

I looked around. There was nothing around, nothing I could use to cover myself. Nothing but sand and sagebrush. The pool that had seemed so inviting and loving now felt cold and threatening despite the midmorning sun. Getting a hold of myself I stopped and thought about my situation. The key was in the middle of the road, about a half mile east of me. I picked it up each time I went home and re-deposited it each time I came back.

If something absolutely went wrong I could keep to the desert and go around to the far side of Grandview and sneak into my garage. There I could get our hidden back door key and let myself into my house. The chances of discovery were pretty good but that would work as a last-resort plan. If I couldn't get to the key on the highway I could always just hide out until sundown and then get the key when the road was dark and deserted. I'd catch hell when I got home so late but that was another option. Or I could just do the obvious, what I had been daring myself to do all along, and go get the key off the blacktop now.

I reviewed the obstacles I would encounter along the way. Except for right here at the pool the desert around here was scrub brush and sand dunes of sizes ranging to a bare pile of sand to a foot or two high which decreased in size and frequency the further you got from the river bed. If I stayed low I knew I could get within a few feet of the road running from cover to cover. Then I would just have to make a mad dash and hope nobody saw me.

As I finalized the plan I heard a noise that chilled me to the soul. The sound of an approaching truck on the dirt road. I ran for cover on the side of the depression nearest the road. I wouldn't be visible at all if the truck just drove by but if this was the one time they decided to check the pump they couldn't miss me. I thought of running toward the river bed but that would make it almost certain they would see my bare-ass naked body running and decide to investigate. The truck was almost here.

I waited tensely for the sound of brakes. If I heard them I would run for the riverbed. They'd see me for sure but if they were stopping they would see me if I stayed. I swore at myself for choosing today to lock the lock and listened, ready to run. I had no idea what the farm hands would do with a naked, vulnerable 17-year-old girl but almost all of the possibilities weren't good and I was unwilling to find out.

The truck, however, roared right by and the sound faded off into the distance. I breathed a heavy, thankful sigh of relief and moving slowly from bush to bush I started after the key to my clothes.

I was trembling, but I noticed it was not just from fear. I was turned on by my predicament, by the risk and adventure and chance of discovery. Sort of me against the world in a sexual sort of way. I felt alive, felt distinctly my breasts in the warm sun. Felt myself getting wet down under. I was clearly excited and aroused from my situation. Hmmm.

As I started after the key I looked and listened very carefully. When it seemed clear I would run crouched over to the next bush, hands holding my breasts to keep them from bouncing too hard on my chest. I thought about using the dirt road instead of bush-jumping. The road was relatively secluded and no one could see me on the road. I could make better time on the road. This would be a good idea unless I ran into a truck on the road. If I did I'd have to scramble pretty hard and fast for cover. Not this time, I decided.

One part of the journey really didn't have too many tall brush to find cover behind and plus cover really was sort of a silly point. Hiding behind a bush would shield me from one thing, normally the dirt road which would be on the far side of the brush. This also made my naked body as plain as day from any other direction, like the highway I was drawing nearer to. I could hide from one threat, but that often left me as visible as a spotlight to another. Anyways the brush to hide behind were getting too far apart and I was getting close enough to the highway that getting spotted from there was starting to be a concern, especially by the high-cabbed semis. So I wound up crawling on my tummy from bush to bush until I got near the highway. I was getting pretty dirty but I was also pretty thoroughly turned on.

I had left the key right smack in its usual place on the center yellow line. I crawled up to a bush about three yards from the edge of the pavement and looked through the bush to where the key lay. I could see it glinting in the sun. A car roared by. I wondered who was in it and what they would think if they knew a naked teenage girl was lying behind a sagebrush not twenty feet from their path. Or what they would do with her if they caught her. I shivered.

The key sat in the middle of a half-mile or so stretch of road which was a mild descent into the river bed plain. On one end the road dipped out of sight as it dropped into the river bed proper. On the other side the road crested the top of a slight rise as it gained normal desert-floor elevation. I could probably hear a car or truck coming and this should give me enough time to run back into cover.

I laid there still as car and truck after car and truck went by, gathering my nerve and waiting for the road to get quiet enough for me to risk running out and getting the key. When I was fully clothed and on my way out here I only had to wait a few seconds until the road was clear enough to cross. Now it was a quite different story.

Finally the road got quiet, the most still I had heard it so far. I stood up and started moving for the key. But as I reached the side of the pavement I heard a car engine approaching from the river bed. I turned around in terror; I had about four seconds before it came up out of the river bed, perhaps eight seconds before the car passed this very spot. Once they popped out of the river bed I knew they could see very plainly a blonde teenager, naked, all her assets on full view, standing on the road.

I panicked so hard I stumbled and started to fall, even before my feet left the blacktop. Terror overcame gravity and I recovered and then fell down behind the bush just in time. I was trembling like a leaf and breathing in gasps as a sedan full of what looked like boys my age roared by. The rock music blasting from the windows as it sped by confirmed this.

If I had fallen they'd have seen me for sure and then everyone in school would know and I'd never hear the end of it. My life would be over in this town. In addition to whatever they would do to me here and now once they caught me. But the risk and the danger gave me a tingling down inside and I figured I would probably be trying this again sometime soon despite the danger.

A few minutes later the road quieted down again and I was ready. I ran out, grabbed the key, and ran back to the bush. As I left the pavement on the way back I heard the sound of an engine coming from toward the top of the rise but I'd be under cover in plenty of time. I'd done it! I felt so happy and relieved to be holding that key. It was hot but it could have been made out of gold.

I snuck back away from the road until I could stand up more or less then hurried back to the pool. The key turned in the lock and it fell open. A second later my sundress was in my hand. I had done it! I fell back on the warm sand, my sundress right beside me, and played with myself until I had the massive gut-wrenching orgasm that had been building up inside of me since I had heard that lock click.


I was hooked. I played the game with myself almost every weekday in the morning. I had variations on the game: one was putting the key on top of a wood post that stuck out of the ground about 50 feet away from the highway on the far side -- I'd have to cross the road stark naked twice to get to the key and my clothes, plus stand fully up, exposed to anyone on the highway long enough to grab the key. I'd always be hotter than a rocket by the time I got the lock open and I’d bring myself off to a really powerful orgasm or two back at the pool. Sometimes on the way if I absolutely couldn't wait.

Another variation involved me locking my ankles together on a short chain with about eight inches of space between them. I would use two small locks whose keys were in the box along with my clothes. I could barely walk. The key had to be close since locking my feet increased travel time and the risk of discovery. With my legs hobbled I had to be very, very careful and attentive.

I usually left the key on a rock about eighty feet on the other side of the dirt road and if a truck should happen to come by at a bad time I couldn't run anywhere much less run for cover. The farm trucks came by a few times when I did this but I was always somewhere where I could dive behind a bush. If a truck happened to come by while I was crossing the dirt road it would be very bad. I had the width of the road and about 30-40 feet on either side that I had no chance of meaningful cover at all. I enjoyed the risk; it helped turn me on and made things later so much better.

Except for one time when I heard the truck and I was only about 20 feet past the road. I knew it would take me over a full minute to hobble to the nearest bush large enough to hide behind and I had about thirty seconds. I tried to run but tripped almost immediately and I just lay there, on my stomach, paralyzed. I was less than a dozen yards from where the truck would pass. As the engine noise got louder I started crawling as best I could away from the road.

They were going to find me this time and I felt the dread wash over me like a tidal wave. I knew there was no way I could get out of sight in time. As the truck continued to roar up to my discovery I continued to crawl knowing I had no chance of making it. I wondered what they would do to me. They had one of two choices. They could turn me over to the police or do other things to me. If they turned me over to the police what if nobody gave me any clothes?

I could see the police arriving to find a naked teen with her feet chained together and taking me to the station exactly that way. Driving through town with my hands handcuffed behind my naked body in the back seat of the cruiser. I had heard they had done that to one boy who had been caught streaking just to teach him a lesson.

Or the farm workers might decide it was break time and to take advantage of me. They could hold down my hands and pry open my legs and have their way with me until they were tired of me. I couldn't run away and yelling would do no good since there was no one to hear me way out here. And if they chose to throw me in the back of their truck and take me somewhere that they could really be alone with me all day and all night I couldn't stop them from that either.

I could fight with my hands, I thought as I continued to crawl while knowing I wouldn't make it. Even with that my hands wouldn't be good enough with my feet chained together and me unable to run against the three or four people that were usually in the truck. When it sounded like the truck was about to come into sight I was still about ten feet from the nearest bush. With my light tan and blonde hair I blended in a bit into the tan sand beneath me. I wondered if it would be enough. I was far enough away that I could hope that they would miss me.

I waited, face down and shaking in fear so hard that I would wet my pants if I were wearing any. I listened for when the tone of the engine started to drop which would mean that I had been seen and my troubles were just beginning. The truck's engine roared louder and then it passed by. I hid my face in the sand knowing that if anyone in the truck was looking my way I was in plain view. A naked teen-age female stomach down in the dirt with her ankles chained together.

I heard rough, male laughter as the truck passed by but no decrease in the tone of the engine. As soon as it went out of sight though, a second or two later, then I heard the engine start to slow down. They had seen me! I crawled like a girl possessed the last few feet as I heard the engine wind down to an idle then the thunk of it going into reverse. Then came the whine of the truck starting to back down the road. Before the truck got back to my location I was behind the bush and crawling just as far into cover as I could. Petrified. I noticed I was shaking like a leaf and even in this situation I was turned on but I was far more terrified than aroused.

The truck slowly backed past my position. Could they see me through the bush? I froze up when I realized they could probably see the tracks I had made crawling through the hard-packed sand. That was it, caught for sure. I waited for the engine to stop and the sound of the truck doors opening, the patter of feet following the track right to where I lay. What was I going to say? Beg for mercy? Say someone left me out here?

But the truck kept going. I could hear someone say that it was right around here that he saw something. They backed a little farther then I heard the brakes come on and the truck stop. I started to cry very quietly; it was over, my little game was going to end horribly today. This was a stupid little mind trip that I at best was going to pay for with my reputation and most likely pay for with my body. I could feel their hands already forcing my knees apart and holding my wrists down; I imagined what it would be like to watch and feel one of their cocks as it was forced into me. All that was left was the sound of the door and the footsteps. Maybe about sixty seconds before it was all over. And just beginning.

"Must have been a rabbit." I could faintly hear someone in the truck say. I waited with baited breath. Maybe they would miss me! My heart rose. Then again they could spot the trail in the dirt my crawling had left at any second. My heart sank back down.

After the longest ten seconds in my life I heard a different voice in the truck answer. "Must have been a rabbit, or maybe just a trick of the way the sand is right here. There's nothing here now, that's for sure."

"Yeah," came another voice, "I'd love to see a naked woman out here too. Probably just wishful thinking. You know, you really ought to talk to Maria and get laid real soon. That would fix your vision problems." There was rough laughter from the truck and the sound of it picking up speed as it continued on its way.

I stayed still for almost a half-hour getting over the shaking and getting up enough nerve to move. After a while I moved on, got the key, got back to my clothes, and put them on. No playing with myself this time. I just wanted to go home and be safe.


It took a full week before I went back out there and another two weeks before I would try the game again. The ankle cuffs variation was no longer on the menu. I returned to playing the highway game again and had lots of pleasure that way. Until the one day in mid-August that brought all of that to an end.

As I walked across Grandview toward the highway I normally would just cut through people's property as opposed to going out of my way down the roads. It was a small community; nobody cared. The path I took was only a few houses over from Kerry's house.

Kerry and I had dated late last year and early this year and he was my first (and only one so far). He was about 6 months older than I was, blonde hair, muscular body, about 6 foot tall. He was a pretty good person, good to be around. I had to admit to myself that he knew how to play me like a piano in bed. We had lots of that sort of fun while we were dating either at one of our houses or out in the covered bed of his truck when houses weren't available.

We slept with each other about twice a week after about four months of dating and he was a real stud. But as time went on he started to try to control me, telling me who I should and shouldn't be seen with. It all blew up to a head one day in school. I had heard enough of it so I ripped the necklace off my neck and threw it and his school ring back at him. I screamed at him that I never wanted to see him again and stormed off.

We had later made our peace and as I understood it Lorraine Schultz was helping him lick his wounds. I didn't want to lose him as a friend and I only felt jealous when Lorraine showed up for school hiding a hickey under her makeup or looking like he had fucked her crazy which I was sure was the case. He had his life and I had mine, unlike him, alone.

As I passed over the line from property to open desert I thought about running into Kerry last week. Last Tuesday when I was on my way out to the pool I had seen him working in the back of his property cleaning out a pen. He had seen me and called me over. He still looked real good and seeing him set off memories of all the times he had taken me over the edge. I felt that familiar warmness between my legs but it was all emotional. I was not about to give myself to him but I wanted him and it had been a long time since I had been on the receiving end of a good hard screwing. The last time that had happened, in fact, had been with him. It had been that long.

I knew I looked good to him; I probably made him feel the same way. I was dressed in a blue and white string bikini top, really short cutoffs (I had the legs for them), short enough to show the crack of my butt if I bent over, and sneakers. I casually glanced down and his cock was at full attention. I inwardly smiled. Well, I thought to myself, that's what you're missing for not treating me right. But I went on for the conversation.

He seemed a little lonely and he was drinking me in like water. Lorraine and her family had gone back south for vacation, he told me. They had left four weeks ago and wouldn't be back for another two. Blue balls I thought, what a shame. I more or less knew how he felt. He was looking forward to school starting up. He was trying to be casual about the way he was stripping me with his eyes and trying to disguise his staring at my nipples in the swim top pushing out the fabric.

I considered taking him on, getting that hard, healthy fuck just for my own reasons. I still liked his body and he was hot and sweaty and so masculine. I looked around and there was no one in sight that I could see. I reached up and adjusted my top, being casual like it was just scratching an itch, but moving the sides inward so that about half of the outer sides of my breasts were now showing, much more than before. He saw it and we both knew it and he knew what I was saying.

He asked me where I was going -- I told him I usually went for a walk in the morning just to pass the time. He smiled that dazzling smile and offered that if I ever got bored I was welcome at his house. He could help me pass the time too.

I paused for a second and something snapped. I broke down; I could see that cock in his pants and I wanted it back in mine again. I knew I shouldn't but I knew I was going to. Lorraine would kill me if she found out but I didn't care about that right at the moment. I smiled and put my thumbs in the waistline of my shorts, pushing them a bit lower and exposing skin almost to the top of my pubic hair.

I could see through his jeans that his cock was rock hard and I had to have it. I moved closer until I was standing right next to him. All conversation stopped as he watched me push the top of my shorts down, pulling the waist out so he could look inside and see no panties, just my pubic hair, neatly trimmed. He knew what I was offering. I started to reach between us to stroke him through his pants. That would end all doubt, he'd take me somewhere and screw me crazy and I was looking forward to it.

But as I brushed his pants I heard his mother call from the house. His mother who had always hated me. He had the worst look of anguish that I had ever seen but he turned and answered her call. He knew what I wanted, I knew he wanted to give it to me, but he couldn't beg off on the trip for his mother. He asked me to meet him back here after 2:00 but I had plans and I knew I couldn't. I told him I'd try, though, to let him down easy but I think we both knew. And so he went off toward the house. His balls must have been glowing blue. I honestly would have fixed both of our problems but instead went on my way toward the pool. I'd have to help myself with my own hand this time, I thought sadly. Again. Still. Damn it!

Which was OK; by the time I had gotten to the pool I had realized what a mistake I had almost made. I wasn't on the pill any more since I didn't have a boyfriend and sleeping with Kerry wouldn't fix anything between us as far as relationships. All it would do is screw up (pardon the pun) what he had with Lorraine. But boy, he could sure scratch my itch.

So I decided to keep my distance in the future, I thought as I walked into the desert. Kerry was nowhere in sight anyways as I walked by. I hadn't seen him since that day in person but he had definitely been in my fantasies.

I left the key on top of the post today on my way in. When I got to the pool it was about half-full as normal. I stripped off the bikini top and shorts then my shoes and lay down to sun on the sand. Pretty soon school would keep me from doing this anymore but there was always next summer.

I smiled as I locked my clothes in the box. This was getting to be pretty old hat; I'd have to come up with some new twists before next summer. I looked carefully around as always, saw nothing as always, and pressed down to lock the lock. Off I went toward the highway, taking the desert route. At one point I thought I heard voices off toward the river side and it freaked me out but when I peeked up after about five minutes of looking and listening I saw and heard nothing further. I carefully went on.

It took about 30 minutes of waiting and two missed tries before I got the key. I crossed the road and started back toward the pool, picking my way back across the brush as I went. This was really getting too easy, I thought to myself as I scanned over the pool area and seeing nothing, started down the side of the arroyo.

But as I reached bottom I found that I was wrong. I heard the sound of feet moving, several pairs of feet, from areas that I couldn't see when I looked over the pool area a moment before. I saw three or four boys about my age closing in on me from their hiding places at a dead run. I was found and I was stark naked but I was being chased so with a scream I started back up the side of the arroyo wall.

I didn't make it. As I reached the top someone grabbed my left leg. I fell to the ground on the rim and kicked violently. My breasts pressed painfully into the hot sand but I was a panicking animal at the moment and nothing else mattered but escape.

But before I could free my left leg, someone else grabbed my right and they began pulling me back down the slope. I fought and struggled, all the time keeping my chest to the dirt, but I was eventually pulled all the way back down and then two more hands grabbed my arms. There was yelling and shouting on both sides, me to tell them to let me go, them in telling each other what to do next, and cries when I could kick or hit them.

I was flat on the sand by then, face down in the dry part of the pool area. I felt the person on my left leg give the responsibility to hold it down to the person on my right leg, and then someone sat on my back. I turned my head to look at who held my left hand, still trying to get loose and beginning to realize that I most likely wasn't going to. I recognized the boy holding my left wrist, he was only a little younger than me, lived on the north side of Grandview, and I think his name was Eric.

Before I could look any further, whoever was on my back pulled a bandana over my eyes and despite my struggles it was quickly tied in place blindfolding me. After that they tied my ankles together. Seeing that struggling wasn't working I started to scream but that got a third bandana hurriedly pressed into my mouth and tied in place with yet another.

Someone grabbed my legs and I felt the four of them pick me up, and while holding me and while I was still struggling as hard as I could they turned me over in their hands. I felt the sunlight on my breasts and crotch and knew from the pause they were enjoying my nude form. Somebody brushed some of the sand off my chest and stomach to improve the picture. I kept struggling but it did no good.

They carried me somewhere, about forty feet, and not out of the pit. I kept struggling but they kept hold of me. They got where they were going and then placed me on the ground, breasts and pubic area up, arms stretched up and out as one sat on my knees and one on each elbow. I continued to struggle, then I felt something brush both my wrists at about the exact same time that chilled me to the bone. Rope! But before I could react, the loops of rope were over my wrists and tightened. They were strapping me down to the sand! I struggled harder, but now it really did no good. First my right wrist, then my left wrist was drawn tightly away from me, a little more out to the side than up.

The boys on my elbows got off of them and let me hurt myself pulling at the ropes on my wrists for a while. It did nothing but hurt me and they knew it. In the meantime I felt loops of rope go around my ankles and be drawn tight. They untied the bandanna holding my legs together and quickly stretched me out down there, too. As I struggled it passed through my mind that these boys had this pretty well planned out. I wondered how long they had been watching me, dreaming up how they'd deal with the captive they now had.

I stopped struggling. Pulling on my wrists and ankles was only going to make them raw. I wasn't about to break the ropes or pull the knots out. I summarized my situation: I was alone in the middle of the desert, stark naked, blindfolded, gagged, and tied spread-eagle. Nobody knew where I was. No one would miss me until my mom and dad got home around five, and they probably wouldn't start to worry until a few hours after dark, twelve hours or so.

The four boys who tied me here had full access to the front of my body. At least they couldn't get to my bottom. Even if they raped me, which looked pretty likely, I wasn't in danger of getting pregnant since my period had just passed. I sighed to myself, A little, sardonic voice reminded me that I had been saying to myself that last week I had really wanted a good screwing with Kerry and it looked like I was about to get the good screwing but just not one I was going to enjoy.

I could hear the boys; they were regrouping after the struggle that I had put up and giving me time to see how hopeless my position was. And chillingly to me, deciding who got to go first. Now I could hear one of them walking back to me. I braced myself; after the fight I had just put them through they wouldn't be happy with me.

As I heard and felt one sit down on my hips I felt real vulnerable. I imagined how I must look, stark naked and tied wide, my breasts rolling gently as I breathed, my slit wide open to the gentle desert breeze and open to the whims of four hormone-crazed boys who were no doubt entirely pissed at me.I wondered who the boys were. I wondered how I could ever show my face anywhere.

I thought that I might pass by one of these boys in town, or at school, and they would see me and know that they had seen me completely nude, helpless and they’d know they had taken me or done whatever they were about to do to me. I tugged again at the bonds on my wrists and ankles to confirm that I was fully at their mercy. It was confirmed.

I felt a hand brush and then grasp my right nipple. God, he was going to hurt me! I tried to move away but I was stretched too tightly. He grabbed my nipple between his forefinger and thumb, then pulled it up a few inches, making sure he had a good grip. Then he grabbed the other one and did the same.

"This is for kicking me in the crotch!" He told me angrily and then he pinched as hard as he could while he pulled hard on my nipples. He stretched my breasts into pyramids of pain as my nipples were crushed and my breasts stretched far beyond comfortable. I struggled as hard as I could which wasn't much and it didn't bother him a bit or change his actions. I thrust my chest up as much as I could but he only pulled harder and maintained the pressure. It hurt horribly and even though I was thrashing as hard as I could I wasn't able to dislodge his grip.

It hit me, in a quiet sort of place, that despite the trashing and the pain, that they could do this to me for hours, until their arms were too tired to pull any more, and I couldn't do anything but suffer. Being gagged I couldn't even beg for mercy.

I thrashed for about a minute, what seemed like forever, and then he let go of my nipples and I fell back to the sand. I felt defeated, raped, violated, but nothing down there had happened. But if this was any indication they just hadn’t gotten around to it yet. Even though my nipples sparked with pain I still tensed up when I felt a finger run through my pubic hair top to bottom and down into my slit. I heard the boy stand and heard the sound of his zipper going down, then the sound of his shorts hitting the ground.

I struggled anew, fighting for my life but all the while knowing it wasn't going to change anything. It sounded like he took off his shirt, then his shoes. He moved to kneel between my legs and put his hands on my bare shoulders. I felt the tip of his cock moving beneath my pussy hair, looking for my slit. He didn’t know exactly what he was doing but him finding the right spot was inevitable and momentary. I braced myself for what was to come. The first push inside of me to violate me and complete my defeat. Him pushing in and out of me while I laid tied and helpless. And then coming in or on me. The first of many.

Then I heard it. On the dirt road a truck coming by. This was the one time I prayed that it would stop and check the pump. The boys yelled to each other to hide. I knew my tied and helpless body wouldn't be visible from the road but maybe they didn't. The boy flattened himself down; he still hadn’t yet found the right spot. He was just going to lay on top of me until the truck passed. I could feel his rock-hard cock rubbing my bush, and wet as I normally was when playing the game he'd go right in me. He started to adjust himself to find the right part of my slit but the others yelled for him to join them at the side of the pool nearest the road.

He hesitated for a second then stood up, smacking me in the right breast and swearing a bit on the way out. He promised he'd be right back and pick up where he left off.

These trucks never stop, I thought with despair. I knew in sixty seconds that bastard will be inside of me, raping me and coming inside me. But I continued to struggle with new hope, having been granted a temporary reprieve. Not that it did any good but I was not going to accept their plans for me lying down.

I couldn't believe it. The truck slowed down and stopped, right across from the pool. The boys heard the motor start to slow down and knew what that meant. I could hear their feet run and then fade as they retreated rapidly down the arroyo toward the river bed. The farm workers could find me now, that was fine. Anything was better than a certain prolonged gang rape from those boys.

The motor shut off and a door opened and closed. I heard someone climb down into the pool area. A single set of steps. I made as much noise as I could and struggled as hard as I could and my reward was to hear the steps walk right up to me. A hand pushed the blindfold up and as my eyes adjusted to the light I recognized Kerry.

I relaxed and almost laughed in relief. He moved the bandana holding the gag in place down to my throat and pulled the other one out of my mouth. He looked plenty worried. "Well, look what we have here."

"Kerry, thank God it's you. Let me go; those boys were about to rape me. Let me go and take me home." I tugged at the ropes holding my wrists out away from me for emphasis.

"They aren't coming back." Kerry nodded over toward his holster, which lay on the ground on the other side of him. He carried a pretty big caliber pistol for protection and he left it in sight, meant to be seen.

"Good" I sighed and calmed down measurably. "Please let me go, right now."

I started to get a sick feeling in my stomach as he did nothing to release my wrists. Instead he ran a finger lightly over my nipple. "I might have a few things to do first" he told me. "I still have some after-effects from our conversation last week, and I think you can help me. Do you mind?"

Silly question. I thought we had already established what condition I was in. He had been over every inch of my body while we dated and to be honest his touch on my naked body was the same as it always was, electrifying and exciting, even now. I found I felt safe right at the moment and my panic faded. My nipples grew to full hardness despite myself and my situation.

"Let me go, and I'll take care of you" I promised.

"I've always wondered what it would be like to have a woman helpless under my hands and to do whatever I wanted to. Do you mind?" He smiled as his finger moved down and did a few loops around my navel, pushing down toward crotch hair, then back up to circle and tease the other nipple. "If that's not ok, I could always just put the gag and blindfold back in and go home."

He noticed the shocked and scared look on my face. "I'm sure they are watching us from somewhere and if I left they'd be back in a heartbeat." I knew he was right.

I didn't believe him. I couldn't dream he would do that but I wasn't prepared to be proved wrong. He could, I admitted. It wasn't as if I could do anything to prevent it while I was tied spread-eagle. Well, I'd better play this cool. "Well, will you let me go afterward?"

He smiled at me. "You must never tell Lorraine about this, promise me?" I looked at him quizzically but gave him my assent. Duh, I thought. "Well, will you let me go?" He looked at me and gave me a shrug which I didn't appreciate a bit but I still had no way to affect. His hand left my nipple and worked its way down to my pussy hair and began running through it.

"How did you come here?" I asked him as he ran a finger into my slit and near my clit. What he was doing was working; my blood was starting to rise and I could feel myself warming up down inside. I couldn't do a thing to stop him anyways. I wanted him to let me loose and I knew how good his cock felt. I was safe, relatively, at least for the moment. Sure, have your fun, I thought, just let me go afterward.

"I'd noticed you walking by almost every day about a month ago. I managed to follow you out here and saw where you were and what you were doing. You know, you play some pretty weird games. I would sit on top of that hill," he indicated a low hill off toward the river bed, about fifty feet high, "and watch you with a pair of binoculars. The guys in that truck nearly saw you a few weeks ago, you know."

I felt flushed as I realized he had seen all that. "I'd just watch you and then go home and take care of myself." The stroking he was doing, now all over my body, inner thighs, between my legs, stomach, breasts, was having an effect. Even through my current situation I was aware that I wanted him and the feeling was getting steadily stronger. Damn, he really could play me like a piano.

I shrugged my shoulders as best I could in my spread-eagle. "Well, I guess I can't really do anything to stop you anyways." I smiled as pretty as I could; I wanted to stay on his good side. "Whatever you want to do to me, go ahead."

He smiled broadly. Off came his shirt revealing his muscular and hairy chest. Then his shorts and shoes. He looked magnificent and hard, just like I remembered him. And at that point I wanted that cock in me very much. But he leaned over and began to kiss me. I returned his kisses with feeling. He kissed for a while then pulled back suddenly. I lifted my head up to stay in contact with him but he pulled further away, just out of reach.

I was enjoying that kiss. "Get back down here," I urged him, but he just looked at me with a twinkle in his eye. Once I let my head fall back to the sand he resumed kissing me.

It went on; he did it to me again. Making me want him and then pulling away while his hands continued to fire off exactly the right nerves all over my body. I was getting hotter and my pussy was aching more and more with each thing he did. Kissing me all over my face and neck. Nibbling on my nipples and between them. A slow lick down to my pubic hair and a gentle lapping on my clit.

He would get me to the point I was really enjoying something and then he’d stop. I would try to get him to start back up again but he wouldn't, reminding us both that I was tied to the ground and he was in total control. As he moved over my body from time to time his cock brushed me somewhere reminding me of how hard he was and how good it would feel inside me. I wanted him so bad it was starting to hurt.

"Fuck me already!" I begged him. "Put it in me!" But he kept up his actions that were driving me crazy. Then he got on top of me and gave me what I wanted. It was as delicious as it ever had been and he hadn't lost any of his skill. I wanted to wrap my arms and legs around him but of course I couldn't. I just lay there, enjoying the feelings. I was already a long way toward the top and he knew how to drive me over the edge.

Over the edge I went with a few more minutes of his ministrations. I bucked and struggled in the bonds as I came and he every so often would start on me, driving me back up even as I was falling. When it was over I lay exhausted. Boy, did he know how to use his tools. Once I had calmed down he started back up as he always did, taking his own pleasure now that mine was done.

I felt him tense up, felt his cock flexing inside me, feeling his cum hit the top of my vagina three, four, five, six times. Then he pulled out and rolled off to the side.

It took him a few minutes to recover. Ok, now let me go, I mentally urged him. But he reached over to my throat and I felt him pull the gag back into place.

"No!" I screamed into the gag, which hardly came out. The blindfold was slipped back into place next.

"Why!" I cried out through the gag. I had been good! He had done everything he wanted to me and I had been a good girl and cooperative. What had I done to piss him off so bad he'd abandon me to be raped? I kept repeating "WHY!" as best I could and struggling as hard as I could, which wasn't much since he had never touched my bonds. He was going to get dressed and leave me! If those boys were still watching, and they had most likely watched him screw me over well, both emotionally and physically, I had gotten so caught up I had forgotten I most likely had an audience.

I started to cry quietly. Kerry was leaving and those boys would be back to rape me for hours. Damn Kerry! When I got loose I was going to kill him! I stopped to listen for the sound of his feet walking away, the truck door closing, the engine starting, but heard nothing. I couldn't even hear where he was.

And then I heard the slicing sound of a knife blade above my right wrist, and it was free. I grabbed the blindfold and threw it off to see Kerry still sitting beside me, still naked, with his buck knife in his hand.

"If I hand this to you, will you promise not to use it on me?" My eyes shot daggers but I nodded. He handed me the knife, trusting me, and I sliced the rope off the other wrist and then sat up to free my ankles. Once my ankles were free I sliced the gag off, then set about carefully cutting the rope loops off my wrists and ankles.

"Why did you do that to me!" I was shaking hard again, physically venting the emotions I had just been experiencing.

He shrugged. "Because I could. You said I could do anything I wanted to. Part of the power trip that is now over." He stood up and then helped me up. I folded and handed him back the knife. "I never considered doing anything but let you go. I was just about ready to let you go at the start but looking at your body still starts fires in me. If you had really objected I would have just let you go without the sex but I wanted you if I could have you. Even tied to the ground you're still pure dynamite."

He pulled on his shorts and handed me his t-shirt. It came down far enough, barely. We found the key on the ground near where the boys had caught me, opened the box, and pulled out my top and running shorts. I pulled on the shorts and then my top and then returned the shirt to him. I took the box with me; I wouldn't be using it here anymore.

"What about the boys?" I asked him. I looked around but couldn't see anyone on the hills.

"Don't worry about them." Kerry informed me. "I know who they are and I'll make sure they know what will happen to them if any of this ever gets out. Just you keep up your end and don't let Lorraine know." I just nodded as we started to climb the dirt wall.

We crested the side of the pool and were a few steps from his truck. I looked back for a long moment at the pool, saying goodbye. He headed for the passenger side to let me in, as much the gentleman as ever. I knew I'd never want to come back here again. I settled down into the passenger seat and withdrew into myself for the ride home.

-- the end --


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