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Desert Escapade

by Sadistiq

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© Copyright 2009 - Sadistiq - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; outdoors; rope; staked; naked; cons; X

So there I was. A hot Arizona sun beating down and a whole afternoon full of... nothing. Just me. And my thoughts. Of course the first thing I thought about was sleep. But then that nagging creature-like thought entered my brain and gave me the endorphins I've felt under lock and key and knots twisted and tied tightly. Unable to escape, or just waiting for the clock to run out and release me.

So hell yes, I started on with me wanting to make that a new reality.

Knowing I had full well at least two to three days before someone would actually miss me, I wanted to do some extreme long-term bondage. I grabbed four stakes and chains, padlocks and headed out.

On my property there's a gully/ravine that runs through. In summer monsoons it fills an sometimes floods, but when dry leaves the optimal bed for self bondage sessions, if one knows what to do. I know.

Taking a sturdy rock just before the dry river bed, I leap into the sand. I lay down my tools and the rock. The sand is almost immaculate. There are some prints from prairie dogs and doves, but this earth had not been moved by man in a long while. I walk cautiously in it until I sit where the river bed evens out. I lay my back down and close my eyes so I am not blinded, not yet. I try my best to form the shape of an X with my body, and stretch out my arms, fingers and toes to the point where they hurt. Then, just to be sure, I scrape the sand with my fingertips and likewise with my heels. I get up an see the shadow of myself there in the sand. And the marks left from my scraping. About three feet away from each point I pound the stakes in with the rock. At an angle so that any amount of pulling will not help. To the stakes I lock on the chains and lay them out toward my body shadow. Then I head back to the house.

Once back in my air-conditioned abode I cool off for a sec, then, before I lose my nerve, prepare for my next step. I shower in cold water, making sure every nook and cranny is worked on. I take my time because I know for what I'm planning will keep me very hot. I leave the shower and towel off lightly. I slather myself with sunscreen. Normally I detest the smell of the stuff, but in this instance I starts to get me hard.

For dress I put on a light tunic. It is something I had bought at a costume shop for Halloween one year, but it works. It's basically a long piece of fabric with a hole cut in the center. One puts one's head through the hole and drapes the fabric over one's front and back. To keep it from flapping around I tie twine around my waist. The tunic, string and flip-flops will be all I leave the house wearing. From my freezer I get a bag of block ice. I like to break my own ice, so I always have at least four on hand. A bit more twine and I am out, making sure the door is locked. There are always a key to get back in. but that key is about a half-mile away from the house.

Reaching the riverbed I lay down the block ice and take off the tunic. I make a small pit near where my body shadow is, and throw in the tunic and flip-flops. A small match catches the tunic quickly and the flip-flops add more and make the smoke dark. I notice this as I, now completely naked and no chance of covering myself, dig a deeper pit on the opposite side of my body shadow. I dig by hand. Not even a foot in I feel dampness and cold. Here the river always runs, you just don't always see it. About two feet down I stop, partly from exhaustion and partly because now the Ice block can fit. I do have keys to the padlocks, and those now I tie with twine and toss them into the pit. I take the block ice and fit it down on top of the keys in the pit. I realize now that the cool earth may keep the ice from melting quicker, but I continue. I bury the ice and the keys below them in about a foot of sand. When I am finished it looks like a little pile with a piece of twine sticking out.

I take the other end of that buried twine and lay it by the body shadow. Now here is the end. I've tested none of this, and I don't even know if I'll get out, or if the sun will do me in. The fire in the shallow pit has gone out, so at the most I'll be walking back to the house naked and barefoot. That's not so much fun in a desert. I sit down thinking about this. I lock my ankles to the stakes thinking this. Will this work? Will I get out?

I consider this as move up to make the chains attached to my ankles tight. Then I move up a bit further, making my ankles hurt.

Laying back I race through my brain, trying to find some flaw, something that would make me abandon this. Right now all I would need to do is pull up the stakes that hold my feet. I don't need to do this. This is what I think as I stretch my left hand our and wrap the chain around it. Click.

Did a padlock always sound like that? So dense and heavy.

Now I would have to wait until the ice melted to find out if I was even strong enough to pull it from it's little shallow grave. It would leave me alive, but unsatisfied. I ponder on this as I stretch out to the final stake. I already have a chain padlocked around my wrist so all I have to do is connect the link to the stake chain.

Once again my mind is racing. Do I know where the house key is?


Are those all the keys to all the padlocks, there in the ground?


I stretch a bit further and get that final link, the one that leaves maybe a breath of movement from any and all extremity. As I slide the shackle into place I ponder one thing more. Where is the loose end of twine?


It's behind my head. I'm laying on it.


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