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The Dessert

by Floridamummy

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© Copyright 2008 - Floridamummy - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; F/m; D/s; gag; oral; cons; X

“Why don’t you go upstairs and get ready for me while I send Ken and Laurie off?” she whispered into his ear quietly as he was clearing up some plates and glasses. He tried not to show too much of the “deer-in-the-headlights” look as he nodded his head and continued on to the kitchen.

Ken and Laurie were already getting their coats on when Rick emerged from the kitchen. After some pleasantries and “we-must-do-this-again-soon’s” were exchanged, Rick quietly slipped away as his wife, Debbie, led the last of the dinner guests to the front door.

Rick bounded up the steps two at a time and was getting undressed even before he closed the bedroom door behind him. He knew that he had only five or ten minutes at the most to get himself prepared before his wife would be up. Debbie would certainly chat a little at the front door to give him what she felt was adequate time to prepare, but it would be his fault nonetheless if he were not exactly as he was supposed to be, especially after so much practice.

Rick and Debbie seemed very much the traditional suburban couple, good looking and successful. They were both twenty-seven and so far childless, although they hoped to have their first child before they were thirty, if everything went as planned. Rick was already quite successful for his age, and it showed in the large colonial house they owned, situated on a large lot in a rather exclusive neighborhood and complete with three relatively new vehicles in the garage. Debbie was also rather successful in her field, but chose to pursue her career only part time, partly in preparation for when they would have a family, but also to keep the appearance of their home up to her standards.

Where they probably differed from their neighbors was in the nature of their private relationship. They had experimented early in their sex life, even before they were married, with bondage and discipline, and found it very much to their liking. Now they both considered it an extremely important part of their relationship, and practiced a dominant-submissive lifestyle in private. After the first few years, Debbie had emerged as the dominant, a role she thoroughly enjoyed, and Rick was quite happy to be the loving, submissive sex slave to his “Mistress”. Their role-playing only took place when Debbie initiated it, and once Rick was fitted with his leather slave collar, it continued until she decided it was time to resume their normal lives. Being the more practical one, she made sure that the requirements of everyday life- work, chores, socializing, and the like- were attended to appropriately, and playtime had to come later. There still were many times when Rick had spent an entire weekend in bondage- cooking, cleaning, and even watching TV and sleeping while restrained in one form or another, and satisfying his loving wife and Mistress as required.

Their affluence had allowed them to build a fully-equipped dungeon in the basement, complete with various devices and toys, and a closet filled with a wardrobe for Debbie that would make even the most discerning Dominatrix envious. For lighter play, their master suite had a private sitting room accessible only through the bedroom, two large walk in closets with additional toys and outfits, and a custom built, massive, four-poster oak bed which had several attachment points cleverly incorporated into it’s design and remained completely motionless during even the most desperate squirming and struggling.

Rick moved quickly through the bedroom and into his closet. He kicked off his shoes and put them on the rack, and removed the last of his clothes and dumped them into the hamper. He opened a drawer and took out his leather collar and buckled it around his neck. The ring in the front already had a key ring attached which held the keys to the hand and ankle cuffs, which he pulled out of the drawer below. He hurried to a spot in the center of the sitting room and knelt down. He quickly secured the cuffs around his ankles. The chains for the handcuffs and ankle cuffs were attached to each other with a small padlock, so once he put the handcuffs on, he would be secured in a kneeling position.

He stroked his throbbing erection a few times before taking a deep breath and cuffing his hands behind his back. Masturbation was strictly forbidden, and he would be punished severely just for those few strokes if Mistress ever knew about it. He tugged at the cuffs and chains which now held him fast, and then assumed the proper pose which his Mistress demanded - ankles crossed, legs spread as far as possible, back straight, and head bowed. Being up on his knees with his back so straight made the chains connecting all of his cuffs taught, but he was not permitted to sit back on his heels unless Mistress told him so. He looked down at his manhood and thrust his pelvis a few times at the air, fruitlessly desiring sexual release. He heard the door to the bedroom opening, immediately assumed the position, and remained completely still.

Debbie walked into the bedroom and shut the door behind her She went into the closet and took off her shoes and put them in the rack. Debbie then walked up close behind Rick and quietly inspected his preparations. She was glad to see that everything was as it should have been, since she was quite aroused herself and didn’t feel much like meting out punishment and discipline tonight. She lingered longer than necessary behind him, knowing how much he was struggling to remain still. Her lips curled up in the slightest of smiles as he periodically wiggled his fingers, or a muscle twitched. He had been trained well, and soon she would reap the pleasure of his training

Other than his rapid, heavy breathing, Rick stayed as still as still as possible. He could feel her right behind him, smell her perfume, and he quietly longed for any contact with her, a caress along his spine or even a few words, anything Finally, he felt her move forward, straddling his feet and pushing against his back and arms with her nylon-sheathed legs. She pulled his head back, letting it press against her stomach and letting her hands wander over his neck and shoulders. He moaned softly

“You’ve been a good boy so far”, she purred in her sexiest voice. “Are you ready to please me?”

“Yes, Mistress, however you please, please let me satisfy you” he responded in an almost dreamlike voice.

“Soon, slave, but first I need to lock up the house. I think I have some e-mails to read, and I need to freshen up.” She continued to caress him, and had begun to slowly rub her crotch against his back and shoulders. “But because you were so good today, I think I’ll give you a treat”, she said.

“Thank you, Mistress” he moaned softly.

She stepped away from him, turned, and walked back into the closet. She removed her sweater and bra. Her nipples were already hard, and removing her clothing only heightened their state as her clothing brushed against them and the cool air touched them. She undid the zipper of her skirt, wiggled it over her hips, and stepped out of it. She scooped up the clothes she had removed so far and pitched them into the hamper. Taking her robe off of a hook, she wrapped it around her and tied the sash at the waist before sliding her pantyhose and panties off. The coolness of the air on her wet sex aroused her further as she picked up the hose and rather wet panties and walked back to the dressing room where Rick was obediently waited in his kneeling position.

“Are you ready for your treat?” she asked him as she stood behind him once again, putting her left hand across his forehead and pulling his head back against her stomach.

“Open wide”, she said before he could even respond. “Keep your mouth open”

She let her left hand slide down over his eyes as he immediately opened his mouth. Debbie shoved her panties into his mouth, using her fingers to poke them in before she wadded up her pantyhose and stuffed them in as far as she could.

“You can close your mouth now. How does that taste ?” Rick moaned his approval. She let her hands slide down his chest and toyed with his nipples, eliciting another moan from her slave/husband. “That’s the appetizer”, she teased as she released him and stepped back away from him. “Make sure they’re still in there when I get back and maybe you can have the main course” She turned and left the room.

Rick was in heaven as he savored the tastes and scents of her undergarments – a mixture of her juices, her perfume, and a hint of leather all blended to drive him insane with lust. He squirmed in his bonds and humped at the air, breathing through his mouth to heighten the thrill on his senses of taste and smell. The wad of soft nylon in his mouth was much too large for him to close his mouth completely, and his cheeks bulged out like a squirrel. How long would she make him wait, he wondered to himself as he heard the bedroom door close behind him.

Debbie meanwhile was just as aroused – if not more so – than Rick, but she did have to lock up the house and turn off the downstairs lights. Also, she had learned to keep him waiting and frustrated as part of his training. Many times, he would not be allowed to cum even after he had brought her to orgasm multiple times. Tonight, though, she decided, he would have the opportunity, provided he serviced her well with his tongue.

She went back downstairs and went into the study, spending the next several minutes on the computer, checking e-mails and responding to a few, while allowing her fingers to drift down between her legs and rubbing herself periodically. She would have several orgasms tonight, she knew, and there was no reason to hurry. The more frustrated Rick was, the more he would strive to please her.

Finally, she turned the computer off and walked back into the bedroom. She looked into the sitting room and saw Rick, who must have heard her come in, stop his squirming and resume his subservient position. Debbie smiled when she saw this. He must be on frustration overload by now, but he still knew to obey his Mistress’ rules. She walked over to him, knelt on the floor in front of him, and began to gently massage his balls with her right hand.

“Is there a something in here for me?” she cooed into his ear, and began to nibble at his neck.” Hmm? Do you want to cum, slave?” Rick could only moan. “You know what you have to do first, don’t you?” She had moved her hand to his stiff member, and began kneading it. “Do you want to taste where those panties came from?”

Rick moved his crotch back and forth in rhythm with Debbie’s stroking. She was now rubbing her thumb across the head of his cock She toyed with him like that for a few minutes as he moved closer to orgasm, then abruptly stopped and took her hand away. She used his shoulders to push herself up.

“Follow me, slave” she said, and she walked back into the bedroom. “Now!”

Rick crawled on his knees as fast as he could being chained up, following his mistress. Debbie turned around, sat on the bed, leaned back on her elbows, and undid the tie on her robe. She pulled the robe open, displaying her body for him as he slowly made his way across the carpet. His eyes were as big as saucers as he stared at her firm, round breasts and her wet sex between her splayed open legs.

“What’s taking so long? I guess you don’t want any tonight. Maybe you can stay chained up like that with your mouth full.” She began to move her hands over her body, putting on quite a show for him.

Finally, he arrived at the bedside and thrust his head forward between her legs. She had watched out of the corner of her eye as he got closer, and she wasn’t done playing with him yet. Before his face reached her, she sat up, grabbed him by the collar, and pulled his head back. He let out an audible groan through the makeshift gag still stuffed in his mouth.

“Have I given you permission to touch me yet? I don’t think so. Do you need to be punished to help you remember the rules?” She held him fast by the collar and pinched his nipple hard with her free hand. “Shall I go get the clamps? Maybe the pain will help you focus.” Rick looked pleadingly at her eyes and shook his head no. Debbie smiled when she saw the genuine fear in his eyes. He assumed the obedient position and lowered his head.

“There. That’s a good slave.” She released his nipple and relaxed her grip on his collar. “Now let’s empty out your mouth. Open up.” She put her fingers in his mouth and pulled the sopping wet mass of nylon out. “Looks like you enjoyed these.” she said, flinging them across the bedroom. Rick opened and closed his mouth, flexing his jaw muscles, his eyes glued all the while to her mound. He was so close, and he was practically drooling with anxiety.

“Now, slave, you may satisfy me. Slow and easy. Concentrate on what you are doing.” she said as she laid back on the bed.

“Thank you, Mistress”, said Rick as he leaned forward and began to nuzzle and lick her outer lips, tracing long, soft strokes with his tongue.

“There, slave” she said, stroking his hair. “That’s much better. I want you to make me cum three times tonight. After that, I might consider letting you have some pleasure, if I’m not too tired.”

Rick worked her outer lips for some time, teasing her until she grabbed the back of his head and ground his face harder into her crotch.

“Yes…inside… Eat me! slave, harder!” she commanded, her heavy breathing making the words come out in short, choppy grunts. He complied, and it wasn’t long before he felt her thigh muscles contract and the first orgasm sweep over her. He continued to lap at her slit, working her most tender spot with his tongue and lips, and soon a second wave hit her. Debbie writhed in pleasure and arched her back, grabbing and pulling at his hair, her heels digging into his back. His wrists were sore from the handcuffs, and his knees hurt, but he never stopped, licking and nuzzling and sucking at her pussy as she cried and moaned in bliss. Rick knew that he was doing well, and hoped that if he kept up until she told him she couldn’t take any more, he would be rewarded.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, she pushed him away. “No more. Umm, I can’t move. Oh, God, I’m exhausted…” she said as she rolled over and curled herself up into a fetal position. “That was great. You did well.” He immediately assumed his obedient position, waiting to be released.

Several minutes went by, and he was afraid that she might fall asleep like that, but he dared not say anything. Debbie laid there, sensing his anxiety, making him wait as long as she wanted. After she felt he had waited long enough, she rolled back over, sat up and unclipped the key ring from his collar. She dropped the keys on the floor behind him and said, “You may come to bed after you release yourself. Hurry up before I fall asleep.”

Rick squirmed around on the floor until he grabbed the ring, and then fumbled with the keys until the cuffs were unlocked. His wrists and ankles were sore from the steel cuffs digging into them, but he was feeling no pain as he walked around to the other side of the bed and climbed in next to his wife.

“Take me from behind, and don’t cum until I tell you it’s OK” she said. “I want a good, hard fucking before you’re finished.”

“Yes. Mistress” he said, almost panting with excitement.

She rolled onto her stomach and lifted her backside as he climbed between her legs. His rock hard erection slid into her wet love tunnel effortlessly, and soon he was fucking her for all he was worth, concentrating on delaying his orgasm until she gave him the go ahead. Suddenly, he felt her tense up beneath him, her muscles contracting around his swollen member.

“Cum… now…yes...oh God, yes!”.

He was so excited at this point that he seemed to cum almost before she had finished talking. He exploded inside of her, moaning in pleasure as she let out a scream of her own. He rolled off of her, completely spent, and hugged her. She too was limp, exhausted from pleasure.

“Did you enjoy that, honey?”, she said, turning towards him and returning the embrace. Rick stared into her eyes lovingly and kissed her softly on the lips.

“It was terrific, babe”, he responded, and they drifted off to sleep together.


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