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Didn’t Bank on This!

by Master_Ties

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It had been an awful week for Kim, she had deadlines that didn’t get met, people she just didn’t have the time to see and overall it was a rotten week that didn’t go her way.  It was finally Friday and she was going to take the weekend to be by herself.  She turned off her cell phone, shut off the home phone and even went as far as to unhook the doorbell so nobody would bother her.  She wanted the weekend to relax and be all by herself.  She parked her car in the garage and made sure the door was down so anyone coming by would think she wasn’t at home and just leave her to a peaceful weekend alone.

Kim was a beautiful 38 year old woman and very attractive for her age.  She had honey blonde hair that when straight went down to the small of her back, but when curled and done up it was just about shoulder blade length.  She had a pair of ice blue eyes that could definitely make you look twice to make sure you weren’t dreaming.  Kim worked out a lot when the time allowed and ate correctly which is why her body was trim and very attractive as well.  She had size 34c breasts a very narrow and tanned 22 inch waist and her hips were a very slender 32 inches and had not showed that she had a child from a previous marriage.  She was an account executive for a major bank and made very good money but there was something missing from her life and she just couldn’t put her finger on it.  She had the nice big house to herself in a very quiet upscale neighborhood, the Mercedes in the garage, every possible furnishing in the house anyone could dream of but still she felt incomplete.

Kim had dated a few times after the divorce and she knew what she wanted and when the man she was dating didn’t fit the profile she booted him to the curb quick and didn’t ever date any of her co-workers or brokers that she worked with.  She had a longing for a wild person in her life that could explore with her and teach her things she always wanted to learn.

Kim started her weekend alone by taking off her professional garb, the heels, stockings, skirt and blouse and slipped into a nice hot bath in her oversized tub.  She had lit the aromatherapy candles had some soft music playing while she soaked and tried to forget the unbelievable bad luck she had had this week.  As she soaked she wondered what she could do to make herself get back into the groove and have a better week next week.  She finally realized that it wasn’t her fault things went badly it was just some rotten luck that everyone has every once and awhile and decided to let it go and just relax this weekend.

After soaking in her relaxing bath for over an hour she climbed out and let her hair back down, dried off and slipped into her satin robe and went out to get something to eat from the kitchen.  Her home was huge but she liked the way it gave her a sense of accomplishment seeing everything she had bought with her hard work and didn’t really owe anyone anything it was all hers and she loved it.  This also gave her the peace of mind of knowing she was due for some bad luck when she has had so much good luck in the past.   Finally in the kitchen she choose to eat light tonight so she grabbed a bag of pre-made salad out and poured some in a bowl and added a lot of salad dressing.  She kind of chuckled when she had said to herself that she always went overboard with some of her needs.  Kim returned to her living room and sat on the couch and ate her salad while flipping through the channels on TV.  There was nothing worth watching on television so she shut it off and just enjoyed the silence as she finished up her salad.  After finishing her light meal she returned to the kitchen and rinsed out her bowl and put it in the dishwasher, poured herself a small glass of wine and returned into the living room and sat at her computer.

She logged on and went searching for what she didn’t know but an adult pop up that we always hate to get showed her something she hadn’t thought of in a long while.  It was a pop up for a bondage site, now she had played with some ex’s with light bondage but these pics were seriously different.  The girls were tied really tight and gagged and even blindfolded in some cases.  She went ahead and clicked on the link and went to the site to see what there was to see.

Once there she saw more of the tight gags and ropes, woman suspended in extremely tight ties and thought to herself why on earth would anyone let themselves be subjected to something like that.  Then she caught a section that was marked “Self bondage stories and pictures”.  Intrigued by the idea she clicked on it and began reading the stories and looking at some of the pictures that went with them.  She couldn’t believe that people actually got off by tying themselves up and enjoying the helplessness.  She thought to herself there is no way anyone could possibly tie themselves up and enjoy it because you would know that you could get loose.  Then she read a story about a woman that got caught by her friend and was kept tied up all weekend long and thought now that I could understand would excite me more I’m thinking.

She continued reading some and looked at her watch and it was close to midnight, so she decided to try to get some sleep and continue this weekend of relaxation when she woke up in the morning.  She made her way to the bedroom to her oversized bed with the overstuffed mattress and down comforter and sat on the edge of the bed and thought as she took off her robe.  You know that was kind of exciting and yes the release was right there but with her getting caught she couldn’t release herself and I can see where that would be exciting the possibility of getting caught would make it more exciting I guess.  She went to sleep with those thoughts in her head and after a couple of minutes of getting comfortable she fell off to sleep.

The next morning she couldn’t believe she had woken up so early, it was 8 am and she so wanted to sleep some more but just tossed and turned in the bed and finally gave in and got up and went in and took her shower.  She returned to the bedroom got her satin robe on and went and made some coffee and sat back down at her computer.  She hadn’t shut it down so it was still on those bondage stories and she decided that she would read a few more and look a few more pictures and see how they worked out. She finished her pot of coffee and couldn’t believe it when she looked up at the clock and it was already noon.  But she had gotten so into one of the stories she just couldn’t step away from it.  She went to her room and got on a pair of her thigh high stockings, a pair or her high-heeled shoes that strapped around her ankle.  She looked in the mirror and thought about what she might look like all tied up and helpless.  She pulled her arms behind her back and mock struggled some but it wasn’t the same.  She decided to get one of her scarves out of the drawer and tie it in her mouth like she had read the other girl had done and put her arms behind her back again and actually got turned on by the thought of being helpless and she couldn’t believe it.  She just had to try this out for herself.  She finished getting dressed in her white silk blouse and pulled on a short leather mini skirt that showed off her sexy tanned legs and decided to head out to see if she could get some stuff to make herself like the girl in the story.

She headed out to the garage and climbed into her cream colored Mercedes and hit the garage door opener and started to back out when she saw her co worker Susan and fellow account executive sitting in the drive way.  She climbed out and told her that she had some stuff to do quickly and to come back later and they could talk about what ever brought Susan over.  Susan agreed and backed out and Kim quickly followed her out of the neighborhood and went in opposite directions when they hit the freeway.

Once on the freeway Kim had to keep herself from daydreaming about being tied up as she drove or she found herself driving all over the road.  She decided that the first place she would head was her local department store to pick up some rope and some other things and then head to the adult bookstore to pick up what she could find there.  Once at the department store she went to hardware and looked around and found some rope and threw that in the cart. She had also read about electrical zip ties that could be used so she grabbed a few packages of those making sure they were really long for any use she might want for later.  She headed over and got a few locks and threw them into the basket and last but not least a roll of duct tape.  Keeping a straight face at the check out was not easy when the clerk commented that she must have been going to do some small home improvements today.  She just smiled as best she could and said yes it was time to get those cords behind the entertainment center put together a little better and wanted to put up a clothes line out back to dry her clothes on.  If she would have known that a clothes line would have gotten a five minute conversation out of a elderly clerk she wouldn’t have said it but she just tried to hurry him along by paying and looking like she had a lot of other things to do.  He finally gave her change back to her and bagged up her goodies and she headed out the door.  God if that little old man had any idea what I was going to do with this stuff he would have himself a massive heart attack she thought.  She almost ran out of the store and got to her car quick and let herself have a little laugh as the car fired up and the air conditioning kicked on.  Now where is the nearest adult book store she thought.

She only had to drive about three blocks to the bookstore she had in mind.  She got out and locked the car and headed into the store feeling a little uneasy about going in.  She had never gone into a place like this before and wondered what people passing by might think.  She talked herself into going inside and instantly became relaxed when she saw the female clerk behind the counter that smiled at her when she walked in the door.  The place seemed empty, not like she thought it would be a bunch of old perverts running around drooling over the pictures of naked woman and stuff.  She walked around a bit and when she didn’t find the bondage stuff anywhere, she went and asked the clerk if they had anything like that because she was buying a gag gift for a girlfriend that was getting married.  The lady behind the counter chuckled and pointed her to the end of the counter in a corner where she didn’t think to look was all the bondage stuff she might need.  

She found gags, cuffs, clamps, books and movies all to do with bondage.  She quickly chose a pair of steel cuffs and it was then that she saw the gags that were available.  She couldn’t believe her eyes there were all kinds of different ones and she just couldn’t figure them all out.  There were balls, bits, rings, ones that look like penises, some were head harnesses some weren’t, some locked, most didn’t.  She even saw a couple that she could lace into a collar if she wanted to spend that much money.  The lady at the counter came over and asked if there was something she could do to help.  Not knowing anything about this stuff she wanted something comfortable but would still keep her “friend” quiet, very quiet.  The clerk pointed to a head harness gag that had a ball on it.  She also said that there is a panel that goes over the ball to keep her really quiet above what the ball will do and it wont come off without the use of the hands and I see you have solved the hands problem she mentioned while pointing to the cuffs in Kim’s hands.  Kim just smiled and said that every household in America probably owns at least one set of them as she grabbed the gag off the wall.  She moved over to the counter and pulled out her card and made the purchase thinking she was probably as red as a fire engine paying for it.  Kim again almost ran out of the store to the safety of her car and started it up and sped out of the drive and headed for her house.

Once a comfortable distance from the store Kim relaxed slowed down a bit and allowed herself to begin thinking about tonight’s adventure, how she should do it, when should she start, when would it end and finally would she have what the story said was the earth shattering, mind numbing orgasm she had always dreamed about having.

The drive didn’t take as long to get home as it did to do the other running around she had done.  She found herself pulling onto her street and hitting the remote for the garage door opener and without slowing much pulled into her garage and hit the door opener again and gathered her things and headed into the house to put them away unless someone came by.  Kim ran into her bedroom, tossed the sacks on the bed, and went out into the kitchen and grabbed herself a glass of wine and sat back on the couch.  She slowly sipped her wine and flipped through the channels of the television watching a few shows here and there but not really paying much attention to them.

It was about 7:30 in the evening when she decided that she would print out the story and do as the girl in it had done and see if she could have the same type of orgasm as she did when she tied herself up.  Kim went into her room and took off the blouse and skirt but left the heels and hose on.  She grabbed her purchases off the bed and went back into the living room.  She went to the kitchen grabbed herself another glass of wine and the scissors for possible use later and the butchers twin from the drawer.  Kim headed back out into the living room with the story printed from her computer sitting on the coffee table she began to set everything up.  She tied the key to her new cuffs and the locks she was going to use to the scissors.  She cut the rope she had bought into four equal lengths and then cut one of those in half yet again.

With all her preparations finally finished she thought there is nothing left to do but go ahead and tie herself up then.  She finished her glass of wine, and set the glass on the coffee table.  She grabbed one of long lengths of rope and began tying her ankles together with a long lead left from the final knot.  She then tied two more pieces of rope around each thigh leaving enough room for her to slip her arms through.  Then she tied the cuffs to the end of the rope from her ankles and sat back on the couch.  She was wondering if she could actually do this, the author had said it was going to be difficult to get out of and into but it has such a fantastic reward if she does it.  Deciding she wants this, she ties one of the short pieces or rope around her midriff but not too tightly remembering this has to be enjoyable.  She lays the keys and scissors on the floor near where she will be.  Kim grabs her gag and buckles it on semi tight and tests it to see if she can spit out the ball.  Without being able to she decides to tighten the panel over the ball a little tighter forcing the ball into her mouth a little more.  She then moves over near the scissors and keys and squats over, bending her knees and almost sitting on her heels.  She grabs the cuffs and runs the rope over the front of the rope around her waist, through her already damp vagina, over her clit, and back around back to part her butt cheeks and over the waist rope and lets it set against her back.

Finally she grabs her blindfold and puts it over her eyes after checking where the keys and scissors are and tightens buckles it in place.  Kim now knows its now or never so she slides her arms through the ropes on her thighs and reaches around behind her and grabs the cuffs and quickly finishing off her helplessness.  She wiggles her arms and struggles very little finding every move she makes pulls on the rope in her crotch.  Kim began to feel an orgasm building rather quickly when she thinks she hears a noise.  She had read how when you’re blindfolded your mind tries to play tricks on you so she ignored it for now.  She kept wiggling and enjoying when she hears a knock on the front door. “Kim its Susan you told me to come back are you home?”  Oh god Kim thought what did I do to myself? She tried to reach for the keys and scissors with her hands but when she tries to move her hands down it pulls on the crotch rope and doesn’t let her reach them.  About that time she remembers that Susan has a key to the house and might let herself in if she hears her.  She slowly tries to reach the keys but her hands just won't reach she would have to fall onto the ground to get to them but she knows that is going to hurt a bit and make noise she doesn’t want to make that might attract Susan.  About that time she hears the keys in the lock and she is mortified.  

Susan opens the door and walks in and saw Kim tied very tightly on the floor in a squatting position and rushes over to her friend and looks around quickly.  She sees the sight on the computer and the scissors on the ground with the keys and smiles fiendishly.  She removes Kim’s blindfold and asks her if she had done this to herself.  Kim, embarrassed nods yes, and begins wiggling more reaching for the keys.  Before Kim could reach them Susan reached down and grabbed them quickly and sets them on the dining room table and walks back over to Kim and stands over her tied and helpless new captive. 

Kim furious gives Susan a let me go look over her gag, but all she gets back is a fiendish smile from Susan as she walks past her and sits down on her couch seeing the story sitting on the coffee table.  Susan picks the story up and begins reading it and making comments to Kim as struggles to finish the story because now Kim begins wiggling more trying to get herself loose to no avail.  Susan then moves back in front of Kim and stands over her and begins removing her gag to allow her to speak.  Kim instantly spit out the gag when she could and began telling Susan to let her loose, that it wasn’t funny and she needed to get out of this soon.  Susan just smiled at Kim and stood over her.

Susan was not a slouch herself. She was a strikingly good-looking dirty blonde woman herself.  She was taller then Kim by a couple of inches but had very similar body measurements and also wore her stockings and heels everywhere she went.  Today she was wearing a short leather mini skirt and a black satin blouse with a black leather bra on underneath.  Susan’s hair was shorter then Kim’s was.  Hers only came to her shoulders and was always styled and looked good on her tall frame.  

Kim continued telling Susan it wasn’t funny and that she took her only way to get loose away from her and she needed to let her go, when Susan grabbed Kim’s blonde hair in her hand and pulled her head into Susan’s crotch and tells her that she will eat her out.  Kim franticly shakes her head from side to side to tell Susan no but then she tells her the words she didn’t want to hear, that if she didn’t then Susan was going to leave her tied up and not give her the keys to get loose if she doesn’t do what she is told.  Kim had never done anything like that but knew what she liked and wanted so she began licking and nibbling on Susan’s sex quickly bringing her to a knee shaking orgasm.  Susan dropped to her knees and looked into Kim’s eyes and tells her that she is also into bondage as well and she has a couple of ideas of her own and will be back after she runs home and gets her equipment and will return.

Quickly she shoves the ball back into Kim’s mouth and tightens the gag onto Kim’s head and replaces the blindfold and locks her gag onto her head.  Susan stands up and whispers into her ear that she will promise to return and when she does she will make sure that they both understand how good bondage can really be when you have somebody else to play with.

Kim began wiggling franticly shaking her head no repeatedly but when she heard the front door close she knew that she was stuck waiting for her coworker to return to let her loose, if in fact she was going to free her.  Kim knew that too much struggling would cause her to fall over and make her even more helpless then she already was so she began to tug on the crotch rope and had a mind shaking orgasm not knowing what was in store for her when Susan returned.  After what seemed like hours but was probably actually only about 30 minutes and 3 strong orgasms later Kim heard the door open again and heard Susan’s voice tell her she had returned to help her out.

Susan dragged in a trunk and noticed the small puddle under Kim and made a comment to her about enjoying things while she was gone.  Susan took off the blindfold and laid Kim on her side and told her that she was going to go get changed and would be back as quickly as she can.  Kim began struggling and didn’t want to stay tied up she wanted loose and wanted a chance to get even with Susan for leaving her tied up, gagged and blindfolded while she went to get her stuff.  About the time she didn’t think she could stay tied any more. Susan came out wearing a leather boned corset, black heels and stockings, a collar on her neck that was locked on but that was nothing compared to what was covering her crotch.  Susan had put on a double-sided dildo and was wearing some harness that allowed her to have half in her and the other part sticking out pointing at the helpless Kim.  

Susan told Kim that she also has done some self-bondage herself and didn’t know that she was also into it.  Kim being gagged couldn’t really say she was just trying it but she has been enjoying it a lot with what she has experienced so far.  Susan told her that she has had a fantasy that she has wanted to live out for a very, very long time and this was going to be the opportunity to live it out.  Susan went to her box and pulled some things out and began setting things up.  First she rolled Kim onto her shins making her sex accessible.  Then she grabbed two pairs of handcuffs out of the box and ratcheted them shut on her ankles one pair per ankle.  She then grabbed some rope out and moved over to where Kim was positioned.  Susan showed Kim the keys and scissors and then threw them across the room and told her that they needed to get over there to get loose.  She then locked her cuffs around her ankles to Kim’s bound ankles.  She slowly moved the crotch rope out and untied it from the handcuffs and pulled it through her legs and ties it to the ring on the back of her collar.  She then takes more rope and begins tying her thighs to Kim’s thighs and tells Kim that she will be the eyes but not be able to talk to her and she will be both blindfolded and gagged and can only help her move across the floor.

Susan then reached down and wrapped Kim’s hair into a pony tail and then braided her hair with the rope and tied it off near the end of Kim’s long hair and then ties the left over rope to the rings on either side of her collar pulling Kim’s head back and Susan’s body into hers.  She then takes out her own head harness and lays it on Kim’s back and puts on her own blindfold and buckles it on tight.  Susan then applies her own head harness ball gag on and buckles and locks it on tight.  With only one thing left her cuffing her hands behind her back she moans through the gag if Kim can see the keys to let them both loose.  Kim pulls on her head in a yes motion and notices it turns her on more having her hair pulled and her friends dildo pulled in deeper when she moved her head like that.

With a positive answer from Kim, Susan reaches behind her and finds her cuffs she had tied to the rope from the girls crotches in the middle of her back and slowly and carefully begins cuffing her hands high onto her back, making her has helpless as her friend impaled on the dildo in front of her.  Once the final cuff was ratcheted on tight Susan bucked forward to let Kim know she could start moving toward the keys so they could both get free and enjoy Susan’s fantasy to the fullest.

Kim enjoyed the full feeling she was getting by the dildo attached to Susan’s crotch and she thought she would try to get even with her friend for leaving her helpless while she went to get her equipment.  Kim with her cuffed hands behind her started reaching back toward the crotch of her friend and found that the leather panel that was holding the dildo onto her friend also blocked her being able to reach behind her and rub her friends clit while they struggled to the keys across the room.  She then had a thought if she could get her fingers around the edge of the panel she might be able to get her finger onto her friends clit and work it so that her friend could have a couple of orgasms.  She worked her hand down and grabbed a hold of the panel and pulled it out with her right and used her left fingers to try to probe behind the panel and find her love button hidden underneath.

Susan now realizing what her friend was trying to do began bucking back and forth causing both girls to have their respective ends of their dildo slide in and out of their soaking wet pussies.  But try as she may Susan couldn’t stop her friend from finding her love button and she began squeezing it between two fingers, which brought them both to a rapid pair of orgasms.  Both girls finally relieved concentrated on getting to the keys, but it was very slow going.  With Kim’s arms and legs tied like they were and Susan’s tied to hers the slowly made their way over toward the keys.

The trek was long and rewarding, both girls had multiple orgasms and were enjoying their game.  Kim on the other hand had been tied up for a very long time and was growing weary and wanted to get to the keys and get loose as soon as possible, Susan not being as tired but tied more strictly was also growing sore and wanted to get loose and began bucking Kim on to keep her moving.  Once, they had to slow down, because during a matching orgasm the girls almost tipped themselves over and would have made getting loose almost impossible with neither being able to help the other move or get to the keys.

Finally within two feet of the keys, Kim wanted to make sure she got the keys so that she could return the evil deeds done to her by her friend, decided to tip the pair over and reach for the keys.  What she didn’t expect was that Susan would come down as well and landed on top of the keys and all Susan’s wiggling she couldn’t get the keys into her hands and the pairs wiggling brought them both to yet another orgasm together.  With the situation at had Kim tried to pull her hands up and grab the keys from under her friend but every time she did her friend would straighten up her back and pull Kim’s hair back and keep the keys from her reach.  Kim finally wiggling enough to get Susan’s attention that she could get the keys reached over and grabbed them and pulled her hands to the side slightly so she could see the key holes and began releasing herself.

Leaving her friend tied to her back she stretched out finally and gave her back and legs a break letting them move back to their fully extended position.  Her mind was racing trying to think of what she could do to her bound and helpless friend when Susan nuzzled her head into Kim’s neck and began moaning into her gag acting like she wanted to get loose now.  Kim reached behind her friends collar and untied her hair from her friends collar and then untied her crotch rope from between her legs but didn’t let it slip away she held onto it and reached behind her friends head and tied the rope so she friend couldn’t drop her hands they would stay high on her back.

When satisfied she could get herself loose she grabbed her friend’s head and whispered in her ear that she was going to get her back for leaving her tied and helpless while she went to get her belongings.  Knowing that Susan would begin struggling she just relaxed and let the struggles of her friend bring her to yet another orgasm and then slowly reached down and uncuffed her friend from her ankles and locked her friends ankles together with both pairs of hand cuffs on her ankles.

Finally totally released from her friend she removes the dildo from her and wiggles away from her friend and removes her gag and unties her ankles and tosses her bindings aside and rolls back over by Susan.  Taking that rope left over from her crotch she pulls her friends ankles toward her hands high on her back and ties her ankles into a hogtied position pulling her into a extreme bowed position and tells her she is not the helpless one and the keys will be on the dining room table out of reach while she goes and takes a nice relaxing bath and enjoy a glass of wine.  This causes Susan to begin struggling vigorously not wanting to stay tied in such an extreme position.

Kim slowly makes her way to her feet and wobbles into her bedroom and removes her stockings and heels and grabs her robe and heads into the bathroom and draws a bath.  She relieves herself and climbs in slowly allowing her sore aching body to enjoy every inch of the warm water that swallows her up as she lowers herself into the tub.  Knowing her friend is out in the other room struggling she couldn’t enjoy the bath as much as she wanted to but she had ideas for her now helpless friend.

Climbing out of the tub Kim dries off her tired sore body and walks into her room and begins plotting her payback ideas and begins pulling clothes out of the closet and laying them on the bed.  First her leather mini skirt, under it she puts on her black thigh high stockings and garter.  She puts on a leather bra and her one time purchase a pair of thigh high boots a boyfriend of hers wanted her to wear for him once and slides them onto her legs and checks herself in the mirror and is impressed at how wicked she looks being dressed like she is.

Retuning into the room where her friend is tied she grabs the keys for her gag and unlocks it from her head and removes her blindfold and immediately Susan remarks on how hot Kim looks dressed like she is.  Kim thanks her and tells her she has some work to do if she wants to get loose.  Susan begins struggling and her friend just laughs at her and tells her there is no way to get loose so you can let me have my paybacks or you will be gagged again and put into your box and I will leave you somewhere that I know you will be found with a note saying you did this to yourself to get off and now am stuck and can't get loose and want someone to take advantage of your helpless state. 

Susan tells Kim she wouldn’t dare and Kim begins picking up her friend and moving her close to the box.  Seeing that she isn’t kidding at all Susan agrees to do whatever she wants just don’t lock her in the box and leave her for someone to find.  Kim puts her down on her knees in an upright hogtie and steps over her head and tells her to begin licking and she will tell her when she feels she has been properly repaid for what she did to her earlier.  Susan knowing she can’t really do anything about it begins servicing her friend with her tongue until Kim orgasmed twice and left Susan’s face covered in her juices. 

With Kim feeling justified she climbs off her friend and walks over to the keys and throws them on the floor in front of her friend and tells her if she want loose she can get herself loose that she was going out and enjoying her Saturday night and if she wasn’t loose by the time she got home she might think of helping her out with the cuffs if she feels like it.  With that she walked over to her friend and put her gag back on and locked it in place and grabbed her keys and headed out for the night leaving her friend helpless in her living room with the keys only inches away from her.       


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