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A Difficult Walk

by Unknown

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© Copyright 2002 - Unknown - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; scarves; gag; cuffs; shackles; public; outdoors; cons; X

First of all I got dressed for the occasion. Since it was fall and cool, I put on black opaque pantyhose, a black satin mini skirt, and a dark silk jersey turtle-neck top.  For shoes, I chose a pair of four-inch high heeled pumps. These had instep straps that would ensure that they would not slip off as I walked.  I then drove over across town after sundown and put the keys to my handcuffs and to my legcuffs in a film can and put them at the base of a tree that could be easily identified in the dark. This tree was at the edge of a park.

I then drove about a half-mile away to another neighbourhood that didn't have many street lights and parked my vehicle. I then prepared for my session. First, I gagged myself with two large silk squares.  The first, a 30” Echo tartan pattern, I folded down into a small rectangular pad.  I then placed this in the centre of the second scarf (an Escada knock-off, but in real silk) and rolled it down into a long thin band with a large ball shape in the middle.  I wedged this scarf ball-gag deep into my mouth, pushing the ball well back past my teeth.  I then crossed the ends behind my head and brought them round to the front again, where I knotted them off with a square knot.  I had discovered this style of gag after much experimentation - it was 100% secure and ensured that I could not talk, or really make much sound at all.  Then I tied my pride and joy - an Hermès Plaisirs du Froid twill scarf in icy colours around my head Classic style.  I wound a long woollen scarf around my neck and lower face.  Since it was a very cold night for the fall, this would not look too out of place.

I then locked the legcuffs onto my ankles. I had wrapped the 15" chain connecting them with black tape to stop the clinking and also to keep them from shining in the limited light.  Next I draped a Burberry trench-coat over my shoulders and buttoned the top button. I put the keys to my car in a small shoulder purse that I draped over my neck and over my shoulder and stepped as carefully as I could out onto the pavement. With my legs locked together by the shackles, this wasn't very easy.  My walk would definitely be a slow one.

I slipped on silk-lined black leather gloves and then, before I could chicken out, locked the door and quickly locked the handcuffs on my hands behind my back. I was now stuck and had over a mile to walk, half of it in restraints. This was pretty scary, considering that I could easily be discovered if someone was walking a dog or just getting a late night walk in.

I started to walk to the park to get the keys. My heels clacking on the concrete, making a sound that I thought would wake the world. The shackles were really restricting my stride. The wind started to pick up and was really blowing up my skirt. I was glad that I was wearing those opaque pantyhose.

This walk took longer than I thought, especially since I had to go several blocks longer to avoid a party that was getting out. I was quite out of breath, as my breathing was fairly restricted by the wet silk in my mouth and my head was very warm due to all the wrapping.

After what I thought was several hours, taking those restricted steps, I made it to the park, and had to locate my tree. I finally found it and with much relief, unlocked my hands, and my shackles. I put them in my purse and started back to my car. I kept my gag in place, relishing the bite of the silk against the sides of my lips and the pleasing sensation of fullness in my mouth.  Finally, I made it back to my car and drove home (still gagged).

There I used the ice cube in a nylon stocking method to secure the handcuff keys and then proceeded to blindfold myself with two Ferragamo scarves - one as a pad over my eyes and the other double wrapped, securing it, locked myself into a fairly tight hog-tie and fell asleep. I woke up what must have been hours later and found that the handcuff keys had long ago fallen on the floor. After some searching, I found them and got myself free.  Finally, I removed my gag, added another layer to my blindfold with a plain silver-grey square of silk by Liberty of London and spread-eagled myself to the bed with ropes around my ankles and handcuffs for my gloved hands and went to sleep for the night.


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