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Directions (Read the)

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2016 - Mikel - Used by permission

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Eva had wanted a matching set of steel restraints for years, searching the internet and fetish shops regularly hoping to find the perfect set. Eva not only wanted to use them as they were designed but wanted them to be pretty enough to wear as jewelry letting everyone who saw them know her preference and what she was looking for. She had purchased several wrist cuffs but none had ever met her standards. The last cuffs she bought were beautifully polished with almost invisible seams and fold away d-rings that fit nicely into the thick steel when not being used but the cuffs failed to meet her expectations elsewhere.

Eva always bought the wrist cuffs first just to make sure they met her needs before spending more money on the rest of the set. She had worn them every day for a week and when she let Jim use them to restrain her on Friday night she found out that not only were the cuffs not wide enough to not become painful quickly the d-rings failed the first time she struggled as her orgasm forced its way through her body. Eva was very upset thinking she had found the right ones at last and sat looking at the broken d-rings knowing her search was still on.

A few weeks later Eva was talking to the clerk, Lara, at her favorite fetish shop. Lara had used Eva as a model/demonstrator for the evening as she had done every time Lara held a class on various topics, all being fetish in nature of course. While Eva sat looking down at the ballet boots Lara had locked on a few hours before and enjoying her hands still being strapped tightly behind her back she told Lara her dreams of finding the perfect set of cuffs. Lara smiled and told her that she knew exactly what she was looking for and where to find them. Eva got very excited as she listened to Lara explain about the cuffs and showed her a pair another customer had ordered.

Eva was ecstatic with the new cuffs and begged for Lara to free her so she could try them on. Lara laughed and refused to release her saying she couldn’t let her try on someone else’s custom ordered items. Lara did agree to order a full set for Eva adding that if Eva didn’t like them she would sell them for her at the shop relieving Eva’s concern of ordering such expensive items. Eva agreed and let Lara measure her wrists, ankles, thighs and neck and promised to continue modeling for her to help pay for the new set.

Eva could think of nothing else during the time she waited for the shackles to be created. Lara had asked for the cuffs to be made a little wider and the collar slightly taller but it was the waist belt Lara had ordered without Eva knowing that Lara knew would make the set complete. Eva read up on the newest restraints and loved the fact that they could only be opened when plugged into a computer and the correct password used. The computer sent a signal to the cuffs to open the latches for a few seconds allowing them to be opened. Eva wore her collection of cuffs and collars every day while she waited for her new ones spending almost every night bound in some way while Jim had his way with her.

Jim was really enjoying the added time he got to spend with her willingly letting him keep her tied up and available to him for as long as he wanted begging him to leave her longer each time. Jim hoped it would take forever for the set to be completed and wondered if she would still be this aroused once she had them. After waiting two months Lara called Eva to schedule another modeling night and told her she had a surprise for her. Eva knew her new shackle set had arrived and couldn’t wait to get to try them out.

Arriving at the shop Lara had her change into a skin tight latex catsuit with attached gloves, feet and hood as soon as Eva walked in, not giving Eva a chance to ask about the surprise. Eva spent the next five hours sealed inside the latex blind, partially deaf and only able to make grunting noises under the tight rubber stretched over her face. Lara’s curriculum tonight was to demonstrate the proper way to lace a corset and the correct way to apply a straight jacket. Eva was corseted multiple times as each “student” got their chance at learning how to lace a corset. The final corset was laced tightly onto Eva leaving her panting under the hood and completely unable to bend her body from her shoulders to her hips.

Eva owned two corsets and wore them when ever Jim wanted her to but now that she was laced so tightly into one that held her so rigidly she thought she might start trying to wear one more often. Lara took a break after the last corset was cinched tight and unzipped Eva’s hood giving her a much needed drink. Eva started trying to ask questions about the surprise ignoring the Lara’s warnings about talking. Lara not wanting to seem weak, and really enjoying restraining Eva stuffed Eva’s mouth with a large penis gag and strapped it on tight before zipping the hood back over Eva’s head and face.

Eva didn’t struggle or fight Lara knowing it was pointless and also because she was enjoying herself too much and was soon led back into the shop now gagged and tightly corseted. Eva could barely hear Lara tell the class about how much her model loved ballet boots. Lara knew Eva didn’t like them so she picked out her own favorite pair and Eva could feel her feet being stuffed into a thigh high boots and moaned as Lara let two of the men in the class tighten the boots laces until her legs were held almost as rigid as her torso was.

Lara forced Eva to stand wrapping a sling around Eva’s rubber covered head that was attached to a line going up to the ceiling. This would keep Eva on her toes and help her to maintain balance while the class practiced strapping her into different straight jackets. Eva spent the rest of the evening being forced into first a canvas medical style jacket then a leather jacket. The leather jacket Lara used as the demonstrator for how effective of a restraint it was whipping Eva hard and telling her she could go if she could free herself. The whole class took turns whipping Eva’s teetering rubber body as she fought the tight leather only stopping when Eva stopped moving and stood gasping for air.

The next two jackets were rubber the first a standard jacket that gave Eva a lot of wiggle room. The second was a much heavier rubber and this one forced her arms behind her back like a single arm sleeve that had been welded to the jacket itself. Lara laced the sleeve tightly first then had the men pull the front straps tight making the sleeve even tighter as it pulled her arms firmly up against her back. The crotch strap had been sunk deep into Eva’s wet pussy by Lara who had made sure it was placed perfectly between Eva’s lips before she cinched it making Eva whine under the hood.

Eva could hear Lara talking as she dangled on the line, her stiff legs keeping her from doing much more than turning slowly on her pointed toes and the corset forcing her to breathe slowly through the small holes in the hood under her nose. Eva had no idea how long she had been encased in the corset, boots and jacket but was starting to feel it had been much longer than agreed on and was starting to have difficulties getting enough air. Lara noticed her struggles and brought a tall chair over to her and let her sit on it while she removed the hood and gag and allowed Eva to drink all she could.

Lara was beaming and thanked Eva over and over then ran off to help more customers into or out of different items. Eva sat, still bound but her head uncovered allowing her to breathe freely for two more hours before Lara finally checked out the last customer and locked the front doors. Lara rushed to Eva babbling about how well the show had gone forcing Eva onto her sore toes and leading the bound woman around the shop while she talked about how grateful she was. Eva was enjoying her helplessness and watching her friend babbling so she let Lara continue to pull her around as she straightened up the shop.

It was so late when Lara released Eva that she handed her the box and stated make sure you read the directions before locking these on. Lara stressed how difficult it would be to have to cut them off so read the directions, Eva smiled and said she would. Lara carried the heavy box to Eva’s car since Eva’s arms were still asleep from being crushed together for so long and waved good bye as Eva drove home. Eva’s mind was still foggy as she drove home, all she could think about was how horny she was and couldn’t wait to slip her favorite vibrator into aching pussy then strap herself down for the night.

As Eva got closer to home she started thinking about her new manacle set and drove faster wanting to use them tonight for her “lock down”. Arriving home Eva stripped out of her street clothes then unlocked the collar she had been wearing leaving everything strewn across the house. Reaching her room she prepared her night time restraints and quickly stretched her latex nipple bra and panties on and stepped into her highest heels, locking the ankle straps. After strapping her head harness gag on and locking it Eva was ready to try on her new steel cuffs and collar.

“Shit!” Eva mumbled around the gag she had left the box in the trunk of her car. The keys for the shoes and harness were already frozen in a large block of ice so Eva could either continue without the new toys or she could dash to her car and hope no one spotted her in her latex and with her head encaged by leather straps. Eva opened her door and looked out, it was very early in the morning so she felt sure no one would be up so she carefully walked as quickly as she could to her car. Eva grabbed the box and was heading back when a car quickly pulled up to her curb making her freeze and turn to see who it was. As she stared into the bright headlamps she heard a grunt and saw a newspaper flying into her yard then the car quickly drove off. Eva started chuckling as she realized it was her paper delivery man and mumbled “That was you Christmas tip for this year”.

The cold air had made her nipples even harder as they pushed through the small holes in the latex and Eva couldn’t keep herself from stroking and pinching them as she opened the box and looked at the incredibly beautiful set of shining steel so neatly in cut out foam inserts. Flipping the sheet of paper off them Eva squealed behind the gag as she pulled the wrist cuffs out of the foam and studied each one amazed how smooth and shiny they were noticing the four small hooks sticking out of one side of the open cuffs. Eva pulled the thin strip of red tape off the other side of the cuffs seeing the slots the hooks would latch into and smiled as she wrapped one of the cuffs around her wrist and snapped it closed.

The cuff fit her snuggly but immediately felt comfortable to her so she snapped the other cuff around her other wrist. Eva looked at the cuffs on her wrists stroking them while she thought that they looked much wider than they had on line but she liked it. Eva was also surprised at how thick each cuff was but really liked the extra weight and shook her wrists giggling at how they felt on her. Eva flipped out the concealed d-rings noticing how stout they were and thought “These won’t break anytime soon” and pushed them back into their place.

Eva couldn’t resist and pulled out the ankle cuffs and ripped off the red tape and snapped them shut around her ankles, squealing again at how well they fit. After shaking her ankles she closed the thigh cuffs around her legs, she had asked to have them made so they would fit tightly above her thigh muscles so they would be set very close to her pussy the thigh cuffs were linked permanently together making it almost as effective as a chastity belt. Eva pulled the collar out of the box noticing another shiny piece of steel under the foam, “What’s this?” Eva mumbled to herself as she pulled the belt out from under the foam.

Eva inspected the belt and knew Lara had given her a surprise. Eva figured out that she would have to slip the belt onto her side first then twist it until it was lined up correctly. Seeing the slight V shaped dip in the belt she twisted herself into the belt and moved the V to the front. The belt was about five inches wide and closed in the back making Eva reach behind her feeling the ends and realizing they were five or six inches apart. Eva grunted behind the gag as she squeezed the belt as hard as she could but was unable to close it. Eva groaned as she tried to figure out how she would close it and if she could stand to have something this tight wrapped around her. Looking around she got an idea and went to the arm of the couch and leaned on the thick arm while she pushed and grunted until she heard the belt latch close. Eva stood up gasping from the tension around her waist and ran her hands around the belt feeling how far it was sunk into her abdomen.

Eva stood gasping while she continued stroking the belt getting more excited as she realized she wouldn’t be able to remove it until she set up the computer program. Eva picked up the collar looking at how wide it was and thinking Lara had added the extra width to the whole set. Laughing Eva snapped the collar around her throat feeling how tight it was making her panic slightly and pull at the steel clamped around her neck. Eva calmed down and tested how well she could move in the tight belt and collar finding both limited her movements substantially making her even hornier.

Eva strutted around her house picking up her clothes and equipment as she learned how to move around. Finally feeling comfortable enough with her new restraints and went to her bed and lay back. Eva grunted as she forced herself to bend over to hook her ankle cuffs to the chains at the foot of her bed then flopped backwards taking a deep breath around the gag. Eva’s hands were running around the belt as she thought “I’m not sure I can wear this all the time”. Eva didn’t want to un hook her ankles so she decided to try to see if she could take it until Jim came over and reached up and locked one cuff to the chain on the bed then stretched to lock her remaining wrist to the waiting chain.

Eva was now chained to the bed spread eagle while gagged with her nipples pushing through the small holes and reached for the vibrator control taped to the chain above the first wrist she had cuffed. Twisting and pulling Eva was finally able to free the remote and thumbed the control knob. When the vibrator jumped to high she squealed and flinched flinging the remote off the bed and on to the floor. Eva groaned as she tried to turn her head only to be stopped by the snug steel around her neck knowing the remote had hit the floor and was out of reach. “I wanted to check how strong the d-rings are, now I guess I’ll find out” Eva thought to herself as she felt her climax already getting close.

Eva was thrashing and twisting on the bed as she fought for air around the gag and tried to fight off the building orgasm. For almost an hour she succeeded in resisting the orgasm but finally she was overpowered and the orgasm crashed into her making her pull hard on her restraints and scream into the gag. Eva was still gasping for air as the next orgasm began to climb keeping her gasping and moaning wishing she had not dropped the remote.

Eva orgasmed three more times before Jim arrived and turned off the vibrator and stood smiling at her bound sweat covered body. Eva desperately tried to get Jim to understand she wanted to be released but Jim had different ideas. Jim took her clamps and quickly placed them on her sore nipples making her squeal loudly and twist in her chains. While Eva twisted and thrashed Jim studied the new cuffs and collar holding her still while he looked at them closely then said “These are very nice, and much stronger than the last ones huh?” Eva stopped thrashing and glared at him sitting on her compressed waist.

Eva nodded yes and whined begging him with her eyes to release her but he stood and removed his clothes then turned Eva over and reattached her hands to the chains. Eva whined as he pulled her ankles towards the head board tying them in place forcing her to stay on her hands and knees and making the chain between her nipples dangle under her. Jim climbed on top of her sliding the rubber panties to one side before inserting his swollen cock. Eva moaned and whined as Jim pumped her and tugged on the chain connected to her nipples turning the vibrator back on just before he climaxed making her scream as she climaxed.

Jim kept her bound while he teased and tormented her fucking her two more times from behind before they both fell asleep him lying on top of her bound body until the sun woke her up and she whined and squealed until he woke up and unlocked her wrists and rolled over. Eva leaned back grunting as she reached for her ankles and unlatched them allowing her to straighten her legs for the first time in hours and dashed to the bathroom and relieved herself. Eva returned to the bedroom and took a pillow and started hitting the sleeping Jim with it until he woke up.

Jim asked her what she wanted as he took away the pillow, Eva could only point at the locks on the gag and shake her head. Jim laughed and said “You know where they are what do you need me for?” Eva smacked him again so Jim stood up and snapped a lock to the d rings on her wrists and the ring on the front of her belt and pushed her out of the bedroom locking the door behind him and went back to bed. Eva was left standing in the hall her hands now cuffed together and attached to her belt on top of the remaining steel on her body. Eva whined as she tried to reach up to remove the clamps and found she couldn’t move anywhere near them and shook her body only making her nipples hurt worse.

Eva went to the kitchen and stood looking at the refrigerator with the freezer on top and whined as she knew even if she got the door open she would not be able to reach inside to pull out the block of frozen water that had her keys inside it. Whining again Eva plopped down in a kitchen chair to rest her aching feet and tried to stretch her neck and felt the tall collar stop her from stretching it. Two hours later Jim came out and found Eva sitting in the kitchen pouting. After laughing at her expression he took the ice block from the freezer and set it in the sink and turned on the water leaving it running while he filled the coffee maker and began to fix himself breakfast.

While Jim ate breakfast Eva sat and watched him while drool ran out from under her gag wishing he would at least hand her the keys so she could free herself and get something to eat also. Jim finished his meal and went to the sink to set his setting in the sink noticing the keys in the melted ice and turned to Eva and asked why she hadn’t gotten the keys yet? Eva stood up and shook her hands that were still bound to her waist and whined at Jim. Jim smiled and grabbed the keys apologizing he had forgot he had locked her up and quickly unlocked her wrists from the belt and turned her unlocking the harness.

Eva pried the gag from her cramping jaw and dropped it on the table cursing Jim for ignoring her while she carefully removed the clamps from her nipples squealing loudly as the clamps let go and the blood returned to her sore nipples. Eva yelled at Jim to leave and went to her computer to start the set up to take the new steel from her body. Jim chuckled as he left her alone knowing she would be calling him later to see if he was coming over tonight. Eva finished the set up for her control program and went to the box and dug out the small cable and desperately felt around the tight belt for the small hole to plug it in.

Eva got the belt plugged in and opened the release option and pressed enter, “Not receiving signal from device” popped up on the screen. Eva checked the connection and pressed enter again and got the same message. Frustrated she moved the cable to a wrist cuff and tried again but got same message. After trying both cuffs and her ankle cuffs and getting the message each time she grabbed the instruction sheet and saw the first large letters in red saying “INSTALL ALL BATTERIES BEFORE CLOSING ITEMS! FAILURE TO PERFORM THIS STEP WILL MAKE DESTROYING THEM THE ONLY WAY TO OPEN ITEMS!

Batteries! What batteries? Eva screamed as she dumped the box out a saw a small packet of tiny batteries roll across the table. Eva sat down stunned but grabbed the phone and called the number. Eva sat in shock as she listened to the person explain that if the batteries were not installed then the items were permanently locked since the batteries completed the circuit for the computer controls and powered the small motors that opened the latches. “Has someone been locked into the item without the batteries?” they asked Eva. “What would happen if they were?” Eva asked meekly. The items could be cut off but if they are fitted snuggly the heat from the cutting tool would cause some damage to the wearer. Eva dropped the phone realizing she had permanently locked herself into the tight steel. Eva sat thinking for hours before getting dressed and driving to see Lara.

Lara saw her walk in wearing the collar, wrist and ankle cuffs all of them showing clearly in the short sleeved knee length dress and smiled as she thought about how daring Eva was becoming. Eva grabbed Lara by the hand and drug her into the back room and showed her the instructions. Lara read the short list of instructions and looked up at the now tear filled eyes of her friend with a questioning look. Eva simply held out her hand showing Lara the small packet of batteries and Lara’s face turned white as she realized her friend had not installed the batteries before locking the cuffs on.

Lara knew that without the batteries completing the circuit there was no way to open the cuffs or any one of the other items she had ordered for her friend. Even dead batteries would have closed the circuit and allowed the computer to power the tiny motors that open the latches but without anything there was no way. Lara smiled weakly desperately trying to think of something to say only coming up with “OK but do you like them?” Eva started laughing and crying and nodded as she said “Funny enough I think they are perfect”. Lara answered “See there it could be worse, you could have hated them”. The laughed for a few minutes before Lara asked “Did you try everything on?”

Eva closed the door and dropped her dress to the floor and stood in front of Lara who stepped closer inspecting each steel ring that encircled Eva’s body. “They do look perfect, and that belt is amazing” Eva smiled and said “Yes it does even though it’s extremely tight thank you very much”. Lara smiled as she reached out and stroked the smooth steel around Eva’s waist then moved her hands to Eva’s neck admiring the skill of the craftsman that created the items that would be changing Eva’s life. The two talked for hours about how to hide Eva’s secrets and came up with a plan to have everyone they could find that might be able to free her look at the steel. When Eva left for home she felt better since Lara assurances they would get her free of the steel.

Over the next few months Eva and Lara had contacted everyone they could find and none of them had any solutions that wouldn’t leave Eva damaged severely. Eva had gotten used to the tight steel around her waist and throat and had learned to cover them only getting slight looks from some people wondering why an attractive young woman suddenly started dressing like a nun in high heels. Eva had been forced to wear her tallest heels for several days before she and Lara had been able to cut the straps and work them out from under the steel around her ankles. After her shoes had been removed Eva found that without higher than normal heels the tight cuffs around her ankles pulled hard on something making standing flat footed impossible.

As the first year passed Lara and Eva became more than friends, Eva had not seen or spoken with Jim since that first weekend with her now permanent accessories and had come to feel closer to Lara than anyone she had ever known. Lara’s plans to buy the store had gotten close when Eva offered to be her partner in the store giving Lara the added financial support she needed to finish the deal. Since Eva never went out anymore and had long ago moved in with Lara she had no problem offering the money Lara needed and the two quickly took advantage of Eva’s situation to increase sales and within the next year open another store.

On Eva’s two year anniversary of being locked up Lara gave her more accessories for her body. She had noticed Eva staring at the extra parts several times and the two had talked about getting more to help promote the stores even further. Eva had become a sort of celebrity among the people in the fetish community and regularly wore nothing but panties and bra while she worked in the store and had a highly devoted internet following. Now she wouldn’t have to wear the bra and panties anymore if she truly wanted to add to her metal outfit.

Eva sat staring at her new accessories knowing that some of them could be removed since Lara had made sure the batteries had been installed but there were some that once attached to the belt or collar would have to remain attached since the release mechanisms were inside the belt or collar. Eva let Lara wrap the bra around her chest first, the bra was made from solid steel just like the others and was just a beautiful. It covered her breasts entirely and had been redesigned so it would not have to attach to the collar but had woven steel straps that would go over her shoulders to connect in back to the solid steel strap connected to the cups.

When Eva heard the locks click shut she panicked for a moment but then calmed and looked at her reflection and smiled but had Lara open it and remove it quickly. The other parts to her outfit were cuffs that would fit her above and below the knees, each connected by short flexible bars just like her permanent thigh cuffs with each being slightly longer than the one above it. Eva closed each around her legs and let Lara attach the matching rod between her ankles and stood in her toe boots and stumbled around the room. Eva’s toe boots had become the most comfortable shoes so she had mastered them, the only time she didn’t wear them was while she was at work.

Eva smiled at Lara thinking about her last day at her normal job and now couldn’t remember a day since where she hadn’t been laced or locked into a pair of the boots that Lara had made especially for her. The boots had been made so they allowed the d-rings of her cuffs to protrude out of the leather of the boots or to be laced under and over the cuffs letting the steel be seen. Eva had numerous ballet type shoes as well but liked wearing the boots.

Now Eva could barely step more than a few inches and found what excited her most was the inability to close her legs at all since the small strong bars held them apart. The last item Lara had purchased were cuffs for Eva’s arms, they would be placed above her elbows but the part that intrigued Eva was the expandable bar connecting them. The bar could be closed down to a few inches or expanded to allow her arms to be held tightly at her sides. Eva asked Lara to lock the cuffs on and the two played with the different settings and found out that Eva could push the bar closed but would be unable to expand it again without help.

Eva now stood in her new accessories, the bra shining brightly as her arms were held close together behind her back, Lara had locked her wrists together and now Eva could not separate her arms at all. Her legs were held within a few inches of each other by four bands of shining steel. Eva smiled and said “All I’m missing is the chastity strap and the gag”. Lara smiled and said “When you are ready” thinking about the chastity strap and metal half hood gag she had already received and had hidden away. The next few months Eva got used to being locked up and often asked Lara to leave her arms cuffed together behind her back while she worked in the store and hadn’t asked for the new leg cuffs to be removed once in over a month.

The mistress / slave relationship had grown to where Eva was normally left bound while Lara led her around with the leash that matched the steel around her neck and was now very rarely removed. The two traveled to trade shows being asked to speak in front of the crowds about their experiences and how Eva had adapted to her life style. During one of the visits to a show Lara had left Eva on display with the steel half hood/gag and all her limbs linked together answering questions by bending or turning her body. Lara was exploring the trade show trying to find a surprise for her pet when she came across a metal craftsman who stopped her and explained he had read about Eva’s predicament and knew a way to free her from the permanent steel.

Lara listened to his plan excited she might actually be able to free her friend and thanked him after getting his contact information and quickly went and retrieved Eva from the large group that had gathered and led her as quickly as she could to their room. Eva was gasping from the hurried pace but had loved being forced to keep up with the excited Lara. Eva was expecting to have some new piece of equipment placed on her when Lara told her of the man she had met. Lara explained how he thought he could remove the steel from her without hurting her at all and watched Eva’s eyes begin to fill with tears.

Lara removed the gag and sat Eva down and asked why she was upset. Eva burst into tears explaining she didn’t want to be free from Lara and wanted to stay with her for the rest of her life. Lara laughed and tried to make Eva understand that this wasn’t going to make her leave it was going to give them the choice of keeping her locked up or not. Lara continued even when Eva laid over in her lap weeping loudly that she didn’t want to lose Lara. Lara couldn’t get her to understand that they had been lucky so far that she hadn’t been injured or need any medical attention but Eva really needed to have the option of having the steel removed.

Lara continued trying to convince Eva to let the man remove the steel but Eva would always get upset thinking it was Lara’s way of getting rid of her. Lara came up with a plan and ordered a new suit complete with chastity belt. The new suit would now utilize all the connector chains keeping everything exactly where they should be and be able to be removed when needed. Now that the suit had been ordered Lara had to start convincing Eva to let her remove the old one so first she connected the chains from the collar to the bra. The chains could be disconnected from the bra but remained connected to the collar, this made Eva uncomfortable when the bra was removed so she had stop asking for it to be removed.

Next Lara connected the chains between the bra and belt having the same problem reinforcing Eva’s desire to not have the bra removed. Lara continued adding the woven chains and in a few weeks Eva was wearing all the chains connecting the bra to the belt and collar and the chains connecting all her legs cuffs to the belt full time. Eva was confused but happy, she enjoyed the added restriction and all the attention but when Lara locked the half hood/gag onto her and explained how she was going to feed Eva from now on Eva was unsure about wearing the gag twenty four seven.

Lara could see Eva was getting close to breaking so one night as Eva slept she took a chance and locked the woven steel chastity strap onto her. Eva woke up the next morning alone with her arms cuffed at the elbows with her wrists chained together in front as usual but when she went to the bathroom she found that she had been locked into the chastity belt and knew it could not be removed.

Eva cried all day knowing Lara was going to stop caring for her or kick her out, what good was she now to her, her face was covered and now her pussy wasn’t even available to Lara. Eva paced all day struggling in her steel restraints waiting for Lara to come home, during the time alone she realized that if Lara wanted to get rid of her she wouldn’t be adding things to make her more helpless. The thought calmed her and she decided to let Lara remove the steel she had inadvertently locked on herself.

Lara let Eva stew in her steel for another week before removing her gag, Eva had spent a wonderful week fully bound following Lara around the stores. Eva had been in her ballet heels and the tight latex dresses that Lara had been stretching over her body sealing her cuffed together arms tightly to her back and keeping her legs pressed as tightly together as the short rods allowed. Lara was reaching her limit and thinking of finding a way to make Eva unconscious long enough for the man to cut the steel off then she would replace it and show Eva she still wanted her as her partner and slave.

When Eva was allowed to talk again she asked Lara if she still wanted her to let the man free her, Lara said she did and began explaining why again when Eva agreed but with one condition. She would get a new set and be locked into it as soon as the old one was removed. Lara smiled and went to the bedroom and brought back the large box containing the new suit and the two women laughed as Lara hugged her bound slave. Two weeks later they went to the man’s shop and in a few days of careful grinding and cutting he had removed the steel she had accidently locked onto herself over three years ago.

Eva lay feeling true freedom for the first time in years and smiled as she ran her hands over areas she hadn’t touched since that first day and began to have second thoughts about being locked up again. After a few minutes of freedom Eva had a terrible feeling of loneliness and the overwhelming feeling that something was terribly wrong. Lara had removed all the steel that she could before they started cutting so once they were finished Eva would be completely naked. Now she saw the desperation in Eva’s eyes and started locking the cuffs around her toned legs.

As each piece was locked on Eva felt more comfortable and was able to calm herself as Lara continued locking more of the steel around her body. An hour later Eva was secured in the steel again, her legs were locked together as were her arms locked firmly behind her back. The new chastity belt with its inserts had been locked on making Eva squirm as she sat letting Lara lock the bra on. The bra had changed as well, now it had to have vacuum applied so each cup would draw Eva’s breasts into them. The steel around her waist and chest was also made much tighter making Eva gasp as each piece was locked on. The collar had also been made much wider and now looked more like a form fitted posture collar than just a wide slave collar. Once it was locked and the hood/gag placed over it Lara left Eva alone to settle into her new steel and went to pay the craftsman that had done such a wonderful job.

Eva struggled to her pointed toes and wobbled around the room twisting and turning in her new metal body smiling and humming behind the gag. As she wondered around she sat down in front of Lara’s laptop and read the screen seeing that Lara had picked the computer mistress to control Eva’s steel. The program was waiting for someone to enter length of time and press enter so Eva pressed enter thinking Lara had already entered the time limits. She watched the screen change to read “ENGAGED” and go blank and stood up humming to herself again as the inserts felt wonderful to her after not having anything inside her for so long.

Lara returned an hour later to find Eva sitting in her chair calm and quiet and asked if she was ready to choose how long each piece of steel was to be locked on her? Eva gave Lara a puzzled look and turned towards the computer, Lara continued as she approached the bound girl “Of course the gag and arm restraints would be left under my control but the remaining steel you can pick the….”. Lara’s voice trailed off as she noticed the screen showing “program running” and quickly hit the “status” button and saw Eva had engaged the program at its maximum time limit of three hundred and sixty five days.

Lara was so shocked she almost fell down as her knees became weak stumbling back to the chair watching Eva turn towards her and whine behind the gag. “Why did you do that?” Lara stammered. Eva still looked confused then Lara realized she did not know what she had done. “You have locked yourself into all the steel you are wearing for a year!” Lara said to the puzzled woman. Eva turned back to the computer and read the screen, realizing she was stuck in the steel again made her both scared and satisfied at the same time. When she realized she was also locked into the gag with her arms locked together behind her back for the year she began struggling and whining.

Lara tried everything over the next few weeks to get to someone at the computer company to release any of Eva’s restraints but found there were only programmers working there and no one could manipulate the term of service once it was set. Lara had tried to get the program to open under medical emergency protocols but since none had been set she could not use them either.

Lara was crushed as the weeks passed watching her friend and partner suffer as the pain increased in her body and there was little Lara could do to ease it. After the first month Eva’s body had adjusted and she began to follow Lara around again having regained her ability to walk at almost a normal pace again. She wasn’t much help around the store with her hands bound behind her and her mouth filled but she was often used as a display for other items and equipment being left sometimes an entire day attached to some piece of equipment or with her head covered by a leather hood.

The months passed slowly for Eva as she desperately tried to be of some use to Lara who had seemed to be getting more distant even forgetting Eva on several occasions leaving her chained in the store over night. Eva had enjoyed being left alone and secured to a machine or hoist, the feeling of helplessness returning to her making her scared as she struggled to find some relief. Eva was more scared of loosing Lara and could not express herself with the gag filling her mouth nor could she use her hands since they had gone numb so long ago keeping her from being able to write anything.

When Lara told Eva she was going to a seminar and trade show without her Eva protested but she could not convince Lara to take her. Lara wanted some time alone to think about Eva and what they would do once the year had passed so she had arranged to have one of the clerks at the store watch out for Eva during the few days she would be gone. Lara secured Eva to the hoist again making sure she would be as comfortable as she could be before slipping the leather hood over her head and lacing it closed. The dress Lara had built for Eva was already laced on tightly covering Eva’s body and legs completely and making it impossible for Eva to move her arms at all under the heavy leather.

Eva spent three days dangling from the hoist blind deaf and mute and unable to move more than a few inches. When Lara returned she found Eva in tears under the leather hood and promised her she would never leave her again. Lara began taking Eva out again leading her around by the leash and letting people inspect her and the two became even more popular. The week before Eva’s term of confinement was to end Lara sat Eva in a chair tying her firmly to it. Lara told Eva that she wanted her to stay in her life but she did not want to live another month without being able to have a sexual relationship with her. Lara explained that if Eva wanted to stay restrained as she was she had accepted that but Eva would be treated as a slave only from now on and Lara would find someone else to be sexual partners with.

Lara told Eva she had a week to decide and until that time she would learn what it would be like to be treated as her slave only. Lara left Eva tied to the chair until the next evening. When Lara untied Eva she stood the weakened girl on her toes and strapped the vacuum cleaner to her waist and said “Get busy, when you’ve done the house to my specifications then I will have you fed”. Eva spent three hours pushing the vacuum cleaner around the house only to be told to do it again. Once Lara had reluctantly agreed Eva had done as good a job as she could Lara freed her from the vacuum and strapped her to another chair while she attached her feeding bag and walked off. Eva struggled to swallow all her “Food” it was not appetizing and it seemed Lara was making it particularly difficult on her.

Eva had spent the week being ignored when she wasn’t being forced to work for her mistress. During the day when Lara would leave her alone she was either strapped to a chair or left dangling on the end of a cable inside the closet of their bedroom. Lara was hoping above all else Eva would choose to be her partner again but Eva had started to enjoy being treated like an object but was still torn by wanting not only to have sex again but to be part of Lara’s life. When the final day arrived Lara had left Eva tied in an uncomfortable position all day while she went to work. Eva had spent most of the day struggling against the chains Lara had locked on her keeping her in the kneeling hogtie and was exhausted when Lara removed her hood and asked her what she wanted. Eva moaned and mumbled around the gag still on her aching knees until Lara unlocked the hood/gag and pulled the steel from around Eva’s neck and face. Eva gasped and whined about her position until Lara slapped her thigh with her riding crop and said

“I gave you a week to decide, what have you chosen?”

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