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Discovered in a Bad Position 1: Caught

by Ralph

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© Copyright 2009 - Ralph - Used by permission

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Part 1: Caught

Jeff was aimlessly rearranging the tools in his basement workshop on a cold and cloudy Saturday afternoon.  His mind started out on a project for some shelves in the master bedroom closet, but they soon wandered off to bondage.  He thought of how he could hide restraint points in the shelves so he could play there on those rare opportunities he had to indulge his love of being held snuggly in place.  He’d hoped to have more time, now that the kids were off to college or living in their own apartments, but it seemed like he was having more trouble than ever getting time free from his wife.  Maybe it was just that he’d hoped so much for having time that every time he was denied that freedom it was magnified.  He idly kicked the locked bottom drawer of his tool box, thinking of the ropes and straps it held, and the key to another locked box that held toys, gags, and cuffs.

Jeff loved his wife of almost 30 years, but he’d never been able to interest her in bondage and in the early years of their marriage she’d once declared it “sick and perverted”, making it clear he was not to ever go there.  Some years after that she’d caught him wearing only handcuffs, standing in the basement when she awoke one night and wondered why he wasn’t in bed.  In her anger she’d grabbed the key from the string he was trying to reach and threw it into a corner, leaving him with his hands over a pipe above his head while she went back to bed.  Some hours later she came back, gave him the key, and told him if she ever caught him like that again their marriage was over.

Still, the thrill of being in bondage came back and he had been much more careful in the years since.  He assumed Ellen didn’t know of these episodes, because she never said anything.  He’d also tried his best to hide the trails left on the home computer after he’d been doing “research” for new ideas.  Their sex life was still good.  Both Jeff and Ellen were in their late 40s and had a bit of extra padding, but they kept fit overall and she had worked hard to keep her shape after 3 children.

“Honey.”  Jeff jumped at the word, caught off guard in his private world.  “Are you ok?” Jill walked over to him with a look of concern.  Or was that suspicion? 

“Yeah, sorry, I was just lost in thought trying to figure something out with regard to the closet.”  That much was true, at least.  He looked at his wife and once again wished she was more adventurous.  She was a few inches shorter than him, with shoulder length blond hair framing a cute face, the face that he saw out of a crowded floor at a dance so long ago.  She also wore a fairly snug pullover top that hugged her B-cup breasts.  Just the right size, he’d always thought.  Jeans and running shoes finished her attire.  He always enjoyed watching her.

“I’m sure you’ll figure it out.  You always do.  Meanwhile, I’m going out with Beth for a while.  She’s promised to help me pick out curtains for the bedroom.”

“Ok, don’t spend too much money.”  Jeff laughed and gave Ellen a kiss, then watched her walk back to the stairs and out of sight.  Nice wiggle, the thought.  Then his mind was racing.  Beth was one of Ellen’s friends from high school.  A brunette with short hair in almost a page boy style, she was a little more outgoing than Ellen.  She got married after graduation to her high school sweetheart, and divorced him six years and two daughters later.  Beth never married again, saying she preferred variety now.  She also had a very good eye for decorating.  More importantly, this would probably have Ellen out of the house for at least a couple of hours.

Jeff waited until he heard the door close, cautiously went up to watch Ellen drive away, then gave five minutes for her to return in case she forgot something.  During that time he was planning.  Something simple and safe just to release the urge should do.  Once the time was up, he opened his locked hiding places and moved things to the guest bedroom.  His heart was pounding as he stripped, but this would be such a relief.

The bed in the room was a queen with three sets of legs holding it up.  He took a rope and tied it to one leg at near the foot of the bed, pulled it up onto the mattress, and tied a metal ring to it.  On the other side of the mattress he tied in another ring, then tied the rope to the leg on that side of the bed.  For the middle leg, he tied three rings, evenly spaced across the width of the bed.  Near the head of the bed he tied another rope, but this one had a fair amount of slack and had a single ring tied in the middle.  Next he moved the night table until it was aligned with the middle rope.  He taped a slat about an inch wide onto the edge of the top so it was hinged, then ran a string to the other side of the top and taped it down with the slat slightly leaning toward the bed. 

He put leather cuffs on his wrists and ankles, and buckled on a leather collar with a ring in the center.  Last stop was a black ball gag with buckle in back.  He tossed a double hasp to the bed near either of the rings on the bottom rope and a identically keyed locks to the outer rings on the middle rope.  One of the keys he taped to the slat leaning from the night table, the other he taped to the small of his back.  He put a belt around his waist and buckled it loosely.

Almost done, Jeff thought.  He pulled out a clock, taped it to the night table, and set the time.  He then took the tape off the string holding up the slat and tied a small ring to it.  The ring went onto the minute hand of the clock.  If he’d figured it out right, in a half hour the ring would slip off, the slat would fall near his hands, and he’d be able to release himself.  If there was a problem, he could twist his body with some effort and reach the key in the small of his back.  After a final check, Jeff got onto the bed and clipped his ankle cuffs to the rings near the foot of the bed, spreading his legs.  Next, he unbuckled the belt, slipped it through the ring in the middle of the middle rope, and pulled it snug before rebuckling.  As he laid back the rope from the head of the bed reached to his collar.  He pulled the rope through the ring, wrapped it around itself, and tied it off.  After that all he had left were the locks and they soon had his hands pinned to the middle rope at about waist level. 

For a moment, Jeff just enjoyed the sensation.  Then he tried to move.  Ropes and restraints held his legs apart and waist in place.  He had some play with his hands, and could lift his head a little.  He’d turned the clock so he couldn’t see it, and now almost wished he’d put it the other way, but there was no changing it.  Just waiting.  The feeling of vulnerability, of being held in place raced through him and he soon had a raging erection he couldn’t touch.  He imagined his wife coming in and tormenting him, but that would never happen.  Still, the thought of her riding him while he was helpless kept his penis throbbing until something brought him out of his daydream.  There was a sound.  Then there were voices.  Women’s voices.  In a panic, he realized Ellen and Beth had come to the house and he had no idea how much time was left, but he needed to get loose fast.

There was no way to hurry the fall of the slat, so he began twisting his body to reach the key on his back.  The belt was snug and pulled at his skin, but he was making progress until he heard Ellen’s voice.

“You filthy son of a bitch!” she said.  He turned his head and saw her in the doorway, with Beth standing behind her.  Was Beth smiling?  Ellen sure wasn’t.  She turned and stormed away.  Beth entered the room and pulled the slat from the night table.  “What were you reaching for?”  she asked.   She roughly rolled him enough to see the key taped to his back and pulled it off.  “Were you wanting these?”  She was holding a key in each hand, still attached to its tape.  “Don’t go away, and maybe you’ll get them back later.  I need to talk to your wife.”  She left the room, still holding the keys, leaving him to wait for whatever was going to happen and unable to get himself loose. 

His erection long gone, he wondered what Beth was talking to Ellen about.  He didn’t hear drawers slamming.  In fact, he didn’t hear anything.  That was almost more frightening than her outburst in the room.

After what seemed like the entire afternoon had passed, Beth walked into the room and sat on the bed next to Jeff.  “Ah, men.  I love the way they complicate things.  But I’ve done you a favor.  Sort of.  We did some surfing on the internet.  To those places you forgot to delete, or that I found anyway.  And now Ellen knows the kind of thing you like.  She’s willing to give it a try on one condition.”  Beth had a mischievous smile and was running her nails over Jeff’s belly, bringing on another erection even though he tried to stop by focusing on this being his wife’s friend.  “We, both of us, will get to play with you any way we want.  You won’t resist.  You won’t try to get loose.  You won’t ask us to stop.  You’ll take whatever we dish out.  Break the rules, and she’s gone, leaving you in whatever position you happen to be in at the time.  Play by the rules and she might stay.”  His eyes asked the question his mouth couldn’t get past the ball gag.  “Yes, might.  You have no guarantees if you agree.  But you do have a guarantee if you don’t agree.  Ready to take a chance?”

As far as he was concerned there was really no choice.  The keys were in another room and this woman was beginning to get his hormones moving.  Jeff was surprised his wife let Beth spend this time with him while he was tied up naked.  He looked into her eyes, hoping the fear wasn’t showing, and slowly nodded.  “Oh, this will be fun.  At least for me.”  She got up and walked out of the room.

A short time later, she was back with Ellen behind her.  Gone were the shoes and jeans.  Both women were wearing tops without bras, evidenced by the free bounce of their breasts, and panties.  Ellen’s were plain white briefs.  Beth, who was more athletic and had a slim build, wore a red thong.  Jeff saw Beth’s hand in this.  He was sure she wasn’t really on his side at all and was going to give Ellen some time to extract her vengeance on Jeff while she enjoyed watching him squirm.  Ellen went right for his boxes of equipment.

“What the hell do YOU do with this?”  She held up a 7 inch long dildo and glared at him.  Then she smiled, but it wasn’t a pleasant smile.  “Oh, I think I can guess.   We’ll get to that in a bit.  For now,” she lifted a belt out of a box, “I think I’ll just use this.”

Jeff was really scared now.  She was obviously angry and the belt was almost 2 inches wide.  He usually used it to pin his arms to his chest, but now she was holding the buckle and lifting it.  Thinking maybe she wouldn’t dare be so mean, he tried to cry out a “NO” as he saw the belt arc toward him.  All that came out was a muffled sound followed by the loud crack of the belt landing across his bare belly.  That really hurt!

As the belt drew away, Beth was sitting beside him on the bed.  “I thought the agreement was you wouldn’t protest.”  She leaned toward him and whispered, “You hurt my friend, and now I’m going to make sure you go through some pain.”  She sat up again and quickly cupped a hand under his chin, forcing his jaw against the ball gag, while she pinched his nose with her other hand.  “Go ahead, Ellen.  I think he’ll be quiet now.”

With strong hands cutting off his breathing, he watched his wife out of the corner of his eye as she again raised the belt and struck, this time on his thigh.  “Two more until I let go,” Beth said.  Jeff was beginning to panic.  The next lash cut across his chest.  Beth held him as he began to feel the lack of air and tried to free his head.  He waited for the belt to strike again, but it didn’t.  He got his head turned and saw Ellen with hands on her hips, laughing.  Just as he was considering crying out and getting it over with, she lifted the belt and swung down hard. 

Beth released him, but the comfort was short lived as the belt smacked against his balls.  Somehow he stifled the grunt that tried to escape, but he felt sick to his stomach.  “Still like being tied up?” Ellen asked.  “Here’s an idea.  We’ve been married 29 years and that was 4 strikes.  Let’s make it one for each year.  Beth, you can count starting with 5.”

“Just a minute,” Beth said.  “I want to give you a good target.”  She grabbed Jeff’s penis and began stroking it while she licked his nipples.  Despite the situation, he found himself responding, even trying to think about what this obviously was leading to as a way to keep it down.  It just felt so good.  He was at full size and throbbing when Beth pushed herself away and calmly said, “five.”

Ellen brought the belt down across his swollen shaft, bringing a stinging pain like he’d never known before.  “Six, seven, eight, nine.”  In quick succession Ellen struck him four more times.  At least they were getting along on the numbers.  As he lost his erection, she redirected her strikes at his chest, belly, balls, and upper thighs.  He was stinging in too many places to keep track of as they finally got to the final number.

Silence.  He looked at Beth, then at Ellen.  Back to Beth.  She had her hand inside her thong and was obviously rubbing herself.  She closed her eyes and sighed.  “Mmmm, yes.   29.”  He was staring at her hand stuffed into her panties when the belt brought him back to reality, slashing across his face.  Somehow he kept his cry of pain to a whimper, turning his head to look at his wife as if to ask how she could do that.  She stared at him coldly and dropped the belt.  “I’m bored with this.”

Beth moved in again and untied the rope from his collar.  He could smell her juices on her fingers and soon found himself becoming erect again.  “Good grief,” Ellen said.  “What does it take to keep you down?  You’ve never been that perky for me.”  As soon as Beth had the rope off, she removed the collar, then pulled the rope down behind his neck, pinching it together and running the excess around his neck before tying it off again.  This held his head firmly against the bed and created a tension around his neck that affected his breathing.  She looked at Ellen.  “May I?”

“Be my guest.  Let’s see how much he really likes your pussy,” Ellen answered.  Then Ellen was picking up ropes as Beth moved onto the bed and knelt with one leg on either side of his head, feet up on his shoulders.  He lost all sight and the ability to breath as she dropped her crotch onto his face.  He could feel her wetness, and all he could smell with the minimal breathing he could do was her juices.  Under other circumstances he would have enjoyed this, licking happily away until she climaxed.  Now he tried to control his breathing as Beth slowly rubbed herself over his mouth and nose.

His right leg was released.  He pulled it up slightly to restore movement but Ellen slapped his thigh and he relaxed again.  Then his left leg was released and lifted.  Lifted way up until his butt was off the mattress, then the movement stopped as Beth wrapped her arm around his ankle to hold him in place.  His right leg got similar treatment, but was pulled farther over so that Beth was able to grab his knee.  Once that leg was tied in place the left leg was pulled into a similar position.  Beth climbed off his face and he realized his legs were tied toward the head of the bed, lifting his hips from the bed and bending him over almost double.  With his hands and waist tied in place and the loop of rope around his neck, he was effectively stuck.  When he looked up, his penis was suspended nearly above his head.

“I said we’d get back to this.  Now seems to be a good time.”  Ellen had the 7 inch dildo in her hand and was looking at him.  Jeff realized his ass was up in the air and she was going to shove the dildo in.  Not that it hadn’t been there before, but he was always gentle.  Somehow, he didn’t think Ellen would be so kind.  “Let’s at least give you something to watch.”

Ellen got up onto the bed and stood straddling Jeff’s hips, giving him a good look at her buttocks and panty-clad crotch.  His penis stirred again.  “Lube or no lube?” Ellen asked. 

Beth thought about it.  “I like no lube, but you might have trouble getting it in.  Try a bit of spit.”

“Nice.  Spit it is.”  There was a pause, then Ellen leaned forward and let a glob of saliva run out of her mouth onto his anus.  She ran the end of the dildo over the liquid, then applied pressure until it was forced into Jeff’s ass.  He felt his sphincter stretch, then felt it sliding in making the air back up.  It kept going in until he could see just a couple of inches sticking out.  “Didn’t you want to try anal with me once?  Do you really like it?  Let’s find out.”  So saying she began pumping the dildo in and out of him, shoving it in with much more force than he ever used on himself.

Meanwhile, Beth had gotten back on the bed and was kneeling straddling his head again.  Instead of dropping onto his face, though, this time she pulled the fabric of the thong aside to showed her shaved pussy.  Holding it with one hand, she began stroking herself with her other hand, alternately running her fingers along her slit and diving into it with one, two, or even three fingers.  The dildo pumping his ass and the woman masturbating above his face had the combined effect of once again bringing him to a throbbing erection.  Beth was excited when she started and soon she was gasping, then jerking to the effects of her orgasm as Jeff watched her juices slip past her fingers and run slowly down her thigh.  She pulled her hand away and held it over him for a second, then made sure he could see her as she raised her hand to her mouth and licked her fingers.  Jeff thought he was going to cum right there and wondered what Ellen was thinking of the show.

“He does seem to like your pussy, Beth,” Ellen said.  “That’s not exactly my scene, though.  Time to move on I think.” 

Beth got off the bed as Ellen pressed the dildo down and down until the whole 7 inches was inside Jeff.  He’d never had that much inside and it wasn’t comfortable, but he found out that was how he would be for a while as Beth returned with some duct tape and ran a piece from his belly, next to his balls, over his anus, and down to the small of his back, holding the shaft inside him.

“Ok, let’s tighten this up a little more,” Beth said.  The women moved to his legs and shortened the ropes, pulling even more of him over his head.  The rope holding his waist and wrists in place was off the bed at this point.  Beth got some rope and tied it around his balls, then ran the end next to his shaft, under his neck, and back up.  She tugged on it, gradually pulling his balls closer to his neck until the tip of his erect shaft was less than a foot from his face before she tied it off.

Ellen got on the bed and knelt above his head, holding his head between her legs so he was forced to look up at his throbbing shaft in a way he’d never done before.  She set something on his neck, then unbuckled and removed the ball gag.  He barely had time to stretch his jaw when she pressed his ring gag between his teeth and had it buckled into place.  He realized what the plan was and tried to turn his head.  Ellen pressed her legs tighter together, keeping him from moving.  “No resisting, darling.”

Beth got onto the bed and stood with her legs against his lower back, helping to keep him bent over.  She grabbed his penis and began giving it long, firm strokes.  He looked up at his wife, but could only see where her nipples pressed against the cloth of her top.  Jeff looked back toward his cock and watched as Beth coaxed him toward the inevitable orgasm.  Unless this was going to just be denial.  Cruel, but preferable.  She was picking up speed as Ellen held his head in place.  For a brief moment he saw Ellen looking down at him, but her expression was one of malicious enjoyment.

Jeff could feel the pressure building and his penis swelled even more.  Beth said, “Hold his eyes open, although you might get your hands a bit messy.”

“It would be worth it,” Ellen answered.  Using fingers and thumbs she forced his eyes open and even laughed at his unsuccessful attempts to close them.  Suddenly he reached his climax and watched helplessly as his cream spurted from the end of his penis and shot toward his face.  The first wad landed across his lips, falling between the ring gag into his mouth.  The next one hit his right eye, bringing a giggled, “good shot,” from Ellen.  He hadn’t released in a while and the dildo and masturbation show had fired him up, so he had an abundance of goo to fire into his face.  With Beth aiming, he hit both eyes, his nose, and got his mouth several times.  He could feel it running down the side of his face until Ellen’s legs stopped its progress.  All he saw was a whitish haze by the time he stopped pumping and Ellen let him close his eyes. 

Not wanting to lose an opportunity to humiliate him, Ellen scraped the cum off her fingers into his open mouth, then scooped up some of the goo from her legs and also put it into his mouth.  “Let me see you swallow.”  He assumed she had some way of knowing, and the taste was already all through his mouth, so he complied.  He heard her laugh and say, “Now THAT I enjoyed.”

Beth let his penis go and stepped off the bed.  “He’s done for now.  Let him drip on himself for a while and we’ll have a chat in the living room.”

He felt the first drip from his penis hitting his chest as she spoke.  Then there was silence.  He managed to clear his nose and eyes of the cum and waited for whatever was next.  This certainly was not how he had imagined his wife treating him in bondage.  It was supposed to be erotic, teasing.  This was just brutal.

The drips had run to his neck by the time the women returned.  The untied his legs and refastened his ankles to the original restraints, putting him on his back again.  The cum was still drying on his face, but at least he could see again and watched as Beth replaced the slat with the key, hinging it to the night table with tape just as he had done and setting the clock to give him 20 minutes before the key dropped.  He noticed she ran a second string from the top of the slat, taping the other end to the far side of the night stand.  “This will keep the key from dropping all the way to your hand,” she explained.  “You’ll have to reach for it and pull it down.”

Ellen had left the room and now came back with a longer slat.  This was taped to the night table, but would fall lower on him.  They seemed intent on aiming for his penis and readjusted the location several times before they were satisfied.  This slat also had a string running to the far side of the night table, but there was a second string running from the middle of it to the slat holding the key, keeping the other string bent and unable to extend.  As Ellen pulled a small bottle out of her waist band and Beth applied the last string, Jeff’s eye’s opened wide in horror. 

The final string was taped to the end of the longer slat, one end a couple of inches longer than the other.  Beth took the bottle of hot sauce and taped the lower portion to the longer string.  The shorter string was just looped around the neck of the bottle and tied with a slip knot that would easily release.  He had to give them credit for creativity, but this was going to be true torture.

“Ok, Jeff, here’s the way things will go.  Beth and I are going to do that shopping I’d mentioned before while you stay here.  In about 20 minutes, just like you would have planned, the string slips off the clock and the key falls to just where you can reach it.  Since you can’t hold the key and the slat at the same time, you’ll have to remove the key and let the slat go.  That will drop the other slat and I think you’ve already figured out what happens next.  It will fall to a point above your cock, which I don’t think I’ll have much future use for, and when it stops the string holding the neck of the hot sauce bottle will come loose, letting the wonderful liquid flow free to bathe you.  How long it stays there depends on how fast you can get the key into the lock at your wrist.”

Jeff watched as Ellen and Beth walked out of the room.  Ellen turned at the door and said, “Enjoy yourself.  When we get back home you’d better either be packed and gone or tied up naked bent over the table.  And make some coffee for us either way.”  Then she was gone.

Jeff could only lay on his back waiting for the inevitable fall of the slat.  He could just lay there, but that would be pointless and he didn’t want to be in this position when Ellen returned.  If he was, he knew she’d just remove the hot sauce and pour it over him while he was restrained and couldn’t get it off.  Focused on his problem, he couldn’t hear the women’s soft voices as they headed back out of the house.

“Did you get the tape onto the lock?”  asked Ellen.

“I sure did.  I wonder how long it will take him to figure out why the key won’t go in,” Beth replied.

“If we’re lucky,” Ellen said, “he’ll drop the key while pulling off the tape and the bottle will be completely empty with him still on the bed when we get back.”

“Either way, I think he’ll be much easier for you to handle after this,” Beth added.

Both women laughed as they closed the door and walked to the car.


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