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Discovered in Self Bondage

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2003 - Gromet - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; rope; harness; cuffs; caught; F/m; ice; wax; clothespins; tease; torment; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

One of the more adventurous aspects of Self-bondage is the fear of being discovered during a session, being bound and unable to escape. Captured and available to be used by anyone who happens to find you....

It happened to me one rainy weekday, my wife was at work & the kids at school. I thought that I could enjoy myself for a few hours in self imposed bondage before my 'peace & quiet' was to be disturbed by everyone returning home. I carefully prepared my implements for the forthcoming session - the rope; chains; padlocks and gag plus throw in the blindfold for good measure - a few quiet hours bound & gagged was my wish, diverting the telephone and locking the doors & windows I went about my actions beforehand with well practiced rhythm.

After making sure that I would not be disturbed during my session I prepared myself, closing the bedroom door I began by getting undressed, I prefer to be naked when bound - maybe it's the being available part or the fact that rope next to skin feels so damn good! Anyway there I was naked standing in the bedroom I began by tying my ankles together, the rope stretching around my ankles approx 5 times before continuing into a cinch over the rope to cause the rope to become tight. Tying off the rope at one end and allowing the other end to stretch up to my knees, I began to wind the rope just below my knees binding that part of my legs together, again adding a cinch and continuing up to just above my knees and tying my thighs together the same as before.

Now that my legs were bound I began by using another piece of rope to make a body harness, doubling up the rope I placed it over my shoulder bringing the other end to the front I placed the end through the loop and pulled tight allowing the rope enough freedom I continued to place the rope other the other shoulder, bringing it back to the front and again through the loop. Next I wound the rope around my chest just below the loop and returning to it to tie off. Now I bound another piece of rope around my waist making sure that this was extra tight and pulling into my waist again before tying off and continuing the free ends of the rope through my crouch pulling the rope through at the back and up towards the waist cinch.

Pulling this tightly I placed a knot on the waist band and continued up towards the upper part of my body harness, here I could only loop the rope at the back and bring back the rope both sides of my body down to the front of the waist cinch and tie off. Taking the end left over from the chest harness I brought this down to the waist cinch, pulling tightly I then tied this end off thereby finishing the body harness.

Now my legs were tightly bound & my torso also in restrictive bondage with the rope tight up my ass giving off sensations of sheer bliss, I lay down on the bed to continue with the rest of my work.

Placing the gag in my mouth I brought the ends together at the back of my head and secured them using the straps. Next I prepared the blindfold placing this around my neck and loosely applying the straps in preparation for their use later. At the bottom of the bed I had previously fixed eyelet's to thread ropes to anchor myself to during previous bondage sessions, I had put rope through this and prepared a noose for my feet to be placed into when on the bed, this when pulled from the top of the bed through another eyelet ties my feet to the bottom of the bed which can then be secured at the head.

Doing this now secured my feet to the bed I tied off the rope at the top end. Next I prepared the handcuffs for use, the key was tied to a piece of string which when released would drop down allowing me to free myself. Today I would be using the alarm clock release mechanism, a piece of cardboard was affixed to the wind up key at the rear of the clock which would rotate when the alarm went off thus allowing the key to fall.

Now prepared for the final acts of self-bondage I laid back on the bed and placed the blindfold over my eyes securing the straps at the back. I then picked up the handcuffs and placed one side over my left wrist, I have a chain that is fixed to an eyelet bolted to the wall near the base, I secured the other end of this chain with a padlock to the handcuffs making me stretch myself just enough to be comfortable, the keys to which now stood on the alarm clock.

I checked myself over for any problems with the bondage as this is my last minute check, (call it a pre-flight check if you will, because once bound I will be flying!!!). The ropes, blindfold, gag were all ok, time to take the plunge, I placed my right wrist into the handcuff and closed it, now I was fully bound and had at least two hours before my release, or so I thought!

Unknown to me was that my wife had for once decided to finish early and come home to surprise me, boy will she be surprised! I was well into my session when I heard the key open the front door and footsteps enter the house. I had not used ear-plugs for this session as I usually do otherwise I would not have heard her. The apprehension of being discovered brought about a brief moment of panic but soon subsided when I realized that I could do nothing until the key release system worked, but that was another hour away. My wife was busy in the kitchen putting away a few groceries etc., I thought that I could make it just as long as she didn't enter the bedroom - wrong!

Next stop for her was our bedroom, the door opened and there she stood looking at her husband, bound & naked on the bed, after a brief moment of shock on her face at this unexpected find, a devious look of glee beamed across her face. Payback time! Although I could not see her face I could tell from her voice what she was thinking. She examined my handiwork and looked over the various bonds, checking the handcuffs and then removing the blindfold.

"My what a naughty boy you are!" she said, "You did this all by yourself?".

She then looked up at the string above my head attached to the ceiling with the key the other end on the alarm clock. "Well we won't be needing this..." and proceeded to remove the key, now trapped until she released me from my bonds. I put on a brief struggle against the ropes but she said that I was now her prisoner and would only release me when she was ready. She then got up off the bed and left the room leaving me tied up on the bed, but replacing the blindfold before she left and closed the door.

When she returned she said that boys who tie themselves up deserve to be punished for being so wicked. She had brought with her some ice cubes, candles and clothespins. She sat down on the bed beside me and whispered in my ear that she was going to enjoy teasing & tormenting me and had waited a long time to get even with me. First she applied the clothespins to my nipples, sucking them to get them erect and providing joy before the pain.

My nipples responded to her sucking causing them to swell then she placed a peg on each in turn, the pain struck after a moment or two & I pulled against my bondage that I had so cleverly applied, but that had trapped me within to await her pleasure. She took an ice cube and rubbed it around my nipples in ever increasing circles, causing me to shudder. At the same time she started to suck on another ice cube causing her mouth to become cold, she then placed my penis within her mouth with the ice, the sensations this caused nearly made me leap up from the bed.

She continued to work the ice over various parts of my body and returning every so often to using her cold mouth on my most valuable organ. I then heard what sounded like a match being struck, she had lit up a candle and was now holding the end over my body. The hot wax began to drip at first on my stomach but then progressed up my body to my nipples, still recovering from the ice torture.

Now heat was being applied to them and she was enjoying every minute of this, she now took off my blindfold as she said that she wanted to see the expression in my eyes when the candle wax struck. Now that I could see again the pain only seemed worse, every splash of the hot wax on my body seemed to take an eternity to land on my flesh from the candle, and the pain registered long after the wax had touched my skin.

Alarm bells seemed to be ringing in my head, but was in reality the alarm clock going off as set, now was when I should be getting free. But she had other ideas, using her mouth she aroused my member to attention and said that if I pleased her that she would un-tie me, if not I was to stay bound until she wanted to release me! What was I to do? Enjoy myself, come in her and let her leave me bound & gagged to 'suffer' further time in bondage or obey and be released. What would you do?

Well I'm still tied up after six hours, she said I was to be punished for my actions and that she would be taking the kids to the movies & out to eat afterwards, that she would take her own sweet time to come home and release me from these bonds, she'd also replaced the blindfold and tied a ribbon in a bow around my now limp member as a reminder to wait for her. I couldn't resist myself when she started to use me after all the things that she subjected me to! It didn't take me long to make a decision and place it into action, that's why I'm still here...


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