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Discovering my Sister

by GaryS

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© Copyright 2001 - GaryS - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; cuffs; gag; hood; chast; stuck; caught; M/f; voy; hum; cons/reluct X

Hi Gromet,
   I have been involved in these games for many years and thought I might share one with your readers if you are so inclined.

    Ten years ago I was visiting my older sister who at the time was in her last year of college. My sister, Dana was very attractive and I will admit to having some fantasies about her but they were never acted upon obviously. I had just started my freshmen year at the same college and was at her apartment for a 2-day visit. I had told her that I was going to meet up with some old high school friends and enjoy the evening. She wished me well and said she wasn’t doing anything special and would probably hang around the apartment. Well, the evening didn’t go well, most of my friends either moved or were working in low paying jobs. I had been gone for maybe two hours when I decided to call it a night. 

Driving back to Dana’s apartment I let myself in with the key she had given me. I tried to be quite as it was after 10:00pm and out of respect for her did not want to wake her, as the house was dark. I went to the guest bedroom and went to bed. I was awakened about an hour later with a strange sound. I got out of bed to investigate the sound and found it was coming from Dana’s bedroom. I was in a bit of a quandary about what to do. Do I knock on the door and let her know I was there, or was she with someone whom I certainly had no business knowing of? What to do, what to do. 

Feeling a bit like a spy guy I tried her doorknob. It was locked! I noticed the lock was one of those silly bathroom locks that require a small rod pushed through the hole to open. I went back to my bedroom and took apart a BIC style pen and returned to her door. Very carefully and quietly I pushed the metal ink container into the lock and it opened quietly. I heard more sound and while I opened the door I could not believe my eyes. Dana was laying on the floor in a very strict frogtie totally nude with each ankle attached to her respective thigh with a wide leather belt. Correction, she was not totally nude, she was wearing the most exquisite pair of thigh boots I have ever seen. They were not leather but very shiny with very high heels.

The belts were not a usual belt but were designed for bondage purposes. Her hands were handcuffed behind her back with hinged type handcuffs. She had a leather hood over her head and by the amount of noise (or lack there-of) she sounded like she was well gagged. I slowly crept into the room and noticed something else. She had some type of leather chastity device belted around her waist with a strap going between her legs. I looked around the room and it was clear it had not been ransacked – she had done this herself because no one else was around. It was about the same time I saw her go into a mild convulsion that I heard the faint sound of something buzzing. Carefully examining her I found the crotch strap held the base of a vibrator! Wow! My sister was a kinky slut. What to do, what to do. Do I let her know I am by her side or what? 

While I was making up my mind I witnessed her have two more orgasms. I also found the keys to her handcuffs on the floor and pocketed them quietly. She must have laid them on the floor and was trying to find them but could not especially when they were now in my pocket. I sat in a chair and watched her for a long time, probably 90 minutes. In that time she had several more climaxes and my own sexual lust was keenly aware to me. Her frantic struggle to find the keys were a comedy to watch. She traveled most of her bedroom searching for the keys to her freedom. Wondering what to do I finally decided to leave her and I quietly  left her bedroom and went back to my guestroom. I had a huge erection and had to correct that problem. 

I stayed up ‘till 3:00am and went downstairs to make a lot of noise like I had just returned from visiting friends. Back in bed I could still hear her moving around in her bedroom bound and gagged. At 4:00am I awoke to the sound of something softly banging on the wall. I had a good idea of what it was but wanted to play the part of the stupid younger brother. I followed the sound to her bedroom and knocked on her door. I asked if everything was ok through the door. Not getting much response I said, “Sorry to bother you, good night” I heard a loud nasally type moan/scream. Again I said, “Are you alright?” A lot more noise now. A made a faked attempt at shouldering the door open and went to get the pen cartridge to open the door. 

When I opened her door it was the beginning of the best acting career of my life. It was a bunch of, “Oh My God! Are you OK”, “Who Did This To You”, “Were you raped?” and you can well imagine what else. I took off the leather hood and saw the ball gag she had in her mouth.

When I removed the ball gag I told her I would be right back after I called 911 to get the police out here. Dana began to plead with me not to call the cops when she could finally work her mouth. I looked at her in mock shock and asked her what was going on. In great detail she told me what she had done to herself. I unstrapped her legs but said I couldn’t find the handcuff keys. It was great fun for me to pretend to look for the keys and to watch her bend over with the vibrator stuck up her pussy. 

When I asked her about ‘the device’ she said it was locked on and the key to it was with the handcuff keys. I did not know she had a spare. Anyway, I told her I had a friend whose dad was a cop and I could borrow a handcuff key from him. I left the house and drove to a park where I had the best laugh of my life before returning with her keys and letting her go. Dana pleaded with me for a very long time not to tell our parents or any one else. I used this to my great advantage with some of her girlfriends. As an after-thought several years later Dana asked me to tie her up when she came to visit me. That is a great story I will write about later.


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