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by Zorro666

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© Copyright 2001 - Zorro666 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; lingerie; cuffs; gag; bfold; M/f; massage; sensual; cons; X

You were sitting at your desk on a warm Friday afternoon, waiting for the weekend when you are able to throw off your business shackles and relax, then suddenly the computer voice on your terminal announces "You've got Mail". You look at the senders address and your heart leaps. This is what you have been waiting for months for, a summons from your online master, a chance to make the fantasy a reality. The e-mail is simple, and gives only an address and the time 7.30pm.

Somehow the next few hours of the afternoon seem to drag forever, at last you escape the office and rush home to prepare yourself. As you walk in your flat, the soft purring from minx your cat announces it is feeding time, a task you lovingly arrange. Then it’s off to the bedroom. Opening your wardrobe, you feel a slight sense of panic - what to wear - Master did not instruct me on this. Play safe you think to yourself, you choose your black Basque which gives you the wonderful feeling of being constrained even when you are not in bondage, over the top you choose a light black dress that can easily be removed. But first before dressing you run a warm bath, just to wash away the working week, pamper yourself and neatly shave, just as master likes.

At last you are ready, and after a few deep breaths you step out into the warm summer air, and drive the couple of miles to the address on the e-mail. You arrive at a large secluded house, with a long gravel driveway. There are steps leading up to a lit porch, and you can see the door ajar. Do you go in, or do you try to attract attention? Feeling brave you walk up the steps and push the door aside. Sitting on the mat is a note in an envelope with the name Pagan on it. Your heart quickens, you know you are at the right place, and you know you adventure is about to begin...

Trembling slightly you pick up the envelope, inside is a handwritten note. The paper has the smell of a man about it; it is musky, sweet and wonderful. The note is simple - "Welcome to my home pagan, here together we can explore your inner most thoughts and divine great pleasure. I will join you shortly, but first go up the staircase in front of you, turn left and go to the room at the end of the hall... there you will find everything you need for your adventure to continue” The note was signed with a simple "Z"

You feel quite light headed as you ascend the steep staircase, once on the landing you can see the light at the end of the corridor, coming from the room in which your master instructed you to wait. Would he be there for you, you wondered silently to yourself. There was not another sound in the house.

You enter the room, it is beautiful, decorated with thick red drapes covering the windows, and ornate bed stands in the centre of the room, and on the dressing table are a number of candles, which give off the only light, and a cd player. On the bed you see a pair of leather wrist and ankle shackles, a bright red ball gag, and a blindfold.

There are no instructions, there don't need to be, you have prepared for this moment for months. You walk over to the dresser, taking off your dress you lay it on the back of a leather-covered chair. The CD player is on you notice, but not playing until you press the button. The sounds of gentle classical music emanate from the room. Walking over to the middle of the room, you silently place the leather bracelets round you ankles, then placing yourself in the centre of the bed, you attach your ankles to each corner.

Next you place the heavy leather wrist manacles, before taking the bright red gag in your hands. Opening your mouth wide, you push the ball in and fasten the leather strap around the back of your head. The blindfold is soft and totally enclosing as you place it around your eyes. Reaching up above you, you attach your wrists the other corners of the bed. You are helpless, spreadeagled, naked apart from your revealing Basque, but strangely comfortable and content.

Suddenly your hear steps approaching, and gentle voice says - "Welcome pagan, good girl you have found what you need to find”

You try to respond, but all that comes out from your mouth is muffled mmmpphhss.

You feel some oil being poured on your stomach and legs, and slowly, I gently start to massage you, your neck and shoulders, down your lower back, between your things and down your calves to your ankles. Gently kissing your neck, and face I relax you totally.

Unclipping your wrists and ankles I turn you over, I massage your front, your neck, down between your breasts, across your belly and thighs, down to your ankles. Then gently reaching out, I place your hands above your head, and with a silk cord fasten them together to the headboard. Next I slowly spread your legs and secure your ankles spread-eagled to the bottom of your bed. With my tongue I start to lick slowly around your thighs, up your legs, around your pubic mound. Teasing your clit with my tongue, I slowly open your lips, probing, licking, pushing...

You lose yourself in your ecstasy, and then it has gone - there is silence, and you know your training has really begun.



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