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Discovery in the Woods

by Legs

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© Copyright 2012 - Legs - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; rope; clothespins; nipple; gag; cuffs; outdoors; torment; climax; true; cons; X

This is a true story concerning an adventure I had after not being able to play for a long period of time. It was during spring break or our semester break and most everyone had left school. It was still cool, but that did not matter to me, I needed to play. A running park near by with paths carved out of an old fir tree farm and a small woods, would be empty during the day as the runners liked early morning and evening. Paths looped  and crossed one another to create miles of track, but I was only going to use one path that directly dissected the park. This path was just a little over one mile long.

I crave the torture that one can inflict on themselves in a bondage situation and it had been a long time between fixes. So like the junkie in a rush to satisfy their need I wasn’t thinking real smart. However, I didn’t let that stop me. The plan was simple. Drive to one end, walk to the other end and engage in some, what I call “tenderizing” (some might say pre-torture), don my bondage gear and walk back to my car. Figuring the actual time spent bound would be about an hour or less, I decided to create a most extreme torture situation. In that, I was rather successful.

I arrived and parked the car. After hiding the keys, I put my pack of toys on my back and walked to the other end of the park. I only passed two runners so I had calculated the emptiness of the park correctly. Upon reaching the other side of the park I made sure no one was around and scooted off into a hidden area I had prepared the day before. I laid out everything to assure the transition would be quick and smooth and then prepared myself for the “tenderizing” phase.

There were several small bushy fir trees that stood about four feet tall. A rope ran along the ground on either side of a line of eight of those trees. I removed my clothing and as the cool air caressed my nakedness, goose bumps covered my skin. The enthusiasm, anxiety and excitement soared as I anticipated the next hour or so.

I love the thrill that overcomes me when I first remove my clothes and experience being naked in anticipation of bondage, especially when I am outside. The same thrill comes when the ropes first touch my skin or the first clothespin or clamp pinches a sensitive body part and when the last piece of equipment is in place and I am finally, completely helpless. I often must wait a few minutes for those exhilarating sensations to pass so I can move on in my adventures.

I spread my legs far apart and stepped into a loop of rope tied to rings attached to the parallel ropes. Two ropes attached to those were pulled up and wrapped around my head several times, through my mouth. This served as a gag, but the real purpose was to keep me in a forward leaning position. A blindfold was added, then I cuffed my hands behind my back. The key to the cuffs was at the other end of those eight trees.

I moved slowly forward until I felt the prickly needles of the first tree touch my chin. That thrill I spoke of coursed through my body and I shook with delighted anticipation and just a little fear. Moving forward I felt the top of the tree push against my chest then slide between my breast as the fatter lower portion pressed against the rest of my naked body.

The needles and branches scratched and stuck in me as the tree was forced hard against my body. Pushing forward the tree bent forward and was forced harder against my naked flesh. My legs being spread so wide allowed the tree to attack my breast, stomach, inner thighs and pussy. As I passed over the tree it tried to straighten itself and the force exerted increased as I moved. Thus, the top of the trees were forced into and between my labia and even inside me.

This scenario repeated itself eight times. Upon reaching the key and freeing myself I could hardly believe what I looked like even though I fully expected the outcome. My skin was bright red from my chin to my knees, there were many little drops of blood from being stuck and needles were sticking in me everywhere. I wanted to check my pussy, however the plan was to move quickly and so I did.

A large ring was locked into my mouth with cross bars that went behind my tongue stud, forcing my tongue to constantly stick out. An eighteen inch spreader was placed between my knees. Strings tied to my outer labia piercings were tied to the outside of my thighs, pulling my pussy wide open. A clamp was placed in the center of each inner labia with a cord that passed through a ring on the spreader, four inches in from my leg. Each had a twenty ounce weight attached, stretching the labia apart and downward several inches. Two clothespins (pins) were attached to my labia on either side of the clamps. Every body part was so sensitive I could barely touch me and was becoming so stimulated I could barely function to finish. 

My clit, like my mons and nipples is large. When aroused its like I have a tiny penis. As I was super aroused it was at full extension and completely bare so I spontaneously added a clip to keep it in that position. The clip also causes the clit to ache after a short time. Four pins were attached to the underside of each breast and eight were clipped to the sides and top. A clover-clamp with a twenty four ounce weight was clamped onto each nipple. My hands were drawn up to a pair of cuffs pre-tied into my hair. This put my hands high on my back almost in a reverse prayer position. This also created instability and rendered my hands absolutely useless. Thus outfitted, I set out for my car at the other side of the park.

As I waddled along the trail I did wonder and scold myself for not thinking about what I would do upon meeting someone. It was too late to consider such issues now and I was far too into the experience to care. Even bound as I was a lot of ground was being covered quickly and everything was working to perfection.

The weight of my hands and arms pulled my head back causing my drool to quickly cover my breast and torso in sticky thick slobber. However the pins under my breast caused me to lean forward slightly pulling my hands higher. This combo caused much discomfort. The hair pulling hurt my head, arm pulling hurt my shoulders and leaning forward created a constant strain on my nipples as I could not rest the weights against my body. My breast were throbbing wherever a pin was pinching skin and there was extreme throbbing were the pins were biting hard into the tautly stretched sensitive skin of my inner labia. My clit ached, yet the cool air playing across its nakedness brought me shivers of pleasure and delightful stimulation.

The gait produced by the spreader, caused the weights to bounce and swing so they yanked and stretched my labia and nipples to their max. Almost every inch of my body from knees to top of my head ached, stung or was experiencing some level of pain. It was intensely exquisite and was everything I wanted and needed it to be. I was truly experiencing a state of ecstasy. The sensation of extreme pleasurable satisfaction was so intense it was intoxicating. At times I moved in a trance not even aware of my surroundings.

It was sad when I recognized the point in the trail when only a few hundred yards remained. A short straight stretch to the road, cross the road and through the old pine tree farm and it would be over. Having been brought down by that sobering thought I returned to the present which turned out to be a very good thing.

My awareness was heightened as I rounded a bush to enter the straight stretch. By instinct, I was turning around before I actually saw and heard the three boys in front of me. Not close, but much closer than I ever wanted. As I disappeared behind the bush I heard one of them yell, “there‘s a naked girl up there.” Fortunately for me the others didn’t believe him and they started to argue.

That was about the worst place to meet someone. On one side of the trail the ground rose sharply. Way too steep for me to climb. The other side had a more gentile slope, but twenty-five feet away was a ten foot drop to a creek. Having no choice I quickly found a few small pine trees and a couple bushes to hide behind next to the edge of the drop off.

As I knelt behind the bushes the boys came down the trail still arguing. I could clearly see them, so decided they could also easily see me. I had to lay down. The ground was completely covered in sticks, rocks and leaves, but I had no choice. As carefully as I could without arms or hands I made my way to the ground. Thought I was doing well until falling at the last.

The fall resulted in my full body weight mashing my breast into the debris. Sticks, rocks, clothespins and clamps stabbed and twisted my sensitive skin. Bound as I was also didn’t afford me the luxury of stopping my face from hitting the ground. Hair became entangled with sticks and leaves and was sticking in and to my forced, wide open mouth with tongue sticking out. This lower ground near the rocky drop off was very damp beneath me and I could especially feel it between my legs as the wet, leaf covered ground and prickly sticks pushed against my clit.

I lay there thinking about how vulnerable I was. How easily it would be for those boys to use and abuse me and just leave me in the woods or worse take me home to be their permanent slave. Fear and anxiety gripped me like a vice and I began to fantasize about all the terrible things that could happen to me. Then something strange happened.

My mind and body began to react differently to all the pain being inflicted by nature and by my own hand. That was exactly what my most coveted desires were, sans boys. The pain became pleasure, the stabbing became stimulation, the damp chilly ground became the floor of my prison cell. I pushed and rubbed my face and breast into the debris while grinding my hips against the damp hillside twisting and scratching my clit. I couldn’t, nor did I want to stop inflicting more and more pain / pleasure onto my body. It was so incredibly exquisite that at some point I went into a trance like state as I erupted in an intense orgasm.

It was sometime later as my body began to experience over-sensitivity and began to really ache, that I finally came to my senses and realized my toes were over the edge of the drop off. My panic sobered me up rather quickly. The only way I had of moving was to wiggle across the ground using my shoulders, breast, hips and knees as my propulsion. Although this worked, there was a great amount of pain inflicted on my body. Especially my breast and pussy.

With much effort I moved the foot or so needed for me to maneuver to a standing position. This too required much effort and pain. Moving toward the path I expected to see the boys but did not. They must have moved away before my animalistic behavior took over. At first I tried to get the hair and leaves out of my mouth and the sticks out of my hair, but it felt good to be so dirty and disheveled. As I wobbled down the path my over sensitive and tormented body was in so much pain I didn’t think I could stand it. Then another very strange thing occurred. The pain turned into a sort of aching afterglow. I can’t say it was exactly pleasure or pleasant, but it was no longer pain. It settled into an acceptable and satisfying sensation. Even the sticks and little rocks sticking to my sweat covered body seemed to belong and be in their proper place.

Arriving at the road, I was planning how to cross when I noticed a head of hair behind the bank on the other side. Ahhh,  waiting to catch me, I thought. So I turned to plan B. I moved to my right several yards. I climbed to the top of the bank and quickly as was possible in my condition, made my way across the road. Upon reaching the other side I saw the bank was a little steeper and rockier. As I began to look for a better place to negotiate the bank, I heard a car.

Having no choice I moved forward. Moving quickly I began to slip and went speeding down the bank trying to maintain balance. I also tried to ignore the weighted clamps bouncing all over, yanking my nipples and labia in every direction possible and some I didn’t think were possible. It certainly appeared as though I was on course for a major spill and probably some serious damage. At that point my mind began to see in slow motion and I knew what had to be done to save myself.

The area I was about to enter was the old fir tree farm. About ten acres were covered with hundreds of rows of trees equally spaced apart and the ground was covered with a thick layer of needles. Being that firs are a shallow rooted tree, led to my fear of tripping and badly hurting myself or worse. So I took the only path left to me and aimed for the widest tree.

There was bad news and good news connected with this thinking. I was wobbling out of control and about to fall or crash while bound and covered in clamps and clothes pins. However, bound as I was, there was no doubt I would crash, but would not be carrying much speed.

Believe me though, crashing into the tree slowly, hurt a lot. My breast were crushed against the rough bark as the clamps were shoved into the areola twisting and bending my nipples. My stomach hit pretty solidly knocking the air out of me and only a last second turn of the head saved my nose and face, but not my cheek. I leaned against the tree several minutes recovering and being thankful that scrapes and bruises were all I had to deal with. At least from this episode.

 I would have to continue walking in this forest for awhile, but it was not far to the end of my journey. The thick layer of needles made it difficult on the bare feet, but being so near to the end drove me on. Even the periodic pine branch scratching my naked flesh or the bouncing weights yanking my very tender lady bits did not deter the determined waddle toward my destination. However, one thing did deter my mission.

As my path neared the runners path not far from the parking lot, I heard male voices. They were arguing and I knew it had to be those boys. Finding a tree that seemed large enough, I dropped to my knees behind it, but quickly realized it would not hide me. How I hated my next thought, but there was no other choice I could come up with quickly. I lowered myself into the thick layer of pine needles. It took but a few seconds for the needles to extremely agitate my sensitive naked skin.

The needles were stabbing every inch of my nakedness, even my tongue and lips. All of my lips! Moving to get more comfortable only made matters worse as it stirred up a new batch of needles to stick me. The voices were getting louder and closer. I wondered if I was far enough off the path, or lying flat enough not to be seen. That of course led to fear which led to pushing my body deeper into the needles. As the voices drew very close that strange feeling hit me again.

My body began to writhe, my hips thrust into the needles, my shoulders squirmed, scraping my breast and twisting my nipples. Closing my eyes tight, I shoved my face into the needles. Again, I hunted ways to bring torment to my naked flesh. The more uncomfortable or painful, the more stimulated I became. And yes, again I reached that point of   “other worldly,”  lost in the pain that was so incredibly pleasurable.

After experiencing another powerful orgasm it took several minutes to come to my senses. By time I did, the numbing quality of the stimulation and orgasm was gone and I was engulfed by purely painful sensations. That and the slipperiness of the needles made it nearly impossible to regain my feet. There were moments, after slipping and mashing my incredible sore breast and nipples into the ground and needles repeatedly, that I wondered if I would be able to get up. The mental ordeal and the strong orgasms had exhausted me and my body was aching so intensely I wasn’t sure I could make it work anymore. After resting, if you can call lying severely bound naked in a thick layer of pine needles resting, it took three more tries before finally getting to my feet.

A few minutes later I was sitting in the tall grass in my hidden area. I had retrieved the key, but was so sore and exhausted, had to sit or lay. Sitting was the much better option. It took me a long time to completely free myself from the bondage. New and powerful pain sensations accompanied the removal of each device as my body struggled to regain its natural posture and form. It longed for freedom yet resisted the process of gaining such freedom.

When totally free, I laid back in the grass and absorbed the magnificent and incredible satisfying  episode I had just experienced. Believe me, there is no way or words that I can describe the enormity of my joy, fulfillment and satisfaction connected to that day. And  YES,  even  pleasure! I laid there a long time allowing the thoughts and feelings of the day to wash over me again and again. Confession, this was the first time I had experienced orgasms while self bound and self tortured. I had always found the bound experience pleasurable and satisfying enough and still do most of the time, although I admit this experience was incredible and often times now, I do plan sexual activity into my self bound adventures.

 Eventually I had to leave. After gathering my equipment I snuck out and put in my car. At that point I was still naked as I tried to put on my shirt but the body was just too tender, sore and sensitive, so that was the way I drove home.


I had noticed the boys were still there, hanging at a picnic table. Tying a piece of paper to a rock a drove around so I would be on the other side of my car. Stopping in front of them I got out and throw the rock, almost hitting them. They could probably see just enough of me to wonder is she naked, but were probably distracted by the rock. They yelled some obscenity, then noticed the paper. As they retrieved the rock I slowly drove away.

When they unfolded the paper what they saw was, a small drawing at the top of a naked girl and a note that read;  “you should have responded faster to your friend, had you caught me, I guarantee you would have had the time of your life, better luck next time, I‘ll see you.”   I often wonder how many trips they made to that park looking for  “the naked girl.”



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