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Distress Call

by Ralph

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© Copyright 2009 - Ralph - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; rope; hogtie; stuck; F/m; bond; oral; mast; cons; X

Jeff got home from work on Tuesday evening, opened the apartment door, walked in and dropped his shopping bag on the couch.  It held 100 feet of rope and he was already excited just thinking about the possibilities of the evening.  He fixed some dinner and cleaned up, then set about getting things ready.

A girl he’d dated about a year ago had laughed and offered to tie his arms to the bed.  He’d complied and later half wished his hands had been free to roam across her body while he half wished she’d done more to tease him.  That relationship had ended with a peaceful breakup and he’d started searching the internet.  That was where he learned about self bondage, and since he’d gone a while without a girlfriend he decided to try a few things.  Up to this point, everything had been done with items of clothes or belts.  Tonight would be his first solo run with rope and he had a hogtie planned. 

Deciding at last that it was time, he pulled out the rope and took off the wrapping.  He got the scissors he would use as an emergency release and cut a few lengths of rope, dropping the excess back onto the couch.  Satisfied, he stripped down to his briefs and got down onto the carpet in the living room.  Since he’d never done such tight bondage before, he didn’t want to risk rubbing a sensitive area on the short carpet the first time. 

Jeff was 26 and an advancing professional who kept himself in shape by running several times a week.  He’d been through several girlfriends, always careful to treat them well and please them when he had the chance, then moved on.  He just hadn’t found the right one yet.  Now, he thought, he’d have to find a girl who enjoyed bondage games, and that would narrow the field considerably.

He sat on the carpet and crossed his ankles, then wrapped one length of rope around like he’d seen in the pictures online.  First he made several loops over top and bottom, then a couple more loops side to side to cinch the tie.  When there was just a little bit of rope left, he tied it off on the top of his ankles.

He made sure he had the other two pieces of rope he’d need, then reached under the couch and pulled out the duct tape he kept there.  Tearing off a piece, he pressed it over his mouth, with the edge just under his nose.  A second one went slightly lower, and the last two pieces were angled from his chin to his cheeks.  Then Jeff took one piece of rope and looped it around his ankles with the ends trailing up toward his hips.

Next came the hard part.  He’d never restrained his arms behind himself before, so this had to be rather simple.  He took another length of rope, tied it in a huge circle, then folded it back on itself until it was 8 loops.  Reaching around he tried to get the rope over his hands, but it was too small.  Letting out one loop he tried again and was pleased that it went over his hands and was already fairly snug on his wrists.

The last stage would take some real effort, but he’d rehearsed it.  Jeff rolled onto his stomach and lifted his lower legs.  Moving them back and forth while reaching with his fingers, he was able to grab first one end and then the other of the rope he’d looped around his ankles.  He got the ends over his wrists and bent his hands down to find the ends.  Once he had both ends he pulled, bringing his ankles up behind his thighs, the tossed the ends over his wrists again.  A second time he found the ends and pulled, then swung the ends over the rope and made a knot.  Wriggling and twisting, he managed to draw it tight, effectively cinching his wrists.  Repeating the procedure he had a good knot and he managed to tighten it down as well by pulling the ends in various directions.  By the time he’d finished his hogtie he was sweating, but it felt wonderful to be in such a helpless condition.  As the sensation soaked in, he had to twist his body a little to allow his growing member room to grow. 

For some minutes, Jeff just twisted and writhed in his bonds, savoring both the sensation of restriction and the knowledge he’d done this to himself, but the original burst of sensual delight slowly faded along with his erection.  Fifteen minutes after pulling the last knot tight, he was ready to change positions and take care of the erotic tension he’d built up preparing for this tie.  He twisted his hands and reached for the knot between his wrists, and realized he had a problem.

The knot was too tight and his fingers didn’t bend far enough.  He could scrape the rope with his fingernails, but that was about it.  He even tried grabbing the ends and pushing them, all the while knowing he wouldn’t be able to push the rope back up through the knot.  Finally, Jeff decided it was time for the fallback and he looked around for the scissors.  He didn’t see them and wriggled around a bit to try to find them.  Suddenly he remembered where they were.  He’d forgotten to put them on the floor.  The scissors were on the couch, well out of his reach.  That didn’t keep him from trying to get his hands onto the cushions.  No luck.  He considered untying his ankles, but the knot was on the top of his ankles, around his legs from his hands in this position, and he couldn’t reach that far.  He tugged, he twisted, he reached, and he pushed until the sweat was dripping from his eyebrows.

He was stuck and had to think of his options.  There weren’t any.  Or there was one, he realized.  He had a phone on the end table.   Most of his friends had gone to cell phones, but he had a fax machine on his printer and needed a house phone for that, so he’d gotten a wireless phone he could use and save a few dollars on his cell plan.  All he had to do was reach the wires and he might be able to get it within reach.  Then he remembered his gag.  First he had to rub his face on the carpet to get the tape off.  At first there was no improvement in his situation, but then he got a corner of the tape to grab the carpet and soon he was peeling away the sticky binding.  Then he could move toward the phone.

The best movement method seemed to be a sort of belly waddle.  He flopped from side to side, slowing moving forward, and thankful now he’d worn his briefs so he wasn’t flopping all over the floor.  After a period that seemed just short of forever, he reached the cord and stopped to think about the next step.  Who to call?  Maintenance had a key, but he didn’t want a big, burly custodian coming in to see him tied up.  The idea of a police officer didn’t appeal either, unless it was a female and he didn’t know how to request a specific gender.  That might raise questions, leading to a male officer coming with her, and then they’d be talking about him for weeks at the police station.  Finally he remembered another option.

About a year ago he’d locked himself out and, after paying the $25 fee for having someone let him in, he’d gotten a second key and gave it to Liz.  Liz was a childhood friend who now lived across town.  They’d been friends as far back as he could remember and he always thought she wanted more, but in the end she was just very reliable and always there for him, as he was for her when her relationships didn’t go well.  She had just a girl next door kind of appearance.  Well, that’s what she’d been, living just a few houses down the street.  Maybe he could get her to come over and just untie his hands.  He’d buy her a bottle of wine or something to thank her for her time.  If nothing else, he knew she’d keep it to herself.  This would be really embarrassing, but he was helpless by himself.  He grabbed the leading up to the phone from the wall jack with his teeth and pulled on it.  After three tries, the phone fell to the floor in front of him. 

Jeff edged forward until he could get to the handset, then used his nose to punch in Liz’s number.  By the third ring he was afraid she was out, but then there was a click and a woman’s voice saying, “hello.”

“Hey, Liz, how you doing?”  He tried to sound cheerful, but thought maybe his voice was a bit strained. 

“Jeff, it’s been a while.  I thought you’d forgotten about me.”  Uh oh, this wasn’t going to be as easy as he’d hoped.

“Yeah, I’m sorry about that, but I’ve been tied up with stuff recently.”   Oops!  Did he really say that in this situation?  “Listen, are you free for a little while?  If you are, I need you to come over and bring my spare key with you.”

“Did you lock yourself out again?”  Oh, if only he was locked OUT and not IN.

“No, but it’s a little complicated to explain.”  Sure, he could tell her he was laying on the floor in a self-imposed hogtie and see how that went over.  Freak her out and he’d be back with the police or maintenance. 

“Ok, I’ll head over there.  Where should I meet you?”

Oh, this should sound good.  “Just let yourself in and I’ll meet you inside.”  A true statement.  Maybe she wouldn’t ask too many questions.

There was a long silence and he was afraid she’d back out, but finally she said, “Ok.  Now you have my curiosity up.”  Great.  She’s curious and he’s almost naked, tied up on the floor.  He heard the click of her hanging up and pressed the button disconnecting the call.

He had to think.  The first thing to do was to try to get most of himself hidden from the door.  He wriggled himself across the carpet until he was mostly behind the couch, with just his head sticking out so he had to look under the end table at the door.  Liz lived about 20 minutes away and it had taken a chunk of time to get to his current position.  Because he’d been moving fast, he’d also pushed his briefs down a bit by rubbing on the carpet and realized the top of his ass was showing, not to mention the waist band being pushed down over half his belly.  He should have checked the clock before starting on his journey.  He was just reaching for his briefs when there was a sound at the door.

Liz stepped into the living room and looked around.  Her red hair hung straight past her shoulders, set off against a white T-shirt and faded jeans.  He felt his penis stirring in spite of his situation.


Moment of truth.  “Over here, behind the couch.  Nothing urgent.”  Nothing urgent?  That was the best he could come up with to keep her from running over? 

She closed the door and walked over to the couch, but instead of coming around it she climbed onto it, kneeling so she could look over the back.  “Well, well.  What do we have here?  Gotten yourself stuck?”

He turned his head to look up at her, completely at a loss for words.  In the process, he turned his body enough that his nearly erect shaft, caught under the waist band, stuck nearly straight out from his body.  Her smile was comforting and scary at the same time.  “Could you give me a hand?”  he finally managed in a weak voice?

“Maybe.  It’s funny, you know.  From what you said I got the thought you might be playing with ropes or something, but that just didn’t seem like the Jeff who’s always so proper with me.  Now here I am and there you are and you need me.  This is the second time you’ve needed me, and the first time I settled for a coffee date.  This time, maybe I want something else from you.”

She moved out of his view until he saw her walking around the end table and coming toward him.  “Uh, Liz, maybe we should just talk about this.  I just need one knot undone, or maybe you could just hand me the scissors I left on the chair.”

Liz dropped onto her hands and knees so her face was right in front of his.  She had a gleam in her eye as she smiled and simply said, “No.”  Then she put a hand behind his head and leaned forward.  He couldn’t pull away, but when he felt her tongue on his chin he tried.  She held him in place as she licked his face, up across his lips, onto his left cheek, and over his eye.  By the time she moved away again his cock was rock hard and he was trying to figure out who this person in his living room really was.

“You aren’t the only one to have wild dates,” she told him.  “We need to get you moved.”  With that she got back onto her feet, squatted so she could grab him under his arms, and pulled him around the end table and out into the middle of the living room floor.  He hadn’t realized she was so strong, but he also noticed that being dragged had pulled his briefs down to his bent knees, well out of reach of his hands in this position.  He was reminded of his vulnerability as Liz brought a flat hand down on his ass, making him jump as the slap stung. 

“Oh, I do like this game,” she said.  “Let’s see what else you have, now that it’s all free.”  Rolling him onto his side she freed his cock and it bounced to attention.  Nothing huge, he’d learned to use his 6 inches to find those sensitive spots.  “Nice.  We’ll have to get back to that later.  For now,” she stood up, “you’re going to thank me for coming over here in the middle of my evening.”

Looking up at her, he watched as she opened her jeans and slid them down her legs.  She pushed off her shoes before stepping out of the pants.  Her panties soon followed and he was looking at his childhood friend naked from the waist down.  Liz sat down in front of him, spreading her legs to either side of his body, and leaned back.  He could see the wetness shining on her lips as she used two fingers to move her unshaved bush aside.

“Amy said you’re pretty good at this.  I want to see if she’s right.  Move on in, Jeff.”

Amy!  He hadn’t seen her for a year or more.  And who was she telling about what they did together?  But there was a more immediate issue, and it was in front of him.  He had to try one more time to get out of this.  “Liz, come on now, we can…”

She cut him off.  “Nobody is cumming on anything unless I decide.”  Nice play on words, he thought.  “Right now you have 3 choices.  Get your mouth in here, delay until you decide to get your mouth in here, or keep waiting until I get tired and leave you like this to find somebody else who will get you loose.  I’m feeling hot right now, but if you turn me off buddy, you’re fucked.”

Was she kidding?  Teasing?  Warning?  He decided the best thing to do was to move in and give her a good licking.  He wriggled over to her and her scent filled his nose.  Not bad, he thought.  He reached out with his tongue and barely brushed her lips.  Still too far away, but she gave a gasp at the contact and that fired him up a little.  He moved in closer, covered her mound with his mouth, shoved his tongue as deep as he could, and sucked.  She gasped and her hips bucked.  If she wasn’t faking it, he was going to try to make her cum harder than she’d ever imagined.

Jeff could see her hand move up under her top, but his focus was on the mound in front of his mouth.  Liz was already feeling pretty hot and it wasn’t long before she had her first orgasm, moaning and bucking her hips against Jeff’s mouth.  Aside from her actions, he knew she was cumming because of a flow of thick liquid, which he lapped up with his tongue.  He began to slow down, but she grabbed his head and pulled him against her, an unmistakable sign she wanted more.  He obliged and brought her to orgasm two more times before she edged backwards out of reach of his tongue.  He rested his neck while she laid down and caught her breath.

“It seems I was told the truth.  You really are pretty good with your mouth.”  Liz rolled over and got her feet under her.  As she stood up and walked away from him, she called back, “Don’t go anywhere.”

Like he could go anywhere.  He was as stuck as when he’d called her and the only real difference was that now his face with covered with his spit and her cum.  He heard her coming back toward him and turned his head to look.  She was still naked from the waist down, and now that he had a bit of time he noticed her belly was a bit soft and rounded.  Still, she was pretty good looking naked.

Liz dropped a towel on the floor next to him and knelt down holding another towel in her hand.  “I’ve got to get you all cleaned up,” she said as she wiped his face.  When she was done, she left the towel laying across his head.  He’d almost gotten out from under it when she lifted it away and grabbed his chin in her hand.  Holding him in place, she put a piece of tape across Jeff’s mouth.  He couldn’t get enough leverage to resist, and soon there were three more strips of tape in place.  “I’m done with your mouth,” she said, “so I don’t need you talking for a while.”

Rolling him onto his side, she positioned a towel in front of his hips while she moved over him and knelt on her knee behind him and hooking her other leg over his hips.  “Let’s see what other talents you have,” Liz said as she guided his hand to her sex.  As soon as she’d taken two fingers and pushed them into her, she leaned forward and grabbed his shaft.  “Let’s see who cums first, shall we?”

Her hand began moving in long, slow strokes while Jeff probed her wetness with his fingers.  He managed to get his hands turned so he could get a thumb onto her clitoris.  Her sigh was gratifying, but he was also aware that he’d been erect the whole time he’d been licking her and now he was pretty close to his own orgasm.  He increased his speed and pressure, but she responded by grabbing his shaft more firmly and stroking him faster.

He could feel the tingle building when suddenly Liz jerked her hips and seemed to lose her focus.  The strokes slowed and lost their rhythm, a sure sign she’s cum first.  As soon as her orgasm passed, however, she lifted herself off his fingers and got back to business on him.  He saw her smiling and looking at his face as he tightened up, building toward climax.  Jeff tried his best to make things seem normal, but in the end he was mmpfffing into his tape gag and jerking under her hand.  Through his orgasmic haze he heard her laugh as he fired off multiple streams of cum.  At least she wasn’t tormenting him by changing speeds or anything.  As he came down from the apex, she slowed her stroking and almost seemed to sense where he was on the downward slope.  Finally he was spent and she took her hand away.

He opened his eyes to see her licking her fingers to clean them, a sight that made him think if she stroked some more he’d cum again.  She just smiled at him and licked herself clean.

“Feeling better now?”  Jeff nodded a definite yes.  “Good.  I do too.”  She picked up the towel she’d used to wipe his face and now wiped legs and crotch.  While he waited expectantly, she put her panties back on, then her jeans, and finally her shoes.  Was she going to release him or did she just come over here to get both of them off?

Liz grabbed the scissors off the chair and knelt down next to Jeff.   “You’ll get these in a second, but first you look like you’re all sweaty.”  He was, but that didn’t prepare him for what she did.  She grabbed the towel from at his hips, the towel he’d just cum on, and wiped his face with it, laughing at his efforts to pull away.  Satisfied that his cum was spread over his face, she rolled him onto his belly and put the scissors into his hand.

“Now it’s up to you to get loose.  I did my part.”  She stood up and walked toward the door.  “If you want to do something like this again, on Friday night, 8 sharp, I want you on your back on top of the coffee table with a bottle of chardonnay between your legs and a glass taped to your belly.  Phone me by 6 Friday if you want to play.”

She opened the door and stood for a moment looking at him.  He wished she’d close it before somebody looked in and saw him.  “Jeff, it’s been a pleasure helping you out.  I hope to see you again soon.”

Finally she walked out and closed the door.  It had been quite an evening.  He wondered where the best place was to buy chardonnay.  Positioning the scissors, he cut the rope between his ankles and wrists and got to stretch out for the first time in about two hours.  It felt good.   He realized he’d have to find something online to help him tied himself onto a coffee table.  Maybe she’d let him cum twice on Friday.


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