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DIY Selfbondage

by Afff

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© Copyright 2005 - Afff - Used by permission

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DIY Selfbondage by Afff
With no one around, I put on my makeshift bondage/chastity suit.  Using 3 old dress shirts, I achieved a tightness at the neck similar to a collar, and by buttoning the cuffs to their smallest, I find it contstricting to bend my arms.  A special device made of wire hanger goes through all thre top buttons, and locks the shirts on, and is then covered by a tie, pulled very tightly.  I then put on some Dickies painter overalls - which serve as both an anchor point and chastity.  

With the shoulder straps crisscrossed, and hooked onto the buttons at the waist rather than the bib, it becomes harder to breathe, and the bottom seam of the pants pull tightly into my balls when I am lying down.  There is a loop for hammers on the back that I use to attach my 'cuffs'.  I take the bib portion, and padlock a chain to each top button, then around the back of my neck, under the shirt collar..

With the bib, and straps crisscrossing my chest, I cannot reach underneath.  Next come Dickies painter pants, which have hammer loops on either side, more attachments points.  Next comes a very tight pair of suspenders, furthering the chastity.  I put on a large belt, and padlock it shut.  Now the fun begins.
Taking a round, inch-thick wooden pole, I put a belt around my ankles, and above and below my knees, looping the belt around the pole a few times.  The pole is about 4 feet long, and has duct tape wrapped in certain areas to stop the belts from sliding.  With my legs rigid, I attach the top end of the pole to the hammer loop, which is pulled about halfway up my backby the straps.  I leave some wood below my feet, as well, making it imposible to hop.  

Next comes the headgear.  Taking a hood from my winter jacket, I blindfold myself.  The hood has a velcro part that is meant to seal the hood from wind, but instead, it goes under my chin. Drawstrings cinch it up, blocking out all light.  I use an old 'cup' from a pair of headphones (the hearing protection kind) - which effectively muffles all sound.  It has 3 holes drilled through the hard plastic shell for breathing, and is attached to 2 belts.  My chin fits into the bottom of the cup, so my jaw is shut tight.  The gag is very effective, and one belt attaches to the hood via a loop for ski goggles.
I can now restrain my hands, either behind my back, or at my sides.With hands behind the back, I first loosely lock my hands through the hammer loop, using locks and chains, then I take a large, stiff padlock, and use it to pull the wrist loops tightly together. There is only one way to put the lock through, with the wrists offset.  Once this is locked on, my arms are up high on my back, and locked at angles - very useless.  With hands at the sides, I slip my wrists through the hammer loops, then lock them together with a long chain, preventing the from leaving the loops. 

Having put the keys down the hall, I must travel a long, long way, with rigid legs barely able to push (the pole sticking out helps prevent the feet from toucing a wall), and my hand useless.  I have pushed furniture into the way, and blindfolded, can barely see it, let alone push it.
After lying there and struggling for a while, while intensely dreaming, and screwing a special rubber ass, I must make the move down the hall.  The hands behind the back totally makes the arms useless, and forces my to proceed uncomfortably on my stomach. I get extremely frustrated with my hands at my side, as I am just out of reach of my genitals, and unable to play with myself.
I have an old drum stool that I use for being bound to an object.  I use the same setup, except I am strapped to the top of the stool, chest to the seat.  My wrists are attached by a chain through 2 of the legs.  With the way my knees are attched to the third leg, they are painfuly pinched by the expanding tripod.  When I am all attached, I spread the tripod legs, which separates the hands considerably.  I lock the legs down with a drum key, a sort of square wrench that locks a sliding band.  I then throw the key under the furniture.  This form   of bondage excels, as the spare drum key must be retrieved first, so that the hands can reach each other.  Using the same setup as earlier of furniture, etc, I must make 2 very frustrating trips.


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