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Do It Yourself

by Jenny

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© Copyright 2006 - Jenny - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; naked; collar; chain; rope; cuffs; outdoors; caught; escape; cons/reluct; X

The trouble with thinking of bondage is it makes you want to try it, And when I think of all the ways I have been bound over the years, I think there must be one new way I have not tried yet. I think for it to be totally successful it has to be with a well trusted friend or partner, its not some thing I would ever try with a total stranger, as the dangers are staring you in the face if it goes wrong, as it must have for some unfortunate submissive out there.

The other thing I have tried is self bondage, one can argue it is not as exciting and at times not as satisfying, but it does give one the opportunity to experiment. I have done it but after a while I decided that for self bondage to be successful, it needs a sort of built in challenge that adds risk to the project. I suppose the one risk that springs to mind is to secure ones self so securely that you never get free, but to me being a bit of a secret exhibitionist, I suppose this is the fear of being caught in the open in the nude.

It was November the nights had started to draw in with a vengeance and there was a nip in the air, I decided I would do something with a built in risk and force me to take the risk that I would normally not take.  The hardest part of self bondage is tying yourself up securely, then there is a second difficulty, that is placing keys for cuffs in such a place that it is a struggle to release them,

I had decided the finding of the keys should be the high risk, and they should be placed in such a position or place, that it would force to take risks to retrieve them to release myself. This is all very good but in order to tie the final knot is a problem that all do-it-yourself bondage fans know only to well. The other problem is making it difficult to get at the bits that will allow you to get free.

So the first task was to hid the keys to the cuffs I was going to use in a place that is difficult to get to and involves risk to get to, I decided to add a real risk I would place the keys in the castle about 400 yards form my house. I visited the Castle during daylight, after wandering around the ruins, I decided to place the keys for the cuffs, in a small opening near the floor in one of the ruined rooms. I placed the key in a small opening and put a handful of smaller stones on top to hide the key, to any ordinary person walking down the dimly lit passage way, it was not visible at all, so to me stage one was now completed.

It was Friday night I was in by myself when I decided to go for it, I had already done quite a bit of forward planning, I had decided against using bondage tape, I was going to use cord. I first stripped off, leaving all my clothes in the house, I now made my way to my garage, where I had been preparing a few things in advance over the last few days, including phoning a trusted friend to say what I was doing and if I did not phone her by dawn could she please come and undo me as I had failed.

The cool night air soon produced the familiar goose pimples, I think female skin if more attractive when covered in a them. I had already put a blow up rubber bed on the floor for comfort, I knew it would be impossible to fully bind myself with rope so I had decided cuffs would be the main form of bondage. But firstly I fitted an iron collar I had bought at a car boot sale some time ago, it was hinged. I placed it around my neck it had several iron rings welded to it. It was secured to my neck when I snapped a small padlock shut, the collar was a snug fit and I had glued a piece of felt to the inside to make it more comfortable. On the rear of it was a short length of chain and through the last link I threaded the open cuffs. 

I now bound my ankles firmly with a length of red climbing rope, I then also bound around my knees. I sat up and admired my handy work, I had to admit it looked quite professional and neatly done. Now my red favourite ball gag, I placed the red ball in my mouth and put the ribbon securing it around my head securing it with the Velcro fastening, I often thought the ball was a little too big but I managed to get it in, proving my friends right as they said I had a big mouth.

I now reached behind me feeling for the cuffs hanging from the chain behind me, the first cuff was fitted easily, the other took much more effort causing me to start to breathe harder and slobber over my ball gag due to the effort required, the bondage section was now complete, I sat there on my rubber bed quite pleased with myself.

One thing I should mention about modern steel cuffs is it is possible to over tighten them, On mine I have had a raised metal plug welded on the one side that stops the cuffs being over closed, they hold me firmly but can not crush the wrists and damage a nerve ending that once happened.

Now it was time to try to free myself and get to the castle unseen, retrieve the keys and hay presto I would be free, seemed so simple when I originally planed it.

I swung over onto my tummy trying to get at the knots on my ankles or knees by arching my back stretching as far as I could against the chain that now only allowed my hands to reach down to a point just below my waist. Its so hard and exhausting trying to bend your legs so you can get at the knots, and the Ball gag was making it real hard work restricting my breathing and my swearing I may add.

After what seemed ages, I decided that trying to stay on the rubber bed was using up more energy and making it harder to get at the knots, I now rolled off it and wriggled I was now able to just reach the to the near by wall. I was now able to use the wall to press against my legs and in return arch my back and I could just mange to reach the knot on my ankles.

It seemed to take for ever and a day to get that knot undone but eventually it seemed to come apart, it took almost as long to undo the six turns around my ankles but I managed it. No matter how hard I now tried to reach the knot that held the tie around my knees it seemed an impossible feat, the chain just would not stretch to my knees, I now made my way doing a funny walk from the garage with my knees tied together, I think any one watching would have had me certified for that funny walk.

I made my way to the kitchen, I now pulled the cutlery draw open, Facing away and reaching in to the draw with my hands cuffed behind me I fumbled for the carving knife, I was now just able to reach down with the point of the blade and saw away till the top strands of the cord parted. At long last it was beginning to look as if I may complete my plan, I lent against the sink unit to get my breath back, It was now time to get to the keys and release my self from the cuffs, I made my way out to the rear garden, the only thing I was wearing was a pair of cuffs, my collar and a pair of trainers.

The night air was cold but pleasant the first phase of the moon gave a little light as I made my way down the Lane a distance of about 50 yards, I was now in the main road leading to Castle Street. One old street light glowed in the dark as I made my way a dog walker loomed out of the darkness, I dashed into a open gate way and pressed myself into the inside of the hedge, the dog walker ambled up and the dog yelped a few times at the hedge, it knew I was hiding there, the owner was trying to shut it up as he dragged in away and into the darkness.

Again I made my way towards the Castle entrance, rather than follow the long winding path I cut across the grass and into the dark forbidding ruins just beyond. Once inside the air was still, I made my way over to the western side and into the dark passage, its amazing how spooky these places become at night, I just turned into the passage and I could hear someone talking.

I froze to the spot straining in the darkness to see who was there, it was two lovers making out in the room on my left, I crept past in the darkness keeping the chain from my collar to my cuffs taught so it would not make a sound and give me away.

I bent down on the floor scraping the lose stones away to get at the keys I had hidden there the night before, grabbing the keys I made my way a bit further along the dark passage way then pressing through a small opening into a small pitch dark store room. I fumbled behind my back, fitting the key into the left cuff, It was such a relief to hear the click as it opened, I quickly undid the other cuff then undid the collar.

I now made my way back into the passage way, as I passed the door where I had heard the couple making love earlier. A bright light lit me up like a plane caught in a search light, "Well Well what have we here!" a mans voice boomed out.

I did not wait to give a explanation, I was off down the passage way', I could hear the heavy foot steps pounding behind me in hot pursuit of my naked body, I knew the castle well as I rounded the last corner heading for the inner ward, I dived to my right ducking low to get in a small hole in the outer wall, I kept still as the pounding feet rushed by me heading out into the inner ward and the moon light.

I now made my way through the outer wall into the outer ward, the moon had lit the place up like day light, I stumbled into the open in a half run.

Instantly over to my right and behind me a male voice called out, "Hey look fella’s - a naked bird!" It was three youths who had been drinking at the Castle Tavern, one lurched forward, I started to run but he dived and just managed to catch my ankle fetching me crashing down onto the short grass, we both rolled down the slop towards the river, I again got to my feet and was running for my life.

The River Clwyd was in front of me a bit, to my left was Gillots tower, I bounded up on to the short curtain wall and into the darkness of the tower, the three men where close behind, I made my way around the inner edge to a ruined hole in the wall that was once a window, I crept through and hid on the window ledge.

The men inside where searching the darkness for me each promising the other that they could have me first if they got me, next second a head appeared out of the window it was the leader of the guys, "She's here guys we got her!"

At that I decided it was time for drastic action and jumped off the edge of the ledge into the river below, a few strokes and I was in mid stream, I could hear the men behind me all swearing and cursing blaming each other, I swam a little upstream and got on the river bank, it was at this point I realised how cold the water was for the first time. I made my way back towards home avoiding yet another dog walker by hiding in someones front garden till théy had passed.

I sneaked in my back gate and into the house, looking up at the clock it had been four and a half hours since I first started my self bondage adventure, I took a hot shower it would soon be dawn and another day.

I have wondered since to myself what I can do next time, to increase the risk and push the boundaries a little further, I suppose I will have to work on that.



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