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Door-to-door Salesman Turns to Self Bondage

by Jake R

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© Copyright 2013 - Jake R - Used by permission

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I have always liked door-to-door salesmen. That form of salesmanship has diminished and almost disappeared in our society today, but there are still some companies that utilize that method of selling products.

I was sitting at home one day during the weekend, thinking of an assignment that had been given to me by my boss. A young intern in our office (his name was Benjamin) was going to be having a farewell party soon; he was leaving the company after accepting a permanent job, and the boss wanted me to be in charge of a "roast" in Benjamin's honor. "You know what a roast is..... don't you Jake?" my boss had asked me.

"I think I do," I replied. "Isn't it sort of like a good natured, light-hearted bundle of jokes--whether true or false-- that are told about a person?"

"Right!" the boss had said nodding his head. "You can think of all the strange things that Benjamin has said, or the weird things he has done, or his unusual hobbies, or what he talks about doing in his spare time and make an enjoyable show at his embarrassment. But it's all in fun! And since Benjamin was working with you the majority of the time while he was here, you probably know more about him than anyone else. You will do a great job putting something together!"

He emphasized his point by giving me a big smile and a hard slap on the back before making a hasty exit from my office. (Is it any wonder that "boss" spelled backward is "double s.o.b.?) So now, here I was sitting in my living room straining my brain trying to remember anything and everything that Ben had said or demonstrated or shared with me that could be exaggerated into good "roast" material.

While I was lost in thought, a movement outside my window caught my attention. A young man was walking up to my front door at a brisk pace carrying a small briefcase. From my vantage point, he looked exactly like Benjamin. What a stroke of luck! Maybe I could chat with him in person for a few minutes, and get some information from him that would be useful. I didn't think to question why Benjamin would be visiting me at my home.

The doorbell rang, but I was at the door before it had even finished sounding his approach. I pulled the door open--more quickly than intended, which startled the young man and caused him to take a step back. My excitement faded, and I tried not to show my disappointment. The young man at my door had the same brown hair, solid frame, and facial features as Benjamin, but up close, I realized that he was not the guy I had been working with for the past several months. In all honesty, he could have been Benjamin's brother--the resemblance was amazing!

The young man stepped forward and stretched out his hand in greeting. I took his hand and tried to hide my disappointment and concentrate my thoughts on what he was saying.

He smiled broadly as he spoke in a very polite manner. "My name is Troy. I am a student at CSC and am traveling in your neighborhood today to introduce you to something that I feel every home needs. I am working my way through college by doing this, and would really appreciate the opportunity to tell you about our product. May I take a few moments of your time right now? By the look on your face, I may have caught you at a bad time though."

I put my concentration on the young man in front of me, and gave him a smile in return.

"I'm sorry," I told him. "I just thought that you were someone else. It's amazing how much you look like him!"

Troy's smile grew even more. "Wow!" he replied. "If you think I look like another guy, he would have to be a very handsome fellow indeed!"

That remark caused me to laugh; I took an instant liking to this guy and invited him in. "I'm Jake," I told him as I took him around the corner into my living room and pointed to a comfortable chair. Troy had stopped at the door, and was removing his shoes. "It's company policy, Jake" he told me. "It's not a good first impression if I get your carpet dirty."

He walked into the living room and sat in the chair I had pointed out. For the next twenty minutes Troy demonstrated his product, and it was indeed something that every house would likely need. With his politeness and enthusiasm, I knew early on that I would be one of Troy's customers. During his presentation, I kept looking at him closely. Though his nose was slightly smaller, and his jaw a little more square, he had a definite resemblance to Benjamin--who was monopolizing my thoughts lately. Troy stood once to show me a closer look at a statement in his flip chart, and as he returned to his chair, it was definitely obvious: from the back, Troy looked exactly the same as Benjamin.

I excused myself and left the room, as Troy waited patiently. I needed to think about something, maybe formulate a plan, but not while Troy was talking to me. I could not afford any distractions while I was thinking.

My mind was thinking back to something Benjamin had told me. He had his eye on a young secretary in our office, and had finally mastered the courage to ask Gina out on a date. Benjamin had shared his interest in Gina with me as we had worked together, and though I kept it quiet, other people that he shared this secret with did not. It was soon a hot topic for the office grapevine. I sometimes wondered if Gina had felt compelled to accept the invitation because of all the gossip circulating through the office.

After the date, I had asked Benjamin how it had been, and he had really opened up to me about the great time he had with her. Gina likewise shared with others in the office how fun the evening had been. The questions came more frequent to both of them, and were more outlandish as time passed. And with a unique sense of humor from both of them, the answers from Benjamin and Gina became more exaggerated as well. Maybe I could use this past incident to really make Benjamin (and Gina) squirm during the roast. It might be possible...... if...... I could get some assistance from Troy. Now, how to ask him if he would be willing to help me out........

(At this point, I should mention that I have a great enjoyment of sharing bondage adventures with other guys. When I have the opportunity to tie a guy up, I jump at the chance. Usually, it takes some time to develop a trust and respect with another guy who shares the same interest or fetish, but that was not the case here. What I was hoping to do would not allow a get-acquainted period of time. A plan was evolving with each passing moment that just might enable me to persuade Troy to share a bondage adventure with me.)

I returned to the living room where Troy was patiently waiting for me to reappear. He smiled and continued with his presentation, which was nearing completion. At the finish, he asked if I would be interested in making a purchase. It was now or never. "Troy," I began, "do you have another appointment for a demonstration right away?"

"No," he replied, "I don't really work with appointments. I just make a pass through the neighborhood, and knock on doors to find those who are at home and might be interested."

"Okay," I continued. "We have taken about forty-five minutes here. Paperwork will take another......"

".........twenty minutes or so." Troy finished the sentence for me.

"So..... if I were to buy two of your product--one for me and one fora friend of mine, would you have time to do a gigantic favor for me?" I asked.

"Absolutely!" Troy said with a huge smile.

"But you don't know what it is," I cautioned.

"As long as it's not illegal, I will gladly agree to anything you need me to do!" Troy announced in an excited voice.

I took a deep breath. I told Troy about Benjamin (referring to him as Ben), and how I was planning a roast for him at the request of my boss. I told Troy how much he resembled Ben, so much so that I thought he was Ben when he was approaching my front door, and the resemblance was even better from the back. I mentioned Ben's date with Gina and how I wanted to make that event one of the focal points of the roast. I told him of the exaggerated answers to the exaggerated questions posed to them by their fellow employees. I told him of one answer in particular that I overheard from Ben to a question about whether he had kissed Gina: "Oh yeah. We had a great time, especially after I finally managed to get Gina tied to the bed! In fact, I managed to kiss a few places on her body!" I explained that I wanted to reverse the tables, and make it look like Benjamin was the one tied up. Then I dropped the bombshell: "Would you be willing to pose for me as I take a couple of pictures of you. The people at work will hopefully think they are seeing pictures of Ben!"

"You mean, you want to tie me up and take some pictures of me?" Troy asked with a chuckle and a slight smile.

"Well.... yeah," I answered, almost apologetically. "But if that makes you uncomfortable or seems weird in any way, I understand. It is a strange thing to ask. But you do look so much like the guy and I just thought......"

"It's okay! It's okay!!" Troy interrupted as he stood up. "I don't mind at all. I have plenty of time, and if you are going to buy two of my product, it's the least I can do. Besides...... it sounds kinda fun." He began to think out loud. "Let's see, if Ben answered that he managed to kiss Gina in a few places on her body, she probably wasn't wearing much. Should I take off my clothes?" (Interesting that Troy would mainly remember that part of my story and make that assumption about what Gina was--or was not--wearing!)

"Eh..... sure," I stammered.

"Tell you what," Troy said as he sat down once again wearing a big smile. "If you can find some rope or whatever, I will start the paperwork that needs to be filled out for the sales while you are getting it. Then, I can tie myself up while you are completing the rest of the paperwork. Then you can take the pictures."

"Wait....," I said, "what do you mean you can tie yourself up!"

Troy looked up at me as he took some papers out of his briefcase. "I used to tie myself up a lot. A few of my high school friends and I used to play "Truth or Dare" when we were bored, and some of us became quite good at this self-bondage thing. I haven't done it for a while, but I am sure I can remember how we used to do it. I got to a point where I could get myself into a pretty good hogtie." His attention went back to his briefcase and locating the right papers.

My mind was reeling somewhat as I walked into the garage and located some coils of rope and a roll of duct tape. When I returned to the living room, Troy was busily filling in the top portion of a small bundle of papers.

He looked at me, stood up, and quickly handed them to me. "Fill out all three pages of the form!" he said. He picked up the ropes and roll of tape, then set them on the seat of the chair. "While you are doing that, I will get started."

I closed the privacy blinds on the windows, then sat down and began to fill out the papers that had been handed to me--glancing occasionally out of the corner of my eye at Troy. He began by removing his long tie and dress shirt. He put them in a pile on a nearby table, then pulled his t-shirt over his head and off. He stroked his smooth chest for a moment, then looked at me. "Jake," he interrupted, "have you seen Ben without a shirt?" I shook my head. "Just wondering if my body will be anything like Ben's once my clothes are off," he said in a questioning tone.

"I don't think anyone has seen Ben without his clothes on," I replied as I looked back at the papers in my lap. Then I chuckled and added, "Except maybe Gina."

Troy gave a slight laugh and began to remove his socks. Then he moved to the button on his trousers and soon they were added to the pile on the table as well.

"Jake," he interrupted again, "I am going to keep my underwear on--if that is okay."

I looked up, nodded, and went back to the papers once again.

Troy moved the ropes and tape aside and sat down in the chair. He took a rope and began to tie his bare feet together, side by side. Then with another rope, he tied his legs together just below the knees. Troy was cinching and knotting the ropes, and doing a great job on himself. He picked up another rope and began to tie a slip knot in one end, then when it was done he tied the other end to the ropes binding his ankles. There was not much length in the rope between his feet and the slip knot. He took the duct tape and pulled off a piece about a foot long, then pushed it against his mouth and around his head as far as it would go. He slid down to the floor and lay face down, then bent his knees and pulled his feet up as he moved his hands behind his back in order to locate the slip knot.

Suddenly, he raised his head and shoulder into the air and pulled one hand up to his face to remove one end of the tape gag and lowered his feet to the floor. "Jake," he interrupted once again, "there is one more thing. When I have tied myself up in the past, I have always been able to get free on my own. But it sometimes took me an hour or more. I shouldn't take that much time away from my job. So, can you untie me just as soon as you have taken the pictures that you need?"

I looked at him. "Yes! Definitely! I just appreciate your help, Troy."

He smiled and replaced the duct tape. He appeared excited, and I wondered if it was because of the sale--or if he was actually enjoying the self bondage--or both. He moved his hand behind his back once again, rested his head on the carpeted floor, and raised his feet again. With his hands he searched blindly for the slip knot, but found it quickly and slid his hands into the rope circle, crossing his wrists behind him. With a quick tug of his feet, the hogtie was complete. He wiggled his hands and tested the ropes, then settled in to get as comfortable as possible, keeping his head turned to the side so he could see me.

It took me a couple minutes more to complete the form, then I stood and set it on a table. " right back," I told him and went to get my camera. I pulled it from the drawer and returned to the living room. Troy was still just as he was when I left him. I took several pictures of him: laying facedown, laying on his side (including some good close-ups of his erection--clearly visible and causing his underwear briefs to tent out), close-ups of his hogtied hands and feet--but whenever possible avoiding direct pictures of his face. Troy was very cooperative and moved and rolled around in various poses whenever asked to do so.

It took about ten minutes to take twenty pictures. I knelt beside him as Troy rolled into a face down position so I could untie him. I removed the gag first and he moved his jaws around to exercise them. The slip knot was pulled tighter with all his movement and the rope was biting into the skin around Troy's wrists. It looked painful, but Troy did not complain. I had to get scissors and cut the hogtie rope to release the tension on the slip knot in order to untie it, then finished with his knees and ankles.

Troy sat up once all the ropes had been removed. "That was really great, Jake," he said with a smile. "I haven't done that for quite a while. It brings back a lot of fun memories. I hope Ben.............."

Troy's pause caused me to look at him. His eyebrows had raised, and his mouth was open. Then he hit his forehead with the palm ofone hand. "Jake, we blew it!" he said. "Didn't Ben say that he had Gina tied to the bed? If you are putting Ben in Gina's place in the roast, he has to be tied to a bed! I should have been tied to a bed!"

Troy was right! I should have been disappointed, but for some reason I wasn't. I tried to look disappointed though as I spoke to him, "Oh crap, Troy!" Then in a softer voice, I asked, "Do you have time to start all over again?"

Troy closed his eyes and gave a slight nod before asking, "Where's the bedroom?" I am confident that Troy was trying to act disappointed too, but there was a trickle of excitement in his voice. I also detected a slight smile.

I picked up all the ropes in sight along with the roll of tape and the camera. "Follow me!" I said, and Troy rose to his feet. I led him down the hall and into the spare bedroom. "Do you want me to tie you to the bed to save time?" I asked. "Or would you like to try some more......... self-bondage?"

Troy stood with his arms folded looking at the bed, clad only in his underwear briefs. His erection had diminished somewhat during the walk down the hall, but his cock was definitely beginning to get hard again.

"I'll take the time," Troy said. "If it's okay, I'll tie myself up again in a spread position on the bed. I have only done that a couple of times before when my friends and I were horsing around."

"I really feel guilty about this, Troy," I said. "And you are being such a good sport about the whole thing. I think I had better buy another of your product. I'll talk to the boss and get reimbursed for it; it will make a great parting gift for Ben when he leaves."

"Are you serious?" Troy asked with a big smile. "This has been my best afternoon for sales yet, and I'm having a great time in the process!"

Troy quickly picked up some ropes and began to tie the ends to the four corners of the bed. He moved fast, almost as if he thought that I would change my mind at any minute. He tied a slip knot in each, then sat down cross-legged in the middle of the bed. He looked up at me and asked me to hand him the roll of tape. Troy ripped off a strand about a foot long, but before he put it over his mouth, he looked up at me again. "Jake," he said, "I have one request again. When I have tied myself up, could you use this tape and put a blindfold on me? Oh, and if I snap my fingers, would you remove the gag?"

"No problem," Ireplied.

Troy put the tape gag in place over his mouth, then tied his bare feet to the bottom corners of the bed while I watched. He lay down on his back, and effortlessly slipped each of his hands into a slip knot at the top corners of the bed, and pulled. The slip knots did their job, and Troy was tied in a spread position on top of the bed. He closed his eyes for a moment and tested the ropes. Then he opened his eyes and looked at me, then at the roll of tape. I pulled off a strip of tape and pressed it over his eyes as a blindfold.

Troy looked awesome. Blindfolded, gagged, tied spread on the bed wearing nothing but his underwear. His cock was like a flagpole, pressing upward against the fabric of his briefs, causing them to look like a tent. I took several pictures, and with each click Troy would move slightly and struggle or pull against the ropes. He had once again done a great job on himself!

Suddenly he snapped his fingers! I was so caught up in the sight of him that I temporarily forgot that was a signal. The third time he snapped, I jumped to his side and pulled the tape gag off. Troy licked his lips, then spoke, "Jake, my cock has been rubbing against my briefs. If it continues, I am going to come and I can't do anything about it! Can you pull my briefs down my legs as far as you can...... please? I don't have a change of underwear with me! Damn! I should have taken them off to begin with! Please hurry!!"

I knelt on the bed beside him and stuck my fingers into the waistband of his briefs as gently as I could and tried to lift them as much as possible to avoid contact of any kind with the head of his enlarged cock--which had started to leak slightly. I was almost clear of his cock and balls when my finger slipped, and lost its grip on the waistband. It slid down his cock and caught his ball sack in its elastic grip. Troy caught his breath, and his lower back raised off the bed slightly as an ejection of cum shot out of his cock. The waistband had landed so that it was pushing his cock upward, and the stream of cum landed on Troy's smooth chest.

I moved my fingers to hold his cock in that position as a second eruption of equal magnitude shot out of his cock, followed shortly by a third impressive eruption, then a fourth that was just a drizzle. It was a disaster "almost" avoided. The front of Troy's briefs were damp from his leaking cock, but his smooth chest was now covered with streams of stickycum that seemed to cover his torso from his neck to the forest of brown hair that began at his navel and gradually increased as it moved down to surround his pubic area. I pulled Troy's briefs down a little more and pushed the waistband under his ball sack as his lower back slowly rested back onto the bed; he began to moan in a contented way and move his head from side to side.

There was a big smile on his face, as he breathed heavily for a few moments. "Wow!" he finally said. "That was fantastic! Absolutely fantastic!"

I was not sure what to say, so I began to give him a feeble assessment of the situation. "Well, Troy, your briefs are still relatively dry. The bed is okay. But your chest is a mess! Let me get a wet towel and clean it off. But I'm going to snap a couple of pictures first." Troy did not protest.

I grabbed a towel and wet it in the sink of the adjoining bathroom, then walked back into the bedroom. Troy was still spread on the bed with the same big smile on his face, almost naked, totally exposed, and quite happy. I began to absorb the rivers of cum into the wet towel as I rubbed it over his chest. As I moved into the vicinity of his nipples, they began to harden and were soon standing up like two panic buttons ready to be pushed. He began to moan again as I rubbed his chest with the towel.

I began to untie him, starting with the blindfold. Once it was removed, he kept his eyes closed. In fact, as I untied each of his hands and feet, he just lay in the same spread position until all the ropes were laying in a pile.

I couldn't resist--a few more pictures were taken

"I will get your clothes," I told him as I exited the room.

The pictures turned out great; that segment was the highlight of the roast, and no one really knew or figured out that it was not Benjamin. The pictures (the ones that were used anyway) were a hit. Benjamin had a red face throughout the entire evening, not from anger--but rather embarrassment. Both he and Gina asked me in a shocked tone and in front of everyone where I had gotten the pictures, which let everyone know that a mystery loomed and numerous questions would be left unanswered. Benjamin was overjoyed with the gift that I had bought for him from the door-to-door salesman; Troy was delighted with the sales he had made that afternoon; I had a great bondage adventure with Troy ingrained in my memory.

A few weeks after Benjamin had left for his new position halfway across the nation, Gina approached me. "Jake," she began, "that guy in the pictures you showed at the roast: do you have any more pictures of him?" I shared the entire collection that I had taken with her--both the pictures showing Troy tied spread on the bed, and those showing him hogtied on the floor. "You must have his name and a contact number or address somewhere," Gina said to me with a sly look and a wink.

"Oh, yes," I do have it on acopy of a sales contract at my house. I will get it and give it to you tomorrow,......" which I did.

A few weeks later, Gina announced to the other employees in the office that she was ending her employment. Many people (including me) asked if she was offended by the questions and exaggerated comments made after she had dated Benjamin that first and only time. When I asked her the same thing and expressed concern about her exaggerated role in the roast, she only laughed and gave me that sly look again, and a couple of winks. "No, I'm not offended," she told me, "I've just decided to go back to school and get a degree. I'll be enrolling at CSC next semester!"


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